The Militant Hippi supports This Band: 大METⒶ4 (DaMETA4) AKA DM4!

Gypsi from 大METⒶ4

Photo courtesy of Rich John Matheson
Taken at Tainan May Jam

The Band name: 大METⒶ4
(Scroll down for ‘I Need War’ Lyrics)

This band rocks.  They just don’t go out and sing songs, they rock the fuck out and spew a not so subtle message about how you’re being fucked over by your government and the evil corporations that control your government.

Their Music not only makes you want to get up and dance, raise your fist in the air, bang your head, Mosh, Crowd Surf and sing along to their catchy lyrics, but it also gets you thinking.

DaMETa4MayJam3 Gypsi

For more information about a band that is making waves and upping the ante for Live Performances go here:

Check out DM4’s “I Need War” Video on Youtube:

“I Need War” is a song sung in First Person as the voice of Evil Corporations.

The DM4 Video was filmed at May Jam in Tainan  Compass Food Fest in Taichung. Both these cities are in Taiwan.


Greg Wu PIX2Lyrics to I NEED WAR:
I Need War
1. I need War, so I can have more Fun watching people run from the bullets of my gun.
I need War because it’s Profit
My War Machine’s Growin’ nothing gonna stop it
I need War so I can soar- an eagle high on the Horizon I got my eyes on free passes, war of the classes, Nasa’s Lads & Lasses, spying on the masses

I control everything you see, as long as you’re working, you’re working for me, the economy belongs to me, Every country and king is in my control. I control the nation, the inflation, deflation, your salvation and what you call The Creation.

I need War, so I can get more Sun, While I Get shit done like Attila The Hun
Everyone needs a little funny money some honey honey on a sunny day
I Make Distractions so you don’t see me slowly Kill the Free my way

If Peace Would Pay, I’d Spread Peace like I spread bullets in the Middle East

People People run for the hills before I start giving you pharmaceuticals
not for thrills but for ills you never knew you had, I’m telling you that life ain’t so bad!

I need War! War!


Da 大5

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Living Healthy, Cleansing, Diet and Other Tidbits


Cleanse Now And Again, Make Minor Diet Changes and Live Healthy

Greetings & Welcome! This article was originally written in 2008 for the Health Section of the Taichung Voice (now defunct).

Blogged here: Originally Published on: Jan 15, 2010 @ 10:39

This article is meant as an introduction/synopsis. My hope is that there is enough information provided so that you may make important life changes. We only go around once in this life, so let’s live it (healthy) for all it’s worth.
I have broken my educational rant down to a few sections:


Who is cleansing for? Is it for the Vegan or the Hippy? Is a good Cleanse meant for the Beatnik or the Long-Haired, bead wearing, Flower Child promoting Peace & Love? These are certainly the stereotypes. But do you ever wonder why all these types of people seem happy and calm (except when talking about Politics that is)? It may have something to do with their diets. Many disregard the many forms of Vegetarianism as odd or eccentric.

Cleansing & Health often get thrown by the wayside because the thought of a cleanse or changing one’s Lifestyle seems too difficult. Many often laugh at or scorn the Vegetarian. But maybe there is something to it, eh?

I have studied Wellness &  Health for about thirty years. My Library has a plethora of books about the Human Body. I don’t just read about Health, I practice & experiment on my body. By doing this, I have seen the Light. Much of what I have discovered concurs with much of what I have read. The Proof is in the Pudding, they say… though you better stay away from the Pudding.

I have included a list of very helpful books and sources at the end that I urge you to take a look at. I hope this article serves as an eye opener and that you will do some investigating on your own.


Nutrition & Health are seldom taught at home or in our schools. Being a skinny kid, I got into weight lifting when I joined the army at eighteen. This in turn got me into Nutrition – though it took years before I realized that many bodybuilders don’t eat right either. One thing that helped me take the Healthy Path was that I learned how the digestive system worked. I was fairly knowledgeable about vitamins & minerals, but researching and collecting a variety of  information has transformed my Life.
I have scoured one book after another and have found an abundance of information on-line. I’ve spoken with nutritionists & medical doctors many of whom have been of great assistance.

Why health? I figure we only have one Body. We can’t trade it in for a new one. It makes sense that we should take care of the one we got.  Knowledge is Power. You can have the power over your own body with just a little knowledge.

2. MEAT:

Growing up I always heard, ‘don’t eat too much red meat’. Why? I asked. I was told that it was not good for my heart. Yet it is in one of the ‘food groups’ recommended by the government. If professionals are claiming that red meat is not good for us, then why are the masses consuming such large quantities of it? Marketing & Education (indoctrination) may have something to do with it. People still go to McSwindle Burgers, Burger Krap and The Dirty Bird all the time. Why would people go to these fast food places when they know it is not good for them?

It amazes me.

Being a hardcore meat-eater for many years ( a typical day would be steak & eggs for breakfast, beef tips for lunch and a nice sirloin for supper) I felt meat was an important part of my diet as a body builder. I felt ‘justified’ eating enormous amounts of dead animal because I hit the gym hard everyday and ‘needed’ the protein. But a few years ago, I realized I could not ignore the dangers of meat any longer… I also realized that if one is eating meat for protein, they are not getting as much protein as they think they are because much of the meat is not properly digested.

Other sources of Protein:

Legumes: Garbanzo beans, kidney beans, soybeans, split peas, lentils, lima beans, navy beans,

Grains: Brown Rice, Barley, oatmeal, quinoa, rye, wheat germ, buckwheat, millet, wheat, wild rice

Vegetable Protein: Cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, green peas, green pepper, Artichokes, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage,  kale, lettuce, mushroom,  watercress, yams, zucchini, mustard green, onions, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, turnip greens,

Protein in Fruit: honeydew melon, orange, papaya, peach, pear, pineapple, strawberry, apple, banana, cantaloupe, grape, grapefruit,  tangerine, watermelon

Protein in Nuts & Seeds: Almonds, cashews, filberts, hemp seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts (black)

Mind you, initially I did not give up meat because I felt bad for the little creatures, though now my philosophies have changed since then. I gave up meat strictly to stay Healthy. I knew I had to give it up. And believe me, I didn’t want to. It tasted so good! But I realized that really it’s all just programming. We can train ourselves to think almost anything tastes good. That’s why many Taiwanese like chou dou fu (stinky tofu) & chicken ass/feet… we must de-program ourselves.

I know now that eating meat really boils down to animals suffering and dying for the taste buds only.

I also thought that if I gave up meat, then what would I eat? I found out easily enough. And have expanded my food options like never before. I don’t miss meat anymore, though the smell of a good BBQ always makes me smile.

Purely psychological.

One reason I gave up meat is that a lot of it is genetically modified. For example, much of the chicken used for the fried chicken patties you get at the roadside stall , are now bred with no heads and just enough of a brain stem to keep their bodily functions going to keep them alive. Generally it takes a chick a full six months to reach adulthood. A chick now can become a ‘chicken’ with lots of meat on it in about a month… enormous profits are being made by the Corporations at the cost of your Health. And I am not just talking about meat. I’m talking about additives in processed food, so it looks good, tastes better and is more addictive.

Unless I am raising an Animal by myself in my backyard for food, I don’t trust any meat that is mass-produced. I also trust no government agency that says the Dead Animal you are munching on is safe to eat. The FDA is a joke. I do not trust the corporations either; they exist to turn a Profit.

Some time ago, here in Taiwan where I reside, there were a few tons of diseased pork that was supposed to have been disposed of, but instead ‘disappeared’. I wonder where it went. These are just the People that got caught! I hope you have not been eating pork lately.

Here are some of the problems with eating meat:

• A lot of meat is genetically modified.
• The living conditions of these animals are often unsanitary which goes directly into you when you eat it.
• The breeding practices for animals meant for consumption are questionable ( i.e.; animals eating their own species mixed in with their feed, shot full of Hormones and shot full of Antibiotics to keep them from getting too sick in their tightly packed living areas etc).
• Too much ingested meat is NOT good for you (See INTESTINES).
• Cooked meat can be cancer causing.

Animals now carry diseases that infect humans and symptoms might not show up for years. Mad Cow Disease is the perfect example. Symptoms for this debilitating disease might not show up for over 10 years. I watched a documentary of a young women late 20s dying of this. So when they say that was an isolated case, or, that happened in another country or ‘our’ meat is fine… it is all BULLSHIT –  no one has any way of knowing you ate contaminated meat.

Our fowl have the flu and our swine have foot & mouth disease. They tell you it is safe… but how can you ever be sure? Again there are documentaries and information out there concerning fellow humans dying of these diseases. And I don’t believe these poor souls thought that they were eating any contaminated meat at the time. After all, that meat was FDA or USDA approved right? Then it should be fine. Right? They do not give a shit about you. They care about money. If you want to be healthy, it is up to you to take charge of what goes into your body.

Remember, you are ingesting all that crap and it is doing a number on your body. Cows eat GMO feed that has pesticides in it, you eat the cow. I won’t get into the Bovine Milk thing here, that’s another article, but it is appalling.

