Throw Back Thursday: Boston Paul – 17 Years Old.

Just found this old gem!

Boston Paul before he was Boston Paul.

Boston Paul @ 17ish years old.

Paul at 17 years old Hanover Mass


Oh how the years go by!

This picture was taken about a year before I joined the army. The shirt I’m wearing is a Ronnie James Dio concert shirt. I believe the picture was taken in Hanover, Massachusetts. They called me Gypsi (and still do!)

That picture seems worlds away…  as I write from the other side of the world.

Times were different back then, I remember a Fuck Society Attitude, a Fuck God Attitude, and a I’ll Do What I Want to Do & I’ll Do it My Way Attitude.


I still got Attitude. Still forging through Life and doing it my way.

ButI know where I stand in the world.

I know I want Peace & Love in the world and struggle to bring that about at all costs, despite the Nay-Sayers, The Ignorant, The Negative Ones, The Jealous & Envious Ones, The Gossipers & Back Stabbers and the Fake Ones.   The more you rise up and the more well known you get, the more you’ll encounter these types of people. People who want to bring you down.

Keep being true to yourself, your friends and family…

Thank Thor & His Buddies that the Good Ones out number the ones listed above.

Happy Throw Back

Peace & Love


Paul Farrar

Thats the man I know and love….. Good Stuff!
Boston Paul

I don’t look like that anymore LOL… a lot less hair on the head and face.
Paul Farrar

I hear yah… Ive seen your rescent pics…. I just remember that Gypsy there…. That dude was my idol….
Yariv Silverhair Florentin

Hi Rambo
Andrew White

thats my memory of you Paul! “I love the 80’s”
Paul Farrar

The Gypsy was one of the most feared men of the South Shore………. The name (Paul Davis)-Gypsi, saved my ass a couple times over the years hangin with the wrong crowd…. I was a relative—–I was left alone…
Adam Hoole

That is AWESOME!
Roland Le Lopez

Dwayne Young

Bogan Paul….now Boston Paul..ha ha!
Caitlin Audrey Boyce

Isabelle Giguere

You look scary man! 😉
Robert Thé

That’s a very old looking teenager 😉 I prefer your current look!
James Tinker

You look like a groupie for the Grateful Dead. Either that or a heroin addict. Orperhapsanarc working undercover pretending to be a heroin addict. No no, I got it,abikernarc working undercover pretending to be a heroin addict who follows the dead in his spare time.

Robert Thé

One of the Freak Brothers at least 😉
Max Rock

ha… look just like “Zohan”! you know the adam sandler’s movie????
Steve George

ha ha. Nice one. I scrolled down to read the comments and unknowingly went to an unrelated comment: ” My only concern is that he’s looking a little Michael Jackson like now. His facial fur has been shaved, by the way.”
Viba Paul Gouriet

is this the before or after?
Kim Gillen-Macinnis

I remember those days….lol
Roland Le Lopez

hey boston ya know i grew up in encino ca, and used to play basketball with Ronnie james…nice
Kate Chang

wow !! 🙂 Nice!
Maako Ishikawa

Cheech & Chong’s lost sidekick, höhö..
Faye Blais

hehe i love it.
Joe LoSciuto

I remember the hair quite well!!

Janet Chen

Ha ha ha ha ha ~

Tricia Glasco

WHOA !! …thatlookstylewhateva u want 2 refer 2 is def in the here & now …what a trip Paul !! ..that’sXactlyhowi remember u !!didi say WHOA?!?!!

Sean Luo

“Can I borrow a cup of…”

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