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Published on January 14, 2010 at 5:59 PM  Comments (101)  

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  1. BP< you should delete the comment above, it's spam

    • Thank you… I’ve been doing a little clean-up.

      Is there a way to minimize the Spam, Good Sir?

      • I’m no tech expert, (I’m a Neo-Luddite, actually) but it seems the Spam is almost exclusively directed at comments on your home page. Perhaps you should turn comments off for this page.

  2. Hey, Boston Paul.

    I’ve noticed that many of the recent comments on this particular page are just SPAM disguised as comments. (Their names link to websites pushing boner pills & such) You may want to check that out.

    • Thanks bro!

      I only read your comments, so those slipped by me.

      As soon as I remember my password and can get into me blog, they’re goners.


      • I’m far from a tech-geek, but you may want to disable comment posting on this page because more and more here are spam, link generating bots, etc. (The post above this thread is unquestionably spam.) Your other pages don’t seem to be affected. (Besides, every time you change this home page, the comments responding to the previous version become irrelevant.)

        But most of all, get back to work here, dammit! Leave that Facebook shit alone.

  3. yo paul
    im david, from Maryland USA
    I hung out with you a few times in taiwan when i was there from 2007 – 2010
    it was real awesome hanging out with you and your community in taichung
    though i lived in taipei, and didnt get to taichung much, when i did get out there for the luvfests and other hip happenings,
    i was always moved, inspired, and most of all,
    enjoying myself to the fullest

    I’m in beijing DALU now
    I dont know when ill be back to taiwan
    but when i do, ill try to trek over to the refuge community

    keep the positive message flowing and going
    and lots of love and positive vibrations to you and your family and community

    Your friend David

    • Great hearing from you, Good Brother!

      Would love a visit when you pop back over again.

      We have a lot of catching up to do!

      Peace and Love

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  12. Hellow!
    I am Barry.
    My Chinese name is 施博允.
    It is good for me to study in your class.
    (sorry my English is poor,maybe there are some wrong sentence.)

    • Hello Barry!

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  29. I would politely like to start a fight. BP, with respect, I think you are misrepresenting the biosemiotics of mammalian urine for political ends when you say “A Flag is merely a Mammalian Representation of Alpha-Male Piss.”

    in the smell-world, versus the sound world we humans live in, scent is the means of communication. Marking territory is not purely competitive. It is also simply a means of saying howdy. It is a letter. Of sorts. Written in smell.

  30. Bit of a tough definition to sell – “Man-made time” – as the days (set by the rotation of the earth on its axis); years (orbit around the sun). Weeks and months are just rational divisions of that upon which nature insists.
    You can quibble all you like about the names of the months and the Gregorian vs. Julian calenders, or that we call THIS year 2010 when the earth is about 6 billion years old…but none of that makes sunrise, sunset or the seasons anything like “man-made.”
    All measurement systems are by necessity arbitrary, whether you choose to use the length of the King’s foot, the distance traveled by light in a single earth orbit, or the width of a proton as your basic unit.

    Same goes for your notion of “time as seen by physics”.
    Time may be considered as a fourth dimension, and/or as the SAME THING as space (hence the term “space time”…but there is no special notion of “time” as seen by physics that raises any particular questions about “space” as seen by physics. One of the best (and by that I mean comprehensible – non-rabbit holey) explanations for linear time is simply following the arrow of entropy.
    A tea cup may fall of the table and shatter, but you will never see a teacup reassemble itself and leap back onto the table. Entropy flows in only one direction.

      • So, your response comes from a singularly unqualified blogger from Utah who cooked up his own little idea about the nature of time based entirely on his own personal perceptions – no data, no evidence, no math…just his very own FEELINGS – and THAT is supposed to support the notion of “man-made time”?

        For your edification:
        Rather more substantial, at least insofar as it doesn’t rely on the addled ruminations of someone trapped in Utah.

  31. always great to see you in the blogosphere, BP.

