The Meat Eater’s Bull Shit Argument: Plants Have Feelings, Too!


I responded to a blog post about the treatment and killing of animals when an apparent meat eater posted – to me specifically – that Plants are Alive! Insinuating that Plants have Feelings too!

I hear this statement often, and usually don’t respond as I assume they are either taking the piss, or I feel they’re just too fucking dumb to explain that while plants and animals are both ‘alive’ their ‘Alive-ness’ is fundamentally different.

But this guy seemed pretty cool, and so I began to respond until I realized my response was longer than anticipated and decided to make it a blog post… because why not?

Here it is:

Paul, and what about those who eat plants? aren’t those alive too?
Some manner of consistency must be attained.
What we need is balance, not black and white statements. We eat everything like pigs and destroy the lives of many animals without need. We even torture them like this poor bear. That is the problem. Meat-eating itself is not the problem.

While I applaud your realization that the torture of animals is wrong (so I assume you hunt and/or raise your own animals to eat, or know exactly where your meat is coming from? Or are you playing Devil’s Advocate?)… your response “plants are alive too!” is typical for meat eaters who need to feel justified because of their addiction to meat.

Now, I’m going to assume you’re a rational person. If so, please continue reading.

People that consume meat (Meaters) argue that “plants have feelings, too” to justify their meat eating. The Meater is implying that these feelings the plant may have are comparable to the feelings of animals… because you know, plants are ‘alive’ too… so they have feelings… which seems to be your argument.

But have you really thought about this?

(I’m glad you did not pose the even more ridiculous argument – that there is far more killing of plants by vegetarians than the killing of animals by meat eaters. I’ll get to that in a moment, you know just in case you or anyone else reading this brings it up.)

The Evolution of Plants and Animals

Plants have been around for more than a billion years, while animals have been gracing our planet about 600 million years and over time plants and animals have evolved in different ways.

Plants – specifically plants that animals consume – have also evolved where they are dependent on an animal species to survive (corn – not GMO that’s a whole other can of worms- is a good example of this).

About 350 million years ago plants that have seeds were evolving and their very survival relied on animals to spread their seeds. Birds ate certain plants and pooped out the seeds (this still happens). Nectar-eating bees transferred pollen from one plant to another (that still happens too though the Shitty Habits of our species are killing the bees off)…. So while animals fuck to perpetuate their ‘seed’  plants – especially plants that produce stuff that can be eaten like grains, legumes and fruit – evolved to perpetuate their seed in this way.

If I came after you with a baseball bat, a knife or a gun and you had a chance to run… would you? Would you be scared? Would you run for your life?

Well that is Evolution at work. Fear saves us, Pain also has a function in our evolution… and we fear pain and death.

This is how we evolved and survived as a species and were THUS able to propagate our ‘seed’ – this is the way it works for animals,,, cause ya can’t propagate if you’re dead.

It is not how it works for plants, however. Please note that plants are many times older than animals. Do plants feel pain? Certainly not the way animals do. Do plants have a central nervous system sending pain stimulation/signals to any sensory receptors on their body like animals do? No, they don’t, and if they did, plants would have evolved a helluva lot differently than they have, and we would be eating other stuff (thus making how we live far different too).

This is the beauty of evolution and why shit works and why we are the way we are today… and why plants are the way they are.

Pain is an unpleasant feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli, like getting cracked in the face with a baseball bat and breaking your nose or skull or knocking out your teeth. Pain motivates animals – ALL FUCKING ANIMALS –  including the tortured chickens, pigs and cows you most likely eat, to run away from damaging situations (except the animals you eat CAN’T run away, can they?).

After animals (which includes our species) experience pain from an injury, and they don’t die from what gave them the  pain/injury, they protect the damaged body part while it heals… cast on a broken arm? Bandages on a head wound?

And then animals avoid similar experiences in the future… and if they don’t, their species most likely dies out. That’s Darwin.

Plants did not evolve this way.

Do plants have feelings? Perhaps, there are a few interesting studies about plants & feelings out there.

Do they feel pain like humans?  Do they feel pain like animals that are killed for food do.. with no central nervous system?

No. Making the argument plants have feelings too! moot.

Do plants run away? No. Why? Because they did not evolve that way. Why? Because they didn’t have to.

Logic at work here. Reread above if you don’t get it.

Moving on.

Early Humans Eating Meat To Survive

The very act of eating meat by our species 100,000 years ago or so was for survival... not because they thought eating an animal was yum yum.

What was easier 100,000 years ago? 60,000 years ago? 5000 years ago? Hunting an animal that:

A. doesn’t want to be killed and runs away, forcing you to expend valuable energy to try to catch it and eat it (and waste your energy on the chance you might not catch it)?

B. doesn’t want to be killed and might fucking kill and eat you?

C. or picking some stationary plant (that also uses you for their survival – though some plants CAN kill you and our species learned that pretty goddam fast) that you waste almost NO energy on and won’t rip your F@#$%^&* head off then eat you and your family?

So generally, eating meat was a seasonal thing when there was nothing left to pick (we hadn’t picked up farming yet). We evolved out of Africa between 200,000 and 100,000 years ago… and humans didn’t start leaving the continent til about 60,000 years ago… which means we all evolved pretty much the same way concerning what we consumed for food.

Next, my Meat Loving Acquaintance, let’s quickly discuss how meat is raised.

