Freedom & The Perils of Being Black or a Person of Color (in the USA)

For the Past 10,000 years or so, The World at Large has never really been Free. There has always been a ruler claiming authority from the gods or claiming divinity themselves. This divine power then gave them the authority to subjugate and enslave the populace. To do what they will to ‘their’ people.

Great Philosophers throughout the ages write of Freedom, Liberty, Pursuits of Happiness. These Writings which have made it into various Constitutions and are the very fundamentals of Democracy in much of the ‘First’ World …are but pipe dreams. These Pipe Dreams look good on paper, but are rarely fully allowed.

The United States in its infancy proclaimed Freedom and Liberty for its ‘We The People’ while they embraced Slavery, Indentured Servitude, and Hazardous Working Conditions & Racism for the Chinese building the railroads.

They proclaimed ‘All Men are Created Equal’ while they Bullied & performed Acts of Genocide to The Indigenous Peoples that lived on and worked the land – thousands of years before any White Man decided to occupy, lie to & exploit, rape & pillage, torture, displace, remove and/or kill these First Nation Peoples of the Americas.

One would think that as our Species evolves, we should be moving away from how other animals on the planet live. Our Species has developed technologies that can improve the lives of everyone on our Planet without destroying it. Yet, we stick to outdated modes of energy and outdated ideas about labor because we’ve ‘always done it this way’.

Our treatment of Fellow Humans has not changed and is not much different from other Species of Animals. Species that we sometimes watch with horror as when a Lion chases down and tears apart a Gazelle.  People living in the United States still live in a hierarchy where the One Percent treat the other 99% – particularly if you are a Person of ‘Color’ – as Peasants, Subjects, Slaves….  and Gazelles.

In regard to shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers in recent months – these atrocities have been happening for a very long time – long before we heard about it in the popular media –  but has in the past year or so been making headlines as the power of the internet & cell phones with cameras make it easier for The People to film and connect.

It really makes one wonder how this could still be happening. How ignorance, racism, stereotyping and bigotry persist.

The now dated US ideal was – once upon a time – that of a melting pot; a metaphor from the 1780s for a heterogeneous society (i.e. an all white society with Indigenous & African Slaves kicked to the peripheral) becoming more homogeneous. By the early 1900s with more and more immigrants coming from Europe and other parts of the world, the hope was that these different elements or people and their cultures would be melting together into a harmonious whole becoming one culture… the US of A culture.

That of course has not happened.

Perhaps we can blame religion; rich vs poor; white vs everyone who is not white; greed; cemented & hard to give up traditions; and whatever else is lurking in the dark recesses of our sub-conscious.

Fact is, it’s taking a couple of centuries to get where we are now. Change has been slow and painful.

*Women & Those of Color & Those Who Don’t Own Land can vote now.

*We can all drink out of the same water fountain.

*We can sit where we want to on the bus.

*We can share the public toilets.

We rejoice over small steps as politicians smile smugly at the cameras thinking of their legacy… their legacy being a small bone tossed to the tail-wagging masses to celebrate. The legacy – and fallacy – of granting ‘freedoms’ of what should should have been a right in the first place.

Rights continue to be fought for as in a few states one can now get married to whomever they choose and smoke a joint after work without fear of a SWAT team decimating the front door, killing their dog and shooting at their family members (though this can still happen in other states… and does).

Still, the US as a nation regrettably still has a long way to go as the rich are catered to and everyone else can F$%^ right off.

We are told that it is better in the US than other parts of the world, so we should be content with what we got.

Granted. We’d rather live in the US than other dangerous countries. Of course. But most of these other countries are not claiming to be a The Land of The Free, are they?

How exactly is Amerika The Land of The Free when the US Government imposes ridiculous laws or prevents people from truly living free?

Discrimination, Racism, Bigotry and Modern Day Slavery are still rampant in this Land of The Free:

If you’re a brown skinned person in the US, you are being discriminated against for one reason or another whether it’s in the Media, with the Police… and always by the Ignorant (We’re looking at you white skinned protestant Christians residing mostly in the South. We’re looking at you Top One Percent).

