台湾朋友,为什么要投绿色Taiwan Friends! Why Vote Green?


Today is an important election.  今天是一次重要的選舉。

I was here for the first election in 1996. There was a real sense of democracy. It was exciting. The Taiwanese voted for Lee Deng Hui who was in the KMT but believed that Taiwan was different from China… he later left the KMT because of this.

Taiwanese friends PLEASE REMEMBER The KMT believes in ONE CHINA.

Don’t vote KMT because people in your family vote KMT. That is NOT a reason to vote for a political party.

Mostly Old people in Taiwan – who don’t know better – vote KMT now.

Taiwanese friends, if you love Taiwan and know that is a sovereign country then consider the following:

If you are young and make your own decisions VOTE GREEN 投票- 绿色

If you believe Taiwan is Not China, if you love democracy and freedom, VOTE GREEN 投票- 绿色

If you identify as Taiwanese and NOT Chinese  – VOTE GREEN 投票- 绿色

Han Guo Yu AKA Korean Fish is a rich self-serving Idiot. I am not saying this to be mean, but look at the facts:  

*He uses superstition to try to sway voters. Taiwanese are smarter than this.

*He has not done much for Kaohsiung as mayor. Look it up.

*His family has land and houses in Vancouver. His family applied for permanent residency in Canada! If there was ever any conflict between Taiwan and China – who do you think would be on the first plane out of here back to Canada?  Unless of course the Chinese government gave him a position in their government!

*He has been convicted for negligent homicide.

*In my opinion and many others – Han Guo Yu is a rich thug who does not care about Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent sovereign nation and has come a long way in showing the world what a vibrant democracy it is. 

The KMT has no place in Taiwan anymore.

Remember what the KMT did to Taiwan for 40 years.  Ruled with an iron fist, imprisoned and killed Taiwanese. Imposed Martial Law. Remember 228?!

And the KMT is still subservient to China.

Speaking of China…

Look how China has treated other states they say belong to them:  Hong Kong, Tibet,  The Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Does Taiwan want to go down that road??

Taiwanese Friends – VOTE GREEN today and Keep Taiwan Free

Fight the Good Fight Taiwan!

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Protest for Hong Kong against China Extradition in Taipei, Taiwan

(Photos Below Article)

(Taipei, Taiwan)  I was asked to go to Taipei to cover a very important event. Students from Hong Kong and their Taiwanese supporters staged a protest against the Beijing backed Hong Kong leaders who introduced a bill called the “Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019”.

Basically this bill would allow the Beijing backed Hong Kong government to send those accused of crimes (whether guilty or not and ANYONE accused no matter where they are from) to the Kangaroo Courts of China to face prosecution.  This seemingly mundane bill would widen and strengthen the powers of Beijing in Hong Kong which is supposed to be operating under a separate legal system.

Two Million Hong Kongers took to the streets to protest.  That is One out of Seven Hong Kong-ese.

In Taiwan, there were over 10,000 protesters raising their fists in the air against the Beijing government and to show support for their Brothers and Sisters in Hong Kong.

Beijing must understand that The People aren’t going to take it.

The protest was Peaceful and often teary-eyed as some of the students may not be able to return to their families and friends in Hong Kong upon graduation for fear of backlash and severe punishment.

There were also tears for the movement’s first Martyr. A thirty five year old man surname Leung who called for the city leader Carrie Lam to step down and denounced this legislation.  Wearing a yellow raincoat he jumped off a tall building and fell to his death. You will see some of the Protesters wearing yellow raincoats in some of the photos below.

The protest in Taipei was peaceful but quite emotionally charged.  The general mood was hope though there were bouts of angry shouts, sadness and tears.

I got to know a few of the organizers. People just like you and me with Hopes and Dreams about the future.  Now Uncertainty looms.

The Taiwanese should also be very concerned about this bill and pay attention to what is happening in Hong Kong as Beijing claims it has sovereignty over Taiwan (it doesn’t) and says that the One Country Two Systems model they use in Hong Kong will be used in Taiwan if they ever decide they want to try to take Taiwan by force.

As We The People can see, the system cannot work as the Chinese legal system would be laughable if it wasn’t so corrupt.

We are not sure how this Movement will pan out… but these photos are my small part to make sure the Movement doesn’t die out.

香港 加油!  Stay Strong Hong Kong!
台灣:注意!Pay attention Taiwan!



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White Lives Matter More! Yeah, he said it.


It’s almost 4AM Tuesday Morning and I just stumbled across a little dialogue concerning the Black Lives Matter Movement. I posted this little meme with a burning house and a white guy putting water on the house next door to the house that wasn’t burning.

