No Love for Jakarta?


Religion is Poison and this time the Poison spreads through one of its Hosts (ISIS) in Indonesia… Jakarta to be exact.

It warms my heart to that everyone has used the social media flag filter – as they did with France – to show solidarity with Jakarta.

The News Feeds on social media are going ballistic with updates and pouring out of love, sympathy and empathy.

Wait a minute… none of that has fucking happened.


Not one peep.


Are the lives lost in France more important than our brothers and sisters in Jakarta?

Is it because Indonesia is a predominately Muslim Country? So who gives a fuck?

Is it because People from around the world like French Croissants and Escargot better than Indonesian Otak-Otak?

No matter who the Victims are –  Violence is Violence. Terrorism is terrorism and We The People should stand together.


#KamiTidakTakut   (We Are Not Afraid)

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