Pathetic Prose & Panty Hose


This one is for those who have been shamed or humiliated because of the way they dressed or acted.

We are free to do what we want – as long as we don’t hurt others.

Don’t push your morals and religious beliefs on me

Cause if you do, expect – at the very least – a verbal smack down.

My band will be making this into a song soon… but here are the lyrics:

If you don’t like it… don’t look.
If you don’t like it.. don’t listen.
If you don’t like it… fuck off.

I’m a Slut, a Whore, I’m Kinky Galore
Self Confident
with a slight sprinkle of arrogance
and I love to Dance

I’m Skilled, Strong Willed, a fine bottle of Wine just chilled.
That’s me don’t you see?
I love to dance – around the Sounds of Ignor-ance
I’ll take a chance wearing mini skirts instead of boring pants

Say what you want to say about my sexy selfies
Like you’re wealthy
And I’m a serf on your turf
Like the only Blonde Smurf
Surrounded by stuffed shirts and perverts

I suspect, it’s because of neglect
They get no pussy or dick now it’s time to reflect
Why so uptight? Cause you’re alone at night?
Or you just love to fight about shit you think is right

So think about it now
Why are you having a cow?
Over a picture or two
Who offends who?

We do crazy shit while we’re young and cool-ish
While we’re silly and foolish
So when we’re 85 (and still alive)
We can look and see what we’ve done
And remember The Good Ol’ Days and all the fun.

Fuck the nay-Sayers, with their anti gay-prayers
Like Dragon Slayers when at heart they’re ALL Players.
Fuck The Hypocrite, they’re full of shit, as useful as a just popped zit
Spouting their hate, makin’ us irate,
How can they celebrate – when they’re anti-masturbate?

I Seek Answers
from Holy Dancers
who get on their knees
not to pray but to please
They sweat and writhe and jump about
They move and groove and scream and shout
And as they move, I begin to grind
and grind and grind until I’m blind
and then I find the Book of Psalms
and wear the hair off of my palms…

And as I’m about to cum I see the light
I see the plight
of the religious ones
the self-righteous bums,
who feel guilty every time they cum and hum:
I love you Jesus (now get on your knees and please us!)
after you turn water into wine
then walk on water in your robes so fine…


You Raise the dead
Give me head
Cure disease
Kill the Fig Trees (Mark 11:12)
Hang on a Cross
Because the Boss
Is your Dad
But isn’t it sad?
That those who believe
have been deceived
then push their beliefs on others
When we’re all really sisters and brothers…

Dogma’s tail a waggin’
Fate’s Lips a Braggin’
Destiny’s tits a draggin’
Karma’s horn a wailin’
Life’s Ship a -sailin’

You know everyone loses
When one chooses
To be mean to those with whom they disagree
When they could just look away, see?
or turn the other cheek
and be meek…
…cause that’s what their god commands
But no one who believes really understands
how to be passionate about being compassionate.


A Selfie in a dress can cause so much duress?
Like an assault with a knife
Is it a threat on your life?
Fuck that pressure, negativity and strife

Offended? Who cares?
What does it mean?
Who makes the rules?
The King or The Queen?
Offended? Why so?
It is yet to be seen
Your Obscene is NOT my Obscene.

We are FREE People.
Stop being Sheople staring up at a steeple!
Put up or shut up.
I’m getting fed up
With the opinions, the judging, the holier than thou
Buck up you fuck up it’s gonna stop now

A little empathy is Good in the Neighborhood…

[music coming soon]


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The Problem is not Guns! It’s…

Came across this gem:

The problem is not guns

I see it more this way:

It is….

*Minds without Logic & Reason

*Homes without Love & Involvement

*Schools without Creativity & Freedom…

The last one I agree with… we don’t have Justice in the courts because the government answers to a Higher Power (Corporate Banks).

The government (Republicans or Democrats it doesn’t matter) keeps the People ignorant to maintain complete power…

…and Religion poisons everything…

Discipline in the home? Presumably discipline as in don’t spare the rod (as the plate on this vehicle is owned by someone religious)?

Recently on the news, there was a story about a couple bringing up their children with ‘strict biblical values’ and they ended up killing one of their children because they did not spare the rod... they had been reading that book by a married religious couple called The Pearls called ‘To Train up a Child’…. really??

We have never hit our son. Not once… and he’s the most genuine, politest, caring boy I know.

Our hearts should be without any number of the gods out there.

We don’t need gods to do the right thing. We need Logic Reason & Empathy. Something we all have as humans – who haven’t been poisoned by dogma.

Keep all religion out of public schools unless it is a class about religion. You want your religion to be a part of your education? Go to a religious school and knock yourself out.  Public school? Uhm no. I don’t want my tax dollars going to the religious and the myths they believe.

There should be no flags, no pledge of allegiance, no prayer or any of the other BS.

We go to school to learn skills that will help us in life. That’s it.

We are too diverse a culture to be pushing religious beliefs and political ideals on others.

Nix the prayer in school (though meditation and self reflecting could take its place) and push creativity and freedom to learn, explore, ask questions and not worry about test scores.

We should be learning for the sake of learning.

Guns aren’t the problem, Humans – and their gods are!


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Your Prayers Ain’t Helping

Cleansing is Super.

Seriously… Your Prayers Ain’t Helping!

So please stop with the empty, weightless, waste of time posts already.

This year has seen over 365 shootings in the USA resulting in deaths, injuries and broken families. Every single tragedy brings –

So & So is in my prayers 


My thoughts and prayers are with______ .

… have these prayers been answered?

No. They haven’t.

Everyday, The Religious around the world pray to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard for a better world. Why then does the world seem to be getting worse?  Why aren’t these problems being fixed? Muslim and Christian Terrorist groups reeking havoc in the USA, Europe and the Middle East (in the name of their Invisible Magic Sky Wizard… apparently the SAME WIZARD) abound.  We read about atrocities almost everyday.

Why isn’t the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doing anything about it?

(Probably for the same reason he seems to not be able to heal Amputees!)

Here are the potential reasons why:
*There is no Invisible Magical Sky Wizard.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doesn’t care.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is impotent
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is evil.

Why else do prayers not work?  If the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard already has a ‘Plan’ why the F#$%K is It/She/He going to change it for YOU??

You’re a lowly piece of stardust scum on a small planet (but still pretty awesome!) that is lost in the vastness of a billions of years old Universe.

AND, by the way, your prayers to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard are statistically answered the same as if you prayed to a Tree, A Cloud, a Bird or a Fork.
That being said, pray all you want to stop gun violence and for the families that are victim to it… it’s not going to do anything but make you feel good (like you’re actually doing something when it reality you’re actually not).

The stereotypical Republican Politician Puss offer their Zero Substance condolences and ‘prayers’ as if that will actually curb gun violence… how about really doing something you F#$%^& Half Twits? Like getting to the root of why shit like this is happening?

(and stop blocking useful bills that may help… just because you didn’t think of it… or worse, because you are supported by corporate gun lobbyists)

There are two reasons why people get on their knees.

Both may feel good, but only one actually produces the desired result…

…and it ain’t praying.

Do we want results? Do we want to make the world a better place? Then let’s get off our collective asses (and knees) and DO.

The old adage, ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ has never rung more true.


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I was talking about the Existence of God & Creation with a Christian Recently…





…and the conversation went pretty much how one would expect. The difference is that we actually like each other and really wanted to discuss these things while showing mutual respect.

Let me first state that I’m not an Atheist. I just don’t subscribe to the dogmas of organized religion. My mind is open to all the possibilities. I look for evidence.

Agnostic might be a better word to describe what I believe.

So the chat with my Christian buddy went something like this:

Says he: if you don’t believe in the Christian god, what DO you believe in?

I said: I’m not sure. Could be Aliens.

And he said: That’s ridiculous!

I asked: Why? Perhaps an Alien Impregnated a Chimpanzee, some Alien Sperm, A nine month term, a million years goes by, out pops you and me. We share 98% of our DNA with Chimps.

He said: That’s crazy talk. Have you ever SEEN an Alien?

I said: Have you ever SEEN God?

He got quiet: I feel god, he said.

So your beliefs are based on a feeling? I replied. At least my thoughts about Aliens ‘creating’ us is based on a bit of science, a bit of the observable world/universe. No one can deny that there are billions of galaxies and trillions of stars. Sentient Life most likely forming on one of those life supporting planets long before our own Earth even formed into the sphere it is now.
They – the sentient beings from other life supporting planets – AKA Aliens – had their Physics worked out long before our planet even cooled off enough to support any life – save the single-celled organisms Archaea.

My friend scratched his head. Ok then, he said, well who made the Aliens? HHhhmm?

Look bro, says I,  I don’t know who made the Aliens, again, I’m open to suggestions based on evidence. But let me ask you… who made your God?

He smiled, God has just always been there.