    Quick comment: you may want to check out Creative Commons licensing. It’d get you away from the big fair use agreement into a class that’s quickly growing in respect and popularity. Plus it’s a bit more “For the people by the people” (in the purest sense)

    It’s called Creative Commons:

    Check it out!
    Just a thought.

    much luv,

    • Thank you Chase! Miss you Brother.

  32. My heart is always belonging to Refuzine

    • …and that is coming out soon Isaac! We should meet up soon bro…

  33. hello pb, totally appreciate this blog. free forums. gotta loe them. read your post on happiness. have some thoughts of my own on the subject. i actually started a blog a while back. called it “hey why not be happy” funny thing though. i actually got depressed writing about happiness day in and day out. it began with the idea that i would document my pursuit of happiness and the idea of individual happiness left me a little perplexed. most of m life i have considered happiness or lack there of to be my own. my struggle for it has been something that came from deep within me. sometimes shared with others but mostly something i have carried with me alone for most of my life. recently i have been starting to view happiness in a different light. when happiness becomes something unatainable, is it really happiness. sure there are the little things, like learn to smile more and stop and smell the roses. all that good stuff but when you throw the word situation into the mix(for example) things get complicated for me. a question: how can someone be happy when so many are suffering. i have struggled with that question my whole life. i think at one point i kind gave up on the whole idea of happiness as a pursuit because it was depressing the hell out of me. what about letting go of your happiness? what happens to it when you let go? does it dissapear? daily affirmation. “i will be happy today” what if i don’t achieve that? does my happiness become my failure? i think my pursuit of happiness started to run circles around me leaving me dizzy. my recent revalation is that happiness is not my own. i don’t want to own it. what i have discovered for myself is that happiness is evident in others but the moment i become aware of my happiness it becomes my burden. the most geuine moments of happiness i have experienced in my life have been mindless moments. now the one piece of the puzze that is still missing for me is how does that fit in with resposiblity to others. as soon as one becomes aware of anthers suffering, happiness is suspended. then the puruit is on again. wow happiness makes me tired.can i choose to let go of my pursuit of happiness and still be ok? any thoughts? peace everyone 🙂

    • wow! reading about your pursuit does tend to exhaust. if it helps, think of it this way. there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. seems to work for me. its a choice. do not define happiness as something you get from the world, but as something you bring to the world.
      as far as suffering, yes, it is troubling. but, perhaps every struggle makes one stronger in the end. i know it sounds cliche, but if we can look at others struggles as what they are meant to be, a learning experience for them, perhaps we can (happily) try to get them through it??

  34. BP! Nice blog. Just got through a section and remembered you were all over the deep, inner side of the sustained hedonism movement. Bravo!

    Then it dawned on me that you might be into what my employer does: The Institute for Health and Human Potential. Scope their site – Our clients include your former employer, the US Army. (And Navy, too).

    Flip me an email to this address and I’ll send you a bunch of free stuff – right up your alley. Hope the Wan is well for ya.


    Ryan (One of the coolest fucking people Paul D ever met – there, I said it for you!)

  35. “Experts say mainstream pupils have lost out on careers advice.

    Careers advice in schools in England is “patchy and inconsistent”, according to the Institute of Career Guidance.

    The UK-wide body warns a whole generation is not being taught the skills and knowledge needed to enter the labour market.”

    • Which clearly explains the intended outcome…keep the masses controlled. If you never really prepare the masses for the current state, while identifying that which is necessary for human development, then you can keep the masses under the thumb, allowing the upper class, the intelligencia to continue to rise. As the United States and other countries have seen an increase in wealth in the hands of those that would have been lower to middle class in generations past rise financially, Wall Street and World dominions have found a way to destroy the financial capability of equality…”financial collapse” this is a result of the dumbification of people around the world all the while pretending to be “educating” the masses. Reality is, even if you learn how to read, if you only read, and only learn that which you are taught, you never learn that there is a multiplicity at work in this world. Skills? Do we seriously only need skills? Don’t we need to be released to discover our gifts? Don’t we need to be taught how to function in society at the same time that we are encouraged in inquiry? Yes, skills are important, but if they opress, then they are not singulary the way to go.

