A Few Words from your Friendly Photographer at Boston Paul Pix

Waiting for your Photographer to edit your photos?  Read on!


This was just going to be a quick note about photo priority (who gets photos and when) that I put up on my site at Facebook (BostonPaulPix)  but the more I wrote the more I felt like I needed to write more to explain the process many photographers go through and some of the BS they encounter as well.

So here’s a blog post … be enlightened and enjoy my attempt at articulating.


This is to no one in particular per-se.  But overtime I have worked with hundreds of people and have encountered quite a few people who push a bit for a photo or photos (I took of them or their event, or their concert etc.) to be sent  to them immediately after the event.  They are mostly polite and it’s all good, but I just feel the need to clarify a few things so there is no confusion – and so I stop sounding like a broken record!

(How many times have I said, “I’ll get to them as soon as I can!”)?

So for the record, I have made a list (and a bit of protocol) of who gets priority when it comes to getting photos.  And knowing and talking with other photographers that do this for a living or have at least made photography a big part of their life – I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority of them, too.

Editing Priorities

1. Commissioned – Contract
2. Commissioned – No Contract
3. Deals Made with Organizers/Clients/Friends
4. Creative Work with Others
5. My Own Creative Work
6. Everything Else

Look carefully at this priority list. If you want your photos faster, then you know what to do, make yourself Priority 1, 2 or 3 – otherwise please be patient. I am very busy – and so are the other photographers I know.

So here’s a bit of explanation:

Editing Priorities 1 -3 are usually completed anywhere from two days to two weeks depending on what is stipulated in the contract or agreement. This is commissioned work of course and pays for new equipment, rentals, food etc.

Photographers spend hours a day shooting, then organizing the photos, then editing.

There are 24 hours in a day. I try to sleep six of those hours. I have a family and friends, other work, house-keeping, writing, exercise and more and on average I have a few shoots a week where I usually take hundreds of photos that need to be sorted and filed.

Even before the editing process, photographers have spent hours just going through photos looking for the best shots.


Giving you The Original Copies or RAW Files

For the record – no, most of us WILL NOT give you the RAW/original files unless of course we work out something that benefits both of us.  I know of no other photographer, unless it is specifically stated in a contract, that will hand over their original/RAW work. So please don’t ask.

Other Forms of ‘Payment’

I think I speak for most photographers here too: Giving us ‘payment’ by ‘promoting’ our work on your social media is not enough, unless you have millions of followers and a posting will make our photo trend or go viral, don’t bother using this as leverage or for bargaining.  (This also goes for other Artists and Musicians!)

Personally, I stipulate you must give photo-credit and use the BostonPaulPix link if you use any of my photos anyway. You are using the photo because I captured the moment and make you look good (or better – some of you look good already!).  I spent time editing the photo to bring out your best look AND you like the photo – or you wouldn’t be using it on your social media, right?

If your boss asks you to work for free. Would you be happy about that?

Probably not.


Bassist Craig S

That being said…

Working Together

Here’s another thing about doing photo-shoots.

Photographers spend a lot of time and money honing their craft (which takes years) and buying equipment (which is EXPENSIVE).  Upgrades cost money, editing takes lots of time and though we do it because we love it, it is still WORK.  So please keep that in mind when asking us to do something (ESPECIALLY if it is for free).

If we are to go on a shoot (see Editing Priorities 3, 4 and 6) then please prepare to pay for (all or half depending on the shoot):

1. Venue Expenses such as
    A. Motel rooms
    B. Venues requiring a ticket or fee (the zoo, a music/art event etc)

2. Travel fees
    A. Gas/Petrol
    B. Highway Tolls
    C. Parking Fees

3. Snacks, Meals and Drinks

4. Anything special YOU need for your shoot.
(NOTE with Priority Clients 1, 2 and 3 this is usually worked into the fee).

If you and the photographer are going on a shoot… at the VERY LEAST you can give what’s called an Honorarium. 