I’m not sure if he could see the well rounded Question Mark enveloping my head not unlike a hookish looking halo.

God has just always been there? I repeated. So your God basically came out of nothing? Kind of the same argument you Christians use against people that believe in Evolution? i.e. How could humans just start from NOTHING.

No, it’s not like that, he said.

Yes it is. Your god ‘created’ humans out of DIRT. A God that no one has ever seen and is only reported about in your bible. Using that logic, Zeus also exists, Spider man exists… why? Because there are books about them, too.

It’s different, he said… his voice faltered. He had nothing and he knew it.


As humans, we all share an innate thirst for knowledge. This innate thirst has advanced the development of our species.

We are a curious species. And when we don’t know the answer to something, we often make shit up. That’s why there were Wind Gods, Thunder Gods, Rain Gods… Gods for EVERYTHING – once upon a time.

In the last couple thousand years or so, some humans have streamlined all these gods into one all powerful one (depending on where/when/who).

Science – on the other hand – in the last few thousand years – has explained things or attempted to explain how things are for us.

We know where the wind comes from. We know why it rains, why there are earthquakes. What thunder is. With that, most of these gods are now myths.

There are only a few reasons people still need to believe in gods.

Generally it’s because they want to…

1. know where we’ve come from and what happens when we die.

2. believe we’ll see our dead loved ones again when WE die.

3. explain other unexplained phenomena (that science hasn’t answered yet).

No one knows the answers to these yet… so God'(s’) place in the lives of many humans is still relevant… though that number seems to  be dwindling in many parts of the world.

Still seeds of indoctrination have been planted in many of us as children (Christmas, Easter and other observed religious holidays) so it is easy for many humans to just think…


Because God.


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99% of the Christians I know are Hypocrites – here’s why


Jesus here. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT GAYS! Just thought I’d clear that up… Oh yeah, and Boston Paul – The Militant Hippi – is ALRIGHT IN MY BOOK!


hypocrite (hipuh-krit)



a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.


a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God.  That everyone should adhere to all the teachings in the Bible or be punished by God.  Of course it is almost impossible to do this as AJ Jacobs (who wrote My Year of Living Biblically) can attest to. So instead, Christians cherry-pick the verses they want to follow (then persecute others with verses they cherry picked – and ignore the rest).

Here are a couple of examples:

Being Gay

The Gay Community and their Allies have made great strides over the last decade in their fight for equality – including marriage equality – and to be treated as equals in society. Marriage Equality for all those wishing to marry is now the Law of The Land, the decision made by the supreme court. Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage… and many other states have followed suit, but not without the Christian Conservative Right meddling in Human Rights because of their religion.

An example of this is Kim Davis from Kentucky. She’s a county clerk who has refused to issue marriage certificates to same sex couples because it goes against her religion. Never mind that according to her religion, she should be stoned to death for having been divorced THREE TIMES. Now Jesus had a few things to say about divorce as one can read here: Mark 10:12 “And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.”  What is the punishment for adultery?

Well, Leviticus 20:10 says:
“‘If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.

Let us know when the public stoning is please.

Not to mention she is a WOMAN and according to 1 Tim 2:12, she should shut the F@#$% up.

Her job is a government job. It is secular. Religion should not even come into play. No matter what she believes, she still must do her job in the separation of church and state capacity. Her salary comes from TAX PAYERS, many of whom are gay.  She has no right to push her religious beliefs on anyone as she works for the state.

Jesus NEVER says anything about homosexuals living in sin. In fact, according to Matthiew 19: 11 -12, Jesus said,Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.” (Matthew 19:11-12).

Jesus identifies three classes of men who should not marry women, but let’s focus on the eunuchs who were born that way.

Some might argue that Jesus was referring to males born without testicles. Probably not as this is extremely rare and probably would not warrant an explanation by Jesus. The term “born eunuchs” was also used in other literature of the time and does not mean a ‘man born without testicles’ but rather that they were associated with the stereotypical ‘effeminate’ characteristics (and behavior) just like modern gay men.  Jesus – a child prodigy and well versed in scripture would have been aware of this common view of eunuchs. He says it right there in the scripture –  some people are simply born that way. The implication of his statement is unmistakable— God created gay people the way they are!  No punishment. No mention of sin… Jesus does, however, reiterate the scriptures concerning divorce… so suck on that Kim Davis and all those politicians who have been divorced and re-married and/or cheated on their spouse, yet tout ‘Traditional Marriage’ values. You’re hypocrites.


And while we’re on the topic of cherry picking to suit the Christians’ need to be bigoted in the name of Religion…

BREAKFAST: I see a lot of breakfast pictures from Christians on social media. Often it is on Sundays. The Good Wife makes breakfast before church, bacon eggs.. typical Sunday morning breakfast… except that Leviticus 11:7-8 says: “Pigs have hooves that are separated completely in two. But they do not chew the cud. So they are “unclean” for you. You must not eat the meat of those animals. You must not even touch their dead bodies. They are “unclean” for you. To all the Christians I know (and the ones I don’t!) You’re hypocrites.

LUNCH AND DINNER: I’m from Boston. Boston is famous for its Biblically Unclean Shellfish, namely: Lobster. Leviticus is quite clear about not eating shellfish.. to do so is unclean.

I’m not even going to get into what the bible says about Wealth and Clothing (might save that for another blog post.. but trust me, the Hypocrite List grows with those two items!)


Now some Christians say that this is all Old Testament Law and Jesus came along in the New Testament and brought some new rules with him.

Fine. I’m cool with that.

Bu then stop using the Old Testament to justify your bigotry concerning our Gay Brothers and Sisters. Because as noted above, Jesus doesn’t mention being gay as a sin at all.

And concerning the Old Testament, remember too what is says in the New Testament, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets (SAID JESUS!)  I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.  Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.”  (Matthew 5:17)

To all you Christians out there… ask yourself, are you a hypocrite?

Show us rational, logical thinkers how you’re not.


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Thank you & Happy Reading.

On Governments/Nations/Flags/The Military & War:

1. Old Tom Jefferson was a Closet Anarchist!

2. Amerika is not my enemy. The forces that control it are.

3. Following a Government blindly is the epitome of Ignorance and the American ‘Fathers’ are rolling in their graves.  Thomas Jefferson is clawing his way out to Bitch Slap the Ignorant Populace.

4. Some defend their country on social networking sites; others actually go to another country to defend their country, then murder its citizens.

5. Amerika is not made up of Brave Revolutionaries forging a Life & fighting Tyranny anymore. Amerika has degenerated into a Populace of Whining Ignorant Pussies that know how to Follow, Obey and Not ask Questions while their Government is Sodomizing them.

6.  I’m just knocking Amerika off its pedestal, its People & Culture are no better or worse than any other country.

7. People follow blindly. They regurgitate Nationalistic Rhetoric and think it is their own thoughts their own ideas…

8. The Box many live in is Big… but it is still a Box.

9. We should always question a Government and regard it with Skepticism.

10. I am anti-flag.   I am a Peaceful Anarchist.

11. I am first and foremost an Earthling. Mammalian Piss in the form of a piece of cloth does not represent who I am.

12. People dying and killing for colors. Love the red white & blue! Lynch the black man! Bomb the yellow Man. Don’t let Old Glory touch the ground!

           This is Ludicrous at best.

13. Amerika is not a country , it is a Corporation. You do not live in a Zip Code anymore, you live in a Tax Code.

14. Killing an Enemy for the State is still murder…and what a cop-out, BS, Brainwashed Statement when a soldier says, “I was just following orders.”

15. What are the ‘good’ American – and often Christian – soldiers doing in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Simple. They are Murdering its Citizens.

16. Take Pride in being an American? Usually we take pride in something we have done, something that makes a difference. People who take pride in being from Syria, or Canada, or Brazil, the US or someplace in Africa are prideful of what?  That they just happened to be born on a patch of Earth, and someone gave that patch a name. And that Patch was probably taken from someone else anyway… can’t get my head around that one.
17. Dissent and speaking up about these things is what used to make the US great… now one is suspect for Voicing Dissent and exercising Freedom of Speech.
18. ‘We The People’ I love it! We! The People!   No flags there. No mention of skin color.   Immigrants are not excluded.

19. We The People. Damn Straight! No us or them just ‘We’.  No Patriotic Jargon (which many confuse with Nationalistic Rhetoric), just We… let’s keep it like that, WE’re on the right Path.

20. Making a demeaning comment (as politicians often do to their opponents to display superiority and make their opponents look silly no matter how right their opponent may be) is not unlike our Mammalian Cousins tossing feces at each other…

21. It’s a sad day for Democracy when people are voting not for someone but against someone else.

22.  Governments do not want a free thinking People. Revolutions start when People are allowed to think.

On Vegetarianism:

1. I am not a Vegetarian, I just don’t eat Animals.

2. I have a hard time eating anything that could walk around and look at me before it was Murdered.
On Topics of Society, Peace & Love, Health & Other Topics:

1. They don’t allow Facebook in the loony bin.  Wait. Facebook IS the loony bin!

2. Another’s Post to BP  “At my kid’s school they gave them a questionnaire about their feelings.” 

BP: This is called profiling.  Something they do in these Indoctrination Centers they call Public Education.

