Life’s Guidelines

1. I don’t believe anything the Government tells me.

I Question Authority all the time. Most governments around the world are not running their countries in the interest of the People, but instead in the interest of their Corporate Sponsors. Corporations by their very nature do not care about The People, but about the Bottom Line.

This is why Amerika is in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is just one example concerning our dwindling Bee Population:

2. I don’t take the popular media seriously.

The Popular Media are the Propaganda Spewing Voices for the corporate élite and their puppet governments. I don’t even have cable.

If a news program has a commercial, that news program must keep that sponsor and its interests in mind when reporting the news. This is not unbiased coverage (as we all have been taught the News should be).

3. I always question what I believe, because I could be wrong … and so could you.

Questioning what one believes does 2 things: Re-affirms what is already believed or changes the way one believes. We should not get mired in dogma of Politics & Religion, this is not to say we should not understand what is happening in the world of Politics & Religion – we should. Being Knowledgeable in these two entities is to have Power to protect yourself against them.

4. I Love those in my Life & those not in my Life.

I’ve learned and often see how Love comes round full circle… sometimes when I least expect it. One of the Pleasures of getting older… I’ve been around long enough to see love being exchanged, made and passed on.

5. I Treat Food as Medicine.

If we eat healthy, there is no need to take medicines prescribed by doctors. Doctors should be sought sparingly.

Go here:   and scroll down to part 4 DOCTORS to see my thoughts on them.

6. I believe a Strong, Knowledgeable, Loving Community will make the world Peaceful.

Governments aren’t doing it and are not able to do it because of the selfish interests of the Corporations that are running the Planet… by relying on Community, self sustainability is possible and we depend less and less on Corporations and their Banks. This takes away their power and control.

7. I express myself through art, music and writing.

We should let our Children do the same. I’m against Public Education because it does not let children express themselves freely.

Children spend at least 5 days a week in school studying math each of those days and only a couple of times (if they’re lucky) dancing, involved in some kind of art, or music class.

This is wrong and dangerous.

I was thinking ( I sometimes do that) none of us know what is going to happen in 20 years. In 1975 for example, we did not know that in 1995 that in much of the world Computers would be the norm and that CDs would be a popular medium.  So then, how can we prepare our children for 20 years from now? By teaching them (or perhaps just letting them!) to think abstractly. By teaching them survival skills. Encouraging them in their interests and hobbies.

Community Learning allows for this.

Public Education destroys this by making them into little robotic sheep that must obey.




I have found that these Guidelines make my Life good.

I have found that living this way gives others (in my life) a bit of hope and happiness and that this comes back around to pleasantly haunt me – sometimes when I least expect it.

I have found that I have surrounded myself with people (perhaps magnetic attraction?) and this Community Circle keeps on growing.

I have found that living this way people sense that this is real. People deep down want to keep it real and are attracted to those who do.

Everyday bombardments from the Media coming from every direction – in front of  us, behind us, our flanks, at the stop light, a stroll down the street – are  shallow sentiment of what is cool, fashionable or popular.

Peel away the glitter & gold; the bells & whistles and what is left is what is Real.

Feel free to add your Guidelines or thoughts below.

Peace and Love…

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  3. All of these are pretty good.

    1) My time on this planet has taught me the US government is incapable of telling the whole truth (sometimes even to itself) about anything remotely important. Lying is their default position, even when a lie serves no purpose. Citizens are considered obstacles that can only get in the way and are best left in the dark.

    2) While still occasionally useful, the mainstream media has lost practically all the standards it ever had. Ever larger corporations have deliberately eschewed expensive professional news gathering in favour of cut rate entertainment-masquerading-as-news. The lack of professionalism is also a reaction to the perceived competition from the Internet, where everything is overtly biased, complete bullshit or, most often, irrelevant triviality. Over time, you become more like your competition in order to compete with them.

    I just saw CNN (C to the motherfucking NN!) bragging that their coverage of something was so great that it was “trending #3” on Twitter, whatever the fuck that means. In a similar vein, the New York Times is boasting about one of their stories being put on the bulletin board at Jeff’s Auto Repair in Dildo, Newfoundland.

    3) I question what I believe, but realize I’m always right…provided the information I was working with was right, which shows how vital a good media is and how much damage an inadequate one can cause.