An honorarium is a payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge.  On average it is 50 to 100 US or 1000 to 3000 Taiwan dollars. This also bumps you up to Number 3 on the priority list.

Photographers are not just snapping a shot on their cell-phones for friends to see on social media.  They are thinking about the composition, how they will edit in post, thinking about lighting, the background of the shot, how to make you look good…  and much more.  Then we spend hours editing trying to make the end product as good and/or artistic as possible.

Shooting Nudes/Boudoir

While I have your attention – most professional models know this – but when a photographer shoots nudes, the fee is HIGHER NOT LOWER. There is much more editing to do when we shoot nudes … MUCH more!

There is a lot more skin thus a lot more we have to edit out. Red marks, pimples, scars, stretch marks, etc. etc. (unless of course the model wants to leave them all in …but still)

IMG_9178 b


Personally, I don’t mind taking photos for fun when the opportunity presents itself, but I don’t like to be pushed especially when I am doing it for ‘free’ and remember, you are one among many – so please be patient…. and remember this is nothing personal, I love you all, but you know… all of the above.

That about wraps it up. I might add to this later and tweak it out a bit… but I think I have covered just about everything.

If you have read this far, thank you for caring and I hope to work with some of you soon.

Feel free to add your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments or send me a personal message.

Oh… one last thing:

For those of you I have told to give me reminders from time to time just to keep you on the back burner… rest assured you will get them soon! Keep in touch!


You can Follow the Militant Hippi/Boston Paul on

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/boston_paul_pix

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LUVstock: Why You Need to go! The History. The Mission.



Part One: The LUVhistory

Part Two: The Mission

Why you need to go to LUVstock!

*No Commercial Sponsorship.
*Grassroots Beginnings which we continue
*Support your local Musicians & Artists
*Be in Nature
*Get and give a weekend of Music, Peace & Love


Part One: The LUVhistory

History of LUV

    LUVstock has been around for a while.  It started out as a musician’s birthday party (we’ll call him “P”) in an empty residential neighborhood way back in 2000. As the years roared on, the party got bigger and the impromptu, improvisational jams turned into actual shows with bands asking or being asked if they wanted to play at the party.
    Two bands turned to five, then five bands to nine.  The initial birthday party had thirty or so guests that turned into a gathering with fifty or sixty guests that eventually became a mini fest with over 100 guests attending… and it kept growing!

P’s Birthday Party turned into P-Stock (as a bit of a joke when the party was written about in a local magazine) and once it became a thing (in 2006) it became a two day mini-fest and was renamed LUVstock. 

Vendors replaced potluck. A LUVcrew and voLUVteers were needed to take care of logistics and bits. 

LUVstock subsequently had to move out of the neighborhood into a bigger venue (2009) and grew from 10 bands to about fifty bands (with a few DJs) on three stages over two days.

LUVstock was held in an old unused amusement park. It was special. Old rides from yesteryear with peeling paint, old machinery, overgrown shrubbery, screams of delight from children still echoing in the wind – all added to the charm of the venue.

At the LUVmeetings it was often brought up if there should be a cover charge.  P always said no.  He paid out of pocket. Donations were then suggested and P thought that might be a good idea as costs – for what was becoming a big festival – were increasing. Rent for the venue, three stages, sound & sound crew, vending tents, T-shirts, crew, staff, bar stock…. and everything else.

Guest Attendance for LUVstock doubled at this new venue and by the time 2012 rolled around LUVstock saw roughly a couple thousand people over two days.  It had grown into a huge production and was done with no budget and supported only through donations.

LUVstock became a social experiment.  Could The People all pull together and pay for a big festival?  It came close, but was always short.

In 2013 it was projected to grow even more. A couple days prior however, it was reported that a Huge Typhoon was going to hit the Island.  Taichung, where LUVstock was held, almost never got hit hard, so LUV wasn’t called off.

The winds and rain started the Friday night before and people began arriving.