3. Information is controlled… for Information is Knowledge, and it’s been said that Knowledge is Power.

4.  They say there is a fine line between Love & Hate. Often people scratch their heads, for how can there be a fine line between what seems to be opposite extremes?  That fine line is Passion.

5. Passion is Energy. And Pure Energy does not know if it negative or positive, bad or good, love or hate. Passion is directed through a medium (like electricity is through a conductor).  We are that Medium.

6. At the risk of sounding pretentious, those of us that have various insights of the world are often scorned by those who do not.

7. Another’s Post to BP: ” Tell me what happened to you. There is some majorly intense, repressed anger lurking under all the peace & LUV stuff.”

BP: All this Peace and Love stuff?   You make it almost seem like the Latest Fad!  When one has been in the Belly of the Beast and has clawed his way out; when one is sick of looking at all the war, hate, separation of people because of colors of skin & colors of flags; when one has seen what happens behind the scenes in government and religion; when one is sick of having Freedom being taken away while others accept it because they blindingly trust their government; when one wants to share what they have learned through experiences, trials, tribulations and is scorned, dubbed weird or eccentric; when one has seen government sponsored murder…  Peace & Love, Dear Friend, take on a whole new Meaning.

Don’t confuse my well directed, focused, Majorly Intense Passion in these matters for anything else.

8. Being Peaceful and Loving and wanting that in the world, does not mean I am a big fucking pussy and will let people walk all over me, Ol’ Chum.

9. Sleep is precious oil for my soul and sanity…

10. If someone is not feeling the love, often they should be taking a look inward and try to figure out why they feel this way… not blame it on someone else.

11. On the Bible: I speak Chinese and English (and dabble in 3 or 4 other languages) things do get lost in translation… or cannot be translated properly at all…how can we know Truth when we can’t understand the Language of Truth?

12. Money has turned People into Slaves. This is Genius. We hear, “Work Hard and you will be Rich someday…”  This, for 99% of the People, will never happen. But you will be making others rich, eh?  I think I’ll just enjoy my Life.

13. The Aramaic word for Virgin and Young Woman can be the same… and scholars believe that the Virgin birth did not happen. That a Young Woman gave birth to Jesus, not a virgin.

14. I’m exactly a 180 degrees on the left side of the Balance. I am no more Sad & Pathetic than those that keep professing Jesus is Lord.

15. Response to Christian website that states humans cannot be good without God:

I’m Good. People around me are Good.  We don’t have gods or your God in our Lives. We are still Good.   We don’t live with the Guilt many Christians, Jews and Muslims live with because they are not able to live up to the impossible Morality pushed on them by a dogmatic religion.
We are Free. Love for Humanity is our Moral Code.
We believe in Humanity and the Good Mother Earth from whence we came and to where we will return.
The Bible is so filled with contradictions how can anyone decipher it and come out with some kind of Morality?
How can anyone honestly believe in a Mysterious Omniscient Sky Wizard that rules over all?

We stopped believing in Fairies, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny (all stolen from the Pagans by the way) when we were children, one would think adults would stop believing in the Sky Wizard as well.        Peace and Love

16. It’s been said Home is where the Heart is… and Home is where I hang my Hat…  Home is….

17. It took me years to realize that when we hold on to anger, the one we are angry at wins.  We are using synapses -and other bits in our brain- energy, time – and all that is dedicated to focusing our anger on an individual, situation etc.  Letting go’ takes on a whole new meaning when we realize this.  Often we are angry because of what is going on inside us, and not the thing we are angry at.  What a joyous feeling to address a problem that gets our emotions going, understand why we are feelings the feelings we feel, addressing it, then letting it go and moving on to other things in our lives. And as a last resort for those who can’t let it go, remember this bit of Sage Advice:  The Best Revenge is Living Well.

18. A thriving economy throughout the ages has always needed slaves.

19. I like to shatter paradigms.  It is what I do…  If no one knocks me off a pedestal, I jump.

20. .don’t think of things as being good or evil — they just are.   Our experience of them makes them positive or negative for us.

21. On Public Education:  The problem is not so much the teachers as it is the system. The best teachers in the world are stuck in a rut (or better – a rock and a hard place) because of what they want to do and what they must do.

22. Public Education is designed to produce workers. People that obey.

23. Children should be outside all day playing and learning. Not stuck inside a classroom all day into the late afternoon. Then going home and getting their homework done before bed.

          This is not natural…. not the way our species has developed over the past few hundred thousand years.

24. Public Education – in its present form, in most of the world –  is Evil.

25. On Religion and Politics:  I learned that discussing Politics and Religion can be touchy topics. People do not like their boat rocked. But without the boat being rocked, there would be no progress.


27. The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.  Doesn’t stop me from trying to know though…   …beats the sh*t out of ignorance.

28. We should always question what we believe, to not do so is the epitome of idiocy.

On Our Species:

1. Human Nature? This is a word that is tossed around the lexicon like dice in a cup. We are still trying to figure out what Human Nature is.  Humans do stupid things, not because it is human nature, but because we are still thinking like mere mammals.

2. I am first and foremost an Earthling. Mammalian Piss in the form of a piece of cloth does not represent who I am.

3. Response to a pro-American post – I’m proud and thrilled to be an Earthling.  Thanks for the Men and Women who gave their lives for Amerika? Men and Women from all over the world have given their Lives for one country or another at any given time. Why does one love their country?  If we all loved the Earth instead of a specific place on it, what a joyous place it would be to live.

4. We are in control of our own lives. We make our decisions and must live with them and deal with the subsequent aftermath.

5. Murder: Because of ‘A’ – ‘B’ dies.

We’ll call them Adam & Bruce.

Adam kills Bruce. What we must look for is intent. Why did Adam kill Bruce?

Here are the possibilities:

A. It was an accident.
B. Bruce is killed through mistaken identity
C. Someone told Adam to kill Bruce.
D. Adam was protecting someone else from Bruce.
E. Adam didn’t like Bruce.
F. Adam thought he was protecting his country & fighting for his Freedom and Bruce was the Enemy.

G. Bruce took Adam’s sandwich.

6. A starving child steals something to eat. Is this right or wrong?

7. If I can’t stop myself… no one can.

8. The Written Word is Solace, A Sword, A Universe in a World.

9. Our Species has been trying to figure out what Human Nature is since we swung down from the trees and realized we were Human.

10. “Lust is Oblivious”

11. It says in the Bible, Thou shalt not Kill.   Yet Christians have been killing in the name of God and Jesus for at least 1500 years.

12. I love Lust.   Rules against Lust go against the very essence of Nature.



In Kindergarten, they taught us…

*to share

*not to fight

*to be nice

*to clean up our messes

*to help our friends and family

*to be ‘Good Samaritans’ and

*to work together…

…then some grew up and became Politicians and/or CEOs of major corporations.

*Resources are not shared, they’re often stolen and re-sold;

*fighting is rife in the Middle East

*can’t be nice when your cheating the populace

*messes are made and not cleaned up (oil spills, corporations like Monsanto destroying or ecosystems etc)

*friends and family are often put on the back burner for the sake of a career

*and many Good Samaritans are Good because of tax breaks.

~Perhaps we should take that Kindergarten Mentality and all start working together to make the world a better place…

It seems many of us forgot almost everything we learned in Kindergarten.

What Happened?


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Godmen: Jesus (the new guy on the block), Horus, Osiris, Attis, Krishna, Mithra, Dionysus. Need a Savior? Take your pick!

Need a Savior? Take your pick!

This is an Oldie but Goodie from 2011…. Happy Reading!

With the recent Storm of Religious Dialogue on my Facebook Wall (and a few other FB walls) and the Almost Rapture where, at last, we could have finally been free of some of these Fanatics in our Hair (and we also could have had quite a show watching them soar naked through our atmosphere into Heaven), I decided to break it down.

Was Jesus a real man? Who cares?

What is interesting though is that the Idea of a Saviour (like Jesus) is an old – very old – Concept.

Below I have taken a few other Godmen, provided a link of said Godmen and the parallels they have – and characteristics they share –  with Jesus.

There are many links, but I’m trying to keep it simple… if this tickles a Synapse or two, dig a little deeper and see what you come up with.

I often hear  Christians spout something like this:

“Only Jesus has the right to forgive our sins because of the price He paid & the fact that He is the ONLY risen Lord, who has conquered death”

How then do we account for these Godmen – a few who also died and were resurrected? Each of these GodMen has been a Saviour; was part of a Trinity; a couple were Hung from a ‘tree’ and died; and was Resurrected. They all had followers, most had Disciples, most had a Virgin Birth. I have 7 listed, but there are more. Lots more.

