Anthony David Weiner’s Penis: A Thought

The Penis Scandal

I’m trying to think of good reasons for the recent hullabaloo concerning a Man’s Genitalia.

I’ve pondered. I’ve gone over it in my head. And after about 3 minutes I came up with this:

We are Mammals.

Mammals have sex.

That is how we all got here in the first place, EH?

It’s funny how Rulers of yester-year had hundreds of Wives and Concubines – this showed their Potency, their Vivaciousness, their Vitality.

Now they are scorned if they can’t keep their Peter in their Pants.

I’d love to steal a look on the computers of the People that Complain about politicians and their Sexcapades.

I bet we’d find lots of juicy tidbits, eh? Then we can wait till the Complainers are Famous and we’ll Scream it out to the world:

Immoral! Immoral!  This mammal was caught doing what Mammals do!   Copulating!   Ye Heathen!   Having sex with Women! Sex with Men!  EGADS The Thought!

Good God Ye Sexual Beings!

How can one be in a Leadership Position when they are (egad!) having sex… secret sex?


George Bush and Obama and all the rest of the Puppets have not got caught (yet) showing their penises, BUT hundreds of thousands have been killed in the Middle East because of a senseless war.


Focus People. Focus.

Hypocrites  are not pleasant to be around.

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  1. Stunning nobody has replied to this yet, Boston Paul. This was all the “news” media was reporting on for a month, as if it was somehow newsworthy. “Man likes sex. More on this shocking story at eleven.”

    Forget anybody else, six months ago I’d expect less than 10% of New Yorkers had any idea who Anthony Weiner was. Today, people living in Asia know have heard of this mid-level congressman solely because he took a picture of his junk and sent it to somebody. I’m willing to bet 10,000 teenagers do the exact same thing every fucking day in America!

    JFK fucked everything with a hole, but nobody considered reporting that. As I understand it, this guy didn’t even have sex with anybody, but the wolves have ripped this promising politician to shreds. That, and the utter waste of media space dedicated to this bullshit, is the saddest part of all. It ain’t like there’s 3 wars, a global economic collapse, massive debts, unemployment, poverty, torture, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, going on that deserves news coverage or anything. My dog’s birthday probably deserves equal airtime with this story.

    America is a truly sick country full of sex-obsessed perverts desperately trying to pretend otherwise because they think they’re God’s Chosen People. For some reason, they think they can fool Him by jumping all over guys who get caught in public.

    Burn the witch! Burn the witch!

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