Osama Bin Laden: The World Rejoices! … or does it?

Osama Bin Laden is Dead! The World rejoices! Or does it?

I have been repeating my thoughts around various parts of the internet, so some of this may sound familiar to you, but here it goes:

Here are a few Things of Note I would like to mention that seem to keep getting lost in the whirlwind academy award-esque Drama that has been folding & unfolding and creased so bad that the best dry cleaner in in Washington’s China-Town couldn’t straighten it out.

First, it should be well known that Osama Bin Laden (OBL) was never charged with the 911 travesty by the FBI. Here is the link to the site:




The FBI has recently updated this and put a red deceased sign across his mug.

Note that Osama was on the FBI most wanted list but NOT for 911. The FBI states that there is/was not enough evidence.

Bin Laden has admitted to everything he was part of in the past and I’m sure for a Terrorist, 911 would have been the Crowned King of Terror… what Terrorist would not want to boast that (s)he orchestrated an event like 911 then subsequently take the credit for this heinous deed?      OBL did not.

NOTE:  praising a Heinous Act and carrying out a Heinous Act are two different animals.

One should not get assassinated because one praised 911.  And why did OBL praise the perps of 911 (would be ironic if the US Government had something to do with 911, eh? OBL praising a US deed? Don’t laugh, the US let Pearl harbor happen, did they not?)

Also know that I’m not condoning anything OBL has done. I abhor his acts of Terrorism as emphatically as I do the American Government’s Acts of Terrorism in the Middle East. Violence is to be abhorred no matter who the arbitrary Good Guys and Bad Guys are.

Why does the Public feel the way they do about OBL? Let’s ask a question to answer a question: What Medium have the American Masses  – and the rest of the world – been using to get their information?

The Popular Media? Media controlled by Huge Corporations? Those very same corporations that control governments – including The Government that is occupying much of the world in one form or another?

They are praising the Death of a Villain because of what the Media has purported him to be? No Trial? No Justice? Hell… no Body, no autopsy, no independent observers, no record of his capture, it all sounds like something is Rotten in Denmark to me.

Remember too, OBL was an ally with the US government until early 1990s as they had a common enemy with the Soviet Union. The Bush Family is still friends with the Bin laden Family in Saudi Arabia. Last I heard, they still send each other Holiday Cards.

Conspiracy Theories: I am a skeptic and I do ask questions. The problem is that now if someone questions the government (especially after 911) they are dubbed ‘conspiracy nuts’ which then means that no-one gets a Voice.

It is an ingenious trick of the Media: Trust your government wholeheartedly, don’t ask questions – and if you do, you’re a nut. This is a very stealth way to suppress Freedom of Speech… and many Americans – and a couple of Canadians I know – have fallen into this Trap.

Sadly, most Americans – once Ferocious Warriors –  for Freedom & Peace, have been reduced Blithering Sheep who don’t ask questions, jump on the Nationalistic Bandwagon and attack anyone who thinks differently.

Everyone is caught up in the Media Blitz, The Band Wagon Hatred in the name of misconstrued Patriotism (AKA Nationalism).

Very few know one iota about OBL save what they hear on CNN, FOX and other Powerful Corporate Controlled Media.

People are talking much the same way they would a TV show (who shot JR?) It seems the Realness is taken out, but the Drama is not.

Movies, Dramas… a good book, a real or fictitious story – all evoke Emotion… sprinkle a bit of Fear & Ignorance ( ignorance oft resulting in fear ) and you have your Frenzy; your Nationalistic fervor… your Lynch Mob.

So questions I have – but may never know the answers to – are simply:

Is Osama Bin Laden merely a Glorified Scape-goat?

Is he a Myth devised by the CIA (he worked with them in the 8Os)?

OBSERVATIONS: What impact will this have on OBL’s Family (again -friends with the Bush family… what effect will this have on the Bush/Bin-Laden family Relationship)?

Is he the relative of the Bin-Ladens (and other Saudi Nationals) that were whisked out of the country hours after 911 when all planes were grounded? ( that’s power!)

What will the Movie they make be like? And how will this re-enforce the Myth, the Legend, the BS, The Untruths, The Misconceptions and the Nationalistic Fervor one country has and uses against another?

We have hit a cross roads. What does it take to achieve World Peace? The Killing of more Villains to pacify the Ignorant Masses?

Power to The People.

What is Power? Knowledge.

What is Knowledge? Information.

Where are we getting our information from then?