(You can read the Dangers of Milk here:

Here’s a disturbing thought; many of you reading this already have cancer and do not even know it. Think about it. A man, say 47 years old, gets cancer. It is not something he got yesterday; it is something he had growing in him for years. And though genetics and environment have their roles with him getting cancer, it is arguably his diet that gets him into trouble  (We will get to FREE RADICALS and ANTI-OXIDANTS in a moment).

With all this in mind, quite a few years ago, I decided to give up meat and only eat raw vegetables and fruit for a week and then fast for a couple days to see what would happen. That was when my life started to change.


After what was supposed to be a week of organic fruit & vegetables, I tried it another week and then another. As a body builder, this was difficult for me, especially when I went from 85KG  (and less than 15% body fat at any given time) or so to less than 70 KG in about 3 weeks. I had lost all my fat (I was only about 10% body fat right before my cleanse), a little muscle I’m sure (I got that back later) and pounds of toxic waste. What came out of me was indescribable. Those of you who have done a Cleanse before know what I am talking about… those of you that don’t, try experimenting yourself.  You’ll be amazed. It is not le poo poo that comes out… but a Toxic Monster that takes on all shapes, colors and odor; the likes that you have never experienced coming out of you in your life.

It freaked me out.

Had I not been researching the Art of Cleansing & Building the Immune System, I would have checked myself into a hospital or found an exorcist. The evacuation did not look ‘natural’ and emitted a chemical smell that one might smell when traveling up the east coast through New Jersey.

The Monster that emerged was years of Dead Animal accumulation, a hardened mucous (like a plaque) see INTESTINES.

After my first Cleanse, I felt more energetic. My skin looked better. I had no more indigestion. In fact, it has been years and I have never been sick. Not a cold. Flu. Fever. Nothing. My weight eventually leveled off. I fluctuate between 73 KG and 78 KG depending on the season and what kind of exercise program I am following. But most importantly my immune system is strong. My aggressive nature is also less prevalent. I have also reduced my risk of heart problems, cancer and anything else that bombards human beings.

And all it took was a little discipline and a little research.

Though I refrain from eating meat, I do not believe – like some Vegetarians – that Early Humans did not eat meat. I disagree. Early humans did ingest meat sometimes, especially when fruit and vegetables were not in abundance. In most parts of the world meat was never the main focus of the diet however. In fact, eating habits for most Human’s right up until recent times were generally low in carbs with lots of fruit & vegetables. Some meat was eaten when it was available (ever try hunting? It’s not as easy). Compare that to diets today that consist of high carbs and lots of meat. It is not natural. I don’t believe our bodies are equipped to handle that everyday of our lives. Heart attacks victims are getting younger and younger. Obesity is rampant. Heart attacks & obesity were almost unheard of in the early 1900s. I have a few conspiracy ideas about why heart disease and obesity are such a problem… I won’t get into them in detail here… but take a glance at the DOCTORS section.


Here is a list of why I might go to the doctor:
• To sew me back up if I get bit by a shark.
• To set my bones if I high dive into a pool and I find out too late that there is no water in it.
• Remove tattoos with a laser. (It hurts too!)
• Delivering a baby (though a midwife might be better).
• To perform surgery for removing cancer (though there are other options depending on how far along the cancer is (see GOOGLE below).
• Doctors are also good at pumping us full of antibiotics when we are sick (antibiotics do not work very well against a virus)

Doctors are good at cosmetic things too like:
• Liposuction (eeeewwww)
• Making your breasts bigger (or smaller)
• Doctors are pretty good at changing the features on your face i.e. making your teeth straight or giving you a pretty nose.

Doctors are not good at finding a cure. They generally are there to make you feel comfortable and promote Pharmaceuticals.  ‘Cures’ can also be very expensive and might not work.

Technological advances in the Medical Field are certainly an achievement for Human Kind. Knee reparation is a a good example. Knee surgery is now common place and has eased the suffering of millions through-out the world. But surgery should always be used as a last resort.

Unfortunately surgery is often abused, but hey, it’s Profitable.

Did you know that your average medical doctor is not required to take any nutrition courses in order to get their medical degree?
How can one trust doctors whom are not required to take any Nutrition courses? And why do they want you to be healthy anyway? They make money from you when you are sick. They want to prescribe you drugs and make appointments for this often pays for that long vacation and new BMW. Not all doctors of course, but take away the high salaries and see how many doctors we get.

Allow me to digress a moment…

If you are a Truth Seeker, then you know that the government does not want smart, healthy people in its dominion. They would be too difficult to manage and god forbid if the government was overthrown. They want dumb, docile people that are easy to control.

Sun Zi in the ‘Art of War’ writes that there are two ways to control the masses:

1. Keep them ignorant; fed and entertained, so they will not meddle in government affairs.

2. Keep them living in a constant state of Fear (sounds like the States, huh?)
Call me crazy, but that is why medical treatment is so expensive and is not very good, it is also why education systems around the world basically suck. More on that another time.


They are all bullshit. They are DIE with a T. I love when I go back State-side and I hear things like, “oh I am trying the Oprah diet. It worked for her.”

Yeah right, she practically starved herself … took some pictures, and all the sheople were like,  ‘oh Oprah, our hero… you go girl!” And then she gained it all back plus some. These fad diets are all BS because they pump you full of hope, then break you down with no way to build you back up again. And if you fail, it is YOUR fault not theirs. You have been duped. These diets all have sexy people do commercials for them and make you think that you need to be like them, but you know what? It’s all a farce. The diets usually do not require the vitamins needed for your average person. The Grapefruit diet? Come on. Eating nothing but grapefruit to lose weight? That could do some serious damage to your body and immune system. Stay away from these diets promising you that you will be the sexiest thing alive… they are missing the whole point.

What is the point? The point is being Healthy. If you live Healthy and take care of your body (the only one you got) you will lose weight by default. I’m not going to be polite here. I am not going to give fat a cute name like pleasantly plump. If you are fat and have health problems (it is connected), it is because of your eating habits/Life-style. Fat bogs down your system, makes your heart work overtime, clogs up the arteries, makes your immune system sluggish and generally makes you feel overall crappy. And the ironic thing is that you don’t know how crappy you felt until after a Cleanse/Life-style change. Most often fat is a by-product of being unhealthy. Our bodies were not meant to be lugging around all that extra poundage. There is nothing good to be said about it. If you are fat, statistically,  you will die earlier. I have had some people say that they don’t care if they die early… What a selfish copout.

Many North Americans and Europeans (members of my family included) are over-weight, obese and unhealthy. How many times have we heard, “I have a weight problem.” I love that one. The problem is not the weight, my dear. The problem is YOU. Stop stuffing yourself with the highly addictive garbage food! What the hell do you do that for? With a little discipline and understanding, you can be Healthy. You don’t want to focus on losing weight. You do want to focus on being Healthy. You will lose weight by default. Stop getting on the scale to see how much you weigh… who cares? Throw the scale away. It is a terrible barometer, because our weight fluctuates from hour to hour!

A lot of what we lose the first few days is water weight. You really must understand your body so you know what kind of weight you’re losing. Muscle weighs more than fat remember. If you are cleansing, a few KG will be ‘evacuated’ when it is scraped off your intestine walls.

Also remember, our parents are our teachers. Remember being sad when you were a kid… what did mom or dad or a grandparent do often? They gave you candy or ice cream to make you feel better…. or to make you stop crying. Fast forward to when you are an adult, what makes you feel good? Eating sweets? Why? Because they taste good… why? I’ll tell you why, because we were all TAUGHT that they do.

So now Ms. Chubs feels down because she does not look like the pictures in the magazine… she eats a few chocolate bars and feels good .. briefly. Then it all goes to her thighs & ass AND it is not nutritious; thus the body is lacking nutrients it NEEDS to survive. Almost like putting something in the gas tank besides a combustible fluid. She feels bad… to make herself feel good again she eats MSG laden potato chips that are all the same shape.

Mr. Chubs eats a big chili dog or a Philly steak & cheese. He gets fatter, his heart is under more strain, and he feels terrible… so what does he do? He binges again.

This shite accumulates in your body.  And it also disrupts your body getting the nutrients it needs. How you may ask? Read INTESTINES.

Do you want to be Healthy? Do you want to live to be a ripe old age? Then watch what you put into your body. It is that simple. Get a little exercise. It doesn’t have to be too much. Just get the heart rate up. Do a couple Cleanses and get that disgusting toxic waste – yes TOXIC – out of your body. I have done a few… and let me say it again…  you will not believe what will come out of you.

If you joined the gym and some big muscle guy is telling you how to be fit and healthy… be wary. A lot of these guys are regurgitating Fitness mag BS. But he looks so good, he must be doing something right. Not necessarily. Generally, a lot of these guys at the gym… believe me I know, I was one of them… are big meat eaters. They stuff themselves and then work out all day. Many do know about how the digestive system works, they know about the body but only in relation to bodybuilding or power lifting. Though I do have bodybuilding friends that are very knowledgeable, they are few and far between.

