I was talking about the Existence of God & Creation with a Christian Recently…





…and the conversation went pretty much how one would expect. The difference is that we actually like each other and really wanted to discuss these things while showing mutual respect.

Let me first state that I’m not an Atheist. I just don’t subscribe to the dogmas of organized religion. My mind is open to all the possibilities. I look for evidence.

Agnostic might be a better word to describe what I believe.

So the chat with my Christian buddy went something like this:

Says he: if you don’t believe in the Christian god, what DO you believe in?

I said: I’m not sure. Could be Aliens.

And he said: That’s ridiculous!

I asked: Why? Perhaps an Alien Impregnated a Chimpanzee, some Alien Sperm, A nine month term, a million years goes by, out pops you and me. We share 98% of our DNA with Chimps.

He said: That’s crazy talk. Have you ever SEEN an Alien?

I said: Have you ever SEEN God?

He got quiet: I feel god, he said.

So your beliefs are based on a feeling? I replied. At least my thoughts about Aliens ‘creating’ us is based on a bit of science, a bit of the observable world/universe. No one can deny that there are billions of galaxies and trillions of stars. Sentient Life most likely forming on one of those life supporting planets long before our own Earth even formed into the sphere it is now.
They – the sentient beings from other life supporting planets – AKA Aliens – had their Physics worked out long before our planet even cooled off enough to support any life – save the single-celled organisms Archaea.

My friend scratched his head. Ok then, he said, well who made the Aliens? HHhhmm?

Look bro, says I,  I don’t know who made the Aliens, again, I’m open to suggestions based on evidence. But let me ask you… who made your God?

He smiled, God has just always been there.

I’m not sure if he could see the well rounded Question Mark enveloping my head not unlike a hookish looking halo.

God has just always been there? I repeated. So your God basically came out of nothing? Kind of the same argument you Christians use against people that believe in Evolution? i.e. How could humans just start from NOTHING.

No, it’s not like that, he said.

Yes it is. Your god ‘created’ humans out of DIRT. A God that no one has ever seen and is only reported about in your bible. Using that logic, Zeus also exists, Spider man exists… why? Because there are books about them, too.

It’s different, he said… his voice faltered. He had nothing and he knew it.


As humans, we all share an innate thirst for knowledge. This innate thirst has advanced the development of our species.

We are a curious species. And when we don’t know the answer to something, we often make shit up. That’s why there were Wind Gods, Thunder Gods, Rain Gods… Gods for EVERYTHING – once upon a time.

In the last couple thousand years or so, some humans have streamlined all these gods into one all powerful one (depending on where/when/who).

Science – on the other hand – in the last few thousand years – has explained things or attempted to explain how things are for us.

We know where the wind comes from. We know why it rains, why there are earthquakes. What thunder is. With that, most of these gods are now myths.

There are only a few reasons people still need to believe in gods.

Generally it’s because they want to…

1. know where we’ve come from and what happens when we die.

2. believe we’ll see our dead loved ones again when WE die.

3. explain other unexplained phenomena (that science hasn’t answered yet).

No one knows the answers to these yet… so God'(s’) place in the lives of many humans is still relevant… though that number seems to  be dwindling in many parts of the world.

Still seeds of indoctrination have been planted in many of us as children (Christmas, Easter and other observed religious holidays) so it is easy for many humans to just think…


Because God.


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