Here it is:

BLM Cartoon

And I posted this: 

Check the link out. It’s pretty good.It’s between a Law Professor and an ignorant law student. Good insights.


A few minutes goes by and then this dude posts this right under my post (and his last name sounds as Italian as his first name).


*Tony M….ni:  Actually more whites get killed by cops than anyone so WHITE FUCKING LIVES MATTER MORE!!

So, of course, I want to see his source. So I write:

*Paul Davies:  Provide a source for your claim there, Tony?

A little time goes by, I see some other stupid shit and then unleash:


*Paul Davies Ok, Tony, based on what you have just posted, you don’t seem to be the brightest bulb in the office building window, and I’ll assume you’re getting your stats from FB memes or fox news or some other dumb-ass shit…so here’s a little brain logic for you there, Sporty.


It seems you know how to play guitar – and being a musician myself, I feel there may be hope for you… and hopefully after reading what I have written, you’ll use your fucking brain and never post dumb ass fucking drivel like you just did ever again.
I’m not sure how good your math is, but let’s think about this before too many people read the fucktard statement you just made on this thread.
From 1999 to 2011, the CDC reported that:
2,151 whites were killed by cops — and 1,130 blacks were killed by cops.
You’re right there… more whites were killed by cops. Let’s give the boy a fucking cracker dipped in peanut butter for noticing that stat.
Now let’s look at numbers.
It makes perfect sense for cops to shoot more white people than black people because white people greatly outnumber black people in America. Dig, Homie?
I’m sure you know this, but just to compare statistics, and barring the police shooting rates of any other races, if the nation were 34% black and 66% white these numbers would be more or less right.
But, if you look at the actual demographic/stats between the two racial groups, you’d get a total population that’s roughly between 12% and 15% black and over 75% white. That’s nearly a 20% discrepancy between the rates of police shootings and actual population.
It shows a dramatic skew, whether through circumstance or bias.
Black men are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by cops than white men.
ProPublica (look them up) found that black males aged 15 to 19 were twenty-one times more likely to be killed by police than white males in that age group. And The Washington Post reports that unarmed black men were seven times more likely to be killed by police this year than unarmed white men.
Those are the numbers, those are the facts… and facts are true whether you believe them or not.
Young black males in recent years are at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts – 21 times greater according to an analysis by ProPublica who collected federal data on fatal police shootings. There are other similar stats too… and these stats are way more accurate than the fucking dumb-ass picture memes you’ve obviously been looking at to get your information.
Fucking Christ on a Stick.
Look this shit up. And next time you want to post stupid shit with no sources or stats….. just don’t.
(and as a side note: the point of the “Black Lives Matter” movement is not that the lives of Blacks matter more than those of Whites, but that they matter equally, and that historically, blacks have not been treated equally… yes all lives matter… but go back and re-read the cartoon I posted above to see why the BLM is important)
Really, the one thing I hate is when a fellow musician looks stupid.
Rock On.


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Pathetic Prose & Panty Hose


This one is for those who have been shamed or humiliated because of the way they dressed or acted.

We are free to do what we want – as long as we don’t hurt others.

Don’t push your morals and religious beliefs on me

Cause if you do, expect – at the very least – a verbal smack down.

My band will be making this into a song soon… but here are the lyrics:

If you don’t like it… don’t look.
If you don’t like it.. don’t listen.
If you don’t like it… fuck off.

I’m a Slut, a Whore, I’m Kinky Galore
Self Confident
with a slight sprinkle of arrogance
and I love to Dance

I’m Skilled, Strong Willed, a fine bottle of Wine just chilled.
That’s me don’t you see?
I love to dance – around the Sounds of Ignor-ance
I’ll take a chance wearing mini skirts instead of boring pants

Say what you want to say about my sexy selfies
Like you’re wealthy
And I’m a serf on your turf
Like the only Blonde Smurf
Surrounded by stuffed shirts and perverts

I suspect, it’s because of neglect
They get no pussy or dick now it’s time to reflect
Why so uptight? Cause you’re alone at night?
Or you just love to fight about shit you think is right

So think about it now
Why are you having a cow?
Over a picture or two
Who offends who?

We do crazy shit while we’re young and cool-ish
While we’re silly and foolish
So when we’re 85 (and still alive)
We can look and see what we’ve done
And remember The Good Ol’ Days and all the fun.

Fuck the nay-Sayers, with their anti gay-prayers
Like Dragon Slayers when at heart they’re ALL Players.
Fuck The Hypocrite, they’re full of shit, as useful as a just popped zit
Spouting their hate, makin’ us irate,
How can they celebrate – when they’re anti-masturbate?