Aaahh, so what do we do? We can’t trust the magazines, we can’t trust Mr. Universe, can’t trust the FDA they are always screwing up and recalling shit. So who do we trust?

Mother Nature. She hasn’t failed us yet.

It is almost a no-brainer.


First, prepare you body for a little basic training. You have to cleanse. Get the crap that has been in your body for YEARS  to come out. It will be reluctant… but after a while… you will be clean on the inside… everything else will just fall into place. But don’t do it cold turkey… though you are welcome to try. It would be like trying to get off heroin… you may be addicted to carbs, meat and probably garbage food that has addictive things added to it so that you will eat it and keep eating it.

Prepare your body. For the next week. Eat fruits and vegetables, if you eat meat, allow yourself to eat meat every other day. You can alternate meat on Monday carbs on Tues. Do not mix your proteins and carbs (Read INTESTINES). Eat as much fruit, vegetables and legumes as you want. Eat until you are not hungry. You may be hungry every ½ hour and that is OK. Eat often, just make sure it is fruits, vegetables and legumes. You will become quite creative in ways to make your dishes. The second week, cut the meat and carbs out. Continue to eat raw vegetables and fruit, with one cooked dish a day. The third week, only raw fruits & vegetables. By this time you are already noticing differences in your body, you might have even had an interesting evacuation experience.

On the last day of the third week. Try not to eat anything. Fast for the day. Keep yourself busy, but don’t do anything too strenuous. If you can, give two days a try. Perhaps you fast for the daylight then have a very light meal of fruit in the evening. It’s ok. Over the next 5 weeks or so, your body will be going through many changes. You are building up your immune system. In two months you will be a new person.

I know people that have been trying to get healthy or lose weight since I was a youngun’, they are still trying to lose weight twenty-five years later. Two months doesn’t seem like much. There are many types of cleanses you can do, do a bit of research, talk to me if you see me, or look for the books I have listed below.


You got to keep the intestines clean for the following reasons:

• Keep digestion normal.
• To make sure you are getting all the nutrients from your food.
• To keep your immune system strong.
• To keep the parasites (you probably have them, yes) at bay.
• To keep free radicals from accumulating and doing their dirty work.

The intestines should be like a processor, taking the food you eat, breaking it down taking out what it needs through osmosis in the small intestine and then the large intestine and finally to the colon where it is evacuated as waste. The problem is that most people do not digest their food well. They eat too much (going to all you can eat places and gorging is a bit stupid) and they eat the wrong food combinations (carbs and proteins). With the enormous amount of information out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through it all, but in a moment you will see a few Guidelines I have boiled down for you (See COMMANDMENTS).

Our bodies were not designed (I use the word design loosely)  to eat proteins and carbohydrates together. This is what I was talking about when I mentioned food combinations. For example, when you eat beef noodles or chicken and rice or a ham sandwich or a BK Burger with cheese, these are the worst food combinations you can put into your body! Your body digests the noodles i.e. the carbs first. Your body naturally goes after the sugars first (yes carbs are a sugar).

Meat takes a lot longer to digest… some of it doesn’t get digested. The dead animal that you ingested sits in your small intestine in a very humid 98.6F (and is still rotting by the way discharging lots of free radicals which are the building blocks for diseases such as cancer) an ideal breeding ground for parasites and free radicals. Now the body has to protect itself, so it excretes this mucous to keep the walls of your intestines from rotting too. If you eat meat and carbs together once in a while, then this mucous would be flushed out with the bile naturally, but since people are eating carbs and protein together almost everyday for every meal, this mucous gets hard and turns into a plaque… and it accumulates and stays in you forever unless you cleanse it out. This causes parasites (that feed on this plaque) and can eventually make you sick.


What is a free radical? Basically it is a molecule missing an electron making it is an unstable and reactive. It then seeks other cells to cannibalize their electron  – making it a free radical as well. This is cancer, heart disease and the rust on your car. Sounds dismal doesn’t it? There is hope. The enemy of the free radical is the antioxidant. It engulfs the molecule and lets itself become a ‘weak’ free radical that won’t do any damage to your tissues. Lipoic Acid, Q10, vitamin C and E, they stop free radicals and in some cases restore them as active anti-oxidants.

And the rest….

9. The Eleven Healthy Commandments:

With the glut of information out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through it all, but here are a few rules I have boiled down for you. Your best bet for healthy living (and by default keeping your weight down) is to do the following:

1. Eat when you are hungry. Most people are conditioned to eat three meals a day. This is ludicrous. People started eating like this when they were made to work in the factories. Eating at appointed times is not natural. Our species is the only animal  on earth that does this.

2. Eat until you are not hungry. I know this sounds weird, but eating until you are ‘stuffed’ is bad for you. It makes your system work harder than normal and you are robbed of vitamins your body usually processes easily if not burdened with being over taxed. If that means putting your fork back down and literally walking out of the room and then walking back in to see if you still have those hunger pangs then do it. Pack up what you didn’t eat and eat it later.

3. Do not eat proteins and carbs together. If you must eat meat, then try to at least skip a day. Eat meat on alternate days like Mondays and carbs on Tuesdays etc. Eat nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables everyday.

4. Do not eat carbs after 6ish PM if you go to bed at midnight. We do not get much exercise when we sleep. The carbs are just kind of feeding the fat cells.

5. Drinks LOTS of water. Water is a great cleansing agent.

6. Try to fast one day a month. Don’t forget to drink water mixed with lemon and chili peppers that day.

7. At least once a week, eat fruits and vegetables only. You will be doing your body a great service with these slight changes.

8. Use ‘green drinks’ if you are able to get a hold of them. They replenish everything.

9. Generally, if man made it, be wary and use sparingly. This includes bread, noodles, all junk food, and most carbohydrate.

10. Get a little exercise in to get your heart rate up. You don’t have to pump iron or run 10 miles a day. A 10 minute walk around the block or climbing stairs for about 10 minutes every other day will suffice. I recommend doing more, but try to do at least that.

11. Deep breathing and stretching a couple times a week for 10 minutes. Take 20 deep breaths every day.



1. Prevention is the best cure.
2. It takes less money to live healthy than going to see the doctor when you are sick.
3. You will lose weight by default the healthy way and will not gain it back if you continue with the lifestyle. You do not have a ‘weight problem’ you have a YOU problem, easily fixed with eating habit changes.
4. Your sex life will be better.
5. Your thinking will be clearer.
6. You will become agitated less (while cleansing though sometimes agitation is heightened, but that is because your body is de-toxing).
7. You will drastically slow the aging process.
8. Your immune system will be stronger.
9. Your heart will be healthier.

GOOGLE (or Duck Duck Go):

1. Fluoride – poison
2. Protein and Carbohydrate/Food Combinations
3. Cleansing The Body
4. Antioxidants/grape seed and cancer
5. Holistic alternatives to modern cancer treatments
6. Bovine diseases
7. Cattle and its effects on the environment
8. The Dangers of Free Radicals on the immune system
9. Deep breathing exercises and why we should do them
10. Why should we stretch?
11. The Dangers of Milk
12. Dangers of antibiotics useless against viruses.
13. Cleansing and parasites

Books to check out:

1. The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Tim Reid
2. 7 Day Detox Miracle by Peter Bennett and Stephen Barrie
3. The Immune System Cure by Lorna Vanderhaeghe and Patrick J.D. Bouic
4. The Antioxidant Miracle by Lester Packer and Carol Colman

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Thanks for the info bro!
Really thoughtful and well written Paul. (I am feeling very half-assed now) This is an area that I need to continually work on. Day 13 today of no sugar (although it is only the really major sweet stuff)
and I need to continue to peel away more layers of bad eating habits.

Thanks for the info. 🙂

Boston Paul:
Thank you Sammy and Nancy! Would love for anyone out there to do a follow up, their own experiment or research and share the info with us.

Sammy, I know you have done a couple Monster Fasts…

Nancy I know you are in the middle of a sugar fast… care to share?


Hi Paul. It sucks. 🙂
I enjoyed the article and the milk article, thank you Paul!
I agree we eat only when hungry.
Few years ago, I was eating when I was happy, sad, or nervous or wanted to celebrate something and even just only smelt the food or saw the food commercials.
I ate all the time. I gained lots of weight and felt unhappy, and then I quit those eating habits.
Now, I eat only when I am hungry. I feel happy, healthy and appreciate the food.
My rules for healthy life are very simple–eating right and working out.
Avoid eating dairy products( alfredo pasta taste good but makes me diarrhea), confectioneries, deep fried foods, and meats.
Exercise at least 4 times a week, every time for 45 mins.
Very Simple, right?
Ya, I have done a short, medium and a monster fast… it’s just too bad I don’t have the discipline to cutting out all the junk after and keeping on a regular exercise program. I was looking into doing a kidney flush… but there are lots of roots that i don’t know how to find. I will do more research on it. Do you know of any foods that are good for kidneys?
I know cherries, grapes, and strawberries are good for flushing out toxic wastes from the kidney.
Stick to fresh vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water.
You may check out this site
Dude, fantastic article/info.
Share your comments, insights etc with us!

