Your Prayers Ain’t Helping

Cleansing is Super.

Seriously… Your Prayers Ain’t Helping!

So please stop with the empty, weightless, waste of time posts already.

This year has seen over 365 shootings in the USA resulting in deaths, injuries and broken families. Every single tragedy brings –

So & So is in my prayers 


My thoughts and prayers are with______ .

… have these prayers been answered?

No. They haven’t.

Everyday, The Religious around the world pray to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard for a better world. Why then does the world seem to be getting worse?  Why aren’t these problems being fixed? Muslim and Christian Terrorist groups reeking havoc in the USA, Europe and the Middle East (in the name of their Invisible Magic Sky Wizard… apparently the SAME WIZARD) abound.  We read about atrocities almost everyday.

Why isn’t the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doing anything about it?

(Probably for the same reason he seems to not be able to heal Amputees!)

Here are the potential reasons why:
*There is no Invisible Magical Sky Wizard.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doesn’t care.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is impotent
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is evil.

Why else do prayers not work?  If the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard already has a ‘Plan’ why the F#$%K is It/She/He going to change it for YOU??

You’re a lowly piece of stardust scum on a small planet (but still pretty awesome!) that is lost in the vastness of a billions of years old Universe.

AND, by the way, your prayers to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard are statistically answered the same as if you prayed to a Tree, A Cloud, a Bird or a Fork.
That being said, pray all you want to stop gun violence and for the families that are victim to it… it’s not going to do anything but make you feel good (like you’re actually doing something when it reality you’re actually not).

The stereotypical Republican Politician Puss offer their Zero Substance condolences and ‘prayers’ as if that will actually curb gun violence… how about really doing something you F#$%^& Half Twits? Like getting to the root of why shit like this is happening?

(and stop blocking useful bills that may help… just because you didn’t think of it… or worse, because you are supported by corporate gun lobbyists)

There are two reasons why people get on their knees.

Both may feel good, but only one actually produces the desired result…

…and it ain’t praying.

Do we want results? Do we want to make the world a better place? Then let’s get off our collective asses (and knees) and DO.

The old adage, ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ has never rung more true.


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  1. I just love the human ego! (sarcasm)

    For the sake of argument, let’s assume there IS a God who’s more or less as advertised. He created the universe and is in charge of what goes on. He runs billions of solar systems with who knows how many billion of planets and who knows how many trillions of different life forms out there. That’s a pretty damn full plate!

    But we expect that God’s #1 priority in the entire universe is one specific species of damn dirty ape? Even if God cares about primates, God has a LOT more reason to worry about gorillas, or bonobos, or any one of the FAR more threatened primates than us damn dirty humans. We breed faster than rabbits and are destroying the planet with our overpopulation and careless waste. We threaten countless species…But humans are his one & only priority. The fucking ego!

    And not just that, the fate of specific groups of his human followers verses other groupings are supposed to matter. As if God would care more about pork eaters than non-pork eaters, or vice versa!

    But it’s even worse than that. We expect God gives a flying fuck about each & every human individually. He’s supposed to care that one of His trillions of creations:

    – can’t pay their bills
    – can’t get laid
    – doesn’t want to get pregnant
    – doesn’t want to be caught doing something other God followers don’t approve of

    And even if all these egotistical human assumptions were true….If God actually gave a fuck, He’d have probably done something about it already! Your self-motivated bitching, whining & begging probably just pisses Him off and makes Him wish He never created you in the 1st place.

  2. Hallelujah!

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