Zhongle Boogied All Night

Zhongle Boogie Blog featured Pic

This past weekend June 27, in a Jungle deep in the Mountains of Taiwan – right outside of Taichung – there was a rumble. A deep, deep rumble one could feel in their bones, all through their body… from head to toes, knees to nose, finger tips to rosy lips…

…and for me, it all started  about twelve years ago when I went to a gathering there, had a good time and was half out of my mind all night. Good times, indeed.


…it was twelve years later – on June 25, 2016 to be exact – and this time it was bigger, grander, wilder.

This past weekend, I was one of three organizers who – after twelve years of only jungle noises – got that Jungle alive again with the sound of Music… lots of Music… about fifteen hours of music. Boogie Music….  Boogie Music in the Jungles of TaiZhong… the TaiZhongle…  yes the Jungle… the Zhongle…

…and what do we want to do in the Zhongle?  We want to Dance… get our Funk on… WE WANT TO BOOGIE!

Zhongle Boogie was Born!

Hosting the Event was I and I World Parties

in cooperation with The Refuge Community
Luna-See Gatherings

The Music filled the Jungle.. it filled our ears… it filled our very souls…

…and what Music was able to do all this?

Five Wild Bands & Five Wicked DJs!

We promoted, we sold tickets, we got everything we could do done by the time our event rolled around.   We beat the odds and deflected the Monkey Wrenches. The cops came and checked on us – we’ve dealt with them before – and we had them on their way in no time.  It rained for a bit in the afternoon… but that didn’t stop us (though I did get the shock of my life when I tried to move some wires out of the water…  a few F#$%^& Bleepity Bleep Bleeps later and I was back to organizing).

We – and by we I mean…

Torah Oglander
Robert Harford 
Paul. (AKA The Militant Hippi)

…got an awesome team together. That team needs a mention as all of them worked their asses off:

*Sandra Huang – from The Refuge –  got Rita, Adam and Wing together to work the bar.
*Danielle Painted that AMAZING Zhongle Boogie Back  Drop that you’ll see in all the pictures.
*Miky picked up the bits when we had too much on our plate and she ran the gate like a trooper.

*Torah and Boston Paul handled Logistics, setting up, stage and sound.
*Robert handled PR, Tickets, Buses and getting Vendors signed on.

… all of our skills merged and overlapped and the next thing we knew – IT WAS ON!

The Food Vendors came (and kept us fed).

The Bands came (and kicked some serious RockN ass).

The DJs came (and kept us dancing till the sun came up)….

…and The PPPs (Passionate Party People) came and came and came again… by the hundreds!

Every Nook & Intimate Cranny was filled with Revelers, Smiles & Hugs.

Laughs & Jungle Bugs…

People danced, pranced and wiggled their hips..

They jumped down and up, pumped it up – and made dancing duck lips.

It was mid-afternoon and the organizers were hanging the last of the signs, getting the bar fully stocked, making sure the vendors set up in the right areas, got the sound check checked, got the bands and DJs settled comfortably in the Green Room, and finally we hung that Wicked Zhongle Boogie Back Drop that filled the Back of the Stage and let people know where the F@#$%^ they were.

Our Sound Man Joey – AKA 談祖翼 – from 雲豹音樂事業有限公司 Music Studios made it all sound awesome and he and his crew made the stage look pretty with the lights.

Then came our First Act:
Jerome Truman got up with his guitar, his pedals, his stomp box, foot tambourine and his silky smooth vocals that brought the crowd out from their shelters and into the mid afternoon rain.  He was later joined by Aksana Leo AKA Abby Leonard who rapped her way into our souls… and further blew our minds later in the evening with her Dance Crew.


Jerome Truman from Loose Lion


The Second Act not to be outdone –  was: Three Day Bender  a Menage a Trio that – as expected – rocked it … bringing to the event Bluesy and RockN Tributes .. AND lots of originals.  The vocal harmonies were to die for and the pinpoint drumming glued it all together.
Three Day Bender Members included:
Bass and Vocals: Catharine Brown
Guitar and VocalsChris Bailey
Drum Kit:
Hanro Van Wyk (AKA Jubba)


Three Day Bender (Photo: Boston Paul)


The Third Act included a bunch of Silly Simians Serious about their SeApe Apocalypse 末日之猩 Kicked Human Ass and took names.  High Energy Punk with generous doses of Ska and Surf Music with lyrics that resonated.  Lots of laughs and head banging were had indeed.
The Apes that make up this bad ass band included:

Imran Durrani: Guitar/Vocals
Greg Rushton:  Bass/Vocals
Lee Carrick:  Guitar
Paul Butler: Drum Kit and Computer


The Apes! (Photo by Boston Paul)


The Fourth Act infused Genre Fusion into the evening and brought a seamless segue from the hardcore Apes to one helluva Reggae Act (and The Headliner!) that followed.

大METⒶ4 ROCKED IT with their original music ranging from Rock, to Rap Metal, Hiphop to Ska, reggae to pieces sprinkled with Jazz and Middle eastern melodies. DM4 members included:
Bassist: Johnty
Drum Kit: Arlan
Vocalist & Other Bits:  Gypsi Gypsi



The Fifth, Final & Headlining Band played it all: Reggae, Funk, Soca and Roots.
Dread Rider kept the guests Boogieing in The TaiZhongle’s Jungle until the DJs came and amped it up for the rest of the night.

Dread Rider

Dread Rider Boogieing down!

I know all the bands personally and I knew before Zhongle Boogie happened that The People who came out this night were in for one helluva treat.

Next up we had the DJ’s and MCs.