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Terry I’d like to know what people think regarding the 2nd constitutional amendment on the right to bear arms in the USA. Absolutely for or against, somewhere in between, and WHY. C’mon, what else is there to do on those 3 minutes of boredom when you check in, hoping for something to

Dan i would trade my gun for some betal nuts ANY day!


Wendy Is that the one about housing soldiers in a civilians home w/o their consent?? Or cruel and unusual punishment, because I’m all for that one. 😉


Terry Sommers no. citizens’ right to own and use weapons


Wendi Gregory Simmons I KNOW! It was a joke!!!


Terry Sommers i wasn’t sure. You are from oklahoma, ya know


Wendi Gregory Simmons But I’m the smartest damn okie ever!


Terry Sommers ahem*** “I’d like to know what people think regarding the 2nd constitutional amendment on the right to bear arms in the USA. Absolutely for or against, somewhere in between, and WHY. C’mon, what else is there to do on those 3 minutes of boredom when you check in, hoping for something to chew on?”


Dennis Dz I’m for it.


Dennis Dz Why? Because I think in a healthy society, guns are only useful tools. There are plenty of shootings b/c our society is sick. Taking away guns won’t change that at all.


Ada Clementy thats some bullpucky there Dennis Dz, taking away guns will stop shootings. Stop watching Faux News


Terry Sommers how do you qualify ‘bullpucky’?


Dennis Dz Sure, taking away guns might stop the gun violence, but it wouldn’t address the fundamental causes of gun violence.

Please stay away from the easy assumptions. You don’t know me at all.


Melanie Dawn Coldewey I think I’ve always felt this way. But even more so since having a child. I feel one should have the right to protect self, family and property. Guns are on this earth, like it or not, and in lieu of striking them all from this place I’d like to at least know I have a somewhat equal defense to malicious intentions.


Melanie Dawn Coldewey Though I also think people should have some sort of general psychological examination before legally obtaining any!


Terry Sommers and lately, the DHS has ordered about a BILLION rounds of hollowpoint ammunition. Hollowpoints are illegal for use in warfare according to the geneva convention, but apparently Homeland Security thinks it needs to be able to tear apart people from the inside.


Peter McAinsh I put mercury in my hollow point rounds and sealed it with beeswax. Not just acute lead poisoning but heavy metal too for those home invaders. When the bullet hits it opens like a cluster bomb. Fabntastic!


Terry Sommers unless you become the more likely statistic, which is that people are more likely to accidentally shoot themselves than shoot an actual person in self-defense.


Terry Sommers ‎, Peter McAinsh.


Ethan Kegley

The right to bear “arms” and protect one’s body and property from unlawful confiscation, harm and or death.

Until the constitution changes, then people do have the right to purchase, possess and use (lawfullly) those aforementioned arms.

What I do think is silly is for one person to own more than one gun. While I could see the argument for a rifle being different then a handgun, therefor one of each should be owned. This would be one for hunting, one for self defense. I don’t think people should be able to have more than one hand gun… possibly not more than one hand gun per house…

It sounds like I am arguing to uphold the second amendment. In fact, I think guns are, while fun, quite nasty things. It is true, society is sick, but do we need to make it easier for people to kill other people?

I think a comedian said it quite well. Yes, if that fellow had not had a gun he probably would have still tried to carry out an attack with some other weapons…. but you just cant kill as many people with a crossbow, swords, etc. than you can with a semi-automatic rifle or machine gun for that matter.

I do think that licensing should be much more strict, i think people should have to renew their license every year with a class and a demonstration of safety knowledge.

A gun is a tool of death, it can be used for little else.


Terry Sommers Timothy Mcveigh supposedly killed over 160 humans with a u-haul truck, diesel fuel, and agricultural fertilizer. That’s why I don’t have any fertilizer in my home – i let my snails turn my table scraps into nutrients for my planter beds.


Ethan Kegley Yeah, bombs are another matter, and poison gas could be another, or broken government policy that leads to starvation and disease. But I think we were talking about the second amendment to the constitution of the USA


Terry Sommers I’m getting ahead of myself.


Terry Sommers tho i was commenting on your comment about finding another way to kill people without guns


Ethan Kegley true, and I agree with you. There are numerous ways to dispatch a soul from its mortal coil. Sorry, I was just taking your lead in reminding us what we are discussing.


Ethan Kegley Let’s look at it from this perspective. Whole industries exist because of the second amendment… are there other amendments to the constitution that have created whole industries built up around the continuation of that “right” though I would call it a responsibility (when it comes to treating the gun carefully to the nth degree)


Boston Paul

Gun Laws are awesome… the government takes the guns away….

No guns!

Except for the Criminals…

I can see it now:


Mafia Boss: Oh No! I have to turn my gun in! The Government says so!

Street Thug: This is Terrible! We’re not allowed to have guns, we have to hand them over to the authorities! I’ll get right on that!

Gang Member: Shit Man, I just bought this Mofo Glock from Billy BagPipes yesterday… government says I need to turn this shit in because of some amnesty thing. I’m on it!

Serial Killer: Looks like I’m going to have to change how I kill. I must turn my gun in. Maybe I can just bludgeon them to death with the leg broken off a piano bench now.

Crooked Evil Cop: I get to keep mine!

Law Abiding Gun Owning Citizen: Well I guess our streets will be safer now from the Mafia, Street Thugs, Gang Members and Serial Killers, because we ALL have to turn our guns in.

God Bless Amerika!

(Lucky there was no gun control in 1776, eh, would have been tough kicking England’s ass with Bows/Arrows, sticks and stones)

Gun Laws only affect those that can legally own guns.

Here are some Quotes and Historical facts on Governments that control guns for y’all:

* “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” -Adolph Hitler 1938

*The 1938 Nazi law barred Jews from businesses involving firearms. On November 10. 1938 — one day after the Nazi party terror squads (the SS) savaged thousands of Jews, synagogues and Jewish businesses throughout Germany — new regulations under the Weapons Law specifically barred Jews from owning any weapons, even clubs or knives.

*After the Christian Tutsis had been disarmed by governmental decree in the early 1990s, Hutu-led military forces began to systematically massacre the defenseless Christians.

“One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms.”
— Constitutional scholar Joseph Story, 1840


Terry Sommers anyone willing to spar with Paul?


Terry Sommers

US Constitution–Bill of Rights–The First Ten Amendments

The following is a transcription of the first 10 amendments to the United States

Constitution. Called the “Bill of Rights”, these amendments were ratified on December 15, 1791. Each amendment’s title is linked to a set of detailed annotations presented on the Findlaw website.


Boston Paul Noah Webster, 1787:

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops.”


Ethan Kegley

according to wiki:

There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000.[4] The majority of gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides,[5] with 17,352 (55.6%) of the tota

l 31,224 firearm-related deaths in 2007 due to suicide, while 12,632 (40.5%) were homicide deaths.[6] In 2009, according to the UNODC, 60% of all homicides in the United States were perpetrated using a firearm.[7]

30 percent non fatal injuries are accidental and more than 50 percent of gunshot deaths are suicide

I agree with paul, we cant just say we are going to take the guns away and expect violence to go down… but it does seem that the Gun is the weapon of choice in most things death related.


Terry Sommers convenient packaging, la


Ethan Kegley and isnt that what the gun really is, but a more convenient way to kill something?


Terry Sommers c’mon!!! someone take on Paul’s arguments!!! Aren’t there any verbose gun banners out there?


Ethan Kegley I thought I kind of did a little


Terry Sommers I’m saving my comments for last, but so far Paul’s statement seems the most convincing. What ever happened to death star Adam?


Ethan Kegley What about Japan as an example, low levels of gun violence


Terry Sommers and low levels of guns, but by our standards, a high level of kiddie porn


Terry Sommers i don’t wanna compare the usa with japan, two totally different cultures


Boston Paul

Dennis Dz: Sure, taking away guns might stop the gun violence, but it wouldn’t address the fundamental causes of gun violence.

I wish I could highlight the last 10 words of this sentence.

Fundamental Causes.

Why are schools in many US cities more violent than most other so called ‘First World’ countries?

What are the fundamental causes of any kind of violence in the first place?

Prescription Drugs for children who are ‘hyper-active’ …

… shite diets (parents giving junk food to kids before the age of 5 – IMO child abuse).

Child having a bad day, as we all do, and parents/teachers sending the kid to a shrink to ‘work it all out’…. perhaps doing more harm than good… (?)…. complex much?

The Media glorifying guns, a life of crime?

The Media Branding the Youth – where kids beat up or even kill for not just money, but slave labor made Nike shoes.

What is it about American ‘culture’ that breeds violence especially violence with guns?

Dennis DZ hit the nail on the head… Fundamental Causes.

The problem is not going to be solved with gun laws per se. The problem with violence in the US has been festering since World War II (ish) ….or perhaps the Industrial Revolution? Maybe since 1776?