If you’re Native American, you’re discriminated against. You’ve been shuffled to Reservations as soon as the White Man broke the Treaties they intended on breaking anyway. More often than not you live a life of extreme poverty often accompanied by alcoholism. Indeed, there are those First Nations that have opened casinos and thrive, but for the majority it is still a day to day struggle.

If you’re Asian, you’re discriminated against. The Chinese had one hell of a time in Amerika in the 1800s building the railroads in slave like conditions. Wars the US had with Vietnam, Korea and Japan have perpetuated stereotypes, bigotry and racism towards ‘Oriental’ looking people.

If you’re African American, or confused as one (Caribbean, Jamaican, Haitian) you’re discriminated against… and have been since the first slaves arrived, when slavery ended in 1865, and right up til present day. The Media perpetuates stereotypes and deepens the ever widening crevice dividing the People.

If you’re Hispanic, you’re discriminated against often as a ‘border jumper’ (even though you might come – legally – from Puerto Rico). One must wonder why United Statesians worry so much about the ‘Wet-back’ border jumpers coming from the South and not so much about the ‘Ice-back’ border jumpers coming from the North.

If you’re of Middle Eastern descent, you’re discriminated against. You are often viewed as a Terrorist and treated with suspicion even though you might be from India or born in the US. The Media also perpetuates these stereotypes with fervor. People living in the States often forget that Terrorists come from everywhere and are of every color.

If you come from a country with mostly brown people, watch the fuck out, because Amerika will bomb you eventually (look at the track record).

If you were a white indentured servant (Irish for example) you were discriminated against (though the Irish could lose the accent and change the spelling of their last name to blend in… a bit more difficult when you’re a person of ‘color’ though)

Fact is, the Rich, White, Alpha-Male, Men that run Corporate Amerika don’t give a fuck about anyone. If you punch a clock and put up with all the BS of living and working in Amerika at low wages and no job security, barely making enough to pay for necessities, and no health care – you’re a modern day slave. Hell, even Slave Owners from the 1800s made sure their investments (their slaves) were healthy and taken care of… not so much now, eh?

Corporate Amerika does not buy slaves from Afrika anymore, but Slavery is still rampant in the US and in the form of Sweat Shops.

Do you wear Nike Shoes? Converse? Reebok? Where were your clothes made? Made in China? Indonesia? Vietnam? Then you – no matter what your color is – support Modern Day Slavery.

Sometimes the Irony just smothers me.

We the (Free-Thinking!) People, we Earthlings, we Brothers & Sisters of the World must put aside the ‘us vs them’ mentality when dealing with each other and focus on the real Enemy… those in Power that make it difficult for ‘us’ – the We The People of The World – regardless of color, creed, religion – to freely carve out a life where we are happy with our work; happy with our Communities; where we can move about freely; not have to worry about government/corporate interference in the form of Ridiculous Laws, Unfair Taxes & Red Tape that stretch from Sea to Shining Sea; and that age old endeavor: to Pursue Happiness.

Sadly, The United States of Amerika is not the Land of The Free anymore, I’m not sure it ever was.

The Fallacy Bubble is popping.
The Pipe Dream is smoldering.
The Streets are not paved with Gold. In fact, they’re not paved at all.
The Pursuit of Happiness is really a Pursuit of Consumerism.

People are realizing that The American Dream is not a dream, but a Frightmare in which the only way out, perhaps, is to Wake Up and Get the Hell Out of There.

What does it mean to be Free then?

*Doesn’t being Free mean not having to worry about being harassed, looked at suspiciously or lecherously because of gender, race or religion?
*Doesn’t being Free mean having food on the table, affordable health care and clean air to breathe?
*Doesn’t being Free mean having control over your own body, having a smoke or a drink now and again, being able to be unhampered in your pursuit of Happiness?
*Doesn’t being Free mean being able to do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt others?

Because if what I wrote above defines the real meaning of Freedom, then the US and much of the rest of the world – has a long way to go.

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Proud to Be American?

