Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Gun Advocates constantly spout the Mantra: Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People!

That’s a good one. Quite witty actually.

And just like ‘Spoons don’t make you Fat, Eating Crap makes you Fat’  conveys the same type of message, the problem isn’t really ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ (though it is true).

The problem is that if people are in a murdering mood and have easy access to a gun, statically they are going to use the gun as they are less apt to stab with a knife, bludgeon with a 2×4, poison someone, or gouge their eyes out with a spoon (spoons are not just for eating ice-cream and making you fat, you see).

Knives, 2x4s and poison (and spoons!) that may be used to kill would mostly be premeditated. Guns certainly are too, but generally they are used in fits of passion – as easy access to guns makes it easier for a person to kill.

No one does a drive by throwing knives, 2x4s or bottles of poison (or spoons) out the window.

Everyone agrees that ‘People kill People’ (for a variety of different reasons including: I was ‘just following orders’ BS that soldiers give when justifying killing people in other countries; irresponsible police; and some kid shooting up a high school with his father’s gun or one that he had easy access to) …and everyone agrees that inanimate objects…(knives, 2x4s, bottles of poison, beer bottles, a pencil, spoons and yes, guns) cannot kill people all by themselves (but people that hold them can).

We must remember that all this hub-bub about guns is really about the easy access to them in fits of passion. Which is why in many states the 3 days waiting period was enacted.

Indeed, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Guns just make it really, really EASY for people to kill people.

And think about this too:  Knives, 2x4s, beer bottles, pencils and spoons were made with other functions in mind.

Guns were not.

Guns were made for the sole purpose of killing/injuring.

A gun is a tool of death, it can be used for little else.

Food for thought.

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  1. Just to add a few thoughts: Grown up in a country with strong Kantian influence I regard “intention” as the key feature. Therefore, I totally agree with the statement. The intention of a person, if not to say the person’s “will” is never free and highly influenced by the Matrix it is embedded in. Even though it is desirable and a much more sustainable solution for the problem to set people free from the chains of the “mind poisons” (that set up the Matrix) and change their mindset (and by that, let them see that the “healthiest” intention or will would be a “good” one), it is tremendously difficult since it requires a certain degree of wisdom and mental or even intellectual capacity (for example delivered by good education). In that case, there is another option (the one you tell): Remove the object of (unhealthy) desire and make it unaccessible. When I can’t control my craving for sweets, I just don’t have any at home. When having little Kids that just learn to walk it is easier to put easily breakable porcelain decoration to higher levels in the shelf than explaining to the Kid that it would have certain disadvantages to throw it on the floor. It would also be absurd to expect from a dog to state “Even though this poisonous food looks delicious and I am hungry, I don’t eat it now, because it would be stupid to do it while knowing the risks!”. Therefore, if appealing to the people to be wise and good or persuading them from the rightness or wrongness of certain acts doesn’t work because the majority of people is weak, childish, underdeveloped, uneducated, intellectually unarmed or to busy with other things, it might be a better strategy to keep them away from tools that enable them to do harmful or unhealthy things. Casts a damning light at the society, however…

    • Sorry for the mistakes… “persuading them OF…”… “TOO busy with…”

      • Thank you for commenting Jan. Good Points made too.

        Actually I do not state that we should remove guns from society.

        I am not a big fan of gun control as this merely takes/limits guns for those who have obtained them legally… and leaves the criminals – where gun control/laws have no affect – that much more free.

        I was merely exploring the argument some advocates use ‘Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.’

        The problem is that Society is sick. Society has fundamental flaws that need fixing.

        By discussing things like this, I hope we are on the right path in Righting all the Wrongs.

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