Why is it that there are lower crime/violent rates than the US around the world?

Other countries, like those in the UK, don’t have many guns, other countries like Switzerland, males over 20 years old all keep a gun. In Switzerland then, there is a gun for every household…

Read about it here:

Picked this up on-line:

The Swiss:

“Whatever the effect of Swiss guns abroad, they are not even a trivial crime problem domestically. Despite all the guns, the murder rate is a small fraction of the American rate, and is less than the rate in Canada or England, which strictly control guns, or in Japan, which virtually prohibits them. The gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept.

The suicide rate, though, is almost double the American rate. Guns are used in about one-fifth of all Swiss suicides compared to three-fifths of American and one-third of Canadian suicides.

It is not Switzerland’s cultural makeup, or its gun policies per se, that explain that low crime rate. Rather, it is the emphasis on community duty, of which gun ownership is the most important part, that best explains low crime rate.”

Your thoughts?

Gun politics in Switzerland – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gun politics in Switzerland are unique in Europe. Switzerland does not have a standing army, instead opting for a peoples Militia to defend their country. The vast majority of men between the ages of 20 and 30 are conscripted into the militia and undergo military training, including weapons training…



Boston PaulTaking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell `Fire!’ in a crowded theater.”
— Peter Venetoklis


Boston Paul Some other interesting Tidbits:

If strict gun control could actually disarm that criminal element in America, there might be an argument for gun control. But as Josh Sugarmann, former communications director for the National Coalition to Ban Handguns (NCBH), wrote in The Washington Monthly: “handgun controls do little to stop criminals from obtaining handguns.”

Sugarmann and NCBH favour gun control not to disarm criminals, but because they believe that non-criminal Americans cannot be trusted with handguns. The coalition’s political affairs director, Eric Ellman, has said that “the majority of gun owners are not responsible.” Yet a look at the facts shows that more than 99% of American citizens who are not professional felons are just as suited for gun ownership as any Swiss militiaman.

Ordinary American citizens use guns competently. Every 48 seconds, someone uses a handgun to defend himself against a crime (according to Florida State University’s Gary Kleck, using data collected by liberal pollster Peter Hart in a poll paid for by the anti-gun lobby).

Regular American citizens do not shoot each other in moments of passion; the vast majority of such shootings are perpetrated by thugs with a record of violence and substance abuse.

And contrary to the claims of the anti-gun lobby, Americans are not so careless that they cannot be trusted with potentially dangerous objects like guns. Gun accidents account for less than 2% of the nation’s 92,000 accidental deaths annually.

***Suicides have little to do with gun availability. Japan has no guns, while Switzerland is deluged with every gun in the book, and both nations have the same suicide rate.

Of course the more that U.S. governments can do to make gun use in America even more responsible, the better. Switzerland shows how successful governments can be in promoting responsible gun use.

Elementary schools in America should have gun safety classes which teach children never to touch a gun unless a parent is present, and they should be taught to tell an adult if they see an unattended gun. The NRA actively promotes this idea, and the National Association of Chiefs of Police endorses it. But Handgun Control opposes this reasonable, sensible safety measure. Has HCI gone off the deep end?

High schools and colleges wishing to offer target shooting as a sport should be allowed to do so. Unlike football or swimming, scholastic target shooting has never resulted in a fatality. The anti-gun groups oppose the sensible step of allowing the schools to offer students the safest sport ever invented. Have they gone off the deep end’? Finally, local governments should enact reasonable zoning laws, which allow the construction of indoor shooting ranges (properly ventilated and sound insulated) in urban areas. In some cases, governments should subsidise the building of ranges. At target ranges, Americans can take lessons in gun responsibility, and practice safe gun handling skills. As you might expect, the anti-gunners oppose this simple safety measure too. They’ve gone off the deep end.

What have we learned from Switzerland?’ Guns in themselves are not a cause of gun crime; if they were, everyone in Switzerland would long ago have been shot in a domestic quarrel.

Cultural conditions, not gun laws, are the most important factors in a nation’s crime rate. Young adults in Washington, D.C., are subject to strict gun control, but no social control, and they commit a staggering amount of armed crime. Young adults in Zurich are subject to minimal gun control, but strict social control, and they commit almost no crime.

What America can learn from Switzerland is that the best way to reduce gun misuse is to promote responsible gun ownership. While America cannot adopt the Swiss model, America can foster responsible gun ownership along more individualistic, American lines. Firearms safety classes in elementary schools, optional marksmanship classes in high schools and colleges, and the widespread availability of adult safety training at licensed shooting ranges are some of the ways that America can make its tradition of responsible gun use even stronger.

End Chat (for now!)



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A Soldier Fights Not Because He Hates The One In front Of Him, But…

…because he loves those People Behind him.


I saw this misleading poster on line and I would have to disagree.

For one human being to kill another there must be, in most instances – hate.

Thinking about killing in the military prompted me to write a little bit about Dehumanization.

The Soldier generally must hate or at least think of the ‘enemy’ he is shooting at as not human.

That is why the military dehumanizes the enemy and gives them names that are not considered human…something our species has been doing through-out history.

Jap, Towel Head, Chink, Kraut, even The Red Coats are all words we are familiar with and which take the Human out of Humanity.

This is of course de facto racism.

The average Vietnam Vet (and we all know a few of them) called their ‘enemy’ Dinks, Gooks, Slopes/Slopeheads and Slants – after all, the enemy to many of these soldiers & marines were just little bastards that lived like animals in the jungle – thus it was ok to treat them accordingly.

The Soldier/Marine has been indoctrinated, brainwashed (not unlike a cult; which the military has all the hallmarks of) and there is a seething hate that takes years and conscious effort (as it did for me) to reason away why we should not hate others for no reason other than the government and its Propaganda Machines told us to.

And while I’m on the subject… here is a quick little digression:

Governments sometimes present “Enemy” civilians or soldiers as less than human so that voters will be more likely to support a war they may otherwise consider genocide.

Such efforts often depend on preexisting racist, sectarian or otherwise biased beliefs, which governments play upon through various types of media such as CNN or Fox News. They present their “enemies” as barbaric, undeserving of rights, and a ‘threat’ to the nation. We see this perpetuated on these moronic media outlets (mentioned above) and other Idiotic ‘News’ sources (that the rest of the world calls propaganda).

Alternatively, states sometimes present the ‘enemy’ Government or a country’s way of life as barbaric and its citizens as childlike and incapable of managing their own affairs. We see this happening in the Middle East in countries and cultures that are far older than young, ignorant Amerika.

Such arguments have been used as a pretext for colonialism… which we see happening in Iraq (which now sports the biggest US Embassy in the world… no,  The US is not pulling out of Iraq anytime soon).

Most  soldiers love their friends and family ‘back home’ and want to help them… BUT most soldiers are not thinking, I am protecting my family who are safe back home by killing these people I do not hate in this country where my family does not reside (sounds absurd when you move the words around a bit, eh?).

The average American soldier, whilst in another country, shooting at people that did nothing to him personally (but who is shooting at them non-the-less), is thinking, I want to get the fuck out of here and in the meantime just follows orders and waits out his time so that he will (perhaps) get his GI Bill – IF he makes it out – and a shiny piece of metal to put on his chest (rats also like shiny things – we find a lot about humans by studying rats – don’t we?).

The military goes to great lengths to instill in its soldiers a willingness and even eagerness to commit violent and brutal acts without question… and if they do question then they are UNPatriotic and may even get a court martial for refusing to go against their Conscience (Muhammad Ali – who was not even in the military got his Championship Belt stripped from him for refusing to go to Vietnam to kill people that never called him a nigger – another dehumanizing word that slave owning whites and other bigots used so they could keep treating blacks inhumanely).

It works.

What the military does NOT do is spend any time or effort to debrief or UNtrain this mindset once the troops leave ‘Enemy’ Land. Treatment for those who suffer depression, guilt and may even develop suicidal tendencies for what they have seen and done is woefully substandard.

Military training, is an extremely effective method of changing the mindsets of the newly enlisted, often teenagers, so they are ready, willing (and even eager!) to spontaneously kill other people.

Consider how intense this training must be in order to turn a normal, fun loving, teenager with hormones bursting from his every pore into a killer – who does not question authority –  in a matter of weeks.

I should know, I spent almost a year training for one of the Army’s Elite Divisions.

A critical part of this training involves dehumanization. The idea here is to make trainees think of the enemy, not as opposing soldiers but as less than human. Animals. There is far less of a possibility that an Amerikan soldier will shy away at the order to kill when he believes that what he is killing is not a Human Being at all, but a lower form of life deserving only loathing, disgust and hate.

A soldier fights and shoots at others because he was trained to obey orders without question, and has been brainwashed to think the enemy is less than human. His family back home barely works into the equation… and the hate (mixed with fear and ignorance) he feels in the combat zone is very real and very dangerous.

Peace in the Middle East.

Boston Paul Sentiments

This is  a collection of  boston paul quotes found all over the Internet. There will be more added as time goes on and we dig them up.