I Seek Answers
from Holy Dancers
who get on their knees
not to pray but to please
They sweat and writhe and jump about
They move and groove and scream and shout
And as they move, I begin to grind
and grind and grind until I’m blind
and then I find the Book of Psalms
and wear the hair off of my palms…

And as I’m about to cum I see the light
I see the plight
of the religious ones
the self-righteous bums,
who feel guilty every time they cum and hum:
I love you Jesus (now get on your knees and please us!)
after you turn water into wine
then walk on water in your robes so fine…


You Raise the dead
Give me head
Cure disease
Kill the Fig Trees (Mark 11:12)
Hang on a Cross
Because the Boss
Is your Dad
But isn’t it sad?
That those who believe
have been deceived
then push their beliefs on others
When we’re all really sisters and brothers…

Dogma’s tail a waggin’
Fate’s Lips a Braggin’
Destiny’s tits a draggin’
Karma’s horn a wailin’
Life’s Ship a -sailin’

You know everyone loses
When one chooses
To be mean to those with whom they disagree
When they could just look away, see?
or turn the other cheek
and be meek…
…cause that’s what their god commands
But no one who believes really understands
how to be passionate about being compassionate.


A Selfie in a dress can cause so much duress?
Like an assault with a knife
Is it a threat on your life?
Fuck that pressure, negativity and strife

Offended? Who cares?
What does it mean?
Who makes the rules?
The King or The Queen?
Offended? Why so?
It is yet to be seen
Your Obscene is NOT my Obscene.

We are FREE People.
Stop being Sheople staring up at a steeple!
Put up or shut up.
I’m getting fed up
With the opinions, the judging, the holier than thou
Buck up you fuck up it’s gonna stop now

A little empathy is Good in the Neighborhood…

[music coming soon]


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What is a Friend?

The Problem is not Guns! It’s…

Came across this gem:

The problem is not guns

I see it more this way:

It is….

*Minds without Logic & Reason

*Homes without Love & Involvement

*Schools without Creativity & Freedom…

The last one I agree with… we don’t have Justice in the courts because the government answers to a Higher Power (Corporate Banks).

The government (Republicans or Democrats it doesn’t matter) keeps the People ignorant to maintain complete power…

…and Religion poisons everything…

Discipline in the home? Presumably discipline as in don’t spare the rod (as the plate on this vehicle is owned by someone religious)?

Recently on the news, there was a story about a couple bringing up their children with ‘strict biblical values’ and they ended up killing one of their children because they did not spare the rod... they had been reading that book by a married religious couple called The Pearls called ‘To Train up a Child’…. really??

We have never hit our son. Not once… and he’s the most genuine, politest, caring boy I know.

Our hearts should be without any number of the gods out there.

We don’t need gods to do the right thing. We need Logic Reason & Empathy. Something we all have as humans – who haven’t been poisoned by dogma.

Keep all religion out of public schools unless it is a class about religion. You want your religion to be a part of your education? Go to a religious school and knock yourself out.  Public school? Uhm no. I don’t want my tax dollars going to the religious and the myths they believe.

There should be no flags, no pledge of allegiance, no prayer or any of the other BS.

We go to school to learn skills that will help us in life. That’s it.

We are too diverse a culture to be pushing religious beliefs and political ideals on others.

Nix the prayer in school (though meditation and self reflecting could take its place) and push creativity and freedom to learn, explore, ask questions and not worry about test scores.

We should be learning for the sake of learning.

Guns aren’t the problem, Humans – and their gods are!


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Your Prayers Ain’t Helping

Cleansing is Super.

Seriously… Your Prayers Ain’t Helping!

So please stop with the empty, weightless, waste of time posts already.

This year has seen over 365 shootings in the USA resulting in deaths, injuries and broken families. Every single tragedy brings –

So & So is in my prayers 


My thoughts and prayers are with______ .

… have these prayers been answered?

No. They haven’t.

Everyday, The Religious around the world pray to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard for a better world. Why then does the world seem to be getting worse?  Why aren’t these problems being fixed? Muslim and Christian Terrorist groups reeking havoc in the USA, Europe and the Middle East (in the name of their Invisible Magic Sky Wizard… apparently the SAME WIZARD) abound.  We read about atrocities almost everyday.

Why isn’t the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doing anything about it?

(Probably for the same reason he seems to not be able to heal Amputees!)

Here are the potential reasons why:
*There is no Invisible Magical Sky Wizard.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doesn’t care.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is impotent
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is evil.

Why else do prayers not work?  If the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard already has a ‘Plan’ why the F#$%K is It/She/He going to change it for YOU??

