Boston Paul to leave Taiwan after 21 years ** 二十一 年到了 – 我會離開台灣

Will leave Taiwan PIC

Boston Paul to leave Taiwan after 21 years ** 二十一 年到了 – 我會離開台灣


The time has come to leave this wonderful island. An island I’ve spent almost half my life on.  I’ve met so many wonderful people, watched a generation grow up. I saw the very first Taiwanese elections in 1996 as China dropped missiles off the coast to intimidate the newly elected government.  I saw the Taiwanese band together and rebuild after the devastating earthquake in 1999.   I watched a music scene grow from Singaporean cover bands to an original music bonanza.  I met my wife here. My son has grown up here.  There are many here that I call Family.

The decision was a tough one.  But I’ve realized that my time here is over and it is time to leave.

Good bye Taiwan… it’s been awesome.

Spring is here… time for rebirth and a new life..

Whatever I can’t take with me I will sell and give away.  I won’t be returning to the USA as the political climate there is unsettling.  I will most likely venture to India, then Mongolia, then settle in Nepal…. But who knows where my Journey Path will take me?

Thank you all for the many years of friendship and through all the ups and down, I thank you deeply for the love, caring and companionship.

Peace and Love



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