If you find any quotes by Boston Paul anywhere on the Internet that are not listed here, please post them in the Comments and we will add them later!

Thank you & Happy Reading.

On Governments/Nations/Flags/The Military & War:

1. Old Tom Jefferson was a Closet Anarchist!

2. Amerika is not my enemy. The forces that control it are.

3. Following a Government blindly is the epitome of Ignorance and the American ‘Fathers’ are rolling in their graves.  Thomas Jefferson is clawing his way out to Bitch Slap the Ignorant Populace.

4. Some defend their country on social networking sites; others actually go to another country to defend their country, then murder its citizens.

5. Amerika is not made up of Brave Revolutionaries forging a Life & fighting Tyranny anymore. Amerika has degenerated into a Populace of Whining Ignorant Pussies that know how to Follow, Obey and Not ask Questions while their Government is Sodomizing them.

6.  I’m just knocking Amerika off its pedestal, its People & Culture are no better or worse than any other country.

7. People follow blindly. They regurgitate Nationalistic Rhetoric and think it is their own thoughts their own ideas…

8. The Box many live in is Big… but it is still a Box.

9. We should always question a Government and regard it with Skepticism.

10. I am anti-flag.   I am a Peaceful Anarchist.

11. I am first and foremost an Earthling. Mammalian Piss in the form of a piece of cloth does not represent who I am.

12. People dying and killing for colors. Love the red white & blue! Lynch the black man! Bomb the yellow Man. Don’t let Old Glory touch the ground!

           This is Ludicrous at best.

13. Amerika is not a country , it is a Corporation. You do not live in a Zip Code anymore, you live in a Tax Code.

14. Killing an Enemy for the State is still murder…and what a cop-out, BS, Brainwashed Statement when a soldier says, “I was just following orders.”

15. What are the ‘good’ American – and often Christian – soldiers doing in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Simple. They are Murdering its Citizens.

16. Take Pride in being an American? Usually we take pride in something we have done, something that makes a difference. People who take pride in being from Syria, or Canada, or Brazil, the US or someplace in Africa are prideful of what?  That they just happened to be born on a patch of Earth, and someone gave that patch a name. And that Patch was probably taken from someone else anyway… can’t get my head around that one.
17. Dissent and speaking up about these things is what used to make the US great… now one is suspect for Voicing Dissent and exercising Freedom of Speech.
18. ‘We The People’ I love it! We! The People!   No flags there. No mention of skin color.   Immigrants are not excluded.

19. We The People. Damn Straight! No us or them just ‘We’.  No Patriotic Jargon (which many confuse with Nationalistic Rhetoric), just We… let’s keep it like that, WE’re on the right Path.

20. Making a demeaning comment (as politicians often do to their opponents to display superiority and make their opponents look silly no matter how right their opponent may be) is not unlike our Mammalian Cousins tossing feces at each other…

21. It’s a sad day for Democracy when people are voting not for someone but against someone else.

22.  Governments do not want a free thinking People. Revolutions start when People are allowed to think.

On Vegetarianism:

1. I am not a Vegetarian, I just don’t eat Animals.

2. I have a hard time eating anything that could walk around and look at me before it was Murdered.
On Topics of Society, Peace & Love, Health & Other Topics:

1. They don’t allow Facebook in the loony bin.  Wait. Facebook IS the loony bin!

2. Another’s Post to BP  “At my kid’s school they gave them a questionnaire about their feelings.” 

BP: This is called profiling.  Something they do in these Indoctrination Centers they call Public Education.

3. Information is controlled… for Information is Knowledge, and it’s been said that Knowledge is Power.

4.  They say there is a fine line between Love & Hate. Often people scratch their heads, for how can there be a fine line between what seems to be opposite extremes?  That fine line is Passion.

5. Passion is Energy. And Pure Energy does not know if it negative or positive, bad or good, love or hate. Passion is directed through a medium (like electricity is through a conductor).  We are that Medium.

6. At the risk of sounding pretentious, those of us that have various insights of the world are often scorned by those who do not.

7. Another’s Post to BP: ” Tell me what happened to you. There is some majorly intense, repressed anger lurking under all the peace & LUV stuff.”

BP: All this Peace and Love stuff?   You make it almost seem like the Latest Fad!  When one has been in the Belly of the Beast and has clawed his way out; when one is sick of looking at all the war, hate, separation of people because of colors of skin & colors of flags; when one has seen what happens behind the scenes in government and religion; when one is sick of having Freedom being taken away while others accept it because they blindingly trust their government; when one wants to share what they have learned through experiences, trials, tribulations and is scorned, dubbed weird or eccentric; when one has seen government sponsored murder…  Peace & Love, Dear Friend, take on a whole new Meaning.

Don’t confuse my well directed, focused, Majorly Intense Passion in these matters for anything else.

8. Being Peaceful and Loving and wanting that in the world, does not mean I am a big fucking pussy and will let people walk all over me, Ol’ Chum.

9. Sleep is precious oil for my soul and sanity…

10. If someone is not feeling the love, often they should be taking a look inward and try to figure out why they feel this way… not blame it on someone else.

11. On the Bible: I speak Chinese and English (and dabble in 3 or 4 other languages) things do get lost in translation… or cannot be translated properly at all…how can we know Truth when we can’t understand the Language of Truth?

12. Money has turned People into Slaves. This is Genius. We hear, “Work Hard and you will be Rich someday…”  This, for 99% of the People, will never happen. But you will be making others rich, eh?  I think I’ll just enjoy my Life.

13. The Aramaic word for Virgin and Young Woman can be the same… and scholars believe that the Virgin birth did not happen. That a Young Woman gave birth to Jesus, not a virgin.

14. I’m exactly a 180 degrees on the left side of the Balance. I am no more Sad & Pathetic than those that keep professing Jesus is Lord.

15. Response to Christian website that states humans cannot be good without God:

I’m Good. People around me are Good.  We don’t have gods or your God in our Lives. We are still Good.   We don’t live with the Guilt many Christians, Jews and Muslims live with because they are not able to live up to the impossible Morality pushed on them by a dogmatic religion.
We are Free. Love for Humanity is our Moral Code.
We believe in Humanity and the Good Mother Earth from whence we came and to where we will return.
The Bible is so filled with contradictions how can anyone decipher it and come out with some kind of Morality?
How can anyone honestly believe in a Mysterious Omniscient Sky Wizard that rules over all?

We stopped believing in Fairies, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny (all stolen from the Pagans by the way) when we were children, one would think adults would stop believing in the Sky Wizard as well.        Peace and Love

16. It’s been said Home is where the Heart is… and Home is where I hang my Hat…  Home is….

17. It took me years to realize that when we hold on to anger, the one we are angry at wins.  We are using synapses -and other bits in our brain- energy, time – and all that is dedicated to focusing our anger on an individual, situation etc.  Letting go’ takes on a whole new meaning when we realize this.  Often we are angry because of what is going on inside us, and not the thing we are angry at.  What a joyous feeling to address a problem that gets our emotions going, understand why we are feelings the feelings we feel, addressing it, then letting it go and moving on to other things in our lives. And as a last resort for those who can’t let it go, remember this bit of Sage Advice:  The Best Revenge is Living Well.

18. A thriving economy throughout the ages has always needed slaves.

19. I like to shatter paradigms.  It is what I do…  If no one knocks me off a pedestal, I jump.

20. .don’t think of things as being good or evil — they just are.   Our experience of them makes them positive or negative for us.

21. On Public Education:  The problem is not so much the teachers as it is the system. The best teachers in the world are stuck in a rut (or better – a rock and a hard place) because of what they want to do and what they must do.

22. Public Education is designed to produce workers. People that obey.

23. Children should be outside all day playing and learning. Not stuck inside a classroom all day into the late afternoon. Then going home and getting their homework done before bed.

          This is not natural…. not the way our species has developed over the past few hundred thousand years.

24. Public Education – in its present form, in most of the world –  is Evil.

25. On Religion and Politics:  I learned that discussing Politics and Religion can be touchy topics. People do not like their boat rocked. But without the boat being rocked, there would be no progress.


27. The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.  Doesn’t stop me from trying to know though…   …beats the sh*t out of ignorance.

28. We should always question what we believe, to not do so is the epitome of idiocy.

On Our Species:

1. Human Nature? This is a word that is tossed around the lexicon like dice in a cup. We are still trying to figure out what Human Nature is.  Humans do stupid things, not because it is human nature, but because we are still thinking like mere mammals.

2. I am first and foremost an Earthling. Mammalian Piss in the form of a piece of cloth does not represent who I am.

3. Response to a pro-American post – I’m proud and thrilled to be an Earthling.  Thanks for the Men and Women who gave their lives for Amerika? Men and Women from all over the world have given their Lives for one country or another at any given time. Why does one love their country?  If we all loved the Earth instead of a specific place on it, what a joyous place it would be to live.

4. We are in control of our own lives. We make our decisions and must live with them and deal with the subsequent aftermath.