You’re a lowly piece of stardust scum on a small planet (but still pretty awesome!) that is lost in the vastness of a billions of years old Universe.

AND, by the way, your prayers to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard are statistically answered the same as if you prayed to a Tree, A Cloud, a Bird or a Fork.
That being said, pray all you want to stop gun violence and for the families that are victim to it… it’s not going to do anything but make you feel good (like you’re actually doing something when it reality you’re actually not).

The stereotypical Republican Politician Puss offer their Zero Substance condolences and ‘prayers’ as if that will actually curb gun violence… how about really doing something you F#$%^& Half Twits? Like getting to the root of why shit like this is happening?

(and stop blocking useful bills that may help… just because you didn’t think of it… or worse, because you are supported by corporate gun lobbyists)

There are two reasons why people get on their knees.

Both may feel good, but only one actually produces the desired result…

…and it ain’t praying.

Do we want results? Do we want to make the world a better place? Then let’s get off our collective asses (and knees) and DO.

The old adage, ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ has never rung more true.


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What is a Friend?


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99% of the Christians I know are Hypocrites – here’s why


Jesus here. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT GAYS! Just thought I’d clear that up… Oh yeah, and Boston Paul – The Militant Hippi – is ALRIGHT IN MY BOOK!


hypocrite (hipuh-krit)



a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.


a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God.  That everyone should adhere to all the teachings in the Bible or be punished by God.  Of course it is almost impossible to do this as AJ Jacobs (who wrote My Year of Living Biblically) can attest to. So instead, Christians cherry-pick the verses they want to follow (then persecute others with verses they cherry picked – and ignore the rest).

Here are a couple of examples:

Being Gay

The Gay Community and their Allies have made great strides over the last decade in their fight for equality – including marriage equality – and to be treated as equals in society. Marriage Equality for all those wishing to marry is now the Law of The Land, the decision made by the supreme court. Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage… and many other states have followed suit, but not without the Christian Conservative Right meddling in Human Rights because of their religion.

An example of this is Kim Davis from Kentucky. She’s a county clerk who has refused to issue marriage certificates to same sex couples because it goes against her religion. Never mind that according to her religion, she should be stoned to death for having been divorced THREE TIMES. Now Jesus had a few things to say about divorce as one can read here: Mark 10:12 “And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.”  What is the punishment for adultery?

Well, Leviticus 20:10 says:
“‘If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.

Let us know when the public stoning is please.

Not to mention she is a WOMAN and according to 1 Tim 2:12, she should shut the F@#$% up.

Her job is a government job. It is secular. Religion should not even come into play. No matter what she believes, she still must do her job in the separation of church and state capacity. Her salary comes from TAX PAYERS, many of whom are gay.  She has no right to push her religious beliefs on anyone as she works for the state.

Jesus NEVER says anything about homosexuals living in sin. In fact, according to Matthiew 19: 11 -12, Jesus said,Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.” (Matthew 19:11-12).

Jesus identifies three classes of men who should not marry women, but let’s focus on the eunuchs who were born that way.

Some might argue that Jesus was referring to males born without testicles. Probably not as this is extremely rare and probably would not warrant an explanation by Jesus. The term “born eunuchs” was also used in other literature of the time and does not mean a ‘man born without testicles’ but rather that they were associated with the stereotypical ‘effeminate’ characteristics (and behavior) just like modern gay men.  Jesus – a child prodigy and well versed in scripture would have been aware of this common view of eunuchs. He says it right there in the scripture –  some people are simply born that way. The implication of his statement is unmistakable— God created gay people the way they are!  No punishment. No mention of sin… Jesus does, however, reiterate the scriptures concerning divorce… so suck on that Kim Davis and all those politicians who have been divorced and re-married and/or cheated on their spouse, yet tout ‘Traditional Marriage’ values. You’re hypocrites.


And while we’re on the topic of cherry picking to suit the Christians’ need to be bigoted in the name of Religion…

BREAKFAST: I see a lot of breakfast pictures from Christians on social media. Often it is on Sundays. The Good Wife makes breakfast before church, bacon eggs.. typical Sunday morning breakfast… except that Leviticus 11:7-8 says: “Pigs have hooves that are separated completely in two. But they do not chew the cud. So they are “unclean” for you. You must not eat the meat of those animals. You must not even touch their dead bodies. They are “unclean” for you. To all the Christians I know (and the ones I don’t!) You’re hypocrites.

LUNCH AND DINNER: I’m from Boston. Boston is famous for its Biblically Unclean Shellfish, namely: Lobster. Leviticus is quite clear about not eating shellfish.. to do so is unclean.

