What do you think about Christian Capitalists? Leave a Comment:

What do you think about Christian Capitalists?

What do you think about Christian Capitalists that use the words of Buddha, Gandhi (and yes Jesus) who were anything but Capitalists.

Your Thoughts?


Boston Paul What do you think about Christian Capitalists? What do you think about Christian Capitalists that use the words of Buddha, Gandhi (and yes Jesus) who were anything but Capitalists. Your Thoughts?

Deucalion Stone
Deucalion Stone

— my first thought? PREDICTABLE…

Boston Paul

Boston Paul

I just can’t get my head around the teachings of Jesus and rich (or want to be rich) Christians.

Michael T. Lane

Michael T. Lane

to play devil’s advocate….money is needed to fund charity operations and help the less fortunate just as much as it is to buy a mansion or expensive car. Maybe some of them see making money as a way of helping others. Maybe not, but until you go through this class of people you have labeled one by one, you’ll never know. So reserve judgment. Or better yet, think of something else. Cataloging all the examples of what you see as human hypocrisy will neither yield wisdom nor change others’ ways.
Darren Tremblett

Darren Tremblett

Just people preying on the stupid, filling their pockets. Nothin to see here, move along….

Dwayne Young

Dwayne Young

We have a church here in NZ called the Destiny Church and it is fleecing money off of the stupid.It’s leader is a man called Brian Tamiki and he says that God wants him to be rich…Some people are delusional…

Landis Shook

Wow, you kind of throw Gandhi up there with some pretty big fella’s. Now define your point. Are you criticizing people that get rich off of Christianity or are you selecting Rich Christians? Pretty broad spectrum there. And why just pick on Christians? Some pretty Rich Monks running around this world..

Boston PaulBoston Paul Darren…indeed.

I know a couple of People that seem to do this now.

Greetings Mike… Indeed on this Monopoly/Chess board, we all must play the game (for now… but that’s changing) and money is part of it. Though many Christians organizations rape their followers to line their own pockets… there are also Christian organizations that collect money to give to the poor. But there are also Communities that help those who need it without money being the primary catalyst.

This question is directed towards the Christians who have made money their Life. They want to make lots of it and as far as I know, this goes against the teachings of Jesus.

Can anyone find me passages in the New Testes that advocates, encourages (demands?) that followers of Jesus focus on the making of money?

Can anyone drop me a line that justifies The Christian making millions?

I can find a shiteload of ones that do not.

Here is an example excerpt of one site run by a Christian:

“How do your THOUGHTS affect your RESULTS?
Improve your LIFE, BUSINESS and your RELATIONSHIP with MONEY.”

(I copied and pasted it exactly as it is).

I agree with the first line – Our Thoughts DO affect our Lives. But the Christian that wrote this seems to see no problem mixing Capitalism & Christianity. When I asked this person (we’ll call him ‘John’) how can this be justified, how can we marry the two… all I got was indignation. No answer of course… we have been having an Almost Dialogue about money for 6 months with never an answer.

God is all Powerful… but he just can’t seem to handle MONEY! (G. Carlin)

That’s OK, God has his Minions and Sheep (sheep – one of the dumbest mammals on the planet).

Yes Landis, I have seen the rich monks too, though they are MUCH fewer that our Rich Jesus People.

The person who spurred me to post this uses the likes of these great People (Gandhi) to further their own agenda: making more money!

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