Illegal Immigrants in Amerika OH NO!

I have been reading all the reports that come my way concerning illegal workers in Amerika. Particularly the reports coming from Arizona which seems to be where all the Media Attention is focused right now.  I also read what my conservative FB acquaintances post on their walls.

I find it Tragically Amusing.

The US & many of  its Citizens are up in arms about illegal aliens.

Let’s think about this.


If you or I or almost anyone else we know was starving and had a family to feed, we would do anything within our power to feed ourselves and families.

Even if that meant stealing.

Let me digress a moment:

Amerika has always spouted that they are the land of the free:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…


People from other countries less fortunate believe this rhetorical BS:

‘the streets are paved with Gold… go to Amereeka!’

Amereeka is The Land of Golden Opportunity!


…that is until they actually land in the US and learn what is really going on (digression complete).

Instead, these ‘illegals’ sneak across the border – which is dangerous (and let’s remember that much of the land that they – The Mexicans – are sneaking into was theirs once upon a time… but we can get into that later), and are willing to risk it because it is better than what they have in the first place…   which is usually nothing.

They take work that the Average Complaining Amerikan (ACA) would not do anyway – at lower wages.

The ACA points fingers and blames these ‘illegals’ for affecting the economy and taking jobs away from Americans (the jobs that ACAs don’t want anyway)… they need a scapegoat after-all, eh?

The ACA could never blame their Government and its ludicrous spending of BILLIONS of dollars a week fighting a war in the Middle East.  I’m no mathematician, but we should be more worried about money spent on the war and the Amerikan Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan than we should about the  money being made by the Border Hoppers and the taxes the US cannot collect subsequently blaming these ‘illegals’ for the US’s financial woes.


WHAT I FIND INTERESTING IS THAT I NEVER see a finger pointed at those Amerikan Companies & Corporations that are HIRING the illegal workers.

Amerika does not need stringent laws for the illegal workers, they need to crack down on the Amerikans HIRING the illegal workers.

If there are no jobs for illegals workers, they won’t be sneaking across the border.

It’s a no-brainer then, isn’t it?

These people – the ACA – that are complaining need to pry their heads out of their asses.

Ignorance is bliss and the ACA in Arizona is Blissful.


Your thoughts?

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Life’s Guidelines

1. I don’t believe anything the Government tells me.

I Question Authority all the time. Most governments around the world are not running their countries in the interest of the People, but instead in the interest of their Corporate Sponsors. Corporations by their very nature do not care about The People, but about the Bottom Line.

This is why Amerika is in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is just one example concerning our dwindling Bee Population:

2. I don’t take the popular media seriously.

The Popular Media are the Propaganda Spewing Voices for the corporate élite and their puppet governments. I don’t even have cable.

If a news program has a commercial, that news program must keep that sponsor and its interests in mind when reporting the news. This is not unbiased coverage (as we all have been taught the News should be).

3. I always question what I believe, because I could be wrong … and so could you.

Questioning what one believes does 2 things: Re-affirms what is already believed or changes the way one believes. We should not get mired in dogma of Politics & Religion, this is not to say we should not understand what is happening in the world of Politics & Religion – we should. Being Knowledgeable in these two entities is to have Power to protect yourself against them.

4. I Love those in my Life & those not in my Life.

I’ve learned and often see how Love comes round full circle… sometimes when I least expect it. One of the Pleasures of getting older… I’ve been around long enough to see love being exchanged, made and passed on.

5. I Treat Food as Medicine.

If we eat healthy, there is no need to take medicines prescribed by doctors. Doctors should be sought sparingly.

Go here:   and scroll down to part 4 DOCTORS to see my thoughts on them.

6. I believe a Strong, Knowledgeable, Loving Community will make the world Peaceful.

Governments aren’t doing it and are not able to do it because of the selfish interests of the Corporations that are running the Planet… by relying on Community, self sustainability is possible and we depend less and less on Corporations and their Banks. This takes away their power and control.

7. I express myself through art, music and writing.

We should let our Children do the same. I’m against Public Education because it does not let children express themselves freely.

Children spend at least 5 days a week in school studying math each of those days and only a couple of times (if they’re lucky) dancing, involved in some kind of art, or music class.

This is wrong and dangerous.