Most of the vendors pulled out, stage/sound crew had to pull out, a few out-of-town bands pulled out. Was the LUV called off? Perhaps it should have been, but they decided to go for it! The Festival was moved inside The Refuge (which could hold about 300 people) and while the Music was ROCKING inside, the Typhoon was ROCKING outside!  LUVstockers braved The Winds and Rain from Mother Nature who happened to not be in a nurturing mood that weekend.

LUV2013 was a magical one… it also happened to be the last one at that old amusement park as the land was sold a couple of months later.

The organizers then looked for a new location. Everyone searched high and low, far and wide. The organizers even thought to bring LUV to another city. Venues were either too expensive, too far away, too many neighbors (thus sound complaints) or not compatible with the LUV vibe.

Summer 2014 saw no suitable venue.  So LUVstock – after five years of being held on a vast piece of land – was brought back to its original location in the now not-so-empty residential neighborhood.  It was called MiniLUV and had a few bands, a vendor, and some very awesome attendees.  Another MiniLUV was held in 2015.  The LUV was kept alive. The organizers refusing to let that flame blow out.

Then in March of 2016, P was asked to help organize another unrelated event – a going away party for a friend. The venue they found happened to be a farm in the jungle of a mountain. A venue that P had been to a few times before – many years ago – for a few trance parties.

The party happened. It was awesome. P and the landlords (a couple of farmers) drank tea together and bonded. They asked if P wanted to do another event there one day (they didn’t want any trance parties, but they loved the Live Music!). The LUVseed began to grow.

The LUVstock Music Festival now has a new venue, a new time of year (changing from a summer event to an autumn one) and reasonably priced tickets.

November, 2016 had hundreds of people come from all over the island to get a little bit of LUV.

To all the LUVstockers past and present who have waited patiently for us to put on our magical Festival again….  THANK YOU!

….LUVstock is back!

(If you want to be involved with LUVstock please drop us an Email: LUVstock @ live . com (no spaces)  and share your ideas!  If you are a Band, DJ, Vendor, Sponsor, want to voLUVteer or have any questions… drop us a line!)


Part Two: The Mission

LUVstock means so many things to so many people over the last decade.  In this day and age, the world needs a little bit more love… if people are shown love they will spread love. It’s contagious.  For years LUVstock was a donations only event.  In 2016, the organizers decided to sell tickets to pay for everything needed.  The LUVorganizers kept the tickets as cheap as possible for a trial One Day Event.  The Event went off without a hitch, got all the bills paid and invoked good feelings all around.

The LUVstock mission will to be to continue that Groovy LUV Vibe. Eventually getting more international bands to come play (we had Van Coke Kartel from South Afrika in 2011!

Van Coke Kartel at LUVstock 2011DSC00010 (16)DSC00004


The Organizers and Patrons of LUVstock hope to perpetuate Peace, Love, Tolerance, and Understanding through Art, Music and Camaraderie.

Join us!





2018 Facebook EVENT PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1948647502039332/

FB LUVstock Page: https://www.facebook.com/LUVstockFamily/



You can follow the Militant Hippi/Boston Paul on Facebook:

BostonPaul Facebook Photography Page:  





Art, Music, Taiwan & The Refuge Community for GuanXi Magazine

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

                       Art, Music, Taiwan & The Refuge Community

DSC00078 (3)

(This article was originally written for Guanxi Magazine Spring Issue/2016)

It was the year 2000 and spring was swaddling Taiwan as we moved into our new house on a dead-end street. Little did we know how that move – over the next sixteen years – would affect people’s lives – and moreover how much our own lives would change in that time.

We had worked out a pretty good deal on rent as it had only been a few months after the big devastating earthquake in the autumn of 1999. The house was a bit farther away from the city, and had a good sized yard. Perfect.

Friends began visiting from the city. They would lay in the grass, look up at a sunny sky while birds were chirping and exclaim… what a refuge!