    4) You damn hippie! I can’t even say the word “love” unless doing it sarcastically, ironically…or when I’m trying to “close the deal”.

    5) Food is medicine, but don’t forget that it’s fuel too. Would you put deep fried chocolate bars in your 1972 Ferrari?

    6) Corporations see you as nothing but human hamburger. To them, you are a human resource to be mined and/or a patsy to be bilked for all they can.

    7) I know you tried to explain this before, but what the fuck is this “community learning” bullshit? It sounds like a cross between something they’d do on a Mormon compound and how they explained the closure of my local psych hospitals. They opened up all the doors, let all the nutters out, and said they’d all be taken care of by “community resources”. Ultimately, that meant wandering the streets without taking their meds and prattling on about Satan talking to them via your ice cream cone.

  4. I like what you’ve got going and the following are the things that sprang to mind for me.

    1 I trust my intuition over my logic while actively using and honing both.

    2 I do not limit my senses to five or even six. I recognize that every situation and person I encounter is multi-leveled. I try to be open to all the levels.

    3 I do not take mainstream media seriously but I recognize truth wherever I find it and the same goes for bullshit.

    4 I spend time each day developing my body, mind and spirit.

    5 I view myself as part of a continuous whole and recognize that I am part of the community of life here on this planet and beyond this planet, this includes all forms of life.

    5.5 From this view I take the understanding that if I hurt others I hurt myself and if I help others I help myself. Also if I reject and devalue others I reject and devalue a part of myself. So I try to handle the world gently.

    6 I do not give up or worry.

    • Thank you Ryan.

      Well done.

      Makes me want to rethink a few of my Guidelines as well.

  5. Some of my guidelines and beliefs, Paul…

    I believe in Salvation through Creation… the only time I really feel cleansed is when I make something… a drawing, writings, a badly played piece of music on the violin, etc.

    Speak the truth—gently. Too many out there use honesty as a license to cruelty.

    Be true to yourself and your interests—even if they’re woefully pedestrian. Why eschew something (even if you secretly enjoy it) just because it’s popular? Strained nonconformity is as evident as a fart in an elevator.

    Abandon your body through neglect at your own peril. We’re built to run, climb and lift heavy things as much as a fish is built to swim.

    Kindness becomes more important the older I get. It is a skill that needs to be developed.

    Treat the pauper as you’d treat the prince. People merely placate and fear a bullying prick and everyone dislikes a kiss ass.

    My guess is that worldly success—no matter how you define it—has more to do with energy and vision than it does degrees and being-seen-in-the-office-for-18-hours-a-day “ambition.”

    Cultivate curiosity and wonder. Hang on to the good shit from earlier ages and developmental phases but jettison the bad crap. I’m happy to be rid of my adolescent insecurities but I hope I can always feel the amazement I had when I first walked down Tremont Street in Boston by my lonesome as an 18 year old.

    Find and develop your madness, but watch your temper. Anger is not passion. Took me a long time to learn this one.

    • Where’s the LIKE button!

      Thank you for sharing Noble Savage.

      I might take all these Guidelines and write another book.


  6. i would like to add that in loving and caring for ourselves and everyone and everything around us there are those that are being stepped on and cannot find the strength to overcome. for those of us who have the strength to love and care for ourselves and others we should fight for the weakerthans of this world. while love conquures all, hate kills every single day. embracing the hate along with the love and being able to rise above. not that is power. not an easy task i might add.

    • Indeed.

      I do believe that a strong, loving Community offers support for those part of the Community.

      I also do not adhere to the stigma or stereotype that Peace-lovers are to be taken advantage of or are weak in anyway.

      Just as on an airplane we should put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before helping others, we should strive to make ourselves strong so that we may help others.

      Helping others is not necessarily giving in material things, but also spreading Knowledge. The Ol’ give a man a fish or teach him to fish bit.

      We have to ask ourselves:

      Why do People take advantage?

      How can it be dealt with?

      How do we deal with the Hate that kills everyday… occupation in the middle east for example?

      How may the Power of the Mind i.e. Knowledge, deal with the Powers that seem to be?

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad I had a few minutes to reply.

      Peace and Love…

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