Illegal Immigrants in Amerika OH NO!

I have been reading all the reports that come my way concerning illegal workers in Amerika. Particularly the reports coming from Arizona which seems to be where all the Media Attention is focused right now.  I also read what my conservative FB acquaintances post on their walls.

I find it Tragically Amusing.

The US & many of  its Citizens are up in arms about illegal aliens.

Let’s think about this.


If you or I or almost anyone else we know was starving and had a family to feed, we would do anything within our power to feed ourselves and families.

Even if that meant stealing.

Let me digress a moment:

Amerika has always spouted that they are the land of the free:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…


People from other countries less fortunate believe this rhetorical BS:

‘the streets are paved with Gold… go to Amereeka!’

Amereeka is The Land of Golden Opportunity!


…that is until they actually land in the US and learn what is really going on (digression complete).

Instead, these ‘illegals’ sneak across the border – which is dangerous (and let’s remember that much of the land that they – The Mexicans – are sneaking into was theirs once upon a time… but we can get into that later), and are willing to risk it because it is better than what they have in the first place…   which is usually nothing.

They take work that the Average Complaining Amerikan (ACA) would not do anyway – at lower wages.

The ACA points fingers and blames these ‘illegals’ for affecting the economy and taking jobs away from Americans (the jobs that ACAs don’t want anyway)… they need a scapegoat after-all, eh?

The ACA could never blame their Government and its ludicrous spending of BILLIONS of dollars a week fighting a war in the Middle East.  I’m no mathematician, but we should be more worried about money spent on the war and the Amerikan Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan than we should about the  money being made by the Border Hoppers and the taxes the US cannot collect subsequently blaming these ‘illegals’ for the US’s financial woes.


WHAT I FIND INTERESTING IS THAT I NEVER see a finger pointed at those Amerikan Companies & Corporations that are HIRING the illegal workers.

Amerika does not need stringent laws for the illegal workers, they need to crack down on the Amerikans HIRING the illegal workers.

If there are no jobs for illegals workers, they won’t be sneaking across the border.

It’s a no-brainer then, isn’t it?

These people – the ACA – that are complaining need to pry their heads out of their asses.

Ignorance is bliss and the ACA in Arizona is Blissful.


Your thoughts?

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  2. Say the words “illegal immigrant” to an American and only one thing comes to mind…Mexicans! Yes, some think about Asians, or maybe Arab terrorists, but illegal immigration always boils down to race. Non-white “criminals” are breaking into America to “steal” the jobs no American wants. It’s as if crossing a stretch of land is comparable to rape and murder.

    In the hysteria, America is always perceived as a lily white Christian nation under attack from darker (pun intended) forces of infidels out to destroy it, not just broke people trying to make some money. Nearly all opinions on immigration ultimately break down to how you feel about members of certain races and religions. The largely non-existent threat of economic loss only raises the intensity of reaction.

    No American ever worries about the Canadian “ice-backs” in their midst. They actually DO take jobs some Americans want. But people don’t mind so much because Canadians are white and not so easily noticed.

    The Arizona law’s “reasonable suspicion” of being an illegal is designed to mean one thing without putting it into words and that is “brown skin”. If white Arizonans were being pulled over for “reasonable suspicion” of being illegal Canadians by brown skinned cops, all hell would break lose.

    • Well said.

      Ice-backs – I love it.

  3. I left something similar to the post you just read above on a FB Buddy’s Wall. I’ve posted some of the comments that were made below. I assume they are Amerikans and they really do feel this way. LawdAveMercy!

    Tyler Says:

    I like your points BP. Another thing that I hear a lot is that “‘Illegals’ have no respect for the law!”, but they don’t realize that many illegal aliens are children who were taken to America when they were young by their parents, and are …now illegal in the United States through no choice of their own.

    These are children who have grown up and been educated in US public schools (which are paid for by their parents, BTW, via property taxes which are paid through rent) and now they can’t attend college because they are arbitrarily “illegal”.

    SW Says:

    Yeah, f*** people like Robert Krentz and his dog. And screw their families too! In fact, f*** ALL Arizonans who want to take control of the ridiculous crime rates in their state! We all know only the most saintly people are crossing that border. Don’t believe the lies coming from that community’s ACTUAL members, especially the hispanic ones. It’s all a big conspiracy!

    JM Says:

    So should illegal immigrants be allowed to be in the U.S illegally then, free of other taxes like federal tax, so people that work hard for their money can pay for them to live here? You won’t ever see the IRS coming after illegal immigrants.

    Should we allow just anyone to come across the border then? Should we allow terrorists come from south of the border so they can do as they please?

    About two months ago, a car bomber associated with Hizbollah got through the border and blew his car up in El Paso. Should we just let that stuff like that happen? Should we be paying for the illegal college students state tuition? Somehow California, a state that writes I.O.U’s to their citizens think they somehow have the money to do that. If an illegal drunk driver drives drunk and kills someone is it the same as a legal citizen driving drunk and doing the same thing? Yes it is, but if he weren’t here illegally he wouldn’t have caused it.

    I would be pissed if I ever heard my wife died because an illegal immigrant killed her because he was drunk. What about the drug cartels going on in Mexico? Mexico is thriving off U.S citizens buying drugs. What about the crime rates where illegals are?

    Yeah, sure we came to America as immigrants. Hell, my parents came as immigrants – legally. But unfortunately, we have things like taxes now and we have to screen immigrants because they may or may not be a threat.

    If we opened up our borders, I guarantee we would be no more secure than Israel is right now. I agree though, huge companies and coorporations that are paying illegals under the table need to get rid of them. I’ve said this before – i’m willing to pay 2-3 times more for my house with no illegals then cheaper with illegals.

    Tyler, i’m not sure what to think about children (but i’m talking about children BORN in the U.S). Technically, if they’re born in the U.S, they are legal but then that doesn’t make their parents legal. So either the child stays and the parents go or they all go. It’s hard, but we have to have laws.

    TC Says:

    Tyler, I can’t believe you’re supporting this kind of garbage.

    First of all, illegals (all of them) are criminals. THAT’S WHY WE CALL THEM ‘ILLEGALS.’

    Second, because all of them are criminals, none of them want to work hard. You think after… crossing hundreds of miles of desert, risking their lives, that they’re going to want to come over and try to become functioning members of society? GARBAGE LOL. MAYBE IF THEY WANT TO WORK AS DESERT TRAVEL GUIDES ROFL

    Third, experts agree that illegal immigrants are ruining our service based economy. Economically, this country would be instantly better off we removed all illegals from our soil.

    Fourth, did you hear about that one illegal who raped that girl in New Mexico? Or the other illegal who was accused of killing a rancher? Legal Americans don’t partake in such violent activity BECAUSE THEY AREN’T ILLEGAL.

    • You are dumb.

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