  36. Thanks for your refresher course on electoral votes. I think alot of us Americans forget how the process really works. I think if more people understood this process they would more carefully select their local senators, congressmen and state officials who represent them.
    I slept through American history at NHS.
    Im hoping that your teaching in Taiwan because I think you could make a remarkable difference in a young adults life.

  37. Im wondering why American citizens don’t care about losing their rights.
    “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” Ben Franklin

    • The only right Americans seem to be interested in anymore is the right to “Do whatever I want and you can’t stop me.”

      The right to buy shit, waste shit, watch shit, fuck shit up…these are the only things that matter anymore. Freedom of Speech, privacy, a fair trial? Who the fuck needs that? Not me, I got nothing to worry about!

      Our culture’s has programmed us to be so self absorbed that we can’t even think outside of ourselves anymore.

      • And how does this relate to job preparedness and education?

  38. WTF is with the sporadic capitalization?

    Punctuation and rules of grammar are your friends.

    • Hardly sporadic. The written Word, and the grammar & style that accompany it, are indeed our friends.

      Think real hard, Good Cousin.

      It is good to see we have Grammar Police in our midst.

      That being said, if you ever see that I have written, “Your an asshole” instead of ‘You’re an asshole’, you have permission to beat me with the Grammar Baton.


      • If only there were a Grammar Police to beat people with batons. There are just far too many chronic offenders and deliberate illiterates out there. They need a good beating.

  39. “Was an Exotic Dancer until 2005 (story coming soon). ”

    lol, looking forward to that one!!

  40. Hey Paul! I was looking at your post on hair care. A couple of comments to add:
    (1)I know it is obvious but it’s worth pointing out… not only does this stuff get absored into your system, but if you are pregnant it goes into your baby’s system too.
    (2) You discuss how manufactures advertise their “natural” ingredients and hide the toxic ones. I just wanted to note that the word “natural” on a product is meaningless in the States. There aren’t any laws to restrict it’s use like other words such as “organic”. I don’t know what the laws are in Taiwan, but it is pretty much meaningless here. Of course, I may be out of date on that info, but last I knew we still didn’t have any restrictions on it’s use.
    (3) Triclosan is another ingredient to avoid. I see it used mostly on other detergents like dish/hand soap. It is carcinogenic. Some other countries have banned it. It’s in a lot of anitbacterial products. I just avoid anything antibacterial.
    … See More
    I started using castile soap to wash my hair and it was amazing! My hair was so soft, full and beautiful. I loved it. It was a lot easier than making my own (I’m just not at that point yet). It’s a good option for those that don’t want to make their own. Maybe not totally harmless, but a lot better than most. A few problems – even with a regular vinegar rinse, I ened up with some build up; it made the shower very slippery (and was a bitch to clean up); and really stung if you got it in your eyes. Still a good runner-up choice. I’m intrigued by your baking powder idea. I may try that. I’m back to using commerical shampoo right now, but I miss the homemade stuff.

    Oh last comment –
    (4) the plastic bottles the shampoo comes in can leach chemicals too. It leaches into the shampoo, you put the shampoo on your heard, and now you’ve got shampoo and plastic chemicals being absorbed into your body. This shit’s exhausting. Of course the plastic chemicals supposedly only leach if the plastic is heated, which no one goes home and heats their shampoo, but I am willing to bet it gets awfully hot in those trucks while it is being shipped around the world.

    Ok enough of my ramblings!