Hearing this so many times and from so many different people we all started referring to our home as The Refuge. People brought their art, art supplies, instruments, food and ideas on the weekends. Together we would make art, music and share food and ideas. 

A Community was being built without us realizing it at first and it grew exponentially. There was no other place like it that we knew of in Taichung and at the time, no one was doing what we were doing. It was revolutionary.

Because of my love for music and art – and the whole birds of a feather concept – Our ‘refuge’ attracted artists, musicians, thinkers and supporters from all walks. Many Taiwanese frequented our place of course but there were also people coming from all around our beautiful island paradise – and the world. Then we started doing small events… some that grew into big events.

The Refuge has gone through many changes since the early 2000s and will keep changing with the times and the environment.  But one things is certain: The Refuge is all about the Art and Music Community.


In the spring of 2011, the mayor of Taichung shutdown all the bars and music venues after a popular bar (that featured live music) burned down in Taichung, The Refuge Community defiantly stayed open. We felt it was worth the constant risk of being raided and fined just to keep the music scene alive. We had just relocated The Refuge to an old amusement park and because of the fire and subsequent shutdown of venues, we were the only venue (opened past 10PM) in Taichung where bands could play… and play they did!

Unfortunately, the land where that Refuge was for three years has since been sold to a big corporation and we have moved back to our original location. But we still have events and we still support aspiring musicians and artists.  We still have an eye out for another awesome venue, but to date, we haven’t found anything as special as when we were at that old amusement park. We’ll keep looking though!

Speaking of aspiring musicians and artists… after spending some time going to The Refuge events, and meeting the movers & shakers and supporters of The Refuge Community, many have discovered the artist within themselves. Surrounded by experienced and talented artisans from around the world, aspiring artists and musicians get the encouragement they need to go for it. The Refuge has seen thousands come through its doors.  And what a high it is to see people discover their talent or develop skills they never knew they had. What a high it is to see someone with skills and finally getting the opportunity to see those skills manifest. The Refuge Community gives people that necessary encouragement to grow. And that is beautiful.

And it’s that high and that beauty that keeps us doing what we do.


The Refuge acts as a nerve center for charitable and cultural activities and puts on a variety of large and small events. Some of these events include: LUVstock (Music/Art Festival), Basic Aid (Fundraising/Charitable Organization), Hobo Happiness (Folk Fest featuring Scott Cook and other Local Musicians), Luna-C (Full Moon Events with Bands & DJs) as well as helping and promoting others and their events around the Island. LUVstock for example grew from a house party with one stage, a few bands and fifty or sixty guests –  to moving to a bigger location with three stages, fifty bands, twelve DJs, vendors, camping and over 2000 guests getting their groove on for the weekend… and without ever selling out to The Man.

There is so much more The Refuge does or is part of, but this article has a word limit, so be sure to find us by looking at the links at the end of this piece.

The Refuge has an eclectic collection of art, music, doodads, trinkets, musical instruments. The Refuge boasts over a terabyte of music from around the world and over two terabytes of local music and shows that we have recorded over the years. And we have a pretty damn good sound system to listen to it all on, too! The Refuge is a friendly inviting place that is always – as many of you know – morphing into something different, new and interesting. People come from all over the Island with their ideas, and artistic know-how.


This is what keeps The Refuge relevant, growing and fun.

Come be part of a Refuge Jam, a drum circle… come to an event (we usually have events at least once a month – look below for links!).  The Refuge is still one of very few places in Taichung that continues to have Live Music in a very chill environment.

Look at the links below to see how you can be part of The Refuge Community and be up to date for Refuge Happenings!

Come be part of what we do.

The Refuge is an icon in Taichung as it continues to provide Creative Outlets for Artists, Musicians, Bohemians & Truth Seekers. Come explore, create & make new connections with others.

                                           A Strong Community Makes a World of Change.

If you would like to get in touch and find out more about Boston Paul & The Refuge Community, check out the links below:



You can Follow the Militant Hippi/Boston Paul on Facebook:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MilitantHippi

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