Taiwanniversary Twenty One!

January 7, 2016.

Wow. Another year has just flown by.  So much life packed into 365 days…. and with this year being a leap year, with its 366 days, I’ll be setting out to accomplish much more – especially with that extra day!

This post started out as a New Year Blog Entry, but I was quite busy performing and before I knew it, today knocked and I realized it was the anniversary of the day I came to this Island – so I’ve blended my New Year Post with my Taiwanniversary Post.

I’ve jotted down my thoughts, hopes and yes, even a few fears for this year 2016.

I have also thought a lot about 2015 and the past in general. I thought about my family specifically my brothers and mother whom I have not seen in over 10 years (I haven’t left the Island for 10 years!), the birthdays, holidays and other special occasions I’ve missed.

I have thought about Friends who died this year..


But it has been a wonderful Journey with all the bumps and beauty that go with a Journey.

I pondered my 20 year Taiwanniversary and what’s been happening since last year on this day (you can pop over and read a nice light piece on how I ended up on this awesome island as I do not want to repeat myself):


I am grateful for so many things.

So here I am and it is right around lunch time and the sun is out here in Taichung, Taiwan. The birds are chirping, my cat is playing with a small imaginary animal.  My banana trees are swaying in the soft breeze, my dog is sunning himself in the yard. I just washed all my socks and they are hanging on the line.

Life is indeed good.

As I was bopping around getting little tidbits done before I performed with my band at a New Year Celebration in the city, I pondered upon this past year. All of the new people I’ve met, the many musicians I’ve been working with, how I’ve pushed myself to be more creative, how I have challenged and continue to challenge myself and expand my horizons.  It’s been pretty awesome. I am satisfied with my life, have made wonderful relationships with awesome people from around the world…

Speaking of around the world…

I’ve grown dismayed at what I see happening around our planet. The melting of the polar ice caps; the polarization of the masses making an Us against Them environment; corporate welfare; money in politics; hypocrisy in government; climate change (and the idiots that deny it); the dumbing down of the Citizenry; a bias media owned only by a handful of corporations…  is Freedom going the way of Orwell’s 1984?

What can we do about it?

On a more personal level. I am watching closely both Taiwan and the USA as both countries are entering election years. This should be interesting.

The differences between Taiwan and the USA when it comes to voting are quite different.  Taiwan’s leaders win by popular vote while in the US they do not. In both countries there is money in politics… but it is much worse and exploited in the US.

Both countries are a bit volatile.

The US looks like it could have another Civil War in the coming years. It is so divided. Not the Land of The Free anymore.

Taiwan has an occupying party called the KMT. They fled to the Island in the late 40s after losing a civil war in China with the Communists. Though, the first elected president was Lee Denghui in 1996, he eventually left the KMT. The KMT then lost the election to the DPP 民主進步黨 (Democratic Progressive Party)
in 2000.

After what looked like a dubious coup that ousted their elected president Chen Shui Bien on charges the KMT has also been guilty of (bribery charges), the KMT was again voted in.

The current President Ma  馬英九 who was born in HongKong is a wishy-washy suck up to China. China ridiculously claims sovereignty over Taiwan and Ma has tried to negotiate deals with China that would hurt Taiwan.  The Taiwanese People are fed up and the KMT is most likely going to collapse which will put the DPP – who acknowledge Independence for Taiwan –  in power.

Get the popcorn out..this could get quite interesting on both sides of the world.
So here I am, enjoying a good life in Taiwan –  Twenty One Years of Awesome, while watching from afar the Fish Bowl that is the USA and wondering where this year will take us all.

My Mantra for this year…

*Help Build Strong Informed Communities as We The People can govern ourselves.
*Make Music… even if it’s just singing in the shower.
*Do something Artsy.
*Write down your Thoughts as stories, Poems, Reports and Essays.

*Eat Healthy.

Peace & Love Y’all


Boston Paul in 1995


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  1. Is Freedom going the way of Orwell’s 1984?

    I think it’s safe to use the past tense on this one. Freedom has gone the way of Orwell’s 1984. No more evidence is required than the fact that agencies of the Canadian government, the US government and who knows who the fuck else are reading this comment to check if I’m committing a Thought Crime. Even though capturing every single human communication on the planet and sorting through them for potential Thought Crimes is a complete waste of resources, totally ineffective and actually counterproductive ….they do it anyway…just because they can. (Did you catch that you worthless NSA/CSIS motherfuckers???)

    The sad truth is that 1984 is actually starting to look free-er than 2015. We have trouble realizing this because of the missing/incorrect perspectives. In 1984, Winston Smith controlled the narrative. Unlike most people of Airstrip One, he knew the real story and lived in fear. We got to see his Thought Crime and the price he paid for it. But in 2015, the story is told from the perspective of Big Brother. We don’t get to see the Winston Smiths “crime” or his paying of the price. If we get anything at all, we get nice little Fairy Tales of “evil people” getting what they deserve “extra-judicially”. Happy endings. No blood.

    And those bedtime fairy tales have put us all to sleep. Unless it involves Justin Bieber, or a Kardashian, most people are completely oblivious to….virtually everything. Even when some truth trickles out and enters their thick skulls, they believe the bullshit Big Brother spews. They naively think “I have nothing to fear because I’m not doing anything wrong.”

    But factually speaking, the facts are almost indistinguishable from 1984. Here’s a short list: A perpetual state of war where enemies & allies (from East Asia & Eurasia even!) constantly shift to fit the circumstances. Check. The constant threat of terrorism is used to excuse the worst abuses of human rights. Check. Constant mass surveillance where your view-screens watch you as much as you watch them. Check. Drones. Check. Torture. Check.

    The legislation passed in the last 15 years is shockingly 1984-ish. What’s worse is that the spies never let the “lack of legal foundation” (aka illegality) get in their way to begin with. They break the law, get caught, yet suffer NO consequences whatsoever…not even bad public opinion! The public is like 1984’s Proles who la-dee-da their way through life completely oblivious to the fact that their every move could lead to their demise.

    For an example of legislation, take my native Canuckistan. In 2015, the government essentially gave existing spy agencies Secret Police status. Without anything even resembling the pathetic FISA Court, or even “reasonable grounds” they can now rummage through every detail of your life. Armed with nothing but an urge, they can now comb through ALL government departments to look for dirt on you (ie taxes, immigration, travel, business/employment records)

    They can also make the written word (aka free speech) disappear if it is deemed “threatening” or “supportive of” past, present, or theoretical future terrorist acts/groups. Blogs (and presumably bloggers) can now be made to disappear down The Memory Hole. No explanation required. No Constitutional rights need be respected.

    They can also “disrupt potential threats” whatever that actually means. But it’s crystal clear they can take down even peaceful protests for any cause for as little as not having all the right permits, insurances, etc. And they treat everyone even marginally involved like they were Osama’s right hand man.

    All this without ANY oversight whatsoever. Not even pretend, toothless, oversight. Okay..there IS a “review committee” made up of one old government-appointed flunkie with a $100/yr budget who can “request” relevant info from the Secret Police. But he must keep the details secret.

    In (long overdue) conclusion, it’s now absolutely undeniable that governments now constantly spy on ALL of us. And It is absolutely clear that the “presumption of innocence”, the core value of the legal system since Day One, has been replaced with a “presumption of guilt”. They assume we’re all guilty and they’ll keep looking under every rock until they catch us and take us to Room 101.

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