Summer Life: Friends, Events & Other Bits in Pictures

The pictures you are about to see are mostly from this summer, but I snuck a few others in there.

They are friends and acquaintances from around the world sharing their Art, Music, Laughter and Love here in Taiwan.

1. Basic Human Needs in the Park. We raised money for kids that need it in India. (will comment on each picture soon… check back!)

Chantal Human!
IMAG6401 IMAG6402
Chantal and Jess with Arlan on the kit

Candice, Patty Guylene, Ah-Jie and Duece
IMAG6406 IMAG6407 IMAG6408 IMAG6411


Mike, James, Cat and Mark of Lao-Wai

IMAG6418 IMAG6420 IMAG6421 IMAG6425

Chantal and Boston Paul


Little Aiden! What a dancer!


Fellow Organizer Rita with Artist Cathy W.

PJ and Boston Paul

Jams with Arlan, Franklin and Duece

IMAG6474 IMAG6476 IMAG6478

2. A Grasshopper near my (Boston Paul) Corn and Basil.


3. My friend Johnny (Taiwan) bought one of my favorite drums. I’ve had this drum for 12 years. It was hand made in Afrika.


4. My Bro Yuri (South Africa)… he helped cut down a dangerous tree with his chain saw. (Tree in the background)


5. My son. He is part of a drum class I teach to kids.

5. Adam (England) and I jamming. Adam is on the Sitar.
BP and Adam JAM

6. A Flag with a Wooden Penis… just because (think about it).

Capture (2)

7. A water color done of me by the girl in the foreground. Her name is Cathy (South Africa).

8. Jonas (Sweden), Jamie (U.S.) and Brittany (U.S.) after a nice of Debauchery at The Refuge. This was the next morning.

9. Me (Boston Paul The Militant Hippi) making a Djembe the traditional way right before a Massive Typhoon swept the Island.
Making a Djembe Pic Darin

IMAG6983 IMAG6984 IMAG6985 IMAG7006 IMAG7015 IMAG7047 IMAG7085 IMAG7098 IMAG7099 IMAG7100 IMAG7109 IMAG7146 IMAG7150 IMAG7172 IMAG7176 IMAG7201 IMAG7202 IMAG7207 IMAG7225 IMAG7236 IMAG7247
Will fill in what each picture is soon!


IMAG7298  IMAG7347The last few months

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