The Militant Hippi supports This Band: 大METⒶ4 (DaMETA4) AKA DM4!

Gypsi from 大METⒶ4

Photo courtesy of Rich John Matheson
Taken at Tainan May Jam

The Band name: 大METⒶ4
(Scroll down for ‘I Need War’ Lyrics)

This band rocks.  They just don’t go out and sing songs, they rock the fuck out and spew a not so subtle message about how you’re being fucked over by your government and the evil corporations that control your government.

Their Music not only makes you want to get up and dance, raise your fist in the air, bang your head, Mosh, Crowd Surf and sing along to their catchy lyrics, but it also gets you thinking.

DaMETa4MayJam3 Gypsi

For more information about a band that is making waves and upping the ante for Live Performances go here:

Check out DM4’s “I Need War” Video on Youtube:

“I Need War” is a song sung in First Person as the voice of Evil Corporations.

The DM4 Video was filmed at May Jam in Tainan  Compass Food Fest in Taichung. Both these cities are in Taiwan.


Greg Wu PIX2Lyrics to I NEED WAR:
I Need War
1. I need War, so I can have more Fun watching people run from the bullets of my gun.
I need War because it’s Profit
My War Machine’s Growin’ nothing gonna stop it
I need War so I can soar- an eagle high on the Horizon I got my eyes on free passes, war of the classes, Nasa’s Lads & Lasses, spying on the masses

I control everything you see, as long as you’re working, you’re working for me, the economy belongs to me, Every country and king is in my control. I control the nation, the inflation, deflation, your salvation and what you call The Creation.

I need War, so I can get more Sun, While I Get shit done like Attila The Hun
Everyone needs a little funny money some honey honey on a sunny day
I Make Distractions so you don’t see me slowly Kill the Free my way

If Peace Would Pay, I’d Spread Peace like I spread bullets in the Middle East

People People run for the hills before I start giving you pharmaceuticals
not for thrills but for ills you never knew you had, I’m telling you that life ain’t so bad!

I need War! War!


Da 大5

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  1. I’ll let them know Brother!

  2. Good stuff, Boston Paul!

    One constructive criticism, though. I know it’s a live performance and the audio rarely comes across well in such videos. But you probably need to make those lyrics more clear, especially since the lyrics are about meaningful shit rather than the standard “oh, oh, I love you” crap.

    Keep it up.

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