                 Proud to be American?
Have you thought about Why?

We see numerous posts bombarding our social network pages by ‘Americans’ (we’ll get to what a ‘real’ American is in a moment)  exclaiming and proclaiming how they are proud to be American.  These ‘I AM PROUD to be AMERICAN!’  memes are often accompanied by a picture of an American flag or some other piece of propaganda.

God Bless America is another one that plagues the cyber world.

Is Amerika – out of the other 200-ish countries in the world – the only one that their god blesses? Doesn’t this God of theirs bless other countries as well? Why Bless Amerika specifically?

It certainly seems that way as their god blesses their Amerika ….and boy, are they are proud of it!

Often accompanied with God Bless America is a picture of a flag and The American white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired, Jesus.

Proud to be American & God Bless America are often posted by the same type of people i.e. Conservative Republican Protestants.

For now though, let’s focus on being a Proud American since I do not have the inclination to open up two cans of worms.


Hearing Proud to be American so often, I decided to give it some serious thought.

Very serious thought.

First – just so there is no confusion – let’s look at the word Proud  from an etymological standpoint just so people reading this will have a place to start.

We need to know what words actually mean, before we can dissect phrases such as this one.

Here is the etymology for Proud:

*Old English prud, prute “excellent, splendid; arrogant, haughty.

*Old French prud, oblique case of adjective prouz “brave, valiant” (11c., Modern French preux; compare prud’homme “brave man”)

*from Late Latin prode “advantageous, profitable” (source also of Italian prode “valiant”)

*a back-formation from Latin prodesse “be useful,” from pro- “before, for, instead of” (see pro-) + esse “to be” (see essence).

Here are three general modern meanings of the word Proud I found in various dictionaries:

1. Feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something regarded as highly honorable or creditable to oneself.

In other words, something you have done or something to do with – like learning to play Chopin or having a child who learns to play Bach when he’s 6 years old – that gives you honor or credit.
(Remember this for later in the article)

2. Having, proceeding from, or showing a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, or superiority.

OK. Think about where that high opinion comes from. Ask yourself why does one feel important or superior (which means if one feels superior, then others must be inferior, right)? What has one done to make them feel this way?

3. Highly honorable or creditable: a proud achievement.

Again, something someone has done and had success doing it.

                                                                                                                                         Moving on…

OK, we’ve got the general gist of what proud is.  Now for the American bit.

Let’s first discern what an American actually is.

What is an American?  Furthermore… what exactly is America?

A person, by chance is born of parents that lived on a piece of land that for a few hundred years has been called America. Except that this piece of land is part of The Americas which also include the following countries and territories*:

Guyana Francesa
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Antigua & Barbuda
Saint Kitts & Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Trinidad & Tobago
United States of America
(*I have listed 38 major countries/territories here, but it is not a full list. It is actually closer to 47!)

What is interesting is that the name America (as many of us that research events in history know) was named after an explorer named Amerigo Vespucci and was perpetuated by a German map maker named Martin Waldseemüller and the name was originally referring NOT to the area of the United States but to South America.

Spain refused to call this land mass America for two hundred years thinking this ‘New’ World should be named after Columbus!

(personally, I’m glad it wasn’t named after Columbus. I think he was an egotesticle schmuck.. yeah, I said it.)

The United States government simply hijacked the word America. We must not forget that the countries and territories listed above are also part of the Americas and are by default Americans. Which means that at one point in history, the USA has declared war on or bullied Fellow Americans that live in other countries (countries that make up what we call The Americas) starting from the birth of The United States onward.

  But exclaiming, ‘Proud to be a United Statesian!’ just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

(The whole Immigration Problem spouted by politicians is IRONIC since the area of the US bordering Mexico used to belong to Mexico and was appropriated -stolen by force- from Mexico)


Luckily the rest of the world usually uses ‘The States’ when talking about The US of A.

Now let’s discuss what Proud and America(n) mean together in the phrase Proud to be American.


How can one be ‘proud’ to be from a country? What have they done to be proud?

