If God’s Not Dead…

This is a discussion we had from facebook that though it got quite heated here and there, stayed scholarly and somewhat rational.

I’ve brought it over here to wordpress to not only share with the rest of the world, but also to make it easier to reply to individual comments (which facebook will not let us do).

The brash statement I make below is based on a critical analysis of God as a Literary Character in a novel.  If one were to read a synopsis of the Tanakh as a story, one would see how the variety of gods (that eventually became the Judeo/Christian/Islamic) -the BIG3– God is suffering from a variety of psychological ailments.

Please feel free to comment.

…in search of Truth!


I’m reading the Tanakh & other writings associated w/ the Judeo/Christian/Islamic God.

I’ve concluded that God is not only Bipolar, but suffers from Erotomania, Adult Antisocial Behavior, Age-related Cognitive Decline & a variety of Cognitive Disorders.

He also seems to suffer Histrionic Personality Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder.

I also surmise he is a Sadist.

If God’s not dead, he should be medicated & locked up for a while.

Here are a few AKAs for God/The Lord:

God. AKA

God All Sufficient
Jehovah Elohim
The Self-Existent One
The Lord will Provide
The Lord Who Heals
The Lord Our Banner
The Lord Who Sanctifies
The Lord Our Peace
The Lord Our Righteousness
The Lord Our Shepherd
The Lord is There
The Lord of Hosts
Most High
Mighty One
The Branch
Holy One
God of Seeing

1st Wave of Comments:

Eric Ganassi that dastardly demiurge

Alonzo Lively Sadist for sure, and quite narcissistic as well.

Carel Bester Fortunately, that’s only one theory of what God is..

Boston Paul There are a whole bunch of names I did not put up… y’all feel free to add!

Boston Paul The effects of prayer:


Hank Truck My favorite name is The Highest of High!
(And I am what I am?…Wasn’t that Popeye’s line?!)

Michael T. Lane Read The Kingdom of God is Within You by Tolstoy. He sheds a wise light on the “bipolar” nature of the OT vs. the NT. Then he goes on to revile the entire foundations of Christian society and its hypocrisy. Good read.

Daffy DuK Dude.. they haven’t got me yet!! And you forgot hedonist !

Landis Wayne Shook waiting for god’s post on what he concludes on BP.. lol

Boston Paul He hasn’t spoken directly to any human being since the Book of Job.

Don’t hold your breath, bro.


Landis Wayne Shook What!!! You mean he doesn’t FB.. uh. uh.. the shock.. lol ha ha (and noted the type.. hasn’t)

Landis Wayne Shook Though the Mormon’s would argue with you there.

Sleepy Head Psychology will be the death of us all…

Boston Paul

Thanks Landis… God HASN’T spoken to humans directly since Job.

He could be on FB though disguised as Glenn Beck whom shares similar mental disorders.

It was the angel Mormon/Moroni (?) that revealed plates to Good Ol’ Joe Smith kind of like Gabriel giving the Qur’an to Muhammad.

Sleepy Head: if God is suffering from these disorders… and one is a believer… it could very well be!

Viba Gouriet

I am not familiar with how the Tanakh differs from the OT exactly and not sure what associated writing you refer to, but I am sure it’s no light reading. There is much more than meets the eye. As such, it would be foolish if one were to dra…w conclusions after, let’s say, browsing through the accounts of destruction and taking them at face value.

Admittedly, Mosaic Law was harsh with many accounts in the Bible confirming this. For me the account described in Numbers 15:32 is particularly disturbing. Then there are the foreskin trophies, among other violent acts, against the Palestinians, Egyptians, and lesser-known tribes, particularly in the accounts of David. To add to the woe, most of these books are easily disregarded by contemporary society and are considered out of touch with reality.

Yet, there are many treasures that remain and, in the writing’s own words, will never be discovered, by, the intellect. Oh, the irony! I do believe you can add a sense of humor to your list of traits. I could highlight some of the amazing prophesies of Job, Isaiah, Daniel – and there is much in King Solomon’s – despite his later failings – that strikes chords. Nevertheless, I fear it would defeat the purpose of self discovery. God’s withdrawal is well documented though, as is his intervention.

Primarily, I think you have to ask yourself why are you reading such material. Are you truly open-minded – not hard-hearted? Or perhaps, as a thinker, you have the objective of arming yourself with information so as to win a debate. That would seem wise, wouldn’t it? However, with such a premise, it is difficult to see how you will ever truly benefit from such readings. You could be climbing up the ladder – but on the wrong wall, for want of a better analogy. Of course, it would be easy to turn the tables and say the same thing about the other wall, but that is the wall you want study. The only prerequisite of which is that you are not hard-hearted as you begin. Can you say you are not? Unfortunately, most cannot.

I don’t mean to enter a religious debate here. Neither do I wish to enforce my views on others. I feel I neither have the means nor the time at the moment. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel slightly offended by your remarks. It seems Christians are everybody’s soft targets nowadays. I would ask how/why, but know human history will supply your answers. However, genuine Christians do get the rough end. I mean genuine – not the ponce, not the frilly hats.

I still don’t know the answers, but feel concerned that you have so freely drawn your conclusions after reading such immense material and have joined, what comes across as, little more than a smear campaign against religion – or more directly the Christian, and in this case Jewish, faith.

I cannot imagine you posting such inflammatory material about Allah for example.


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