A Vietnam Vet’s Quest to find his Son. The Journey thus far…(中文)

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A couple months ago, my friend Shaun and I embarked on a Journey.


幾個月前我的朋友Shaun和我開始了這次的經歷。 ㄧ開始ㄧ位居住在美國的女士和我聯繫上,想要找到她在台灣同父異母的哥哥,經過數次電子郵件的往來及我所了解的相關資訊,我將它寫在以下部落格中。 英文相關連結如下:

感謝Jill Chung將文章翻譯成中文 中文相關連結如下:


Focus Taiwan也依據我的資料發表文章,相關連結如下:

Shaun也運用他媒體的關係於八大電視台發佈了相關影片的新聞,我很高興他們根據我的資料在中文姓氏拼音上做了澄清: Harvey當年遇到的女孩名(拼音)為Ming Ying-Chi(也極有可能為Chi Ming-Ying)端看當時是否習慣在對西方人自我介紹時將姓氏擺於最後。 八大電台相關新聞如下:

直到目前為止Shaun和我毫無所獲,我們像偵探ㄧ樣,保持樂觀態度,帶著放大鏡般不放棄任何蛛絲馬跡。 我們甚至找去了別的城市或小鎮,還有無遠弗屆的網路世界,在大家的幫忙下,展開了這次的尋人之旅。 對於熱心提供資訊及幫忙的人們,我們感謝您,我們也會不間斷的更新我們的資料!


It all started when a woman from the USA contacted me about finding her half brother in Taiwan.  After a few Emails back and forth where I asked her pertinent questions I broke the story here at Militant Hippi.

You can read about it here:

The Original Story (English):


My friend Shaun then enlisted  Jill Chung to translate the story.

You can read the story in Chinese here:

The Original Story (中文 Chinese):


Shaun then started a Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/mytaiwanson/

Focus Taiwan then picked up on the story and used my original story as a source, you can read about that here:


Shaun then used his connections in the media and had  Leah make a video.  The story
recently broke on GTV news… I was happy to see they also used my original story to clarify the use of surnames in Chinese:

Harvey had met a local girl named Ming Ying-chi (It could be Ming Ying-chi or Chi Ming-ying as it is customary for Chinese to write their surname first but are known put it last when dealing with Westerners.

You can see the GTV news report here:



Shaun and I have followed lead after lead to no avail.  We have kept optimistic as we’ve traveled around, donning our detective hats and armed with our proverbial magnifying glasses.

This journey has taken us to other cities and towns, and a myriad of on-line corners in cyber-space. This in turn has given us more leads, connections and people that want to help…. the Journey continues!

To all those that have come on-board with advice, leads, help with admin.. THANK YOU!

We will update again soon!

1995Shaun B

Boston Paul and Shaun Bettinson


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