One might be a good person; a good musician; have a great sense of humor; have raised some good kids; and so on… and one can certainly be proud of their kids, proud of the music they make, the cake they bake, the cool shit they’ve done around the house… why? Because one has had something intrinsically to do with these things – the kids, the house, the music… the cake.

But proud to be American? Based on what was defined above… how is it possible?

Let’s think about this logically…. rationally.

If you are a Proud American, ask yourself this:

What the F#$%^ have you actually ‘done’ to be a proud American?

Wasn’t it by pure chance that you just happened to be born in The U.S. of Amerika?

One does not pick the country they are born in, do they?

The Modern Proud American had nothing to do with starting the country that is actually called The United States.

Perhaps Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Sam Adams and the rest of the posse may have been proud to be ‘American’ or ahem, a United Statesian, but that is because they were actually directly and intrinsically involved with the birth of the Nation. They took action, risked their lives, their families’ lives, their property, and their reputation (since about half of the people living on the land called America – and this includes Canada – back then considered themselves to be British) to kick-start what is now called The United States of America.

Most Americans have not fought for their country. And those soldiers who are ‘fighting’ for The United States now are certainly not fighting for the Freedoms that those in the American Revolution or even the Civil war fought for, but rather they are mere pawns fighting for corporate interests.

So people ‘serving’ in the military can’t be proud either… it is a false sense of pride at best… brainwashing does that to people.

People that live in the US have done nothing…. Absolutely NOTHING that merits being Proud to be a United Statesian.

Nothing that is but work their asses off at underpaying jobs while paying high taxes and not receiving a hell of a lot of benefits from those taxes (though the United Statesian’s tax dollar does go to not only bombing the shit out of other countries, but also keeps its Citizens in line – on their own soil – via a militarized police force with ultra-modern weapons aimed at them – the US Citizen – at any given time).

If you are a United Statesian that happens to feel ‘Proud to be American’ perhaps it is because you believe you have contributed to the economy with your time and labor, not unlike a peasant working for the Lord of The Manor (you’re not alone, much of the world is like this). But let’s get a clue: that ain’t shit to be proud about.

Proud Americans have not actually done anything to warrant being proud. If you are reading this post and you are American and you are proud, please let us know why… I’ll edit this post and include your reasons.

Have you been in the military? Have you held a political office? Even that isn’t a reason to be proud as the military and the politicians (right and left, there is no distinction) have done NOTHING to make the lives of the Citizens of the United States better; but have done a great job at making over half the world hate The United States of America’s guts…. which is why it is getting harder and harder to live in the US and also why it is getting more expensive and a lot more difficult to get by.

Except for those that own their own business and know how to work the books, or in high demand (like under-water welders), or CEOs of a big corporation (who do much of their business off shore… so they’re not really – for all intent and purposes – even considered American).

How many United Statesians have lost their jobs? How many United Statesians have seen a considerable increase in their wages ….or even have job security?

Don’t fool yourself.  We all see the I lost my job/I didn’t get promoted posts on-line all the time.

If people in The US of A stopped being proud by merely living in a country that they had no choice of being born in; of being proud of a country that in recent decades has left a raging dingle-berry mark on the planet; and cared more about what is happening in other countries and had a general knowledge of what was going on in the world (perhaps read a F@#$%^& history book now and again to know what has already happened in the world), then the world would be a better place. Believe me.

Knowledge IS Power.

Proud to be American? Realize that this phrase is an empty, propaganda line of F#$%^ing bull-cuck.

Do you want to be proud? Then be proud of being YOU. Be proud of your family. Be proud of your accomplishments. Be proud of the things you have an actual reason to be proud of!

Be proud that you’re an Earthling and that despite the odds our Species has made it this far (though we might not be here very much longer the way things are going).

Be happy and realize that your Life-style is a result of millions of people all over the world – past and present – that have contributed in the way of technology, making your toys, your appliances, growing your food, physics, math and philosophy (thank the Persians – i.e. those living in the area of Iran – for saving Greek philosophy and medicine after the Catholic Church burned books and refused to let its members learn about it, as the only book they deemed worthy was their bible).

