LUVstock & The LUV2016 Festival


Part One: The LUVhistory

Part Two: The Mission

Part Three: LUVstock 2016 AKA LUV2016

Part Four: Pictures from LUV2016!


Part One: The LUVhistory

History of LUV

    LUVstock has been around for a while.  It started out as a musician’s birthday party (we’ll call him “P”) in an empty residential neighborhood way back in 2000. As the years roared on, the party got bigger and the impromptu, improvisational jams turned into actual shows with bands asking or being asked if they wanted to play at the party.
    Two bands turned to five, then five bands to nine.  The initial birthday party had thirty or so guests that turned into a gathering with fifty or sixty guests that eventually became a mini fest with over 100 guests attending… and it kept growing!

P’s Birthday Party turned into P-Stock (as a bit of a joke when the party was written about in a local magazine) and once it became a thing (in 2006) it became a two day mini-fest and was renamed LUVstock. 

Vendors replaced potluck. A LUVcrew and voLUVteers were needed to take care of logistics and bits. 

LUVstock subsequently had to move out of the neighborhood into a bigger venue (2009) and grew from 10 bands to about fifty bands (with a few DJs) on three stages over two days.

LUVstock was held in an old unused amusement park. It was special. Old rides from yesteryear with peeling paint, old machinery, overgrown shrubbery, screams of delight from children still echoing in the wind – all added to the charm of the venue.

At the LUVmeetings it was often brought up if there should be a cover charge.  P always said no.  He paid out of pocket. Donations were then suggested and P thought that might be a good idea as costs – for what was becoming a big festival – were increasing. Rent for the venue, three stages, sound & sound crew, vending tents, T-shirts, crew, staff, bar stock…. and everything else.

Guest Attendance for LUVstock doubled at this new venue and by the time 2012 rolled around LUVstock saw roughly a couple thousand people over two days.  It had grown into a huge production and was done with no budget and supported only through donations.

LUVstock became a social experiment.  Could The People all pull together and pay for a big festival?  It came close, but was always short.

In 2013 it was projected to grow even more. A couple days prior however, it was reported that a Huge Typhoon was going to hit the Island.  Taichung, where LUVstock was held, almost never got hit hard, so LUV wasn’t called off.

The winds and rain started the Friday night before and people began arriving.

Most of the vendors pulled out, stage/sound crew had to pull out, a few out-of-town bands pulled out. Was the LUV called off? Perhaps it should have been, but they decided to go for it! The Festival was moved inside The Refuge (which could hold about 300 people) and while the Music was ROCKING inside, the Typhoon was ROCKING outside!  LUVstockers braved The Winds and Rain from Mother Nature who happened to not be in a nurturing mood that weekend.

LUV2013 was a magical one… it also happened to be the last one at that old amusement park as the land was sold a couple of months later.

The organizers then looked for a new location. Everyone searched high and low, far and wide. The organizers even thought to bring LUV to another city. Venues were either too expensive, too far away, too many neighbors (thus sound complaints) or not compatible with the LUV vibe.

Summer 2014 saw no suitable venue.  So LUVstock – after five years of being held on a vast piece of land – was brought back to its original location in the now not-so-empty residential neighborhood.  It was called MiniLUV and had a few bands, a vendor, and some very awesome attendees.  Another MiniLUV was held in 2015.  The LUV was kept alive. The organizers refusing to let that flame blow out.

Then in March of 2016, P was asked to help organize another unrelated event – a going away party for a friend. The venue they found happened to be a farm in the jungle of a mountain. A venue that P had been to a few times before – many years ago – for a few trance parties.

The party happened. It was awesome. P and the landlords (a couple of farmers) drank tea together and bonded. They asked if P wanted to do another event there one day (they didn’t want any trance parties, but they loved the Live Music!). The LUVseed began to grow.

The LUVstock Music Festival now has a new venue, a new time of year (changing from a summer event to an autumn one) and reasonably priced tickets.

This past November 12 had hundreds of people come from all over the island to get a little bit of LUV.

To all the LUVstockers past and present who have waited patiently for us to put on our magical Festival again….  THANK YOU!

….LUVstock is back!

(If you want to be involved with LUVstock please drop us an Email: and share your ideas!  If you are a Band, DJ, Vendor, Sponsor, want to voLUVteer or have any questions… drop us a line!)


