Too Smart to Be a Cop? Pervasive Idiocy? A Danger to Society?

Dumb and Dumber

Too Smart to be a Cop?

ABC News published a story about a man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected when he scored too high on an intelligence test. He subsequently sued the court.

The court supported the departments decision stating that it was a “rational basis for the policy.

I love the reason they give:

“….police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.”

(The man scored a 33 on the test which is the equivalent to an IQ of 125).

Bored with police work? Really?

Police work can be pretty exciting.

The REAL reason I suspect is not the reason the Establishment gives.

I believe one of the real reasons people with higher IQs are not being hired for police departments is that people who actually think would question the status quo.

People who think (evil geniuses aside) would want to change things, make things more efficient and after a while would most likely try to change the system. This is why they want average to low IQ officers on the force –  they are easily manipulated.

These lower IQ officers are the same ones that will say, “I was just following orders” and “I was just doing my job” as a (excuse the irony) ‘get out of jail free‘ card.

Police Officers are mostly acquitted – as in the most recent case in Ferguson when Darren Wilson shot an unarmed youth named Mike Brown killing him.  Read about it here:

You can read a couple more examples here:

and here

“I Can’t Breathe”

and here:

There is no end to the examples of police brutality by presumably low IQ officers.

The chances of a smart, rational thinking police officer drawing his gun and killing someone unarmed would be much less –  as they would have the brain capacity to think not only rationally but abstractly (thinking outside the box).

A smart police officer would have the mental capacity to diffuse a situation before it got too serious- and protect themselves without tazing and beating the shit out of their victims (while other officers participated or stood by and watched) or worse… unloading their service weapons into their victims.

Perhaps police departments around the country, filled with dummies, is why the police do not treat civilians well. They have an us against them attitude as they suspect and profile everyone. Perhaps this is the reason there are so many attacks on Blacks and Hispanics by white police officers – they’re just too mentally challenged.


Police are just smart enough to work their equipment… but if a situation rises beyond their control – i.e. beyond their police training, beyond their indoctrination to be good little robots working for the system – they shoot and ask questions later… unless of course they shoot and their victim dies, which is usually the case. But they don’t have to worry. Their superiors cover for them while they ‘investigate’ what happened. Kind of like Fat Cat investigating Tom Cat for killing a bird.

The lower IQs may also keep them bigoted and racist. Recently police officers in Florida were using mug shots of black men for target practice. You can read about that here:

How often do we see police in the news tazer, beat up, shoot, or worse shoot and kill – especially when they are people of color?

How many times in the news do we see a raid on the wrong house or the right house but over something stupid?

How many times in the news do we see racial profiling, mistaken identity and bully cops provoking the public?

We see it all the time.

Perhaps if we left the police work to those who can think rationally, who can problem solve, who can think outside the box – which often happens with people who have higher IQs – some of the problems we read about in the media would diminish.

The military, police departments and even large corporations need their workers to obey orders without thinking.

Police have to be held accountable.. dumb or not.

One final note: The legislation for cameras to be attached to uniforms should be applauded. This should be a law. If this becomes mandatory in every state, the transparency will keep officers in line.  If they are turned off at ANY time, the offending officer should be fined. If it happens repeatedly, the officer should be fired.

Now the question is, what are We The People going to do about this?


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  1. The legislation for cameras to be attached to uniforms should be applauded. This should be a law. If this becomes mandatory in every state, the transparency will keep officers in line.

    You were doing GREAT until that ultra-naive point.

    Sure, the suggestion sounds good to a tech-obsessed culture full of iDiots who mistakenly think technology will solve all their problems and who have wet dreams about being on camera 24/7. But cameras will NOT fix this problem. They will only make the Military-Industrial-SPY-Complex that builds them even richer. And it will make fascism even more powerful because cops will just ad this to their already overflowing arsenal of weapons.

    Having a camera pointed at you can be intimidating and will make many folks hesitant to stand up for their rights. Then there’s the PR angle. It’s important to note that the cameras will film incidents, not from some neutral, detached, factual, point of view. It will be filmed exclusively from the perspective of the cop. As such, viewers will automatically identify with the cop, which is too big a problem already. In addition, the COPS will control the video and they’ll edit it to say whatever they want it to. In Hollywood, it’s called “Final Cut”. Just look at how fast the police dept in bumblefuck Ferguson found video that assailed the character of their shooting victim.

    That, or the video will just disappear like Kennedy’s brain did. This very thing happened 2 blocks from where I type this. Outside of a trendy bar, a bunch of cops beat the fuck out a couple of black kids. It occurred in plain view of 3 private surveillance cameras (owned by 2 shop owners who enjoy spying on people walking past their buildings), 1 city operated spy camera, and over a dozen cell phones. All footage was seized and cell phones were “aggressively” taken from their protesting owners “as evidence”. Curiously, police later insisted that not ONE of those cameras were functioning that night! Must have been a freak solar storm! As a result, no investigation was held and the only charges were on the black kids for “resisting” their beatings, at least one of whom was hospitalized.

    This is NOT a problem of technology. This is NOT a problem of insufficient evidence. There are easily hundreds of thousands of videos of cops undeniably beating, maiming and even killing people on the Internet (although You Tube has started blocking some). Lots of them get aired on TV.

    Yet the combined “time served” by the cops in these videos is FAR less than the time it would take to watch these videos. Rarely, if ever, do cops caught on film get punished. Sometimes, the Police Dept (aka the public purse) looses a lawsuit. Sometimes, the cops get suspended. Once in a while, they may even lose their job. But they almost NEVER go to jail, no matter what the evidence, no matter how egregious the crime.

    Why? It’s simply because the system OUTRIGHT REFUSES to punish cops and prefers to make excuses for them. Cops refuse to investigate other cops. Departments refuse to press charges. Prosecutors refuse to pursue serious charges, or run at the first sign of resistance. Juries let the cops walk. Politicians refuse to get involved, other than to give police moral cover, even more powers and even more weapons.

    If you have any doubts, just ask this this guy what good having his beating videotaped did…even after it aired on every single TV station in the world!

    Sweet fuck all, that’s what!

    Boston Paul, we live in 1984. If you have a badge and a gun, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Even if you’re caught red handed, nothing bad will happen to you. That’s because cops are now the domestic Army of the 1% They protect The Powers That Be from the rest of us. They have each others backs.

    So, taking cop-centric videos will ultimately do less than nothing to stop this and the footage will probably be used against citizens. (For example, to identify & catalogue the faces of law abiding protesters.)

    • Shit!!! Things are so 1984 these days, the Rodney King video I linked to has been sent down The Memory Hole
      just a few weeks after I posted it.

      Curious how the most aired video in TV history can be so easily “disappeared” by governments and corporations.

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