And please also realize that without these millions of people – past and present – from all over the world, where would you be and what the F#$%^ would you have to be proud of?

We are Earthlings first.

The fact that we are here and we have advanced so far as a species – despite the natural and man-made barriers – IS something to be proud of.

Being born in a certain region of the world certainly is not.



2. Webster’s Dictionary
6. On Line World Maps


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Parasites, Fucktwits & Today’s Lesson in Irony (Working Title)

This little Propaganda Meme touted notably by Republicans (and CHRISTIANS no less!) Annette Bosworth (South Dakota) and Matt Gaetz (Florida) has been making its rounds on the internet lately and this is why it is a FISM (Fucking Ignorant Stupid Meme). Here it is – try reading it without grimacing:

TODAY’S LESSONS IN IRONY The Food Stamp Program is administered by the U.S. department of agriculture. They proudly report that they distribute free meals and food stamps to over 46 million people on an annual basis. Meanwhile, The National Park Service, run by the Department of the Interior asks us, “PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS” Their stated reason for this policy being that: “The Animals will grow dependent on the handouts and then they will never learn to take care of themselves.” THIS CONCLUDES TODAY’S LESSON – ANY QUESTIONS?

There are so many things wrong with this Meme, I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll begin here: Let’s think about this statement Logically, Rationally & Intelligently.

First of all, though it might be debatable that our species is the most intelligent species on the planet, the comparison being made here is between our species and the Animal Kingdom. From the start this is demeaning and should already being raising an eye-brow or two.

Let’s first discuss the animals. Animals instinctively know how to forage for food. If food is becoming scarce in these parks there is human intervention, so the animals are going to be OK. The animals (and the rest of Nature in the Park) are protected. That’s the whole point of a National Fucking Park. Thus the Animals may not be getting handouts from Cheery Park Goers, but they are being taken care of.

Another reason why they don’t want people to feed the animals is because people are fucking stupid and will feed the animals stupid shit that they would not normally eat in the wild… they left that one out in this meme too.

In the wild, animals have to survive and will do anything to do so. Humans are no different. We will also do what we can to survive (and the government and the corporations that control it, make it more and more difficult to do so). Now while I agree that there are humans that abuse Government Assistance – most of these humans getting this assistance DO need it and it’s not because they are lazy… What they don’t tell you is that about three-quarters you know, 75 F#$%^ING percent of all food stamp households include a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, and those households receive 83% of all SNAP benefits (this is according to a nonprofit group called Feeding America… look it up).

The US Government (and there is no real distinction between Right and Left), is trying to blame the woes and ills of society on what they refer to as parasites milking the system. When in fact, the government has created these woes and ills. but… (and here’s where we have to be rational): We are taught in school that if we do well, if we do everything they say, we can get out and get a good job. That may have been true at one point in our history, but it ain’t no more… I know people that graduated from University were looking for jobs and ended up having to get assistance – and that’s with a degree – until they found something. I know many more who left the US (the Land of Milk & Honey and Streets Paved with Gold, my ass) and go to other countries where quality of life is better.

HERE IS THE REAL IRONY: Didn’t the American government hand over BILLIONS of dollars to the RICH to bail them out from their own incompetence? Let me answer that. Yes, they did. A lot more than what they give the people that get government assistance (the children, the disabled and the elderly… you know that 75% I mentioned above). So we should not be pissed off at roughly 15% (did the math in my head) of the people (46 million out of 317.8 million) in the US getting some form of welfare, we should be Fucking Outraged that Tax Dollars are going to BAIL OUT FUCKING RICH PEOPLE!

Isn’t the US Government spending TRILLIONS of dollars to support Corporations while they make bullets and bombs and ‘rebuild’ countries that their bullets and bombs have devastated? WHERE OH WHERE ARE THE GOVERNMENT’S PRIORITIES? Are they over there? No? Over here? Under there? 46 million out of 317.8 million. That about 15% of the Population. That’s not a big number as far as tax payer dollars go. And while stats may fluctuate here and there, it’s certainly not THE SAME PEOPLE year after year. There are so many factors not to mention demographics. Where did these very broad stats come from? Has anyone asked themselves what state has the most percentage of those needing government assistance and why?

