Freedom & The Perils of Being Black or a Person of Color (in the USA)

For the Past 10,000 years or so, The World at Large has never really been Free. There has always been a ruler claiming authority from the gods or claiming divinity themselves. This divine power then gave them the authority to subjugate and enslave the populace. To do what they will to ‘their’ people.

Great Philosophers throughout the ages write of Freedom, Liberty, Pursuits of Happiness. These Writings which have made it into various Constitutions and are the very fundamentals of Democracy in much of the ‘First’ World …are but pipe dreams. These Pipe Dreams look good on paper, but are rarely fully allowed.

The United States in its infancy proclaimed Freedom and Liberty for its ‘We The People’ while they embraced Slavery, Indentured Servitude, and Hazardous Working Conditions & Racism for the Chinese building the railroads.

They proclaimed ‘All Men are Created Equal’ while they Bullied & performed Acts of Genocide to The Indigenous Peoples that lived on and worked the land – thousands of years before any White Man decided to occupy, lie to & exploit, rape & pillage, torture, displace, remove and/or kill these First Nation Peoples of the Americas.

One would think that as our Species evolves, we should be moving away from how other animals on the planet live. Our Species has developed technologies that can improve the lives of everyone on our Planet without destroying it. Yet, we stick to outdated modes of energy and outdated ideas about labor because we’ve ‘always done it this way’.

Our treatment of Fellow Humans has not changed and is not much different from other Species of Animals. Species that we sometimes watch with horror as when a Lion chases down and tears apart a Gazelle.  People living in the United States still live in a hierarchy where the One Percent treat the other 99% – particularly if you are a Person of ‘Color’ – as Peasants, Subjects, Slaves….  and Gazelles.

In regard to shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers in recent months – these atrocities have been happening for a very long time – long before we heard about it in the popular media –  but has in the past year or so been making headlines as the power of the internet & cell phones with cameras make it easier for The People to film and connect.

It really makes one wonder how this could still be happening. How ignorance, racism, stereotyping and bigotry persist.

The now dated US ideal was – once upon a time – that of a melting pot; a metaphor from the 1780s for a heterogeneous society (i.e. an all white society with Indigenous & African Slaves kicked to the peripheral) becoming more homogeneous. By the early 1900s with more and more immigrants coming from Europe and other parts of the world, the hope was that these different elements or people and their cultures would be melting together into a harmonious whole becoming one culture… the US of A culture.

That of course has not happened.

Perhaps we can blame religion; rich vs poor; white vs everyone who is not white; greed; cemented & hard to give up traditions; and whatever else is lurking in the dark recesses of our sub-conscious.

Fact is, it’s taking a couple of centuries to get where we are now. Change has been slow and painful.

*Women & Those of Color & Those Who Don’t Own Land can vote now.

*We can all drink out of the same water fountain.

*We can sit where we want to on the bus.

*We can share the public toilets.

We rejoice over small steps as politicians smile smugly at the cameras thinking of their legacy… their legacy being a small bone tossed to the tail-wagging masses to celebrate. The legacy – and fallacy – of granting ‘freedoms’ of what should should have been a right in the first place.

Rights continue to be fought for as in a few states one can now get married to whomever they choose and smoke a joint after work without fear of a SWAT team decimating the front door, killing their dog and shooting at their family members (though this can still happen in other states… and does).

Still, the US as a nation regrettably still has a long way to go as the rich are catered to and everyone else can F$%^ right off.

We are told that it is better in the US than other parts of the world, so we should be content with what we got.

Granted. We’d rather live in the US than other dangerous countries. Of course. But most of these other countries are not claiming to be a The Land of The Free, are they?

How exactly is Amerika The Land of The Free when the US Government imposes ridiculous laws or prevents people from truly living free?

Discrimination, Racism, Bigotry and Modern Day Slavery are still rampant in this Land of The Free:

If you’re a brown skinned person in the US, you are being discriminated against for one reason or another whether it’s in the Media, with the Police… and always by the Ignorant (We’re looking at you white skinned protestant Christians residing mostly in the South. We’re looking at you Top One Percent).