Part Two: The Mission

LUVstock means so many things to so many people over the last decade.  In this day and age, the world needs a little bit more love… if people are shown love they wil spread love. It’s contagious.  For years LUVstock was a donations only event.  In 2016, the organizers decided to sell tickets to pay for everything needed.  The LUVorganizers kept the tickets as cheap as possible for a trial One Day Event.  The Event went off without a hitch, got all the bills paid and invoked good feelings all around.

The LUVstock mission will to be to continue that Groovy LUV Vibe. In 2017, LUVstock will be a two day event with 3 stages, will include events within the event.  There will be more paid staff on hand to make things go that much more smoother; there will be more trained voLUVteers on hand to hep with the event. The landlords have promised the LUVstock organizers more land to use on there farm and planning for the LUV will begin much earlier. So stay tuned!

(We will write more about the LUV Mission soon!)


Part Three: LUVstock 2016 AKA LUV2016

The Organizers for LUVstock 2016 (the 11-ish one!) did not have the usual five months to get ready for LUVstock. They barely had two!  A lot of hustling, bustling and quick thinking was needed.  The right people at the right time came on board and they pulled it off.  There were many things the organizers wanted to do for LUV2016, but time and budget would not allow.  Still, what an awesome time!

Below is a list of Awesome Earthlings that helped in someway with the LUV.

(If you are interested in being part of LUVstock2017… Drop us an email here):

LUVstock @ live . com (no spaces)  SUBJECT:  Vendor? VoLUVteer? Sponsor?

It takes a lot of people to put on a festival and make it awesome so…. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THESE FINE EARTHLINGS THAT WERE PART OF THE LUV!

The LUVcrew & Staff

1. Rita Blunck (Bar/Vendors)
2. Craig Itx (Photographer/VideoGrapher)
3. Baubay Hu(Gate/Merch)
4. Miky Lai (Gate/Merch)
5. Sandra Huang (Bar/Translation/Logistics)
6. The Timmy (Security/Gate/Parking)
7. Daniel White (Vendors/General BS)
8. Rock Starkey (Security/Bands/Stage Manager)
9. Donovan (Everything Man)
10. Jonathan Taylor (Gate/Parking/ETC)
11. Adam Hoole (Bar)
12. Wing Wan-meng Chen (Bar)
13. Boston Paul (Bands/Stage/Problem Solver/Security/Scape Goat)

1. Candice Cheng
2. Yujie L. Ferguson
3. Eric Ferguson
4. Michelle Li
. Arlan Bonwick

6. Blair Hairgreaves
7. Julianne Huang
8. Jason Grenier
9. Lincle Lin


1. Chinglish Café
2. SiKaKa
3. Ongoro
4. P-Joes
5. The Refuge Bar
6. Yummy Cakes
7. The Artists (Praneeta, Jade, Stephen)


Chinglish Café
GuanXi Magazine
The Refuge Community
Compass Magazine

SHOUT OUTS OF APPRECIATION for helping to sell tickets:

1. Salut Pizza
2. Chinglish Café
3. 談祖翼 & Tiffany Lo (AKA Joey the Sound Guy) – 雲豹音樂事業有限公司
4. Kaya Wiltshire
5. Most of The Bands

Sound & Stage

談祖翼 from 雲豹音樂事業有限公司

The Musicians, Bands and DJs

1. The Bootleg Boots (Taichung)
2 Point 22 (.22) 點二二 (Taichung)
3. Wandering Singer Lama””修道” (Taichung)
4. The So-So’s (Taichung)
5. OCD – Hsinchu
6. Paul S Lawrence (Hualien)
7. Ghost Money All-stars (Gaoxiong)
8. DA META4/大METⒶ4 (Taichung)
9. HoDala (Taichung)
10. ManManlai with Jimi Ma (Taichung)
11. Aurora 極光樂團 (Taichung)
12. PhiloSophia (Dajia)
13. The Dark (Taichung)
14. The ShapeMaster (Taichung)
15. Jack Boyd Solo (Hsinchu)
16. The Cuervos (Hsinchu)
17. SHA DRA & Entheosid (Taipei)
18. Dave Stanley (Taichung)
19. Koyote.
20. The UkulAlien
21. Mr. Green
22. DJ Mikey J (Taichung)
23. SHA DRA (w/Kneesha) & DJ Entheosid
24. DJ K.O.K (Hsinchu)
25. DJ RoBeat


Part Four: Pictures from LUV2016!da-meta4-for-mag



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