Hate-Mail/Rebuttal – Concerning Flags, Hairy Ape Balls, Sun Zi: The Art of War

I get letters in my various Inboxes regarding various bits I publish. Often they are positive in nature, occasionally there are much appreciated Constructive Criticisms  and yes the rare occasion I get a bit of hate-mail…or perhaps very strong dislike mail. Below is one of those bits that found my way into my box. Often I copy and paste them into a file – like I do most everything – and save it for good reading on a rainy day. It wasn’t raining, but I decided to respond to this one.

I had written a bit on Osama Bin-laden (you can find it here:  https://bostonpaul.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/osama-bin-laden-the-world-rejoices-or-does-it/)  and of the numerous Inquiries in my box, most of them polite, I stumbled across this one. Paused. Smiled… and began to write.

Here it is:

Daniel London (May 6, 2011): You can suck hairy ape balls. The flag is a symbol of freedom that brings people together, REMEMBER 9-11

The Militant Hippi (May 7, 2011) I’d rather not suck any balls at all, thank you.

Greetings Mr. London,

The flag is a representation of the government. The government does not necessarily represent The People. It is difficult however for those who ‘love’ the flag to NOT love the Flag since most of us have been Indoctrinated since kindergarten to ‘love the Flag’… probably you included.

Have you ever said the Pledge of Allegiance? Why would one have to say this pledge? It is part of the Public (AKA government controlled) Education Indoctrination System… and you (and millions of others including – at one time – me) are victims of it… though now there are millions waking up.

I even have Flags tattooed on my chest as I was a soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division from 18 – 22 years of age… but I grew up and I got wise.

I realized that the Government (and the corporations that control it) are only concerned with having Nice Dumb Sheep for a populace. Why? Because Sheep are easy to control…

Brainwash them when they are young, so that they think everything they say is ‘right’… it is a great (and evil) Trick.

Do you know The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Sun Zi)?  The Art of War is a 2500 year old document. West Point Military Academy (and interestingly Harvard Business School) both have this as a text-book in their colleges.

The Art of War states that are two ways to keep The People under Control:

The First Way (and this works in a 3 part concert) is:

A. Keep the People Fed. Hungry People start Revolutions.

B. Keep the People Entertained. This distracts them from looking at the bigger problems.  How many Americans are glued to the TV and all the BS Media Drama? How many Americans get their news from Fox News? How many listen to the ass-clowns of ass-clowns Glenn Beck?  A distracted populace is a Government’s Ally.

C. Keep the People Ignorant of what The Government does. A Public Education System (AKA Indoctrination) that is government controlled of course will insure this.  Get em’ when they’re young and they are yours forever.

The Second Part of Keeping this Control, and this is the most effective – is to keep The People living in a constant state of FEAR.

(Look out a Terrorist might be over there! No wait, he’s over there!)

How many Terrorists have been caught (and convicted) since 911 on US soil? None. Check it out. They made all these laws not to control Terrorism, but to control the People. The Patriot Act is the biggest piece of BS Document since Hitler (he had a similar document: The Enabling Act. This allowed him to invade Poland… the parallels between Nazi Germany and Amerika are astounding).

I won’t forget 911… and I will spend the rest of my days Inquiring into why it happened… If you would like to engage in any kind of discourse considering 911, I would love to know what you know, and I am happy to share any information with you as well.

FLAGS: Flags only bring people together within a country (and it is usually coerced).

Flags divide. They do not bring The People of the world together. They create an us VS them mentality.  Are you a sports fanatic? Flags do similar things in sports as well. WE are the best. WE are God’s Chosen. We hear this BS all the time. Problem is, most everyone thinks this way; i.e. my country is better than yours, my team is better than yours… ad nauseam.

WE are selfish mammals that have not evolved into whatever comes after dumb mammals.

Remember, we are Earthlings first!

Thank you for the expressive note Mr. London. Your last name conjures up one of my favorite authors, Jack London.

Any relation?

Jack London was quite the Socialist and wrote many prolific pieces. If you have not read him, check him out. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

May 9, 2011. Still no response

July 20, 2011. No response. We can probably guess he won’t be responding back, eh?

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  1. Just wanted to know; is the rainbow flag of the gay liberation movement also a manifestation of fascist tendencies? Can progressives be fascist too?

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