I was thinking ( I sometimes do that) none of us know what is going to happen in 20 years. In 1975 for example, we did not know that in 1995 that in much of the world Computers would be the norm and that CDs would be a popular medium.  So then, how can we prepare our children for 20 years from now? By teaching them (or perhaps just letting them!) to think abstractly. By teaching them survival skills. Encouraging them in their interests and hobbies.

Community Learning allows for this.

Public Education destroys this by making them into little robotic sheep that must obey.




I have found that these Guidelines make my Life good.

I have found that living this way gives others (in my life) a bit of hope and happiness and that this comes back around to pleasantly haunt me – sometimes when I least expect it.

I have found that I have surrounded myself with people (perhaps magnetic attraction?) and this Community Circle keeps on growing.

I have found that living this way people sense that this is real. People deep down want to keep it real and are attracted to those who do.

Everyday bombardments from the Media coming from every direction – in front of  us, behind us, our flanks, at the stop light, a stroll down the street – are  shallow sentiment of what is cool, fashionable or popular.

Peel away the glitter & gold; the bells & whistles and what is left is what is Real.

Feel free to add your Guidelines or thoughts below.

Peace and Love…

Reaching your Dreams/Goals: A Parley

Reaching your Dreams/Goals: A Parley


You work your Life to make it… whatever ‘make it’ entails.

Of course, making it takes on new meaning as you get older and accumulate experiences – and have an IQ above your shoe size – to take an experience and turn them into Wisdom along the way.


How have Great People throughout the Ages achieved their goals?

How did they become Great?

Perhaps they did not become Great at all – but their Ideas & Ideals endured.

Some did have an everlasting influence on the way our Species thinks about Life.

Karl Marx for example.

He wrote about class struggle and equality. Through Experience, Intellect, Perseverance, he begot  Wisdom.

There are many examples of Humans in History that Stuck to their Guns; Stayed the Course; Endured Persecution & Ridicule; Etc… and reached those Goals & Dreams.

At times it was a long road.

At times it seemed like a waste of Time & Energy.

~Gandhi walking across India to pick up Salt defying the British Government.

~Muhammad Ali refusing  to go to Vietnam because no VietCong ever called him a Nigger.

Neither ever veered off what they believed was Righteousness.

Grind the teeth.


Set your Chin.

Forehead Forward and drive on.


Motivational words sound good. But let’s Decimate & Dissect them as I have done below.


A Quick Parley.


In the pursuit of your dreams, sacrifice is inevitable.






Boston Paul:

I disagree.

Not Always.

To reach that Dream, sometimes one might take a Different Path.
A Dream = A Goal.

Mathematically, if the goal is ’7′ there are a few roads to that goal.




No matter how hard we try –  3+1 will never equal 7.

Sacrifice Numbers, the Math does not work.

Great People throughout History reached their Goals & Dreams by forging & keeping the Path they started and doing it with Zest & Vigor.

This takes Strength.

This takes Thought.

This takes Courage.

This takes Experience.

This takes Patience.

This takes surrounding Oneself with Like-Minded People.

Above all, this takes Knowledge and Wisdom.




G:To sacrifice is does not equal to loose. Constant minor adjustments of the path to reach your goal through changes in time, enviroment, and people was the only way many so called greats reached their dreams. Without these gives and takes, the dream would be handicapped and limited. Like-Minded people to take their seats in areas they excell and comfortable with will reach out to more in a shorter period of time. All for the best!



BostonPaul: Reaching the Goal or Dream depends on the Passion, Drive and Discipline of the one(s) with the Dream/Goal.

It also depends on how we define Greatness.

Different Paths for Different Folks.

History is filled with those who achieved their Goals despite distractions, hurdles and obstacles… sacrificing only their Time, Labor and Intellect, never their Ideals.






2.5+ 4.5.

Enjoying the parley.



G. Luckily their ideals were right. Personality also plays a big part on how goals are acheived. Carnivores and herbivors also take different paths to reach a common goal in survival. Should one be extinct, the other would not survive. Greatne…ss may not be in the minds of every individual. Some may have a much smaller goal to reach. (like living an easy life and providing for the family in the process) Agreed, ideals should not be sacrificed, or there would be no meaning to the goal. Never should one loose focus on his ideals but holding on too tight may just let some good opportunities unreachable.
I like the math….
Glad there was no calculus.
Keep it simple….Keep happiness close by.

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