As I Get Older

As I get Older…

As I get Older, I try to feel younger. I exercise, I eat right, I do nothing to excess, but enjoy those rare and random excesses.

As I get Older, I appreciate the wisdom I have acquired over the years. I appreciate being to help those younger than me and at the same time (know that) I can learn from them, too.

As I get Older, I find that I appreciate more and more the arts, hugs, my alone time, time with family.  I also appreciate those hard acquired friendships.

As I get Older, I realize more and more that others around me – also getting older – get either bitter, withdrawn and apathetic…


…embracing, caring, empathetic and exciting to be around.  I hope I am this way to others and continue to be.

As I get Older, I see History repeat itself… we used to hear that a lot when we were young: “History Repeats Itself”

It is important to learn as much as we can so that the bad things in history do not happen again.  WWI, WWII all the wars before, in between and after. I hate thinking that it seems we are always on the brink of world WWIII.

I shake my head and ask myself why.

As I get Older, I find myself asking myself why a lot. 

As I get Older, I think about where I’ve come from and where I’m going. I think about the should haves, could haves and would haves from time to time but still, I feel no regrets.

After all, I am where I am now because of where I came from. This is where my Journey Path has taken me.

As I get Older I think more and more about my legacy.  When I am gone, will I be remembered and if so, for what and for how long? 

Will my memory die when those close to me die? Or is there still enough time to do more for the world, more for myself and be remembered for Greatness…



I’ll just feel solace and satisfaction as another unsung hero…. 


None of the above.

As I get Older, I realize that though my bones and joints aren’t what they used to be, that I can’t eat what I want now (at least not to excess!), can’t run as fast, do as much in the gym, can’t jump as high, see as far, (or see as near!) I do enjoy getting Older.

We are all getting older.

As you get Older, what are some of the differences, the negatives and more importantly the positives you see in your life?

台湾朋友,为什么要投绿色Taiwan Friends! Why Vote Green?


Today is an important election.  今天是一次重要的選舉。

I was here for the first election in 1996. There was a real sense of democracy. It was exciting. The Taiwanese voted for Lee Deng Hui who was in the KMT but believed that Taiwan was different from China… he later left the KMT because of this.

Taiwanese friends PLEASE REMEMBER The KMT believes in ONE CHINA.

Don’t vote KMT because people in your family vote KMT. That is NOT a reason to vote for a political party.

Mostly Old people in Taiwan – who don’t know better – vote KMT now.

Taiwanese friends, if you love Taiwan and know that is a sovereign country then consider the following:

If you are young and make your own decisions VOTE GREEN 投票- 绿色

If you believe Taiwan is Not China, if you love democracy and freedom, VOTE GREEN 投票- 绿色

If you identify as Taiwanese and NOT Chinese  – VOTE GREEN 投票- 绿色

Han Guo Yu AKA Korean Fish is a rich self-serving Idiot. I am not saying this to be mean, but look at the facts:  

*He uses superstition to try to sway voters. Taiwanese are smarter than this.

*He has not done much for Kaohsiung as mayor. Look it up.

*His family has land and houses in Vancouver. His family applied for permanent residency in Canada! If there was ever any conflict between Taiwan and China – who do you think would be on the first plane out of here back to Canada?  Unless of course the Chinese government gave him a position in their government!

*He has been convicted for negligent homicide.

*In my opinion and many others – Han Guo Yu is a rich thug who does not care about Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent sovereign nation and has come a long way in showing the world what a vibrant democracy it is. 

The KMT has no place in Taiwan anymore.

Remember what the KMT did to Taiwan for 40 years.  Ruled with an iron fist, imprisoned and killed Taiwanese. Imposed Martial Law. Remember 228?!

And the KMT is still subservient to China.

Speaking of China…

Look how China has treated other states they say belong to them:  Hong Kong, Tibet,  The Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Does Taiwan want to go down that road??

Taiwanese Friends – VOTE GREEN today and Keep Taiwan Free

Fight the Good Fight Taiwan!

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