  41. BP, I don’t know you, of course, but there are some interesting parallels. I’m an American ex-hippie who didn’t join the military or become a cop, but I went about halfway there by taking up serious power-lifting (I was the only guy I knew who honestly didn’t juice, but I got up to 280 and shaved my head), and worked a year or so as an armed private security guard. I worked for a while for a family I obviously can’t name, but they’re the most famous rich family in the world, if that helps.) My second major was philosophy. My first was communications (journalism, in plain English), which is why I’ve been unemployed for a while.
    My recent mid-life crisis has been to start growing my hair out again, lose some weight, and start saving to buy a touring motorcycle. I even broke down and bought myself a pair of those pretentious Frye harness boots for Xmas. Remember how hip those were in the 70s? I realized I miss the old days, and shit, I’m not going to live forever.
    At my age (55), I view computers with the same trepidation my late father viewed VCRs, but I’m working on a site of my own. Good luck with yours.
    Sometimes the cure for depression is to just decide to do the things you miss and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
    Sorry for the thumb-sucking here, but I can’t afford a therapist. But I’m gonna buy a goddamn giant motorcycle. Cheers.

    • they’re the most famous rich family in the world, if that helps. – Little John

      Next time you see her, do me a favour and tell Paris I said “Hi” and that I’m really sorry about rolling over onto her dog afterwards. Next time, I’ll bring her a bag of yummy treats to make up for it.

      • Nice try. But I can neither confirm nor deny, as they say in the movies.

    • hey x-hippy
      that was really good advise thank you!
      and when you get your bike swing by and get me!

  42. BP,

    Our paths crossed often on the Taiwan festival circuit and you were a miracle man when I needed you most. My only complaint is keep in touch more often. I have a hunch though that if I really needed ya you’d be there.


    • e cigarette health Militant Hippi | Thoughts/Rants/Discussions/ETC. by Boston Paul

  43. Boston Paul,

    Thank you for creating this blog. How wonderful that you have been a man of action. You never stop! Your accomplishments are many, and I for one, love that you give people the opportunity to think and share. I just wrote an article to be published on line Feb. 1 regarding Education American style. As a public school educator I agree completely, well almost with your thoughts. I only wish that I could open a school here in the states that would be education my style.



    • Thank you Mary for the Sentiment & Encouraging Words. I am looking forward to reading ‘Education American Style’ Feb 1.

      In the Search for Truth, I have learned that while many of us have our versions of Truth, and some of us believe there is no absolute Truth, that we can agree to disagree in the Puruit of Knowledge(which we hope will lead us to some semblance of Truth).

      That being said:

      I make a distinction between the terms Education & Learning.

      While I also teach a variety of subjects, I am a supporter of Community Learning as opposed to Public Education.

      The most important (and often unrecognized)job on the Planet is that of a Teacher; and there are a great many teachers doing the best they can within the confines of a ‘public’ i.e. (government controlled) forum.

      I would love to discuss this further with you as we will initiate a Community Learning Center here in Taiwan.

      You have also nudged a neuron or two of mine. I seem to recall a thread concerning Public Education vs Community Learning. I will go look for it and post.

      I would love to get your Thoughts.


      • Community Learning? Now you are talking about the way we were all educated. Before major bureaucracies stuck their noses in. I believe strongly in a couple simple approaches. Teach a child how to read, enable them to discover the world around them, then let them loose. Give them the tools that they need to be free and make their own understanding of the world around them. Make them hungry, and facilitate, not litigate, delegate, and demand test scores. Too many people are making money off of failure. As long as it is a pro-failure system, guess what? children will be deemed as failures. More to come.

    • Right on Mary…

      I thought you might like this:

      and this:


      • Loved the links BP, I joined TED. I look forward to launching my talk-blog, oh the things I have to say about it all.

      • Sir. Ken Robinson’s talk is really good!
        I was told that my dislike of the school system was because of my own issues. But growing up and later on being a teacher myself I realized that the issues wasn’t on my side.
        As long as the system is corrupt I’m all for home schooling.

  44. Yes I! Love you and miss you almost as much as I love you! Happy to see greater BP presence on the net! I pity the poor fools who haven’t heard the soon to come stories yet and I can’t wait to hear the ones I’ve missed. I’m shedding the Preciousness as I’ve found a calling more fitting…

    Peace and Happiness,

    • 1001!!! Wooo hooo!!! What’s my door prize???

    • Greetings Precious! Missing your Love & Energy! Lots happening and I will post for you as soon as I can. Looking for your insighful comments Comrade in Peace.