Will update soon.

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  1. Overall, interesting comment and well worth asking. Makes me wish you spent less time on Facebook and more (read: any) time at Cousinavi’s website (or even here for that matter).

    Healthy skepticism should be applied to stories like this. Simple questions that deserve honest answers like:

    Why did an unarmed man, (the last enemy male standing?) HAVE to be shot in the head? America, the nation that invented Freedom, Justice & Liberty doesn’t believe in free & fair trials anymore? Justice inconvenient all of a sudden? And you torture the fuck out of his lackeys in Gitmo, but you don’t keep him alive for questioning when you have a chance?

    How the hell does a chopper of an elite US force running the most important mission since 9/11, a mission on “friendly” soil, just crap out for no reason and explicitly “not as a result of taking fire”?

    Why does all the evidence have to be hidden? Why dump the guy in the ocean so damn fast it’s like you’re hiding something you should be proud of? If this quickie clean-up was not covering something up but about giving basic respect to a fallen enemy, what’s with all the stories about dope smoking, porn collecting, hiding behind women etc. that have “slipped out”?

    True, half true, or a pack of lies, this story REEKS of pre-written, heroic, narrative with an agenda, but nobody has seriously challenged any of it. Given Obama’s history of taking heavy fire for utterly ludicrous and unsubstantiated bullshit (Birthers), that relative silence is suspicious in itself.

  2. Cousinavi,

    Most conspiracy theories don’t have to be true to hold water. It’s not their job to prove themselves true. They are just the bacteria that grows on unclean surfaces. Don’t you know it’s up to The Crown to prove their allegations beyond a reasonable doubt? 😉

    In this particular case, they haven’t even come close. Evidence has been more elusive than the Kennedy assignation and ALL of it is coming from officially controlled sources, captured enemies included. Adding to my suspicion is that I personally saw 7 differing versions of the official story from fairly credible sources. When you have to ask “Which official version is right?”, you are allowed to have “reasonable doubt”.

    The body was disposed of faster and more permanently than Jimmy Hoffa’s. The photo & video evidence exists, but is being kept from the public. For good reason or not, this Zapruder film is under lock & key. Except for the broken helicopter, all evidence is completely controlled by the very same forces responsible for the official version. If the story is remotely fraudulent, only they know and they aren’t telling. This kind of control of evidence only breeds justifiable suspicion.

    As for the “cost” of being caught in a lie, I recall how little damage the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction did to the Bush administration. That lie resulted in the needless deaths of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands and the loss of a trillion dollars (and counting). But the cost to Bush was damn near nothing. And that was just ONE of a the bold-faced lies they were openly busted on while in office.

    The “cost” of a lie all depends on how well it is initially sold and how long the truth is kept hidden. For example, no matter how shocking the truth, the Kennedy Assignation cover-up will cost its perpetrators nothing, as all but a handful aren’t dead and very few of them have anything left to lose. Given the control the Obama administration has over the Osama shooting and the lack of serious concern over the accuracy of the official story, if he can make it through the 2012 election, he’s golden no matter what the truth is.

    Did this shooting happen exactly as stated, were the facts tweaked for PR purposes (most likely option), or was it a complete hoax? I have NO idea. All I know is that, even if 100% true, the official version doesn’t convince me “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    • Shit!. That was supposed to go lower down as a response to Avi’s comment. Still adjusting to the new WordPress posting format.

  3. […] Osama Bin Laden: The World Rejoices! … or does it? […]

  4. hey gypsi…happy mothers day to yea..
    as far as the goverment is concern-
    you may not never kno the truth..
    they tell you only what they want to tell you..
    look at 1947 (aka) cover up stories they call,them
    ross well new mexico- thats how long this shit is being going on and probly before-
    i agree they sould show picutres, if he got shot in the head? dna samples in a week> com on..barrieuial at sea? what the hell-
    but they sure did picutres of sadam husam..when he was being hung- and all that- something is not right with this one..

    as far as manson goes no he didnt coment any crimes-
    but he brained washed mostly the women and his folwers- to do the crimes-for murder.
    he was a racist and some say devil satan worship-
    he wanted the blacks to go against the whites–
    kiling people random..

    so hes acompished as the master mind- sorta of speak-his paroll is already over due-
    hes 70 something years of age now in jail.. do u thnk there realy gona let that nut bag out?lol
    do you r home work..
    take care..

    “Are you convinced that Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in May 2011?”