The DJs included:

DJ Bull..great guy played wicked tunes.

Mixer T  – AKA Torah  – AKA One of the Three Organizers. This was also his going away party and what a send off! He kept the night going with Funk, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Reggae. I speak for many when I say we’re going to miss the F@#$%^ out of him.


Mixter T!


*DJ Subtle –  A Man that knows how to work those decks… he’s been a favorite in Taiwan for years and knows how to keep the party RockN (Picture coming soon).

*Pro Res: Zhongle Boogie’s featured DJ from Kaohsiung


Pro Res

The MCs included:

*Aksana Leo

Abby From Craig

Aksana AKA Abby Leonard is a Poet and MC and has been writing for 18 years. She has an arsenal of rhyme books she’s written that show diversity in subject matter while keeping complexity and science in the mix. By paying attention the the micro-movements and feeling the micro-vibrations, her arrangement of alliteration is unique, cryptic, and high caliber... and she dances pretty damn good too. Photo by Craig Cross


*Sha -Dra  ( with Naoise )


Shadra and Naoise Photo by Boston Paul

SHA DRA 玄武 is a bilingual conscious rapper out of Texas and now based in Taipei.
Check out his blog ShamanDragon.com or his youtube channel at

*Ganesh AKA GOD’EM
Kroll Ganesh

*DJ T-Hi

 There was an awesome Light Spinner named Dez Ariel Element.

The Dancers were:
*Margo LaPierre
*Kaya Wiltshire
*Cat Cisternas



And finally the ones that kept us fed:

*Gong High Buffalo Wings

*Charlotte Wang S.A. BBQ

*The Flying Pig! Bubba Elvis Hottep on Deli Sandwiches

*Mr India

*Danielle Wittstock Boogie Fruit Stand Smoothies

*Providing the YUM YUM MUCNHIE FOOD was Jessicat’s Baked Goods
Gessyka Seeyouattheclub Martin

*Daniel Castano/ Amber Alvarez Empanadas

*Rafael Islamov Premium Baltika Beer from Russia!

The people that helped us promote also need a thumbs up:


1) Uptowner: Amazing Breakfast place!

2) Amicci: Italian at a good value.

3) Mr. India: Good Indian made by Indian chefs!

4) PJs: Solid bar and food place with a great location!

5) Sojo 7: Bar with outdoor seating that also serves food.

6) Pizza Rock: Taichung’s most popular pizza!

7) Gong Hight bar:

8) Funkoo Tainan


Twas a special night… lots of people befriended lots of other people. I met lots of cool people saw a few people I had not seen in a while – one being Josh Adams… I almost didn’t recognize him, it had been YEARS.

The Jungle was alive with the sound of music. The sound of Laughter.

It was Beautiful.

Thank you everyone for making it Great!

Enjoy Highlight Pictures below!



This Beautiful Woman Danielle made the Zhongle Boogie Back Drop AND she made delicious Smoothies ALL NIGHT! Photo by Boston Paul



The Militant Hippi with his Beautiful Wife & another Hottie.



Laughter, Unicorns and Sultriness.


Cheryl, Brian, Boston Paul and Josh Adams

 This will be UPDATED in the next few days with more names, pics and Bios!

Stay Tuned!


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Lynn Miles: A Life Celebration

Lynn Miles

It’s the Life Celebration of the day Lynn Miles was born.

I met Lynn back in the late 1990s and would bump into him at various events around the Island, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s when my band played at an event (he co-founded with others called PeaceFest) that I really got to know Lynn.

PeaceFest was held in Longtan, Taiwan in this big beautiful park. Many of the bands and organizers had set up their camp or chill area behind a temple that was behind the stage. We had laid out plastic tarps, strung up some cool lights and would meet back there for a quick rest, smoke, drink and light chats.  After the day wound down, we went back there again to play drums, have great conversations and then eventually pass out until the sun woke us up a few hours later.

It was here I really got to know Lynn.

Lynn’s magnetic personality, his disarming smile and cute chuckle soon endeared me to him. I began helping with some of the organization/admin of Peacefest and did some volunteering, too. Through Lynn, I was involved with other events as well. He became a bit of a mentor to me concerning Taiwan, it’s history and politics.

I had learned that Lynn was a real fighter for Taiwan Democracy back in the day – Back in the day was when fighting for democracy in Taiwan could get you killed by the ruling KMT party. In fact, Lynn – working with many of the Taiwanese rebels and dissenters – got kicked out of Taiwan for his work. Instead of moving back to the states, Lynn instead moved to Japan so he could keep on being part of The Cause.

He was awarded permanent residency in Taiwan by the DPP government for his contributions.

I read a book he co-wrote will Linda Arrigo called ‘A Borrowed Voice’  and realized this man was the Real Deal (and so was/is Linda… but that’s another story!)

Last year, we all learned he had cancer. He knew he was going to die at the beginning of last year when he was diagnosed.

He made efforts to get in touch with as many people as he could to say good-bye. He refused pharmaceuticals and chemo and wanted to die peacefully.

Those of us who knew him well had a few fundraisers for him as he could not work anymore.

Right up until he died, he still had that sparkle in his eye and a sense of strength. We weren’t sure when Lynn was going to pass on, it was all conjecture,  but we braced ourselves.

A few days before we heard the news of him passing on, I had prepared questions and got my recording device ready so I could get one last interview with him.  That also never happened. He was gone before I knew it… and now I can only miss him and treasure the time I got to spend with him.

Though the death Lynn Miles also marks the end of an era, his Legacy & Spirit live on.

Remember Lynn? Yeah those were The Good Old Days, eh?




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