      Door Prize can be collected at The Refuge Door!

      Peace, Love & Light…

  45. I see Sedate Me and Little John have found you. These are the sort of commenters you will come to appreciate. Mostly funny and only marginally dangerous. I might have mixed up my adjectives there.

    • So far, excellent!

      • I’m sure you’ll change your mind soon enough.

    • Only marginally dangerous??? Motherfucker!!!

      Maybe I’m just slumming because somebody’s (ahem) production of vitriol has dropped off a bit lately. How’s that for “mostly funny” -eh? (I get the adjectives mixed up sometimes too.)

  46. You still have a static BIO page as your main display.
    I suggest you alter your settings so that your Most Recent Post is the main display.
    Put a link in the sidebar to your ABOUT Boston Paul bit. In fact, many of the elements listed on this bio page could support their own dedicated linked bit.

    • Thanks bro, still figuring out how to do that.

      For now, it stays since recently I have been engaging Members of the Military News Network and want them to see who they are dealing with.

      I’m still working on style and appearance. Looking to see how to widen the borders of my text as well.

      Appreciate the tips!

  47. Quite an interesting and diverse biography you have there.

    I always thought an anti-war/anarchist/hippie in the military was merely a Hollywood plot device. I figured the military attracted a compilation of “duty bound” types, homicidal maniacs and assorted “driftwood” that washed up on its shores, so anything is possible. But I always assumed peace-nicks were a result of post-experience conversion. Reality is never what it’s cracked up to be, don’t ya know.

    Either way, your story will probably be of interest.

    So far I like what I see. I think I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

  48. Get used to my name, pal. I plan to annoy you mercilessly.
    Besides, anybody who’s a friend of cousinavi is, well, nuts.
    Good luck.

    • Fuck, Littlejohn! You beat me to it.

    • I am often for you to blogging and i must say i appreciate your content. The article has genuinely peaks my personal interest. I will bookmark your website GuildWars2 Necromancer and keep checking with regard to new details.

  49. Suggest the following tweaks (See

    Widgets in the side bar: Use the Latest Posts widget in the side bar, and set the main page to display the most recent bit.

    Create an ABOUT (call it whatever you want) PAGE (as distinct from a post) and put a permanent link to it in the sidebar (or elsewhere).

    This way, when people load your blog, they get the freshest post without having to click into CATEGORIES and go hunting for the newest effort.

    • Great advice, I am on it today.


    • It’s not like I’m some kind of fucking expert. (Although, women tell me I fuck like one.) However, since you’re new and Cousinavi started it, here’s a few tips.(By the way, don’t feel like inadequate newbie and give up, you’re already one up on Avi. Your colour scheme is better. He has way too much white. Burns my eyes.)

      A guy who prattles on as much as I do -and it seems you just might be one- needs a more horizontal website. If there’s any way of widening the space devoted to text, do it. The narrower the text space, the more vertical it becomes. It makes an already long story look even longer, especially with larger fonts. Larger fonts are fine, by the way, especially if you expect older, drunker, readers. Not naming names.

      What happens is that readers never feel like they’re going to get to the end, especially on pages where multiple stories appear in their entire length. If you want to skip a story, you could be scrolling for some time and just say “Ah, fuck it.” Few people are going to look beyond the 2nd story on the page. That puts a lot of pressure to make every effort a winner and provide a constant stream of them.

      Categories are useful shortcuts and so is Cousinavi’s suggestion of a “Latest Post/story” list in the margin. But if there’s any way to provide a homepage of “teasers” (ie the first paragraph or 250 words of a story and a link to rest), do it. People can get a taste of 5-6 stories in a minute or two and are more likely to delve further into your collection and find something they like.

      And Reader Comments. I find ranking them “oldest to newest” makes more sense than “newest to oldest” because newer comments often comment on older ones. Another thing that would be nice is a “Preview” before comment posting, because a lot of idiots like me endlessly fuck up or HTML and bold or underline 500 words. Cousinavi must spend several hours a month correcting my HTML blunders.