Raising Animals for Food and the Effects on the Environment


Do you know how much fucking plant food it takes to raise a fucking cow? Do you know what the cost of meat production is?

Twenty Pounds of plant protein for one fucking pound of beef.

So every time you enjoy a big fat steak, we could be feeding a bunch of other humans on our planet with no food (I won’t get into how certain corporations are fucking up our planet with their various money making productions at the risk of not just people that live in the area of their production, but the entire planet).

The animals that are consumed are generally vegetarian (cows)  or omnivores (pigs/chickens). Factory farmed animals live in shitty torturous environments… then are murdered in the most heinous ways you can imagine.

Then, their often diseased carcasses with much less nutrients than the meat your great grandparents ate (as they probably ate free range everything and a LOT LESS OF IT) is frozen and shipped all over the world and put on the plates of the Ignorant, the Apathetic or those Addicts in denial who say, Plants are alive! or Plants have Feelings, too!

We do not have to eat meat to get our protein. Protein is in everything. Humans eat meat in this day and age because they are addicted to it. Just like people are addicted to alcohol or video games….

You don’t have to drink.
You don’t have to sit in front of a computer screen for 16 hours playing a video game.

But there are those who do, because that’s what addicts do.

Why Meat Taste Good

But meat TASTE SO GOOD!  I hear this bullshit all the time. Ignorant ass bullshit.

I’ve had enough with the snarky little jab: “if humans weren’t meant to eat meat why did god make it delicious?”

Yeah? Start eating fucking rats, pig balls, cow intestines and fucking rabbit ass and tell me how delicious that is you fucking half a fucktard.

Let’s take a fun digression and make a list of other stuff people think taste good:

*People in China think Chicken Ass tastes good.

*Some people eat stinky ass smelling bleu fucking cheese because they think it tastes good.

*People in Korea and Vietnam eat dog meat.

*Rednecks and cowboys eat fucking Rocky Mountain Oysters AKA Pig Testicles.

*Scottish People eat a dish that is made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning called Haggis. YUM.

*In Asia there is a fruit that smells like socks that have been worn for a week on sweaty feet, it’s called Durian… though it taste better than it smells.

*Here in Taiwan they eat something called Chou Dou Fu or stinky bean curd. They fucking love it… and it smells like someone stepped in shit (the first time I smelled it – I thought I DID step in shit. I checked my shoes and everything)… but I will say that if someone put a gun to my head, I’d eat the stinky tofu before I ate that fucking bleu cheese.

People around the world eat fucked up shit that they think tastes good because they grew up with it and associate this food with good memories.

So enough with the selfish “It taste good” bullshit.

Try not cooking your meat and keep it unseasoned and see how fucking ‘delicious’ your dead animal is.

So to those who think eating an apple is the same as eating an animal… it’s time to get your head out of your ass.

You’re on the right path, good sir. At least you care enough to comment, recognize there is a huge fucking problem in the meat industry and seem willing to do something about it.

It’s a step in the right direction.


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  1. All I can say is thank you!! F*^king thank you!!! I needed this. People are constantly tossing these ridiculous claims in my face to try to justify their horrible eating habits and addictions. There isn’t and will never be a negative side to being vegan. Not one.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! A very interesting logic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oddly enough, I’ve never heard this “Plants have feelings too” argument used before, except as a sarcastic joke. Although, I fully expect some scientist will someday discover they do.

    After all, we were all told animals were just meat-robots that had no feelings, nor intelligence, and they acted purely on “instinct” (aka God’s programming). Boy, was that ever wrong. But we defended our “unique intelligence and ability to feel”, even as we sat on the couch rubbing our dog’s bellies and telling them we love them. Oh, but pigs? They just nuzzle & play because they’re programmed to build up those tasty ham-hocks and snouts for deep frying, I guess.

    I’m a meat eater who has been eating less meat in the last couple of years. Oddly enough, the less of it I eat, the more I enjoy what I do eat. I’m not sure if that makes me an addict, a re-lapsing recovering addict, or just one of the few left with a modicum of self-control. But I do know there’s definitely a lesson about over-consumption in there somewhere.

    I’d consider it a MAJOR victory if we could just reduce consumption levels within a “dietarily excusable” amount. It’s a fucking homicidal orgy of animal corpses out there! There’s no respect left for the lives taken. or the pain & suffering caused. Other than the self-celebration of our “victory” over other “inferior” mammals, the taking of (edible) animal lives is less significant to us than bugs hitting windshields.

    Deep fried chicken meat has been reduced to the status of sandwich bread!!!

    Even confirmed meat eaters must decry this kind of gluttonous insult to life. Why not just cut out the middle men? Pin a chicken down, shit in its mouth until it chokes to death, and then just throw it in the garbage beside “last year’s” cell-phone? Because so many animals are abused and slaughtered merely for the privilege of having two bites taken out of their corpse and being tossed away.

    It’s callously repulsive and idiotically wasteful and the same time, especially given the amount of grain it takes to produce a unit of meat. For fucks sake! If you kill something, you better eat/use every damn bit of that carcass. Not to mention, treating them as humanely as conceivable from birth to banquet hall. (Most farmers want to, but don’t see that have any other economic option.)

    That’s the VERY least we could do…but we don’t even do that. We produce them like widgets and swallow them like we’re vacuum cleaners, even though it’s harmful to ourselves (health, environment, “souls”.)

    P.S. Did you see my response to “Stupid Cops”?

    • That was awesome… thank you for the insight.

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