1. Horus (c. 3000 BCE):

2. Osiris (c. 3000 BCE):

3. Attis of Phrygia (c.1400 BCE)

4. Krishna c. (1400 BCE  – possibly as early as 5771 BCE):

5. Mithra of Persia c. 600 BCE:

6. Dionysus c. 186 BCE:

…and last but not least (and that’s debatable)

7. Jesus c. (4 to 7 BCE) – we don’t need to list anything here, it is all listed above with the other Godmen.

This next link gives an account of other solar gods (Jesus included) The similarities are worth pondering. Showing that there is nothing about Jesus that is ‘special’ per-se.

check out this link for other Godmen who share some of the same Jesus characteristics:

A bit on Matthew being full of BS and the mistranslation of “Virgin” and “Young Woman”:

Check these links out and if you would like to refute, disagree, write a rebuttal, please back them up with sources.

Have just been looking at these sources links:

Wow, this link answers a lot of questions:

This is a very good read:

Exciting Bits about Matthew:

I think one can still follow the teachings of Jesus without the Dogma & BS the masses have been brainwashed/indoctrinated to believe.

Peace and Much Love

I will have more links and sources up soon.

The Reaction this post made on Facebook is noteworthy… They are informative, and at the very least amusing. We have both sides of the spectrum here, two extremes battling and the funny thing is, two of them have each other blocked on FB.

I have re-posted the comments here:

Virgin Birth! Disciples! Died and Resurrected! It’s… Horus! Uhm… Krishna! …no wait… Dionysus!   Sigh.
    • Christian Lecours I pray exclusively to Viking gods now. Have you seen Thor? It’s much, much better than Passion of Christ. I guess Dionysus (Bacchus?) would
      be a blast to hang out with though. (especially at theRefuge!)Hard to decide.

    • Michele Dicks Mr.Lecours: with all due respect, good luck with that Thor worship. Did you notice in the Bible that The God of Abraham kicked the pants off of all otherforiegn Gods?

    • Jeff Evansthe best god is the one that kicks the most ass !

    • Cousin Avi‎@ Michele Dicks: Thor has a hammer. Jesus was nailed to a cross. Any questions?

    • Michele Dicks

      No Mr. Avi. No questions because the answer is clear, though not to you, apparently. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. Jesus Christ, willingly, laid down his life for the multitude. Thor would n…ever do that for any of his servants, he would expect them to do so for him. Jesus Christ has conquered death, by His resurrection. Thor glorifies war & death. Who then is more powerful? The wielder of death or the conqueror of death?
    • Cousin Avi

      Well, it’s an interesting question. Very much like, “Who would win a race between Superman and The Flash?” Since none of them exist in the first place, it’s rather an exercise in fantastic speculation.
      I find it interesting that you have s…uch a poor opinion of Thor. Have you spent much time studying Norse mythology? Apparently you consider yourself well versed in Abrahamic mythology. Of course, you recognize that the bible is not to be considered an authority on such things. It was written long after the alleged events by people who weren’t there, and subsequently edited, redacted, re-edited, re-redacted, rewritten, re-re-edited, translated, mistranslated, and then translated again by various councils, committees and an occasional Pope.
      Or are you one of those people who insist, “If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!”
      If the bible is the inerrant word of god, why did it need to be edited?
      Michele DicksKnow what, Mr. Avi? I’ve been on these roller coasters on Paul’s threads before & it’s just getting so old. It’s the same thing over & over. The thing I find that makes me not want to continue is that sooner or later, things just get ugly. believe what you want & I will do the same. Have a good one.
    • Cha L.Michele: Is this the same god that has allowed/caused/scheduled recent, past, and upcoming disasters that have, and will cause, the deaths of millions who he or she has created in his or her own image? It must be the god of Abraham who is all-loving, kind, and perfect…except for his or her need for beings to love and serve him or her.Why does this god show up in about a hundred other religions and religious texts?

    • Cousin Avi

      I’m happy to do just that, Ms. Dicks. It’s a lamentable fact that more Christians aren’t like you – keeping matters of faith where it belongs, as a matter of personal belief. Sadly, far too many of the faithful seem determined to inflict …their theological delusions on school curriculum, women’s right to choose, tests for public office, etc.
      When Christians understand why they reject all other gods, perhaps they will then understand why I reject theirs. Until that halcyon day, I consider it necessary to continue pointing out that they have no evidence and no special knowledge. Cheers.
    • Michele Dicks

      To Cha L.: You obviously still have the need to search, I’m cool where I am. Good luck with your quest for the answers to the questions you posted. I just haven’t got the time to sit & get into this stuff anymore. I’m sure you can find anot…her person who believes in Jesus & The God of Abraham to answer their stance on these questions, hopefully, from a sensible perspective for you. I just haven’t got it in me anymore. These debates go around in circles, & I have a life to run & yet, here I am again…..geez…..bye now & good luckSee More
      Yesterday at 2:07am · LikeUnlike
    • Michele Dicksit’s not resignation, Mr. Avi, it’s just time to stop beating a dead horse & wasting my time on hopeless causes….I’m sure you’ll respond to this, seeming you have the need to have the last word….& to whatever you have to say, again I say,…. whatever….

    • Cousin Avi

      Aww…don’t be like that Ms. Dicks. You came in here blithering about how your imaginary deity could kick the ass of all the other imaginary deities. When it was pointed out that your beloved sky wizard was responsible for some pretty heinous shit – genocide, slavery, murder, incest and infanticide to name a few – you returned to that tired old John 3:16 bit.
      Of course, the POINT of this thread is that there have been MANY alleged gods who died and were resurrected, so your fantasy that Jesus was only one who conquered death is simply not true. Of course, that only makes it just like all the other claims about Jesus, and Thor, and Zeus, and Krishna.
      No doubt you do get tired of running in circles: “Jesus is the one true god!” How do you know? “Because it says so in the bible!” Why should we trust that? “Because Jesus said so!” Wash, rinse, repeat ad nauseum.
      You even stoop to the rather pathetic level of insulting my expected response, as if your condescending dismissive tone weren’t offensive on its face, especially when laced with the arrogant certainty evinced by so many of you loving Christians.
      You say “Whatever”, but like most of the things uttered by the followers of the lamb of god, you simply are not willing practice what you preach.
      In case you missed it, Cha was not asking for answers. That was rhetoric, wrapped in sarcasm, and designed to point out the stone hypocrisy of your stupid Jesus crap.
      You had suggested leaving well enough alone, but you Jesus gobblers are just not capable of that. If you want to stop beating a dead horse and wasting time on hopeless causes, put the Jesus down and find something useful to do.
      Cousin Avi‎”Whatever” in 3…2..1…

    • Michele Dicks

      blah blah blah blah,……I know that Cha wasn’t looking for answers….I know the nature of the post…. just because I am Christian does not mean that I am not capable of facetiousness. So because you are not Christian means that you can …be a rude dick & I am not allowed to retaliate because I am a Christian & would thus be called a hypocrite? You are free to abuse my character, freely, & I can not retaliate by calling a spade a spade w/out someone saying, “OH FOUL! You can’t say that, your Christian! “….. you apparently think I am simple minded. That’s too bad. Your responses are so laced with anger, why is that? I find it sad…
    • Cousin Avi

      Save the passive aggressive whining, Ms. Dicks. I never said Christians couldn’t behave like petulant, er…Dicks – I’ve come to expect it and you only confirm those expectations.
      If you were aware that Cha was being sarcastic, your faux si…ncere reply, then, is simply another example of your hypocrisy.
      If you’re not willing to stand up for your faith in a fairy tale; if you’re simply going to dismiss the objections you already know are going to come from your ridiculous claims about what a badass your Jesus is, then DON’T waste people’s time barging in to a thread about OTHER gods, yammering about how your god and ONLY your god gave his life for the multitudes.
      I most assuredly consider you simple minded. I find belief in Jesus on the one hand and the flippant dismissal of all other faith claims on the other to be a sure sign that one is dealing with, at best, a willfully blind buffoon if not an intellectually stunted blilthering imbecile.
      Of course, you would presume my dismissive attitude toward your religious beliefs must be based in anger. That’s your way of refusing to deal with the uncomfortable questions I present; how you tamp down the nagging doubt that rises when your blind faith encounters reason. “Oh, he just hates god!”
      That would be silly – hating something that doesn’t exist. What I dislike are people who join a conversation, spout arrogant certainties about things they simply CANNOT know anything about, and then when they are confronted with objections, whine up a storm, pretend they’re being attacked for their pure faith, take their ball and go home. Except YOU don’t go home. You keep whining.
      Fair enough. Whine away…but you can save expressing your phony impatience and world-weary exasperation. You called it on – suck it up and deal with it. Put on your Big Girl Jesus sandals…or simply stay out of conversations you can’t handle. But if you’re going to wade into the pool, don’t cry when you get splashed.”blah blah blah whatever” in 3…2…1…
    • Michele DicksYou are such an ass….