I’m not even going to get into what the bible says about Wealth and Clothing (might save that for another blog post.. but trust me, the Hypocrite List grows with those two items!)


Now some Christians say that this is all Old Testament Law and Jesus came along in the New Testament and brought some new rules with him.

Fine. I’m cool with that.

Bu then stop using the Old Testament to justify your bigotry concerning our Gay Brothers and Sisters. Because as noted above, Jesus doesn’t mention being gay as a sin at all.

And concerning the Old Testament, remember too what is says in the New Testament, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets (SAID JESUS!)  I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.  Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.”  (Matthew 5:17)

To all you Christians out there… ask yourself, are you a hypocrite?

Show us rational, logical thinkers how you’re not.


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Too Smart to Be a Cop? Pervasive Idiocy? A Danger to Society?

Dumb and Dumber

Too Smart to be a Cop?

ABC News published a story about a man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected when he scored too high on an intelligence test. He subsequently sued the court.

The court supported the departments decision stating that it was a “rational basis for the policy.

I love the reason they give:

“….police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.”

(The man scored a 33 on the test which is the equivalent to an IQ of 125).

Bored with police work? Really?

Police work can be pretty exciting.

The REAL reason I suspect is not the reason the Establishment gives.

I believe one of the real reasons people with higher IQs are not being hired for police departments is that people who actually think would question the status quo.

People who think (evil geniuses aside) would want to change things, make things more efficient and after a while would most likely try to change the system. This is why they want average to low IQ officers on the force –  they are easily manipulated.

These lower IQ officers are the same ones that will say, “I was just following orders” and “I was just doing my job” as a (excuse the irony) ‘get out of jail free‘ card.

Police Officers are mostly acquitted – as in the most recent case in Ferguson when Darren Wilson shot an unarmed youth named Mike Brown killing him.  Read about it here:

You can read a couple more examples here:

and here

“I Can’t Breathe”

and here:

There is no end to the examples of police brutality by presumably low IQ officers.

The chances of a smart, rational thinking police officer drawing his gun and killing someone unarmed would be much less –  as they would have the brain capacity to think not only rationally but abstractly (thinking outside the box).

A smart police officer would have the mental capacity to diffuse a situation before it got too serious- and protect themselves without tazing and beating the shit out of their victims (while other officers participated or stood by and watched) or worse… unloading their service weapons into their victims.

Perhaps police departments around the country, filled with dummies, is why the police do not treat civilians well. They have an us against them attitude as they suspect and profile everyone. Perhaps this is the reason there are so many attacks on Blacks and Hispanics by white police officers – they’re just too mentally challenged.


Police are just smart enough to work their equipment… but if a situation rises beyond their control – i.e. beyond their police training, beyond their indoctrination to be good little robots working for the system – they shoot and ask questions later… unless of course they shoot and their victim dies, which is usually the case. But they don’t have to worry. Their superiors cover for them while they ‘investigate’ what happened. Kind of like Fat Cat investigating Tom Cat for killing a bird.

The lower IQs may also keep them bigoted and racist. Recently police officers in Florida were using mug shots of black men for target practice. You can read about that here:

How often do we see police in the news tazer, beat up, shoot, or worse shoot and kill – especially when they are people of color?

How many times in the news do we see a raid on the wrong house or the right house but over something stupid?

How many times in the news do we see racial profiling, mistaken identity and bully cops provoking the public?

We see it all the time.

Perhaps if we left the police work to those who can think rationally, who can problem solve, who can think outside the box – which often happens with people who have higher IQs – some of the problems we read about in the media would diminish.

The military, police departments and even large corporations need their workers to obey orders without thinking.

Police have to be held accountable.. dumb or not.

One final note: The legislation for cameras to be attached to uniforms should be applauded. This should be a law. If this becomes mandatory in every state, the transparency will keep officers in line.  If they are turned off at ANY time, the offending officer should be fined. If it happens repeatedly, the officer should be fired.

Now the question is, what are We The People going to do about this?


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Proud to Be American?

                 Proud to be American?
Have you thought about Why?

We see numerous posts bombarding our social network pages by ‘Americans’ (we’ll get to what a ‘real’ American is in a moment)  exclaiming and proclaiming how they are proud to be American.  These ‘I AM PROUD to be AMERICAN!’  memes are often accompanied by a picture of an American flag or some other piece of propaganda.

God Bless America is another one that plagues the cyber world.

Is Amerika – out of the other 200-ish countries in the world – the only one that their god blesses? Doesn’t this God of theirs bless other countries as well? Why Bless Amerika specifically?

It certainly seems that way as their god blesses their Amerika ….and boy, are they are proud of it!

