Gypsi Gypsi & Friends Make Music… SALUT!

Music in Taichung, Taiwan!

Three Solo Acts!

March 12 is the 13th Anniversary of Salut on Soho Street and we have all come together to make it a special one.

Lee Fourie, a native of South Africa, has been putting on music events for a while now (twice a month!) for Salut and has got three very special acts lined up for March 12th .

Emily Ou 歐恩盈 kicks things off at 7PM. Emily is a Taichung Local and will be seducing you with her savory songs. She has a Great Voice, plays Cool Guitar and has a Smile that shines as bright as the words she’s singing. Emily has won awards and placed high in Music Contests around Taiwan. Get there early to chill with the groovy music Emily promises to deliver.

Picture Emily

At 8 PM – all the way from Taipei (but hails from England) –

Simmo Simpson is sure to get you rocking out to his Acoustic English folk-rock set. Simmo Simpson is a singer-songwriter who loves creating passionate music. You can find him performing at a variety of venues and he’s currently working on new material.


Gypsi Gypsi will be gracing the stage at 9PM. It’s been a while since he’s had a solo performance (as he’s been busy stirring up Musical Madness with his band 大METⒶ4). Get ready for some Intimate Mood Music including Jizzy Jezus Juice & Mad Mary Magdalene Vibes, his own versions of songs that you may recognize, a couple of Gypsified versions of DM4 tunes and a couple of new pieces just for YOU.

Gypsi at Farm Jam

The night promises to be Provocative, Vibey, with sprinkles of Staunch Raunch and smidgens of – not only Sexy Whispers – but Trippy Tunicals as well… Creating a Special World (although fleeting) for you to come Celebrate & Revel in.

The Schedule (one more time!) and Bits:

Emily Ou – 7PM
Find her here:

Simmo Simpson – 8PM
Find him here:

Gypsi Gypsi – promptly at 9PM who will Tickle your Tushes till the Late Hours of the Evening.
Find Gypsi here:

If you’re not in Taiwan, you should be able to get yourself cheap enough plane tickets!


Details for Venue:

Salut Pizza (Taichung, Taiwan


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