Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories: I’m a skeptic & I do ask questions about everything… even when it goes against the status-quo.

The problem is that now if someone questions the government (especially after 911) they’re dubbed conspiracy nuts which then means that they are lumped in with the Tin Foil Wearing Hat People and then are scorned or ignored.

Which means of course that no-one gets a Voice.

It’s an ingenious trick of the Corporate Media: Trust your government wholeheartedly; don’t ask questions – and if you do, you’re a nut.

This is a very stealth way to suppress Freedom of Speech.

Many Americans – & a couple of Canadians I know – have fallen into this Trap.

Sadly, most Americans – once Ferocious Warriors for Freedom & Peace – have been reduced Blithering Sheep who don’t ask questions, jump on the Nationalistic Bandwagon & attack anyone who thinks differently.

Question Authority.

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  1. I’m writing an essay on conspiracy theories, and I was wondering if there are any conspiracy theories that are known of to have been used to cease the fear of the public regarding any sort of issue. It can also be a conspiracy theory that you’ve seen in fiction. Thanks for all the help!

    • That is a good question!

  2. Hey, Boston Paul. You don’t have to worry about THIS Canadian (me) loosing his faith. He lost his faith in government and big corporate media a couple of decades ago (and most of humanity, for that matter).

    Even though I know half of it’s probably half-true, I can barely believe a single word any of these motherfuckers say. I am always dubious that I’m getting the whole story, especially if they have even the slightest motivation to lie or shield us from the truth. I am particularly dubious about anything security/war related, or anything that significantly impacts our economic house of cards & the card sharks who’ve stacked the deck.

    How many times do you have to be lied to before you become suspcious?

  3. Conspiracy, corporate media, 9/11, suppression of freedom of speech, tinfoil hats, the depth and breadth of courage required to go against the “status quo” (even when one takes such great pride in so doing)…none of which have anything to do with true skepticism except in the minds of those already convinced of shadowy agents working behind the scenes.
    “No one gets a voice”? Who’s silencing you? Who’s shutting down your blog or even telling you to STFU?
    Paranoid hyperbole.

    • I say this a lot, but in a world where the US government admits to intercepting 1.7 billion personal communications A DAY, there really isn’t such a thing as “paranoia” anymore. They are watching your every move, or damn well trying. Twenty years ago, you’d be institutionlized if you even suggested they were intercepting anybody’s personal communications (even though they were on a beta-testing level at least).

      The only question is “Is an INDIVIDUAL ‘paranoid’ conspiracy theory accurate or not”. Thanks to government secrecy and the permanent “lie by default” setting all in authority now have, even if a “paranoid” claim is 100% true, it’s likely you’ll never see satifactory evidence in either direction beyond “trust us/have faith in us” until we’re all in nursing homes. In such an evidence-free environment, even the craziest theory can’t be dismissed out-of-hand anymore. You can only triage them according to levels of likelyhood.

      One need only look at how BushCo, Project For The New American Century, the Office of Special Plans, Scooter Libby outing spies, a cascade of outright lies and conspiracies (if only defacto ones) put America into an optional war of pure insanity in Iraq. Crazy right? Nope. Right down to bought & paid for journalists. I remember reading about that practice at somebody or other’s blog 😉

      As for blogs being some kind of “proof” that people are not being silenced…seriously? Don’t you yourself have a cartoon on your website of a dog at a computer saying something to the effect of “I used to blog, but I gave that up because barking at passing cars was more productive”? To paraphrase a great Canadian singer, “if 1 million trees blog in 1 million forests, does anybody hear?” Why waste time silencing people rambling to themselves in an alley? Besides, if any one of them does become a threat, there’s always a room available in Gitmo.

      Who’d have ever thought Cousinavi would develop such blind faith in the US government? All that warm weather (and sex?) must be making him soft in the head 😉

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