  6. By your reasoning, Charlie Manson should be set free. After all HE didn’t kill anyone. He just suggested it to some other people.

    • This of course is a whole other can of worms. But yes, C.M. was never caught killing anyone.

      The difference of course is that with Charlie, we see a body, he’s still alive rotting in jail.

      OBL has not been seen and there are still no reliable pictures proving he’s dead… or that he was even alive in the first place.

      With Saddam there was a camera on him from capture to execution… why not then with the most notorious Villain of the our century?

      • So, then in the absence of a photo (and as I’ve said before…could you tell one lanky, bearded Saudi missing half his head from another? After all, if they faked the moon landing, how tough would THAT be?) you must then assume that Al Qaeda, which confirmed his death at the hands of Americans; his daughter, who witnessed his death at the hands of Americans; the President, who stands to lose FAR more than he gains if such a lie is ever exposed, are ALL working together to propagate this fraud.
        Your alternative suggestions:
        1. He is not dead. This, of course, opens the POTUS to the possibility of being destroyed at the whim of OBL being seen alive by anyone, anywhere, any time. Do you REALLY think it’s possible POTUS would expose himself to that risk?
        2. He died somewhere else at some other time of some other cause. Presumably he was not alone. I mean…he’s good at hide n seek…but one would expect that wherever the fuck he was, he had cohorts, medical attention, a grave, had made some videos…so, AGAIN, your alternative explanation REQUIRES that the POTUS is (a) lying in such a way that the falsehood cannot be controlled internally, AND (b) exposing himself and the US to the steep and ugly downside of being exposed as a fraud and a liar.
        IMO, neither of your “What ifs” are even remotely reasonable, and neither rise to same probability hewn by Occam’s razor.

        There are perfectly good reasons why THE PHOTOS THEY HAVE are not being released. You seem to want to argue that there are none. That is not the case.
        You can, if you like, argue that it makes no sense to keep them from the public. I find the stated explanation perfectly reasonable. It’s gruesome, smacks of gloating, offends people who will cut your fucking head off for drawing a goddamn picture of Muhammed. But that’s not to say there are no pictures.
        Beyond that, it was a targeted mission to assassinate a man – that’s just not the sort of thing you videotape, now is it? Sadly Zapruder was busy that day and was unable to drag his 8mm up to the grassy knoll.

        Still…your desire to believe that there is a conspiracy is pretty impressive. To posit that AQ, OBL’s daughter (among other Saudi and Pakistani eye witnesses) AND the POTUS are all telling the same lie. I’m sure you must have an explanation for that. I can’t imagine WTF it might be, but I’m pretty sure you have one.

    • Fuck, Cousinavi. If I got arrested every time I suggested somebody kill somebody, I’d occupy the entire court system for the next 200 years on my own.

      Unfortunately, nobody has listened to me and started killing those worthless motherfuckers.

  7. Nicely done B.P.Well put,you said many of the things I’ve been trying to tell people lately.Thanks.
    That part about being dubbed a “conspiracy nut” rang true for me.
    I put that term in the same basket as “hater”.
    It is the come back used by those that don’t have a counter argument or even a point so they resort to petty name calling to deflect from their lack of knowledge on the subject they’re trying to debate.
    Many people are repeaters,they parrot what the masses say without even really knowing they do it.
    It’s almost like these people are defending their grasp on “reality”…you dare not challenge them to actually think for themselves.You do and they attack you.It’s weird…Safety in numbers i’m guessing,i don’t know.Herd mentality.
    But like the saying goes-What’s right isn’t always popular and what’s popular isn’t always right.

    • Ditto, just substitute “hater” with “denier”

    • It is the come back used by those that don’t have a counter argument

      I have counter arguments.
      “Conspiracy Theorist” is simply the term I use for people who cherry pick information while ignoring anything that doesn’t fit with the conclusion they’ve already reached; for people who draw hard lines between unrelated dots and scream “SEE! SEE! IT”S ALL CONNECTED!” in much the same way Glenn Beck fabricates the most repugnant, silly ass shit on that stupid blackboard.

      Accusing me of resorting to name calling because I “don’t know what I’m talking about”…well, that and a handful of change will get you a cup of tea. It’s also, done in your own words, EXACTLY the tactic of which you accuse others. You’d make a fine Republican with projection like that.
      Conspiracy theories are security blankets for people who find the world too complex and troublesome or are just too lazy to try and comprehend reality.

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