5. Murder: Because of ‘A’ – ‘B’ dies.

We’ll call them Adam & Bruce.

Adam kills Bruce. What we must look for is intent. Why did Adam kill Bruce?

Here are the possibilities:

A. It was an accident.
B. Bruce is killed through mistaken identity
C. Someone told Adam to kill Bruce.
D. Adam was protecting someone else from Bruce.
E. Adam didn’t like Bruce.
F. Adam thought he was protecting his country & fighting for his Freedom and Bruce was the Enemy.

G. Bruce took Adam’s sandwich.

6. A starving child steals something to eat. Is this right or wrong?

7. If I can’t stop myself… no one can.

8. The Written Word is Solace, A Sword, A Universe in a World.

9. Our Species has been trying to figure out what Human Nature is since we swung down from the trees and realized we were Human.

10. “Lust is Oblivious”

11. It says in the Bible, Thou shalt not Kill.   Yet Christians have been killing in the name of God and Jesus for at least 1500 years.

12. I love Lust.   Rules against Lust go against the very essence of Nature.



In Kindergarten, they taught us…

*to share

*not to fight

*to be nice

*to clean up our messes

*to help our friends and family

*to be ‘Good Samaritans’ and

*to work together…

…then some grew up and became Politicians and/or CEOs of major corporations.

*Resources are not shared, they’re often stolen and re-sold;

*fighting is rife in the Middle East

*can’t be nice when your cheating the populace

*messes are made and not cleaned up (oil spills, corporations like Monsanto destroying or ecosystems etc)

*friends and family are often put on the back burner for the sake of a career

*and many Good Samaritans are Good because of tax breaks.

~Perhaps we should take that Kindergarten Mentality and all start working together to make the world a better place…

It seems many of us forgot almost everything we learned in Kindergarten.

What Happened?


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Anthony David Weiner’s Penis: A Thought

The Penis Scandal

I’m trying to think of good reasons for the recent hullabaloo concerning a Man’s Genitalia.

I’ve pondered. I’ve gone over it in my head. And after about 3 minutes I came up with this:

We are Mammals.

Mammals have sex.

That is how we all got here in the first place, EH?

It’s funny how Rulers of yester-year had hundreds of Wives and Concubines – this showed their Potency, their Vivaciousness, their Vitality.

Now they are scorned if they can’t keep their Peter in their Pants.

I’d love to steal a look on the computers of the People that Complain about politicians and their Sexcapades.

I bet we’d find lots of juicy tidbits, eh? Then we can wait till the Complainers are Famous and we’ll Scream it out to the world:

Immoral! Immoral!  This mammal was caught doing what Mammals do!   Copulating!   Ye Heathen!   Having sex with Women! Sex with Men!  EGADS The Thought!

Good God Ye Sexual Beings!

How can one be in a Leadership Position when they are (egad!) having sex… secret sex?


George Bush and Obama and all the rest of the Puppets have not got caught (yet) showing their penises, BUT hundreds of thousands have been killed in the Middle East because of a senseless war.


Focus People. Focus.

Hypocrites  are not pleasant to be around.

Community Can Make a World of Change!

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Hate-Mail/Rebuttal – Concerning Flags, Hairy Ape Balls, Sun Zi: The Art of War

I get letters in my various Inboxes regarding various bits I publish. Often they are positive in nature, occasionally there are much appreciated Constructive Criticisms  and yes the rare occasion I get a bit of hate-mail…or perhaps very strong dislike mail. Below is one of those bits that found my way into my box. Often I copy and paste them into a file – like I do most everything – and save it for good reading on a rainy day. It wasn’t raining, but I decided to respond to this one.

I had written a bit on Osama Bin-laden (you can find it here:  and of the numerous Inquiries in my box, most of them polite, I stumbled across this one. Paused. Smiled… and began to write.

Here it is:

Daniel London (May 6, 2011): You can suck hairy ape balls. The flag is a symbol of freedom that brings people together, REMEMBER 9-11

The Militant Hippi (May 7, 2011) I’d rather not suck any balls at all, thank you.

Greetings Mr. London,

The flag is a representation of the government. The government does not necessarily represent The People. It is difficult however for those who ‘love’ the flag to NOT love the Flag since most of us have been Indoctrinated since kindergarten to ‘love the Flag’… probably you included.

Have you ever said the Pledge of Allegiance? Why would one have to say this pledge? It is part of the Public (AKA government controlled) Education Indoctrination System… and you (and millions of others including – at one time – me) are victims of it… though now there are millions waking up.

I even have Flags tattooed on my chest as I was a soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division from 18 – 22 years of age… but I grew up and I got wise.

I realized that the Government (and the corporations that control it) are only concerned with having Nice Dumb Sheep for a populace. Why? Because Sheep are easy to control…

Brainwash them when they are young, so that they think everything they say is ‘right’… it is a great (and evil) Trick.

Do you know The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Sun Zi)?  The Art of War is a 2500 year old document. West Point Military Academy (and interestingly Harvard Business School) both have this as a text-book in their colleges.

The Art of War states that are two ways to keep The People under Control:

The First Way (and this works in a 3 part concert) is:

A. Keep the People Fed. Hungry People start Revolutions.

B. Keep the People Entertained. This distracts them from looking at the bigger problems.  How many Americans are glued to the TV and all the BS Media Drama? How many Americans get their news from Fox News? How many listen to the ass-clowns of ass-clowns Glenn Beck?  A distracted populace is a Government’s Ally.

C. Keep the People Ignorant of what The Government does. A Public Education System (AKA Indoctrination) that is government controlled of course will insure this.  Get em’ when they’re young and they are yours forever.

The Second Part of Keeping this Control, and this is the most effective – is to keep The People living in a constant state of FEAR.

(Look out a Terrorist might be over there! No wait, he’s over there!)

How many Terrorists have been caught (and convicted) since 911 on US soil? None. Check it out. They made all these laws not to control Terrorism, but to control the People. The Patriot Act is the biggest piece of BS Document since Hitler (he had a similar document: The Enabling Act. This allowed him to invade Poland… the parallels between Nazi Germany and Amerika are astounding).

I won’t forget 911… and I will spend the rest of my days Inquiring into why it happened… If you would like to engage in any kind of discourse considering 911, I would love to know what you know, and I am happy to share any information with you as well.

FLAGS: Flags only bring people together within a country (and it is usually coerced).

Flags divide. They do not bring The People of the world together. They create an us VS them mentality.  Are you a sports fanatic? Flags do similar things in sports as well. WE are the best. WE are God’s Chosen. We hear this BS all the time. Problem is, most everyone thinks this way; i.e. my country is better than yours, my team is better than yours… ad nauseam.

WE are selfish mammals that have not evolved into whatever comes after dumb mammals.

Remember, we are Earthlings first!

Thank you for the expressive note Mr. London. Your last name conjures up one of my favorite authors, Jack London.

Any relation?

Jack London was quite the Socialist and wrote many prolific pieces. If you have not read him, check him out. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

May 9, 2011. Still no response

July 20, 2011. No response. We can probably guess he won’t be responding back, eh?

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Osama Bin Laden: The World Rejoices! … or does it?

Osama Bin Laden is Dead! The World rejoices! Or does it?

I have been repeating my thoughts around various parts of the internet, so some of this may sound familiar to you, but here it goes:

Here are a few Things of Note I would like to mention that seem to keep getting lost in the whirlwind academy award-esque Drama that has been folding & unfolding and creased so bad that the best dry cleaner in in Washington’s China-Town couldn’t straighten it out.

First, it should be well known that Osama Bin Laden (OBL) was never charged with the 911 travesty by the FBI. Here is the link to the site:


The FBI has recently updated this and put a red deceased sign across his mug.

Note that Osama was on the FBI most wanted list but NOT for 911. The FBI states that there is/was not enough evidence.

Bin Laden has admitted to everything he was part of in the past and I’m sure for a Terrorist, 911 would have been the Crowned King of Terror… what Terrorist would not want to boast that (s)he orchestrated an event like 911 then subsequently take the credit for this heinous deed?      OBL did not.

NOTE:  praising a Heinous Act and carrying out a Heinous Act are two different animals.

One should not get assassinated because one praised 911.  And why did OBL praise the perps of 911 (would be ironic if the US Government had something to do with 911, eh? OBL praising a US deed? Don’t laugh, the US let Pearl harbor happen, did they not?)

Also know that I’m not condoning anything OBL has done. I abhor his acts of Terrorism as emphatically as I do the American Government’s Acts of Terrorism in the Middle East. Violence is to be abhorred no matter who the arbitrary Good Guys and Bad Guys are.

Why does the Public feel the way they do about OBL? Let’s ask a question to answer a question: What Medium have the American Masses  – and the rest of the world – been using to get their information?

The Popular Media? Media controlled by Huge Corporations? Those very same corporations that control governments – including The Government that is occupying much of the world in one form or another?

They are praising the Death of a Villain because of what the Media has purported him to be? No Trial? No Justice? Hell… no Body, no autopsy, no independent observers, no record of his capture, it all sounds like something is Rotten in Denmark to me.