If you’re Native American, you’re discriminated against. You’ve been shuffled to Reservations as soon as the White Man broke the Treaties they intended on breaking anyway. More often than not you live a life of extreme poverty often accompanied by alcoholism. Indeed, there are those First Nations that have opened casinos and thrive, but for the majority it is still a day to day struggle.

If you’re Asian, you’re discriminated against. The Chinese had one hell of a time in Amerika in the 1800s building the railroads in slave like conditions. Wars the US had with Vietnam, Korea and Japan have perpetuated stereotypes, bigotry and racism towards ‘Oriental’ looking people.

If you’re African American, or confused as one (Caribbean, Jamaican, Haitian) you’re discriminated against… and have been since the first slaves arrived, when slavery ended in 1865, and right up til present day. The Media perpetuates stereotypes and deepens the ever widening crevice dividing the People.

If you’re Hispanic, you’re discriminated against often as a ‘border jumper’ (even though you might come – legally – from Puerto Rico). One must wonder why United Statesians worry so much about the ‘Wet-back’ border jumpers coming from the South and not so much about the ‘Ice-back’ border jumpers coming from the North.

If you’re of Middle Eastern descent, you’re discriminated against. You are often viewed as a Terrorist and treated with suspicion even though you might be from India or born in the US. The Media also perpetuates these stereotypes with fervor. People living in the States often forget that Terrorists come from everywhere and are of every color.

If you come from a country with mostly brown people, watch the fuck out, because Amerika will bomb you eventually (look at the track record).

If you were a white indentured servant (Irish for example) you were discriminated against (though the Irish could lose the accent and change the spelling of their last name to blend in… a bit more difficult when you’re a person of ‘color’ though)

Fact is, the Rich, White, Alpha-Male, Men that run Corporate Amerika don’t give a fuck about anyone. If you punch a clock and put up with all the BS of living and working in Amerika at low wages and no job security, barely making enough to pay for necessities, and no health care – you’re a modern day slave. Hell, even Slave Owners from the 1800s made sure their investments (their slaves) were healthy and taken care of… not so much now, eh?

Corporate Amerika does not buy slaves from Afrika anymore, but Slavery is still rampant in the US and in the form of Sweat Shops.

Do you wear Nike Shoes? Converse? Reebok? Where were your clothes made? Made in China? Indonesia? Vietnam? Then you – no matter what your color is – support Modern Day Slavery.

Sometimes the Irony just smothers me.

We the (Free-Thinking!) People, we Earthlings, we Brothers & Sisters of the World must put aside the ‘us vs them’ mentality when dealing with each other and focus on the real Enemy… those in Power that make it difficult for ‘us’ – the We The People of The World – regardless of color, creed, religion – to freely carve out a life where we are happy with our work; happy with our Communities; where we can move about freely; not have to worry about government/corporate interference in the form of Ridiculous Laws, Unfair Taxes & Red Tape that stretch from Sea to Shining Sea; and that age old endeavor: to Pursue Happiness.

Sadly, The United States of Amerika is not the Land of The Free anymore, I’m not sure it ever was.

The Fallacy Bubble is popping.
The Pipe Dream is smoldering.
The Streets are not paved with Gold. In fact, they’re not paved at all.
The Pursuit of Happiness is really a Pursuit of Consumerism.

People are realizing that The American Dream is not a dream, but a Frightmare in which the only way out, perhaps, is to Wake Up and Get the Hell Out of There.

What does it mean to be Free then?

*Doesn’t being Free mean not having to worry about being harassed, looked at suspiciously or lecherously because of gender, race or religion?
*Doesn’t being Free mean having food on the table, affordable health care and clean air to breathe?
*Doesn’t being Free mean having control over your own body, having a smoke or a drink now and again, being able to be unhampered in your pursuit of Happiness?
*Doesn’t being Free mean being able to do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt others?

Because if what I wrote above defines the real meaning of Freedom, then the US and much of the rest of the world – has a long way to go.

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Democracy is a Farce.

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

~ Thomas Jefferson

Reagan Flag for Democracy is a Farce


Like Communism in China, Democracy in the United States (and much else of the World) is a Farce, a Fallacy, an Illusion.

One element of Democracy is the majority rule aspect which is often manipulated by those in Power to give those being ruled the feeling that everyone else is on the Band Wagon and you should be too.  It is impossible to ever know about what opinions or beliefs are of the ruling majority because the Corporate Media manipulates what appears to be status-quo or simply makes up information.