Often accompanied with God Bless America is a picture of a flag and The American white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired, Jesus.

Proud to be American & God Bless America are often posted by the same type of people i.e. Conservative Republican Protestants.

For now though, let’s focus on being a Proud American since I do not have the inclination to open up two cans of worms.


Hearing Proud to be American so often, I decided to give it some serious thought.

Very serious thought.

First – just so there is no confusion – let’s look at the word Proud  from an etymological standpoint just so people reading this will have a place to start.

We need to know what words actually mean, before we can dissect phrases such as this one.

Here is the etymology for Proud:

*Old English prud, prute “excellent, splendid; arrogant, haughty.

*Old French prud, oblique case of adjective prouz “brave, valiant” (11c., Modern French preux; compare prud’homme “brave man”)

*from Late Latin prode “advantageous, profitable” (source also of Italian prode “valiant”)

*a back-formation from Latin prodesse “be useful,” from pro- “before, for, instead of” (see pro-) + esse “to be” (see essence).

Here are three general modern meanings of the word Proud I found in various dictionaries:

1. Feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something regarded as highly honorable or creditable to oneself.

In other words, something you have done or something to do with – like learning to play Chopin or having a child who learns to play Bach when he’s 6 years old – that gives you honor or credit.
(Remember this for later in the article)

2. Having, proceeding from, or showing a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, or superiority.

OK. Think about where that high opinion comes from. Ask yourself why does one feel important or superior (which means if one feels superior, then others must be inferior, right)? What has one done to make them feel this way?

3. Highly honorable or creditable: a proud achievement.

Again, something someone has done and had success doing it.

                                                                                                                                         Moving on…

OK, we’ve got the general gist of what proud is.  Now for the American bit.

Let’s first discern what an American actually is.

What is an American?  Furthermore… what exactly is America?

A person, by chance is born of parents that lived on a piece of land that for a few hundred years has been called America. Except that this piece of land is part of The Americas which also include the following countries and territories*:

Guyana Francesa
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Antigua & Barbuda
Saint Kitts & Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Trinidad & Tobago
United States of America
(*I have listed 38 major countries/territories here, but it is not a full list. It is actually closer to 47!)

What is interesting is that the name America (as many of us that research events in history know) was named after an explorer named Amerigo Vespucci and was perpetuated by a German map maker named Martin Waldseemüller and the name was originally referring NOT to the area of the United States but to South America.

Spain refused to call this land mass America for two hundred years thinking this ‘New’ World should be named after Columbus!

(personally, I’m glad it wasn’t named after Columbus. I think he was an egotesticle schmuck.. yeah, I said it.)

The United States government simply hijacked the word America. We must not forget that the countries and territories listed above are also part of the Americas and are by default Americans. Which means that at one point in history, the USA has declared war on or bullied Fellow Americans that live in other countries (countries that make up what we call The Americas) starting from the birth of The United States onward.

  But exclaiming, ‘Proud to be a United Statesian!’ just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

(The whole Immigration Problem spouted by politicians is IRONIC since the area of the US bordering Mexico used to belong to Mexico and was appropriated -stolen by force- from Mexico)


Luckily the rest of the world usually uses ‘The States’ when talking about The US of A.

Now let’s discuss what Proud and America(n) mean together in the phrase Proud to be American.


How can one be ‘proud’ to be from a country? What have they done to be proud?

One might be a good person; a good musician; have a great sense of humor; have raised some good kids; and so on… and one can certainly be proud of their kids, proud of the music they make, the cake they bake, the cool shit they’ve done around the house… why? Because one has had something intrinsically to do with these things – the kids, the house, the music… the cake.

But proud to be American? Based on what was defined above… how is it possible?

Let’s think about this logically…. rationally.

If you are a Proud American, ask yourself this:

What the F#$%^ have you actually ‘done’ to be a proud American?

Wasn’t it by pure chance that you just happened to be born in The U.S. of Amerika?

One does not pick the country they are born in, do they?

The Modern Proud American had nothing to do with starting the country that is actually called The United States.

Perhaps Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Sam Adams and the rest of the posse may have been proud to be ‘American’ or ahem, a United Statesian, but that is because they were actually directly and intrinsically involved with the birth of the Nation. They took action, risked their lives, their families’ lives, their property, and their reputation (since about half of the people living on the land called America – and this includes Canada – back then considered themselves to be British) to kick-start what is now called The United States of America.

Most Americans have not fought for their country. And those soldiers who are ‘fighting’ for The United States now are certainly not fighting for the Freedoms that those in the American Revolution or even the Civil war fought for, but rather they are mere pawns fighting for corporate interests.