    • Cousin AviHow very Christian of you. Is that turning the other cheek, loving your enemy, or doing unto others? I get so confused. Of course, if you Jesus freaks ever lived up to the bullshit you quote from your book of fairy tales, the hypocrisy would be far more shocking.

    • Cousin Avi

      Oh for fuck sakes, you petulant little hypocrite…go pray, or stone something, or confess. Do some fucking thing. Your butthurt Jesus tears, delicious though they are, grow tiresome. Me and my Thor hammer are gonna go crucify another Na…zarene.
      “Why hast thou forsaken me, father?” Shut up, and stop squirming…it’ll hurt less if you just hold still.Indignant Christian outrage / passive aggressive “I pity you” bullshit in 3…2…1…
    • Michele Dickshole

      Christine PetersonCousin Avi, Your tolerance is abhorrent. Insults in a debate keep us from considering your opinion.

    • Cousin Avi

      ‎”Us?”…oh, (to coin a phrase) for heaven’s sake. Did Ms. Turn the Other Cheek recruit some help? How typical. Christian faith requires the reinforcement of the similarly deluded.
      And which arguments are you ignoring on the basis that I’…m not showing sufficient respect for your silly theology? Not to put too fine a point on it, but my “argument” is that you’re all engaged in a comforting delusion for which there is absolutely ZERO evidence; that the bible is a cobbled together work of fiction, and that anyone who actually believes it is suffering from a popular form of mental illness.
      As for tolerance, insofar as you keep your mythology to yourself, I have infinite amounts of it. The more you inflict your Jesus juice in threads about other gods – calling THEM weak, ridiculous, or false while asserting the strength, seriousness and reality of your own – I shall object. When you go further and attempt to inflict your stupid creation story in the science classroom, draft laws preventing women from controlling their own bodies, and promote intolerance of other faiths even as you demand it for your own, then a lack of tolerance on my part is the least you may expect – you’re in for a fight to the death.
      Your hypocrisy is abhorrent. Your facile and superficial religiosity is insulting. Your arrogance and condescension is nauseating. And reducing your cohort to childish name calling is such sweet reward. My schadenfreude overflows!
    • Christine PetersonI am not religious. Ihave been struggling with thisfor awhile.Its hard to feel intelligent and believe in God. But,its also something that has been taught and instilled in us since childhood. I truly want to hear both sides of the spectrum on this matter but, its hard for me to base validity on your opinion when your insulting and abhorrent..

    • Michele DicksOH! There you are, Mr. Avi! After your last rant, I thought you had a stroke

    • Cousin Avi

      Well, since you’re not being specific, which of my posts do you find insulting? What is it about my naked contempt for religious faith insults you? Am I supposed to treat belief in fairy tales seriously? Is that it? I haven’t called anyone names. I only commented when Ms. Dicks decided to mock my friend Mr. Lecours for stating his preference for Thor. SHE belittled his chosen theology while promoting Jesus as the one true god. If she is permitted to insult my friend, I take it as my absolute and unfettered right to expose the paucity and hypocrisy of HER alleged faith.
      One is entitled to the respect one gives, which is exactly what she got. Alternatively, one is entitled to the respect one EARNS, and in the case of the god of Abraham, I would be hard pressed to lower myself or employ sufficiently coarse language to defile and insult that rotten fucker in the manner he deserves.
      Michele Dicksblah……….blah…………*yawn*…….blah

    • Christine Peterson‎”petulant littlehypocrit”, “jesus sandals”, using someones last name in a reference to an insult. Please consider expressing yourself without aggression. I think you both have valid points but, yourself righteous attitude is not swaying me towards your point of view.

    • Cousin AviWell, Ms. Dicks, if it bores you, and not to another too fine a point on it, fuck off somewhere. No one dragged you in here, no one is forcing you to stay. Or is this some sort of semi-literate, rather dull attempt at martyrdom? Are you being steadfastly dismissive and banal for Jesus?

    • Michele DicksI was hoping that if I made you mad enough, you would pop a vein &keal

    • Michele Dicksas in die….idiot

    • Cousin Avi

      I’m not trying to persuade anyone of anything, Ms. Peterson.
      As I am growing tired of pointing out, Ms. Dicks opened by mocking my friend and asserting the truth of HER faith. She offered to quit – called it “beating a dead horse”. I AGR…EED. But she keeps coming back. And if you read the thread, it is plain that Ms. Dicks herself both began and elevated the level of condescension. “Whatever” is not a recognized form of respectful debate.
      And, as is plainly obvious, she is no kind of Christian (at least as she would have anyone define the term)…now either seriously or jokingly wishing death and again calling names. Both juvenile and pathetic. Of course, this is exactly the sort of behaviour I expect from those who claim to walk with Christ.
      While you may not find me persuasive, one would hope that such discreditable behaviour would make you think twice about accepting the vainglorious and contemptible theology that permits anyone to behave like a Dick.
    • Cousin AviCalling someone a petulant little hypocrite is not name calling if they are petulant, petty and hypocritical. Resipsa loquitur.

    • Christine PetersonWell, debates are a form of persuasion. I read debates and learn from them. But, when they become insulting no one is getting their point across. I wish to see you both debate on the issue without insults anddebauchary.Thats all.

    • Christine PetersonWe all need tolerance in co-existence. But, I love how BP’s status can create such an overwhelming surge of anger, love, pain, tears, happiness. It’s kind of cool to seeall of the emotion involved here.

      Cousin Avi

      The problem is, Ms. Peterson, that my initial position – that there is no god; that dismissing all other faiths in favour of belief in Jesus is the mark of the logically and intellectually bereft; that there is absolutely no evidence to sup…port such belief; that the bible is a book of fairy tales invented by Bronze Age shepherds; that the Christian faith is a harmful, damaging, patently evil social structure; that indoctrinating children into it is a form of child abuse – is insulting to believers on its face.
      This was never a debate. I am not seeking to resolve any question. I merely took offense at Ms. Dicks mockery of my friend’s preference for Thor and responded in kind. It has progressed from there only at her insistence.
      I say again, I am not angry and have never been angry at any point. No pain, no tears…nothing more than slight bemusement at the stamina of another believer. It always surprises me that people with so little ammunition are so determined to fight battles they simply cannot win.
    • Michele Dicks

      Ya know? Your right, Mr. Avi, I have let my feelings of disgust against you totally make me see red….And I apologize. Why? Because you are right. Ya see, the thing is, Christians aren’t allowed to let themselves be pushed over the edge. W…e are held to a higher standard than others & when we do mess up, like I so royally have, others get all excited & start with the stuff you are saying. Christ was perfect, Mr. Avi, not me. And it is much easier to let your emotions take control when sitting behind a key board, miles away from the person irritating you. I’m not perfect, by any means. No one is & Christians are not capable of being better than others, but they have a hope & belief in a God who understands this. Just because I am an utter failure does not change who Jesus was & still is. I’m sorry that my behavior has reflected on my Lord Jesus. For that I am sorry. But you have not been very nice….
    • Michele DicksAnd you didn’t just defend your friend against my callous comment. You insulted Jesus with your “nail” remark, so you were just as bad as me, no?

    • Cousin Avi

      ‎”We are held to higher standard.” A higher standard than whom? What arrogance. The ease and condescension with which you dismiss Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, Jews, Muslims…the vast majority of the human race. It is JUST this sort of arr…ogant certainty; this placing yourself on a pedestal based on YOUR particular fairy tale while dismissing all others (and in total ignorance of those faiths), that is so very galling.
      And then, after asserting that you are held to a higher standard, the eternal excuse; the perennial qualification that while your god is great, you are just a humble believer, imperfect and prone to the very sorts of conduct you abhor and castigate in others, and all without the self-awareness to be ashamed at such two-faced, hypocritical contrivance.
      Don’t apologize to me. I don’t believe it’s sincere but rather simply another form of posturing; dressing yourself up in a facade of the forgiveness and tolerance Christians love to talk about and which none of them ever really manage to achieve. Nothing more than praying loudly in public – the appearance without the substance.
      As for being NICE, the next time someone expresses faith in Thor, or Allah, or Jehovah, or Krishna, PERHAPS you won’t leap in to tell them how wrong they are and assert that YOUR god is the one true god, who because YOUR book says so, kicked the pants off all the “foreign gods” (Foreign to where, one might ask? To whom?) Perhaps when YOU treat other people’s faith with the respect you demand, you’ll find more of it coming your way. Until then, you have no right to ask anyone to be nice.
      As for “insulting Jesus” that’s YOUR perspective. Perfectly reasonable people would see it as statements of facts: Thor had a hammer. Jesus was nailed to cross. Which of those statements is not true? Which is an insult?
    • Michele Dicks