As we know, Information is Knowledge in the form of  Truth or Propaganda (and often a very murky, grey area), and Knowledge is Power that is a double-edged sword.

Think about that one for a minute.

On a small-scale perhaps Democracy can be achieved since it is easier for a consensus to be reached.

On a large-scale however, there are a few essentials that need to be present for a fighting chance of Democracy.

First: a responsible government needs to be in place. The United States – with an exception or two – hasn’t had a responsible government since before Woodrow Wilson (when incidentally Wilson signed America’s Economic Life Blood away in 1913 to the Federal Reserve which now prints fiat paper money at will and is arguably the cause of Amerika’s financial woes).

Second: there must be Constitutional Protections that are enforced by a responsible Government.

Uhm, Riiiiight.

Let us not forget when Christian Baby Bush called the Constitution a ‘goddamn piece of paper’ when discussing the Patriot Act (which made Amerika the UNfree) & amending the Constitution. Real respect and real responsible, eh?

Damn, we’re back at Square One.

As in Nazi Germany, the Tyranny of the Majority (when the Media is controlled, that is what it is) rip Liberties from the Individual; Gay Marriages, Drug Laws, Gun Laws, Abortion Rights (the list goes on) are good examples.  Democratic Power becomes impossible for Dissenting Individuals and are subsequently oppressed.

Third: an essential aspect of a Democracy are Competitive Elections. Observers from around the world often travel to other Democratic Countries to insure that Elections are fair both substantively & procedurally. If anyone remembers the FIF (Fiasco in Florida) with the election ballots making Baby Bush the Big Cheese, you know that this is most likely impossible – or at least extremely difficult – to achieve.

The FIF News made it out to the Masses and is still a topic of debate… but remember FIF was just what We the People heard about.

For every Morsel of BS that we hear about

There are Massive Chunks that go unheard.

Fourth: the Freedom of Speech or moreover the Freedom of Political Expression are vital in a Democracy.  However, when the Protesters are forced to adhere to The Rules designed to make it very difficult to get a variety of permits, then are confined to a specific area while their pictures are being taken by the Authorities, and then are subject to the  Corporate Media which films only certain incidences portraying Protesters to be small in number & a bit kooky – or ignores them completely, how is this Freedom of Speech & Political Expression?

“PROTESTERS! You can say what you want – but first give us money, do it in this small roped off area away from the Political Event and don’t cause any trouble!”

Fifth: the Freedom of the Press is essential so that The People are well-informed and able to make an ‘educated’ Choice.

As mentioned above, The People don’t get an Educated Choice or even and Educated Guess since the Corporate Media has the Monopoly on the cable wires & air waves and provides The Hollywood Grooming (how many politicians were actors before they were elected? Two come to Mind immediately), The Antics &  The Propaganda – AKA Information.

Read 1984 by George Orwell then watch the movie Wag the Dog to get a gist of what we are discussing here.

When the Republican Friendly FoxNews reports on an election, this is not bias?

If you watch a commercial, then the news you watch is most certainly biased.

It is a Media Circus, and while the Masses are watching the Trapeze Artists, the Bears on Uni-cycles, The Clowns, & the shifty eyed Mustachioed Orator; the hired pick pocket is working his Majik.


The president is a Puppet. It matters not the color, creed or political party of the man chosen to ‘lead’ the country. His strings are pulled by something much bigger & darker, and the Puppet Master is part of something much older & stronger.

It is imperative that The People think they have a choice in their country’s Political Journey, and they need a scapegoat when things go topsy-turvy.

The President  meets those needs.

The Corporate sponsored Government may throw a bone now and again (i.e. healthcare: YIPPEE … they should’ve been doing this a long time ago), to keep the masses docile while said Corporations engage in the plundering of our Planet.

Americans are debating the Health Care Issue while their government is taking the health care away (i.e. killing people) in the Middle East in the name of Freedom.

Truth? Truth is Information (often within a paradigm, but we can chat about ‘Absolute’ Truth at another juncture).

Information is Knowledge and we all know that Knowledge is Power. Communication is the sharing of Information and there can only be Communication among Equals.

