In Kindergarten…

In Kindergarten, they taught us…

*to share

*not to fight

*to be nice

*to clean up our messes

*to help our friends and family

*to be ‘Good Samaritans’ and

*to work together…

…then some grew up and became Politicians and/or CEOs of major corporations.

*Resources are not shared, they’re often stolen and re-sold;

*fighting is rife in the Middle East

*can’t be nice when you’re cheating the populace

*messes are made and not cleaned up (oil spills, corporations like Monsanto destroying ecosystems, etc)

*friends and family are often put on the back burner for the sake of a career

*and many Good Samaritans are Good because of tax breaks.

~Perhaps we should take that Kindergarten Mentality and all start working together to make the world a better place…

It seems many of us forgot almost everything we learned in Kindergarten.

What Happened?

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Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories: I’m a skeptic & I do ask questions about everything… even when it goes against the status-quo.

The problem is that now if someone questions the government (especially after 911) they’re dubbed conspiracy nuts which then means that they are lumped in with the Tin Foil Wearing Hat People and then are scorned or ignored.

Which means of course that no-one gets a Voice.

It’s an ingenious trick of the Corporate Media: Trust your government wholeheartedly; don’t ask questions – and if you do, you’re a nut.

This is a very stealth way to suppress Freedom of Speech.

Many Americans – & a couple of Canadians I know – have fallen into this Trap.

Sadly, most Americans – once Ferocious Warriors for Freedom & Peace – have been reduced Blithering Sheep who don’t ask questions, jump on the Nationalistic Bandwagon & attack anyone who thinks differently.

Question Authority.

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