      I don’t hold myself to a higher standard, other people do. When they know you are a Christian, as soon as you are heard to swear or slam the steering wheel & yell when someone cuts you off, they yell, ” You hypocrite! How unchristian of you…!” people don’t do that sort of thing to Buddhists & Muslims. I wasn’t saying that I put MYSELF to a higher standard, I have it done to me all the time. My apology is sincere. I’m sorry that I got so mad & took all of this so personally. Your Paul’s friend & I apologize to him as well. Your right, I was disrespectful to your friend’s admission that he prays to thor. I’m not saying this as an excuse, but I am definitely effected by the mockery of Christianity that I face on a daily basis online. As far as your statements concerning thor & Jesus, let’s be honest, your comment was designed to try to put me in my place because you were annoyed with what I said to your friend. I should of ignored it, but I took the bait. I don’t want to fight with you anymore & I’m sorry that I called you names. Can’t we just get to a point where we are not fighting anymore & try to tolerate each other? We are both Paul’s friends and I’m sure we will run into each other again. Haven’t you ever seriously had it out with someone & then called a truce? My anger has totally dissipated & I really am sorry, for the whole messy affair..
    • Cousin Avi

      I was never angry. You may expect to be mocked. Your faith posits that anyone who does not agree with you will be cast into a lake of fire for eternity. In the TOTAL absence of anything remotely resembling evidence, you assert the truth …of your mythology while dismissing everyone else’s. Some of you assert that the earth is 6000 years old. Others that the Rapture is upon us…and if not last weekend, then SOON! Various Christian sects engage in child abuse, child rape, polygamy, racism, misogyny, and demand to be permitted to inflict their dogmatic beliefs on secular government. If these things are not worthy and deserving of at least mockery, nothing is.
      Yes, my initial comment was absolutely designed to put you in your place. Clearly it failed in that regard.
      If you don’t wish to be held to higher standard than others, stop claiming special knowledge. You know nothing more about god or gods than anyone else no matter how fervently you believe that you do.
      As I have previously said, repeatedly, to the degree that anyone of any faith keeps their beliefs to themselves, I have an infinite degree of tolerance. I neither care what you believe, or that you believe it. To the degree you assert in public that you are right and others are wrong, my tolerance ebbs. And the moment anyone of any faith attempts to jam that faith into secular government, I consider that an act of war.
      I was prepared long ago to call it a day, and am now still so inclined. This tete a tete only continued at your call. And now, I bid you good morning. Please grant one courtesy: resist any impulse you might feel to pray for me.
    • Christine PetersonWell, I have learned something. I grew up with religion but it was not paramount in our house.  A lot of this I never knew. I never heard of Thor before this discussion either. So, thanks everyone for the info.

      Cha L.Christine, I grew up in a Christian household. It’s a pity that there was less information. To say that knowing of other mythological deities would have enhanced my life and intelligence would be beside the point, but the fact that other gods were evil, wrong, or fake WAS the daily point. This, I find/found disturbing.

    • Cha L.

      Michele, to derive that I need to search more is saying that you have found the ultimate truths and that I will arrive at the same place sooner or later. This, I have not taken offense at because it is the same answer I used to give when co…unseling potential Christians. It is, however, slightly laughable and technically insulting because whoever takes the time to reply to threads and debates like these should have already thought, pondered, questioned, and formed many opinions on said matter. Otherwise, it’s spewing hogwash.I am dearly close to many religious people. It’s a pity when I can’t discourse in depth with them on the subject of their faiths as they are almost literally blinded by their beliefs and yet show much insight into a great many other things. A pity.
    • Michele Dicks

      ‎@ Cha L.: Hi. You seem like a nice person & I’m sorry to get so on the defense like I do…..but considering your background, could you (seriously) please try to answer a question for me that I have been struggling with? Why do people so r…eadily embrace other gods, like thor & so wholeheartedly reject Jesus & the God who sent him? Why??? He has so much to offer us, & what do these other gods offer that makes them so appealing?
    • Cousin AviSince that was not directed at me, I shall not answer. I will, however, point out that the question is inherently biased and constructed on at least three false premises. Asking poor questions never results in good answers.

    • Michele Dicks‎@Avi: go crawl back under your rock, will ya?

    • Cha L.

      Michele: Today, people have embraced Thor as being god, or real, about as much as they have embraced Spiderman to have truly existed. The worship of Buddha, in my opinion, stems from his religion appealing to the intellect. I’d say he had m…uch to offer. Other prophets and gods have as much to offer to their followers as does the Christian gods. Every religion’s followers believe that their religion is right and that their prophets and gods ARE the true ones… etc. All things connected and stemming from religiousness isn’t all bad. Ex: temples of worship offer sanctuary, people feel better about themselves because of some deeds they have done in the name of religion.On the flip side, have you tried to consider the unimaginable damage religious fervor has done to mankind? From bringing up children to hate non-believers or to believe that they themselves, or friends, will burn in hell to horrific genocide, I stand on the side of atheism.
    • Cha L.Humanism, knowledge, experiential knowledge, awareness, the scientific method, logic (2+2=4) and open-mindedness is what I hope to stand for. HUMANISM!

    • Cha L.

      As for continuing this discussion, it’s obvious where you stand, Michele. I hope it is with me. I have books of memorized Bible verses which I could place here as a parting word, but in the wise words of Krishnamurti, “In this there is no t…eacher; no pupil…there is no leader. There is no guru. There is no master, no savior…You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the master, you are the guru, you are the leader. You are everything! And… to understand is to transform what is.”
    • Michele Dicks

      Cha L.: I was raised Catholic, does that explain a lot? I don’t consider myself Catholic anymore, as a matter of fact, I have rejected many principles taught by the Catholic church. I consider myself a Christian but my sister says I still s…ound very “catholicy” I don’t want to have a high & mighty attitude, but what’s the sense of believing in something at all if you can’t proclaim that it is the truth & if there are so many “faith truths” that lead to the same end, why bother with so many? It is disheartening to think that so many people who want to get to the same place can’t meet in the middle w/out wanting their beliefs to be the “right” one & I am guilty of that, I’ve learned. It feels like the foundation of my world is being shaken. The thought of there not being any truth to what I believe is enough to make me wonder what’s the sense of this life for then?
    • Kristen LeNormand AruteEveryone needs to do what I did and block Cuz Avi. It is so much more peaceful on FB without him. He is a playground bully with the bitterness of a scorned woman and the mouth of the foulest trucker. (I apologize for offending bullies, women and truckers.)

    • Kristen LeNormand AruteBear in mind that Paul says, “sic ’em” to Avi, and Avi doesn’t ask “how far” – he knows exactly what Paul means. Women should wash their hands of the two of them and their misogynistic ways.

