Lynn Miles: A Life Celebration

Lynn Miles

It’s the Life Celebration of the day Lynn Miles was born.

I met Lynn back in the late 1990s and would bump into him at various events around the Island, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s when my band played at an event (he co-founded with others called PeaceFest) that I really got to know Lynn.

PeaceFest was held in Longtan, Taiwan in this big beautiful park. Many of the bands and organizers had set up their camp or chill area behind a temple that was behind the stage. We had laid out plastic tarps, strung up some cool lights and would meet back there for a quick rest, smoke, drink and light chats.  After the day wound down, we went back there again to play drums, have great conversations and then eventually pass out until the sun woke us up a few hours later.

It was here I really got to know Lynn.

Lynn’s magnetic personality, his disarming smile and cute chuckle soon endeared me to him. I began helping with some of the organization/admin of Peacefest and did some volunteering, too. Through Lynn, I was involved with other events as well. He became a bit of a mentor to me concerning Taiwan, it’s history and politics.

I had learned that Lynn was a real fighter for Taiwan Democracy back in the day – Back in the day was when fighting for democracy in Taiwan could get you killed by the ruling KMT party. In fact, Lynn – working with many of the Taiwanese rebels and dissenters – got kicked out of Taiwan for his work. Instead of moving back to the states, Lynn instead moved to Japan so he could keep on being part of The Cause.

He was awarded permanent residency in Taiwan by the DPP government for his contributions.

I read a book he co-wrote will Linda Arrigo called ‘A Borrowed Voice’  and realized this man was the Real Deal (and so was/is Linda… but that’s another story!)

Last year, we all learned he had cancer. He knew he was going to die at the beginning of last year when he was diagnosed.

He made efforts to get in touch with as many people as he could to say good-bye. He refused pharmaceuticals and chemo and wanted to die peacefully.

Those of us who knew him well had a few fundraisers for him as he could not work anymore.

Right up until he died, he still had that sparkle in his eye and a sense of strength. We weren’t sure when Lynn was going to pass on, it was all conjecture,  but we braced ourselves.

A few days before we heard the news of him passing on, I had prepared questions and got my recording device ready so I could get one last interview with him.  That also never happened. He was gone before I knew it… and now I can only miss him and treasure the time I got to spend with him.

Though the death Lynn Miles also marks the end of an era, his Legacy & Spirit live on.

Remember Lynn? Yeah those were The Good Old Days, eh?




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