So people ‘serving’ in the military can’t be proud either… it is a false sense of pride at best… brainwashing does that to people.

People that live in the US have done nothing…. Absolutely NOTHING that merits being Proud to be a United Statesian.

Nothing that is but work their asses off at underpaying jobs while paying high taxes and not receiving a hell of a lot of benefits from those taxes (though the United Statesian’s tax dollar does go to not only bombing the shit out of other countries, but also keeps its Citizens in line – on their own soil – via a militarized police force with ultra-modern weapons aimed at them – the US Citizen – at any given time).

If you are a United Statesian that happens to feel ‘Proud to be American’ perhaps it is because you believe you have contributed to the economy with your time and labor, not unlike a peasant working for the Lord of The Manor (you’re not alone, much of the world is like this). But let’s get a clue: that ain’t shit to be proud about.

Proud Americans have not actually done anything to warrant being proud. If you are reading this post and you are American and you are proud, please let us know why… I’ll edit this post and include your reasons.

Have you been in the military? Have you held a political office? Even that isn’t a reason to be proud as the military and the politicians (right and left, there is no distinction) have done NOTHING to make the lives of the Citizens of the United States better; but have done a great job at making over half the world hate The United States of America’s guts…. which is why it is getting harder and harder to live in the US and also why it is getting more expensive and a lot more difficult to get by.

Except for those that own their own business and know how to work the books, or in high demand (like under-water welders), or CEOs of a big corporation (who do much of their business off shore… so they’re not really – for all intent and purposes – even considered American).

How many United Statesians have lost their jobs? How many United Statesians have seen a considerable increase in their wages ….or even have job security?

Don’t fool yourself.  We all see the I lost my job/I didn’t get promoted posts on-line all the time.

If people in The US of A stopped being proud by merely living in a country that they had no choice of being born in; of being proud of a country that in recent decades has left a raging dingle-berry mark on the planet; and cared more about what is happening in other countries and had a general knowledge of what was going on in the world (perhaps read a F@#$%^& history book now and again to know what has already happened in the world), then the world would be a better place. Believe me.

Knowledge IS Power.

Proud to be American? Realize that this phrase is an empty, propaganda line of F#$%^ing bull-cuck.

Do you want to be proud? Then be proud of being YOU. Be proud of your family. Be proud of your accomplishments. Be proud of the things you have an actual reason to be proud of!

Be proud that you’re an Earthling and that despite the odds our Species has made it this far (though we might not be here very much longer the way things are going).

Be happy and realize that your Life-style is a result of millions of people all over the world – past and present – that have contributed in the way of technology, making your toys, your appliances, growing your food, physics, math and philosophy (thank the Persians – i.e. those living in the area of Iran – for saving Greek philosophy and medicine after the Catholic Church burned books and refused to let its members learn about it, as the only book they deemed worthy was their bible).

And please also realize that without these millions of people – past and present – from all over the world, where would you be and what the F#$%^ would you have to be proud of?

We are Earthlings first.

The fact that we are here and we have advanced so far as a species – despite the natural and man-made barriers – IS something to be proud of.

Being born in a certain region of the world certainly is not.



2. Webster’s Dictionary
6. On Line World Maps


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Parasites, Fucktwits & Today’s Lesson in Irony (Working Title)

This little Propaganda Meme touted notably by Republicans (and CHRISTIANS no less!) Annette Bosworth (South Dakota) and Matt Gaetz (Florida) has been making its rounds on the internet lately and this is why it is a FISM (Fucking Ignorant Stupid Meme). Here it is – try reading it without grimacing:

TODAY’S LESSONS IN IRONY The Food Stamp Program is administered by the U.S. department of agriculture. They proudly report that they distribute free meals and food stamps to over 46 million people on an annual basis. Meanwhile, The National Park Service, run by the Department of the Interior asks us, “PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS” Their stated reason for this policy being that: “The Animals will grow dependent on the handouts and then they will never learn to take care of themselves.” THIS CONCLUDES TODAY’S LESSON – ANY QUESTIONS?

There are so many things wrong with this Meme, I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll begin here: Let’s think about this statement Logically, Rationally & Intelligently.

First of all, though it might be debatable that our species is the most intelligent species on the planet, the comparison being made here is between our species and the Animal Kingdom. From the start this is demeaning and should already being raising an eye-brow or two.

Let’s first discuss the animals. Animals instinctively know how to forage for food. If food is becoming scarce in these parks there is human intervention, so the animals are going to be OK. The animals (and the rest of Nature in the Park) are protected. That’s the whole point of a National Fucking Park. Thus the Animals may not be getting handouts from Cheery Park Goers, but they are being taken care of.