    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      With that being said, I am eager to dissect the list. Let me start by saying that Jesus predicted in Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22 that there would be false gods. So it’s no surprise that there are lots of other dying and rising god claims… in other religions. The vast majority of critical scholars have abandoned the idea that the story of the resurrection of Jesus was borrowed from pagan mythology. Check out resurrection specialist Gary Habermas’ website. He says that he can count on one hand the number of scholars who have written the 2000+ books on the subject who attribute the resurrection to mythology.
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      ‎”First, the claims of Jesus as a myth or an exaggeration originated in the writings of 19th century liberal German theologians. Their claim was essentially that Jesus was nothing more than a copy of the widespread worship of dying and risi…ng fertility gods in various places—Tammuz in Mesopotamia, Adonis in Syria, Attis in Asia Minor, and Osiris in Egypt. None of these works ever advanced in the realm of academia and religious thought because their assertions were investigated by theologians and scholars and determined to be completely false and baseless. It has only been in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century that these assertions have been resurrected, primarily due to the rise of the internet and mass distribution of information that has no historical foundation or accountability.”
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      • Horus was born to Isis; there is no mention in history of her being called “Mary.” Moreover, Mary is our anglicized form of her real name ‘Miryam’ or Miriam. “Mary” was not even used in the original texts of Scripture.
      • Isis was not a vir…gin; she was the widow of Osiris and conceived Horus with Osiris.
      • Horus was born during month of Khoiak (Oct/Nov), not December 25. Further, there is no mention in the Bible as to Christ’s actual birth date.
      • There is no record of three kings visiting Horus at his birth. The Bible never states the actual number of magi that came to see Christ.
      • Horus is not a “savior” in any shape or form; he did not die for anyone.
      • There are no accounts of Horus being a teacher at the age of 12.
      • Horus was not “baptized.” The only account of Horus that involves water is one story where Horus is torn to pieces, with Isis requesting the crocodile god to fish him out of the water he was placed into.
      • Horus did not have a “ministry.”
      • Horus did not have 12 disciples. According to the Horus accounts, Horus had four semi-gods that were followers and some indications of 16 human followers and an unknown number of blacksmiths that went into battle with him.
      • There is no account of Horus being betrayed by a friend.
      • Horus did not die by crucifixion. There are various accounts of Horus’ death, but none of them involve crucifixion.
      • There is no account of Horus being buried for three days.
      • Horus was not resurrected. There is no account of Horus coming out of the grave with the body he went in with. Some accounts have Horus/Osiris being brought back to life by Isis and going to be the lord of the underworld.
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      But what does history say about Mithras?• He was born out of a solid rock and not from any woman.
      • He battled first with the sun and then a primeval bull, thought to be the first act of creation. Mithras killed the bull, which then became the ground of life for the human race.
      • Mithras birth was celebrated on December 25, along with Winter solstice.
      • There is no mention of him as being a great teacher.
      • There is no mention of Mithras having 12 disciples. The idea that Mithras had 12 disciples may have come from a mural in which Mithras is surrounded by twelve signs of the Zodiac.
      • Mithras had no bodily resurrection. The myth is told that Mithras completed his earthly mission then was taken to paradise in a chariot, alive and well. The early Christian writer Tertullian did write about Mithras believers re-enacting resurrection scenes, but he wrote about this occurring well after New Testament times, so if any copycatting was done, it was the cult of Mithras copying from Christianity.
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      More examples can be given of Krishna, Attis, Dionysus and other mythological gods, but the result is the same. In the end, the historical Jesus as portrayed in the Bible is thoroughly unique. The claimed similarities are greatly exaggerate…d. Further, while belief in Horus, Mithras, and others pre-dated Christianity, there is very little historical record of the pre-Christian beliefs of those religions. The vast majority of the earliest writings about these religions is dated to the third and fourth centuries A.D. It is illogical and unhistorical to claim the pre-Christian beliefs in these religions (of which there is no record) were identical to the post-Christian beliefs in these groups (of which there is record). It is more historically valid to attribute any similarities between these religions and Christianity to the religions copying Christian beliefs about Jesus and placing those attributes on their own gods/saviors/founders in an attempt to stop the rapid growth of Christianity.
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      ‎”While much has been written on this topic, no work from antiquity has more evidence with respect to historical veracity than the New Testament. The New Testament has more writers (nine), better writers, and earlier writers than any other …document from that era. Further, history testifies to the fact that these writers went to their deaths for claiming that Jesus had risen from the dead. While some may die for a lie they think is true, no person dies for a lie they know to be false. Think about it—if someone was about to crucify you upside down, as happened to the Apostle Peter, and all you had to do to save your life was renounce a lie you had knowingly been living, what would you do?”
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      ‎”In addition, history has shown that it takes at least two generations to pass before myth can enter into a historical account. Why? Because eyewitnesses can refute error put in print. Those living at the time could refute the errors of th…e author and expose the work as being false. All the Gospels of the New Testament were written during the lifetime of the eyewitnesses, with some of Paul’s epistles being written as early as 50 A.D. That early dating acts as a key protective mechanism against any falsehoods being accepted and circulated.”
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute

      ‎”In conclusion, the claims that Jesus is nothing more than a myth, a copy of mythological gods, originated from authors whose works have been discounted by academia, commit logical fallacies that undermine their veracity, and cannot compar…e to the New Testament Gospels which have withstood nearly 2,000 years of intense scrutiny. The alleged parallels disappear when they are compared with the original historical texts. Similarities between Jesus and the various mythological gods can only be argued for by employing selective and misleading descriptions.”
    • Kristen LeNormand Arute‎”Jesus Christ stands unique in history, with His voice rising above all false gods and continuing toask the question that ultimately determines a person’s eternal destiny: “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15)”

    • Michele Dicks

      ‎@ Paul: here is an example of my prayer being answered…….I prayed for God…(God the Father, of Jesus) so there is no miss-understanding….I prayed for Him to please send me the information I needed to explain the claims you made about these historical godmen. I prayed for clarity & understanding. I prayed for peace & truth in this matter which disturbed me, because I had no knowledge of any of it…..And I know you won’t see it this way….but he sent Kristen as an answer to this prayer…I know he did. He knew just the right way to help me…& He did. She doesn’t know this ( now she does ) but she answered an urging from the Holy Spirit to step in & address this issue…..I am so grateful to her for being my friend. Only God could know how much this means & proves His reality to me. The response is so precise & blatant, I can not miss it….That is how most miracles are, Paul. Only very clear to the person they are meant for. God does this for a reason. He wants us to believe by faith & trust in Him, not by scholarly proof…Kristen answered this matter on your level, maybe so that one day, you will come to believe again? Maybe….:)
    • Michele Dicks

      Especially with that very last quote from scripture. “Who do YOU say that I am”….I know that that was for me….I felt it pierce my heart…Any doubt that was haunting me has been washed away….My Lord didn’t let me flounder for long. He… saved me…Yes, my faith was tested. And when I faltered, my Lord “put His hands under me”…& gave me what I needed . This faith I have, that is solid as a rock, came from Him, you see…not of myself. And He will not let it be taken from me…When it was threatened, He intervened & put a stop to the threat…..amazing…..Why would I not want to worship a God who saves me from falling? Who always watches over me & keeps me in the palm of His hand? Anything of this world can be taken from me, & it is no big deal….sometimes He lets this happen. But to allow me to be taken from Him? Things (people) who belong to Him, He will never allow to be taken from Him. If you give yourself up willingly, that is different. But He knows the heart of a person. When your heart cries out for help, he gives it….I know….& that can’t be taken from me
    • Boston PaulMichele, this is not prayer being answered, Good Woman. This is not a miracle. This was to be expected. This is like flushing and praying for it to go down…The ‘got questions’ is a Christian website… Ms. Arute is using the Bible to defend the Bible.No one needs to block Cousin Avi. Michele, you handled him just fine. Ms.Arute was not accustomed to being ripped apart and hersnootiness did not work with him… scroll down my wall and you will see what took place, if it is not there, I will reproduce it for you.I will review your comments, Ms. Arute, thank you for taking the time to post them.

      Cha, thank you too for your posts. They were refreshing.

      The comments here were so good, I am going to make them part of this post I put up on my blog.

      Kristen LeNormand Arute and Cousin Avi since you cannot read what the other has posted, you can go here:

      Keep em’ coming and a friend of mine Sean Luo posted this today:

      ~A monk is met by a man, he does not know, who immediately starts hurling a continuous barrage of insults at him. The monk keeps his silence until the screaming man exhausts himself. Then the monk asks him: “If you offer me a gift and I do not take it, to whom does the gift belong?” The man responds: “It would still belong to me.” So the monk tells him: “I do not take your insults.”~

      Y’all take it from there.

      Peace and Lots of Secular Human Earthling LOVE!

God Suffers from a Variety of Psychotic Ailments.

I have been reading the Tanakh & other writings associated with the Judeo/Christian God. 

I’ve concluded that God’s not only Bipolar, but suffers from Erotomania, Adult Antisocial Behavior, Age-related Cognitive Decline & a variety of Cognitive Disorders.

I would also surmise he is a Sadist.

If God’s not dead, he should be medicated & locked up for a while.

He also seems to suffer Histrionic Personality Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder.

Look at God strictly as a character in the literary sense. Think of the Bible as a story and watch how God changes… why is this?

Perhaps because God is made up of a few Entities and twisted up all into one Monotheistic Happy Roll?

Here are a few names for God/The Lord:

God All Sufficient
Jehovah Elohim
The Self-Existent One
The Lord will Provide
The Lord Who Heals
The Lord Our Banner
The Lord Who Sanctifies
The Lord Our Peace
The Lord Our Righteousness
The Lord Our Shepherd
The Lord is There
The Lord of Hosts
Most High
Mighty One
The Branch
Holy One
God of Seeing

Note  that in Hebrew and Aramaic these are different words to mean different Gods.

Your thoughts?

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If God’s Not Dead…

This is a discussion we had from facebook that though it got quite heated here and there, stayed scholarly and somewhat rational.

I’ve brought it over here to wordpress to not only share with the rest of the world, but also to make it easier to reply to individual comments (which facebook will not let us do).

The brash statement I make below is based on a critical analysis of God as a Literary Character in a novel.  If one were to read a synopsis of the Tanakh as a story, one would see how the variety of gods (that eventually became the Judeo/Christian/Islamic) -the BIG3– God is suffering from a variety of psychological ailments.

Please feel free to comment.

…in search of Truth!


I’m reading the Tanakh & other writings associated w/ the Judeo/Christian/Islamic God.

I’ve concluded that God is not only Bipolar, but suffers from Erotomania, Adult Antisocial Behavior, Age-related Cognitive Decline & a variety of Cognitive Disorders.

He also seems to suffer Histrionic Personality Disorder and Separation Anxiety Disorder.

I also surmise he is a Sadist.

If God’s not dead, he should be medicated & locked up for a while.