The government does not treat its People as equals, but rather as mere Consumers that also drive The WorkForce  (they need slaves to keep the ‘economy’ going i.e.  keep the hierarchy comfortable).

And since Corporations control Government AND the Media; it can be safely assumed that anything -much of the Information spewed across the airwaves & into your average person’s living room for example – by the Corporate Media (foxnews/cnn) is Propaganda disguised as news (Edward Bernays wrote a book called ‘Propaganda’ in the late 1920s and it is still used as a bible for wannabe Mediacrats and Technocrats. Bernays was a millionaire during The Depression. And for those of you who don’t know, he was Sigmund F’s  nephew).

George Orwell has a lot to say about Government and Truth, and as I’ve mentioned before, his book 1984 eerily comes to mind. I know most of you have probably read it but I suggest if you haven’t read ‘1984’ in a while, read it again as I have recently; and put it into context.

It is disturbing.

Seek Truth but don’t get caught up in this Media Circus meant to divert the short attention spans of the Populace away from things that are of vital importance; and that is what do we do about Korporate Amerika raping & pillaging of ‘our’ Land & the Land of Exotic Peoples far away?

What is Democracy?

Is it a choice between 2 entities perhaps 3 as in the United States- the Land of the Free?

As you have been shown – hardly.

When asking a Child if they would like to eat some spinach, one may hear a resounding NO. Interestingly though, when you give the same Child a choice between spinach & green beans, they will often pick one… especially if they are hungry.

A variety of Corporations control who will contend for the position of CEO in the U.S. Government and subsequently what the President will do (Dick Cheney* is a prime example).

They are giving The Voter (The Child) a choice between two Entities.

This is akin to giving the Voter a choice between Dog Shit & Cat Shit.

The Voter scrambles to march in the parades, get up on the Soap Boxes, argue with members of their family, work-mates & friends about which Shit is the Better Shit.

“Hey! I heard that One of the Shits is the Lesser of the Two Evils!”

Look Pal, it’s still Evil and it’s still Shit…

Damn, perhaps if it was a bit of Cow Shit we might find a Psychedelic Mushroom on it.

Then we can wait about a half hour and stop Giving a Shit.

Power to the People.

We are not mere Mammals that need to answer to an Alpha-Male spewing his Nationalistic Rhetoric, marking his Territory with Patriotic Piss (i.e. a National Flag) and keeping the Masses in a perpetual state of Fear (that comes in all Guises).


I don’t know what One would call the political state of affairs in much of the ‘Democratic’ World.

But it sure the hell isn’t Democracy.

Perhaps it’s Dumbocracy.

Treat Others well and be Well.

political/country FLAGS:

Though born in the USA, that is merely the spot on Earth where the Spirits dumped me.

It could have been in India.

It could have been in Iraq.

It could have been the UK.

It could have  been Atlantis.

Point is, we are Earthlings first.

Think this way and your differences with other Cultures become Minuscule.

Which brings us to the use of Political Flags i.e. a Country Flag.

Appreciate the Land you were Born in and Live.

Appreciate the People that gave/give Your Land its Culture.

But remember…

A Flag is used much the same way other Mammals use Urine to mark their Territory.

In other words…

A Flag is merely a Mammalian Representation of Alpha-Male Piss.

Being an Earthling first diminishes the use of a Flag.

A Country Flag does not represent a People of a Land.

It represents the Entity (i.e. GOVERNment) that controls that Land.

*The Dick – AKA Richard Bruce Cheney brief history:

  • Dick began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger.
  • Eventually worked his way into the White House during the Nixon & Ford administrations, where he served the latter as White House Chief of Staff.
  • He briefly served as Acting President of the United States on two occasions during which Bush underwent medical procedures.
  • In 1978, Cheney was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Wyoming; he was reelected five times, eventually becoming House Minority Whip.
  • Cheney was selected to be the Secretary of Defense during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, holding the position for the majority of Bush’s term. During this time, Cheney oversaw the 1991 Operation Desert Storm, among other actions.
  • Out of office during the Clinton presidency, Cheney was chairman & CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000.
  • Dick as we all know, served as the 46th Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 in the administration of George W. Bush and had/has much to do with The Wars in the Middle East where Halliburton (the corporation he was CEO of for at least 5 years)  is a major corporation making billions of dollars.

Food for Thought

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