      No hurry on any of this mind, you. I’ve seen a lot of people burn themselves out trying to reach perfection in the first couple of months, myself included. One tweak at a time.

      Good luck.

      • Right on. Still working my way around the style/appearance bits. I agree with the vertical scheme. Looking to widen it up a bit.

        Thanks for the advice and comments.


  50. Having a few technical difficulties as you can see. Will try to fix them tonight!

    • OK, I think I got this worked out. Still building, changing and get used to using html etc. Thanks for the patience.

      Any tips or suggestions are welcome…

      Peace and Much Love

  51. Right on brother. Looking forward to the many excellent posts that are to come. I like the picture at the top of the page. I remember when you picked that earth up. We all thought you couldn’t do it. Man, were we wrong to doubt you:}

    • Right on James!

      Right now I am investigating the use of Video on this Blog. I’m sure we could have some fun with this…


    • Thank you so much for giving everyone an extremely wonderful chance to read from this web site.

  52. What up Paul. Good page. Back in Taiwan soon, we should hang.

    • Thanks bro. Looking forward to hanging out soon…


      • This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.
        I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post.

        Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

  53. Good thing going on!
    Stay hungry and fight the power!
    Sweden is friggin’ cold!!

    • Come back to Taiwan bro! We miss you.

      We can start a band 😉

      • I got two more years of stuff to do, but the plan is to live abroad again after that.
        I really miss Taiwan and I’m sure I’ll be back one day.

  54. Thought: If Boston Paul had been born in India, he would not have been himself. There is no “I” apart from the background that created you – the idea that we have this imaginary “self” floating out separate from where we were born and raised is a fallacy. Thoughts? I’m just throwing that out there, as prompted by your implication that you would have been similar to how you are now had you been born in India, Taiwan, Atlantis, the UK, Iraq, when, really, how much of your views have come from everything you’ve experienced as a native of the US? How much of “Boston Paul” is, well, Boston? Figured I’d kick the debate off right away (in style) with an existential query.

    That said, I’m glad that you’ve started the blog! It popped up on my news feed this morning and I went, “Yay! This will be easier to follow!” I look forward to many discussions and many thought provoking posts. Chase and I ended up discussing your “Government control of education is dangerous” status in the back of a bus in India, and it turned into a kind of heated argument. You have a penchant for provocation, methinks. I look forward to reading. 🙂

    • Greetings Dianna! Without getting into the semantics of the metaphysical, I used a bit of poetic lisence to make a point which I gather most will understand.

      I’m not sure how much ‘Boston’ is in Boston Paul either, you know how it is with nicknames. I suppose it is better than ‘Rambo Raver’ which could have just as easily stuck. 😉

      (Don’t get any ideas).

      I’m excited about this Blog, there is somuch Freedom compared to FB. The editing is what I enjoy the most. That being said, I have noticed a couple things I need to edit RIGHT NOW.

      Peace and Love to you.

      …And drop a few lines about your travels to India (or link up your blog to mine?)!

      • omg theres big bad paul d whts up bro-
        hows that wolrd on ur sholders heavy lol?
        didnt kno if u knew that dad passed on didnt kno if greg told you or not-
        3 years already-
        i rember the old days we had with the sparring, in ur back yard impressng the women in hanover.(walking the streets of boston at 2am lol)hanging around with the haggler boys-
        we got r first snow yesturday bro- sure is cold in the white mountains,
        ive been working out heavy..
        alot of (reps)
        so u back in bean town now?or still living in china? sorry i never made it out there i just guess everyones path is diferant-
        and you must realize that-
        we sure did have some crazy times as i look on it-its a wonder were still alive lol
        big!!bigga!!! bigggggaaaa!!!! bigest!!! lol
        i miss yea like a crazy brother-
        ok b.p have safe holidays to yea-
        my meditaions, and Prayers.go with you..
        ur friend alwats johny d..

  55. It’s about damn time man. Congrats.

    • Right on Ryan! We need to have a Pow Wow soon, eh?

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