Detroit’s economy for example, once thriving, is in dire-straits because the automobile industry is moving their factories off shore i.e. out of the US. Do you think that those hard working laborers working in the auto industry are enjoying being on government assistance? Let’s use our Fucking Heads here, shall we Annette & Matt? Is it the fault of the good people from Detroit who worked in the auto-industry that they have no money to buy stuff they need to ‘survive’? Or is it the fault of the Corporations who moved their businesses to other countries for the cheaper labor; non-existent laws to protect the workers AKA Modern Day Slaves; and the lax rules on pollution and other bits?

Who are the real bad guys here?

Even if one wants to start their own business, the US government – and the Corporations that control it – do not favor small businesses. The red tape, the taxes and ridiculous laws for starting up a business in the US make it very difficult to succeed unless you do it under the table… WHICH I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DO. The Public Education System (PES) does not get the Youth in the US of A ready for the real world, instead it gives them Test after Test (not real learning) to make sure they are good little robots. In other words programming, in other words Indoctrination, in other words the schools in the US are producing a bunch dummies that know how to obey, but hardly know how to think for themselves. Then they ‘graduate’ and get a ‘job’ –  if they’re lucky – which are often menial tasks that require just enough brain power needed to get the job done. Perhaps they went to a vocational school. Perhaps they went on to University… but what’s left for them when they are ready to hit the job market?

Perhaps the PES should teach children about health, about growing their own food and making their own clothes and most importantly Critical & Creative Thinking and THINKING FOR THEMSELVES (instead of being told what to think). But ALAS! these Independent Creative Critical Thinkers would not need the government so much, they would not need to buy all the shit they do as Consumers or worst of all, they would be questioning the government’s actions as an intelligent, rational, Citizens.

But they (The Government and The Corporations that control the government) don’t want this.

They want Ignorant Dumb-Asses that do what they’re told and are easy to control (Classic Sun Zi The Art of War – keep the populace Ignorant!).

They want We The People to CONSUME and DEPEND ON THEM.

The problem is not the people on welfare, that’s only a small percentage of the budget. The Problem is the system and the Masterful Fucktards running it.

Don’t fall for the Propaganda…  don’t believe the Hype.

Question Authority.

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Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Gun Advocates constantly spout the Mantra: Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People!

That’s a good one. Quite witty actually.

And just like ‘Spoons don’t make you Fat, Eating Crap makes you Fat’  conveys the same type of message, the problem isn’t really ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ (though it is true).

The problem is that if people are in a murdering mood and have easy access to a gun, statically they are going to use the gun as they are less apt to stab with a knife, bludgeon with a 2×4, poison someone, or gouge their eyes out with a spoon (spoons are not just for eating ice-cream and making you fat, you see).

Knives, 2x4s and poison (and spoons!) that may be used to kill would mostly be premeditated. Guns certainly are too, but generally they are used in fits of passion – as easy access to guns makes it easier for a person to kill.

No one does a drive by throwing knives, 2x4s or bottles of poison (or spoons) out the window.

Everyone agrees that ‘People kill People’ (for a variety of different reasons including: I was ‘just following orders’ BS that soldiers give when justifying killing people in other countries; irresponsible police; and some kid shooting up a high school with his father’s gun or one that he had easy access to) …and everyone agrees that inanimate objects…(knives, 2x4s, bottles of poison, beer bottles, a pencil, spoons and yes, guns) cannot kill people all by themselves (but people that hold them can).

We must remember that all this hub-bub about guns is really about the easy access to them in fits of passion. Which is why in many states the 3 days waiting period was enacted.

Indeed, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Guns just make it really, really EASY for people to kill people.

And think about this too:  Knives, 2x4s, beer bottles, pencils and spoons were made with other functions in mind.

Guns were not.

Guns were made for the sole purpose of killing/injuring.

A gun is a tool of death, it can be used for little else.

Food for thought.

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