Another reason why they don’t want people to feed the animals is because people are fucking stupid and will feed the animals stupid shit that they would not normally eat in the wild… they left that one out in this meme too.

In the wild, animals have to survive and will do anything to do so. Humans are no different. We will also do what we can to survive (and the government and the corporations that control it, make it more and more difficult to do so). Now while I agree that there are humans that abuse Government Assistance – most of these humans getting this assistance DO need it and it’s not because they are lazy… What they don’t tell you is that about three-quarters you know, 75 F#$%^ING percent of all food stamp households include a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, and those households receive 83% of all SNAP benefits (this is according to a nonprofit group called Feeding America… look it up).

The US Government (and there is no real distinction between Right and Left), is trying to blame the woes and ills of society on what they refer to as parasites milking the system. When in fact, the government has created these woes and ills. but… (and here’s where we have to be rational): We are taught in school that if we do well, if we do everything they say, we can get out and get a good job. That may have been true at one point in our history, but it ain’t no more… I know people that graduated from University were looking for jobs and ended up having to get assistance – and that’s with a degree – until they found something. I know many more who left the US (the Land of Milk & Honey and Streets Paved with Gold, my ass) and go to other countries where quality of life is better.

HERE IS THE REAL IRONY: Didn’t the American government hand over BILLIONS of dollars to the RICH to bail them out from their own incompetence? Let me answer that. Yes, they did. A lot more than what they give the people that get government assistance (the children, the disabled and the elderly… you know that 75% I mentioned above). So we should not be pissed off at roughly 15% (did the math in my head) of the people (46 million out of 317.8 million) in the US getting some form of welfare, we should be Fucking Outraged that Tax Dollars are going to BAIL OUT FUCKING RICH PEOPLE!

Isn’t the US Government spending TRILLIONS of dollars to support Corporations while they make bullets and bombs and ‘rebuild’ countries that their bullets and bombs have devastated? WHERE OH WHERE ARE THE GOVERNMENT’S PRIORITIES? Are they over there? No? Over here? Under there? 46 million out of 317.8 million. That about 15% of the Population. That’s not a big number as far as tax payer dollars go. And while stats may fluctuate here and there, it’s certainly not THE SAME PEOPLE year after year. There are so many factors not to mention demographics. Where did these very broad stats come from? Has anyone asked themselves what state has the most percentage of those needing government assistance and why?

Detroit’s economy for example, once thriving, is in dire-straits because the automobile industry is moving their factories off shore i.e. out of the US. Do you think that those hard working laborers working in the auto industry are enjoying being on government assistance? Let’s use our Fucking Heads here, shall we Annette & Matt? Is it the fault of the good people from Detroit who worked in the auto-industry that they have no money to buy stuff they need to ‘survive’? Or is it the fault of the Corporations who moved their businesses to other countries for the cheaper labor; non-existent laws to protect the workers AKA Modern Day Slaves; and the lax rules on pollution and other bits?

Who are the real bad guys here?

Even if one wants to start their own business, the US government – and the Corporations that control it – do not favor small businesses. The red tape, the taxes and ridiculous laws for starting up a business in the US make it very difficult to succeed unless you do it under the table… WHICH I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DO. The Public Education System (PES) does not get the Youth in the US of A ready for the real world, instead it gives them Test after Test (not real learning) to make sure they are good little robots. In other words programming, in other words Indoctrination, in other words the schools in the US are producing a bunch dummies that know how to obey, but hardly know how to think for themselves. Then they ‘graduate’ and get a ‘job’ –  if they’re lucky – which are often menial tasks that require just enough brain power needed to get the job done. Perhaps they went to a vocational school. Perhaps they went on to University… but what’s left for them when they are ready to hit the job market?

Perhaps the PES should teach children about health, about growing their own food and making their own clothes and most importantly Critical & Creative Thinking and THINKING FOR THEMSELVES (instead of being told what to think). But ALAS! these Independent Creative Critical Thinkers would not need the government so much, they would not need to buy all the shit they do as Consumers or worst of all, they would be questioning the government’s actions as an intelligent, rational, Citizens.

But they (The Government and The Corporations that control the government) don’t want this.

They want Ignorant Dumb-Asses that do what they’re told and are easy to control (Classic Sun Zi The Art of War – keep the populace Ignorant!).

They want We The People to CONSUME and DEPEND ON THEM.

The problem is not the people on welfare, that’s only a small percentage of the budget. The Problem is the system and the Masterful Fucktards running it.

Don’t fall for the Propaganda…  don’t believe the Hype.

Question Authority.

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