Remember too, OBL was an ally with the US government until early 1990s as they had a common enemy with the Soviet Union. The Bush Family is still friends with the Bin laden Family in Saudi Arabia. Last I heard, they still send each other Holiday Cards.

Conspiracy Theories: I am a skeptic and I do ask questions. The problem is that now if someone questions the government (especially after 911) they are dubbed ‘conspiracy nuts’ which then means that no-one gets a Voice.

It is an ingenious trick of the Media: Trust your government wholeheartedly, don’t ask questions – and if you do, you’re a nut. This is a very stealth way to suppress Freedom of Speech… and many Americans – and a couple of Canadians I know – have fallen into this Trap.

Sadly, most Americans – once Ferocious Warriors –  for Freedom & Peace, have been reduced Blithering Sheep who don’t ask questions, jump on the Nationalistic Bandwagon and attack anyone who thinks differently.

Everyone is caught up in the Media Blitz, The Band Wagon Hatred in the name of misconstrued Patriotism (AKA Nationalism).

Very few know one iota about OBL save what they hear on CNN, FOX and other Powerful Corporate Controlled Media.

People are talking much the same way they would a TV show (who shot JR?) It seems the Realness is taken out, but the Drama is not.

Movies, Dramas… a good book, a real or fictitious story – all evoke Emotion… sprinkle a bit of Fear & Ignorance ( ignorance oft resulting in fear ) and you have your Frenzy; your Nationalistic fervor… your Lynch Mob.

So questions I have – but may never know the answers to – are simply:

Is Osama Bin Laden merely a Glorified Scape-goat?

Is he a Myth devised by the CIA (he worked with them in the 8Os)?

OBSERVATIONS: What impact will this have on OBL’s Family (again -friends with the Bush family… what effect will this have on the Bush/Bin-Laden family Relationship)?

Is he the relative of the Bin-Ladens (and other Saudi Nationals) that were whisked out of the country hours after 911 when all planes were grounded? ( that’s power!)

What will the Movie they make be like? And how will this re-enforce the Myth, the Legend, the BS, The Untruths, The Misconceptions and the Nationalistic Fervor one country has and uses against another?

We have hit a cross roads. What does it take to achieve World Peace? The Killing of more Villains to pacify the Ignorant Masses?

Power to The People.

What is Power? Knowledge.

What is Knowledge? Information.

Where are we getting our information from then?

Will update soon.

Illegal Immigrants in Amerika OH NO!

I have been reading all the reports that come my way concerning illegal workers in Amerika. Particularly the reports coming from Arizona which seems to be where all the Media Attention is focused right now.  I also read what my conservative FB acquaintances post on their walls.

I find it Tragically Amusing.

The US & many of  its Citizens are up in arms about illegal aliens.

Let’s think about this.


If you or I or almost anyone else we know was starving and had a family to feed, we would do anything within our power to feed ourselves and families.

Even if that meant stealing.

Let me digress a moment:

Amerika has always spouted that they are the land of the free:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…


People from other countries less fortunate believe this rhetorical BS:

‘the streets are paved with Gold… go to Amereeka!’

Amereeka is The Land of Golden Opportunity!


…that is until they actually land in the US and learn what is really going on (digression complete).

Instead, these ‘illegals’ sneak across the border – which is dangerous (and let’s remember that much of the land that they – The Mexicans – are sneaking into was theirs once upon a time… but we can get into that later), and are willing to risk it because it is better than what they have in the first place…   which is usually nothing.

They take work that the Average Complaining Amerikan (ACA) would not do anyway – at lower wages.

The ACA points fingers and blames these ‘illegals’ for affecting the economy and taking jobs away from Americans (the jobs that ACAs don’t want anyway)… they need a scapegoat after-all, eh?

The ACA could never blame their Government and its ludicrous spending of BILLIONS of dollars a week fighting a war in the Middle East.  I’m no mathematician, but we should be more worried about money spent on the war and the Amerikan Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan than we should about the  money being made by the Border Hoppers and the taxes the US cannot collect subsequently blaming these ‘illegals’ for the US’s financial woes.


WHAT I FIND INTERESTING IS THAT I NEVER see a finger pointed at those Amerikan Companies & Corporations that are HIRING the illegal workers.

Amerika does not need stringent laws for the illegal workers, they need to crack down on the Amerikans HIRING the illegal workers.

If there are no jobs for illegals workers, they won’t be sneaking across the border.

It’s a no-brainer then, isn’t it?

These people – the ACA – that are complaining need to pry their heads out of their asses.

Ignorance is bliss and the ACA in Arizona is Blissful.


Your thoughts?

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A Good Young Man (or Locke’s Socks) The Would Be Patriot

This is a story of a Good Young Man.

We all know good young men.

This particular good young man was esteemed by his family and admired by his community.

He was Smart.

He was Considerate.

He did well in school.

The Good Young Man was taught to love his country.

He said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning – Monday through Friday – for roughly twelve years as he was indoctrinated in his country’s Education System (he even said the Pledge in front of his mirror – hand over his heart – before school and on Saturdays before he went out).

Like everyone else in his country, he watched movies at the local cinema where the Villain was the latest Enemy of the Country (In the 80s the Villains were Russian. Now they’re Middle Eastern).

This Good Young Man went to a religious institution with his family. He learned the ways of his Religious Community.

He was taught to Love his Deity.

Being a Good Young Man (GYM), he helped his neighbors (especially the frail old man who lived next door) frequently …and always for free. Often, he did this in the name of the Deity he worshiped, but some surmised he may have done good deeds anyway because that’s the way he was as long as I can remember.

“He is a good young man,” everyone said.

GYM (Gym) decided to join the Military. It was – after all – the godly, Patriotic thing to do. He had to give back for all his country had done for him. He never made a list of what his country did for him… but he supposed it must have been a lot.

Indeed, Gym (Jim) loved his country (why does one ‘love’ their country?) and believed (through the media) that it was under ‘attack’ (or could be under attack at ANY MOMENT) and it should be defended at all costs.

Perhaps he also wanted college benefits.

When Jim said good-bye and left for Army Basic Training, Jim’s Mother wept and his father – chest swelled with Pride – stealthy wiped a tear from his eye.

Army Basic Training is where they ‘break you down to build you back up’ Jim wasn’t thinking about the implications of this ‘breaking down’ and the subsequent ‘building back up’.

After his Initial Training, Jim, whom everyone loved back home, was assigned to his unit.

It was Airborne Infantry.

NOW living and working with his Comrades, some of them seasoned vets with rank, he is hazed and further indoctrinated through peer pressure. Being a subordinate, he wants to please his Commanders and those who outrank him.

Jim is now part of a Machine (a lean mean fighting machine is what they call themselves).

To Jim, life becomes Us and Them. More often than not – Us Versus Them.

Sentimental feelings or feelings of empathy for them (the Military vs. Everyone Else) are now obsolete or if not, they should be.

Everyone is a potential Enemy.

They use words to deHUMANize the Enemy. It is easier to kill something that is not Human (we all remember various points in History: Gooks or VC for Vietnamese; Chinks or Dogs for Chinese; Wetback for Mexicans; Japs for Japanese; Niggers or Coons for Blacks; Kraut for Germans – you get the Gist).

During the Occupation & Rape of Nanjing, a Japanese Commander said, the Chinese are Pigs… but actually Pigs are more valuable because one can eat a Pig!

Once the Enemy is not looked upon as Human, they are easier to torture then kill.

Jim (Gym) finally gets the opportunity to fight (and possibly die) for his country. He gets shipped to an ‘enemy’ country – let’s say Iraq – for the final nail in his indoctrinated coffin.

The training has hardened him; and now he is living with like-minded individuals in a Reality Box. They think alike. They look alike. They act alike.

He goes to combat with his Comrades.

Now the Enemy that Gym has been taught to hate – the Towel Heads, the Camel Jockeys – are shooting at him. This clinches it. These animals really are bad!

Gym becomes a seasoned vet. The appalling becomes mundane. The shocking becomes ordinary. He laughs at things that would have turned his stomach years ago.

He does things he could have never done before. Heinous things.

Through school, through the Military, and through his church, he has been taught to obey orders.

Do what you’re told private!  If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!

The once Mindful becomes Mindless. Don’t think… just do!

All for Love of Country.

All for Defending his Country.

(how does one defend one’s Home by invading the Home of others?)

All for National Pride.

Gym (GYM) is a True Patriot.

But is this Patriot still the Good Young Man he was, once upon a time?

Is he like Plutarch’s Ship of Theseus? Perhaps Plato’s Carriage or Locke’s Socks?

The original Young Man has been slowly broken down (psychologically/socially) piece by piece only to be built back up again. Is he responsible for his actions?

Who is doing the breaking down? Who is doing the building back up? What is their intention? Their motive? Do they care about all the GYMs in the world?

What of the residual repercussions?

Is our Hero the same Good Young Man he was before?

Was he ever a Good Young Man in the first place?



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