Here are a few AKAs for God/The Lord:

God. AKA

God All Sufficient
Jehovah Elohim
The Self-Existent One
The Lord will Provide
The Lord Who Heals
The Lord Our Banner
The Lord Who Sanctifies
The Lord Our Peace
The Lord Our Righteousness
The Lord Our Shepherd
The Lord is There
The Lord of Hosts
Most High
Mighty One
The Branch
Holy One
God of Seeing

1st Wave of Comments:

Eric Ganassi that dastardly demiurge

Alonzo Lively Sadist for sure, and quite narcissistic as well.

Carel Bester Fortunately, that’s only one theory of what God is..

Boston Paul There are a whole bunch of names I did not put up… y’all feel free to add!

Boston Paul The effects of prayer:

Hank Truck My favorite name is The Highest of High!
(And I am what I am?…Wasn’t that Popeye’s line?!)

Michael T. Lane Read The Kingdom of God is Within You by Tolstoy. He sheds a wise light on the “bipolar” nature of the OT vs. the NT. Then he goes on to revile the entire foundations of Christian society and its hypocrisy. Good read.

Daffy DuK Dude.. they haven’t got me yet!! And you forgot hedonist !

Landis Wayne Shook waiting for god’s post on what he concludes on BP.. lol

Boston Paul He hasn’t spoken directly to any human being since the Book of Job.

Don’t hold your breath, bro.


Landis Wayne Shook What!!! You mean he doesn’t FB.. uh. uh.. the shock.. lol ha ha (and noted the type.. hasn’t)

Landis Wayne Shook Though the Mormon’s would argue with you there.

Sleepy Head Psychology will be the death of us all…

Boston Paul

Thanks Landis… God HASN’T spoken to humans directly since Job.

He could be on FB though disguised as Glenn Beck whom shares similar mental disorders.

It was the angel Mormon/Moroni (?) that revealed plates to Good Ol’ Joe Smith kind of like Gabriel giving the Qur’an to Muhammad.

Sleepy Head: if God is suffering from these disorders… and one is a believer… it could very well be!

Viba Gouriet

I am not familiar with how the Tanakh differs from the OT exactly and not sure what associated writing you refer to, but I am sure it’s no light reading. There is much more than meets the eye. As such, it would be foolish if one were to dra…w conclusions after, let’s say, browsing through the accounts of destruction and taking them at face value.

Admittedly, Mosaic Law was harsh with many accounts in the Bible confirming this. For me the account described in Numbers 15:32 is particularly disturbing. Then there are the foreskin trophies, among other violent acts, against the Palestinians, Egyptians, and lesser-known tribes, particularly in the accounts of David. To add to the woe, most of these books are easily disregarded by contemporary society and are considered out of touch with reality.

Yet, there are many treasures that remain and, in the writing’s own words, will never be discovered, by, the intellect. Oh, the irony! I do believe you can add a sense of humor to your list of traits. I could highlight some of the amazing prophesies of Job, Isaiah, Daniel – and there is much in King Solomon’s – despite his later failings – that strikes chords. Nevertheless, I fear it would defeat the purpose of self discovery. God’s withdrawal is well documented though, as is his intervention.

Primarily, I think you have to ask yourself why are you reading such material. Are you truly open-minded – not hard-hearted? Or perhaps, as a thinker, you have the objective of arming yourself with information so as to win a debate. That would seem wise, wouldn’t it? However, with such a premise, it is difficult to see how you will ever truly benefit from such readings. You could be climbing up the ladder – but on the wrong wall, for want of a better analogy. Of course, it would be easy to turn the tables and say the same thing about the other wall, but that is the wall you want study. The only prerequisite of which is that you are not hard-hearted as you begin. Can you say you are not? Unfortunately, most cannot.

I don’t mean to enter a religious debate here. Neither do I wish to enforce my views on others. I feel I neither have the means nor the time at the moment. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel slightly offended by your remarks. It seems Christians are everybody’s soft targets nowadays. I would ask how/why, but know human history will supply your answers. However, genuine Christians do get the rough end. I mean genuine – not the ponce, not the frilly hats.

I still don’t know the answers, but feel concerned that you have so freely drawn your conclusions after reading such immense material and have joined, what comes across as, little more than a smear campaign against religion – or more directly the Christian, and in this case Jewish, faith.

I cannot imagine you posting such inflammatory material about Allah for example.


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Rebuttal to a Hate-letter (entitled: RE: Don’t Buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) concerning a Muslim Stamp

Got this chain letter in my Inbox today…. got a bit furious and wrote a couple drafts before I finally hit ‘Reply All’ and sent it back to the People (and then some) who sent it to me.

Part One is the actual mail … Part Two is my Rebuttal.

Thought I would share it with y’all.

New Stamp – the second one!!!



Apparently they think that putting hearts and butterflies on the new stamp will  make most people not realize that the rest is Arabic and probably not something we want to support.

USPS New 44-Cent Stamp Celebrates a Muslim holiday.
If there is only ONE thing you forward today… let it be this!
President Obama has directed the United States Postal Service to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new commemorative 44-Cent First Class Holiday Postage Stamp.

REMEMBER to adamantly & vocally BOYCOTT this stamp, when you are purchasing your stamps at the post office.

All you have to say is “No thank you, I do not want that Muslim Stamp on my letters!

To use this stamp would be a slap in the face to all those AMERICANS who died at the hands of those whom this stamp honors.
REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of Pan Am Flight 103!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Military Barracks in Saudi Arabia !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the American Embassies in Africa !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the USS COLE!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM attack on 9/11/2001 !

REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MUSLIM attacks!

Pass this along to every Patriotic American that you know and get the word out!

Honor the United States of America!



Greetings,This is one the most ridiculous f*cking things I’ve seen… and I have seen lots of ridiculousness.

Boycotting a Muslim stamp?

Should I make a list of all the sh*t (you know – raping, pillaging, killing, robbing, plundering, etc.) Christians have done over roughly the last 2000 years?

This chain-mail is a racist, bigoted, ignorant slice of propaganda and I am astounded people I know even consider the ludicrousness in it.

What is this ‘us’ and ‘them’ thing?

We are Earthlings first.

If we changed ‘Muslim’ to ‘Polish’ the Nazis could have written  something very similar to this Racist Chain mail before they invaded Poland in 1939.

After-all, we need to hate a People before we can attack and kill them, eh?

What happened to Freedom of Religion?

Freedom of Speech?

Equality of the Human Species?

Note: Amerika is not a Christian Nation. Let’s not forget this.

Also Note: there is no official language either… that’s right. English is the de-facto language of the good ol’ USA – NOT the official.

Don’t believe me though, I could be as full of sh*t as this chain mail, check it for yourself.

Many of you are Christians.

What happened to ‘love thy neighbor’ and ‘treat others the way you want to be treated?’

Do you only spout that rhetoric in church and with other Christians?

Try living it.

I can see Jesus whipping the crap out of you like he did in the Temple if you showed him this BS.

You’re going against God after all… isn’t God Love?

Perpetuating that hate letter is anything but Love.

Now for those out there that forwarded this… did you check your facts before jumping on the band wagon?

George F#^#%ng Bush issued a ‘Muslim’ stamp  to reach out to the (very large) Muslim Community.

Obama had nothing to do with it.

I took the liberty, and the time out of my busy day, to do a little fact finding for y’all, since it seems no one here cared to.

Here’s a  tidbit for you…

Origins: The stamp exists, although it is not new, it is not a “Christmas stamp,” and it has nothing to do with Barack Obama: The EID stamp is a nine-year-old USPS Holiday Series stamp commemorating two Islamic holidays that have no connection to Christmas.The EID postage stamp was introduced by the United States Postal Service (at the then-current 34-cent rate) as part of its Holiday Celebrations Series on 1 September 2001, just ten days before the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. The EID stamp has since been reissued at updated first-class postage rates in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, and most recently in September 2009.

(That’s right People –  BUSH was the Big Cheese then – OUCH!)

Check it out for yourselves here:


You fell for a Fake Internet Hoax chain letter! Does anyone feel silly for believing this BULLSHIT, yet?

God I’m glad I don’t have that ‘I’m a schmuck feeling’ like many of you do (or should) have right now.

This chain letter perpetuates hate… we all want a peaceful world, no? Peace doesn’t start with asinine hate letters that do not even have the facts straight and that include the list of Muslim ‘crimes’ (some I can refute as well) at the bottom of E-Diatribe.

You all should be smarter than this… and ashamed of yourselves.


PS: Scrutinize CNN, FOXnews, Glen Beck and all the other inept bone-heads that perpetuate this Madness.

Knowledge is Power.


One exclamation point… perhaps two and at the most three (!!!) will suffice…  over 10 should have been an early warning that some knucklehead wrote this right after fantasizing about G. Bush’s picture.

(RE: Don’t Buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Feel free to drop me a line with your rebuttal, sentiment or just to say hello.

Peace and Love

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