I popped by a friend of mine’s FB Wall and saw her status.

The word BANK popped out of the screen and smacked me on the retinas.

The thread was a discussion between American Moms concerning money.

It was interesting to read what they felt.

Here is how the short chat went down (My Commentary at the end):

Christine Peterson: Watched PBS Frontline (bank cards) late last night about banks. They follow the laws but twist it into their own form. They are making all of their money off of the poor; people living paycheck to paycheck. I remember Senator Kennedy trying to pass legislation on this but the Republicans rejecting it. Everyone should watch this that has ever had a bank fee.

Christine Peterson: Now I know why they have to keep the poor..poor so the rich can stay rich. Shameful
Deborah Bennett
Deborah Bennett: VERY SHAMEFUL…
Stephanie Conboy
Stephanie Conboy: It’s required.  If every one was rich who would the rich help to keep them humble? Quite frankly, I enjoy being poor! It gives me room to improve, rich folk have no where but down to go!  I would imagine that they live there lives in fear as well; fear of losing everything they have. I have nothing to lose, so no fear! I dont have to sit around protecting every thing I have, so I’m free!
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: But your also subject to bank “courtesy fees” higher interest rates and fines that penalize you for being poor…I for one don’t like to be suppressed.
Karyn Swanson
Karyn Swanson: My bank has no fees as long as we have direct deposit, my kids savings accounts have none because their kids, my mother’s checking account has no fee because she’s over 65. I get an atm fee when I use one of the large banks like TD North. I have never had a problem with fees when it comes to local smaller banks like Bank of Cape Cod or Cape Cod Five where Eric has had an acct since he was 5 y/o.   I almost opened another account at one of the big banks a few years ago and they wanted to charge a stupid fee to go to a live teller. I do understand charging higher interest rates for people with bad credit, you get bad credit by not paying your bills not just because your poor.
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: Well generally poor people have poor credit because they cant afford to pay their bills!   They should be paying the same fee so that they can have a fighting chance to make it in this messed up economy. Or the banks should’nt be issuing them cards with 30% interest just to take advantage.
Karyn Swanson
Karyn Swanson: Bull^&*(. You don’t have to be “rich” to have good credit. In my 20s, I had a car loan and ran up my credit card for things I thought “I should have”. I learned my lesson. I slowly paid off the balance and ended up with excellent credit. My credit cards offer 20 something% interest but I don’t charge more than I can pay off at the end of the month. People who get 30% interest rates get them because of irresponsibility not because their poor.
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: This is just one facet of The Bank…

Think about what your dollar is backed by and then let’s take this Discussion from there.


Allison Routhier
Allison Routhier: I have had bank fees and Teddy was quite alive and Senator at that time…
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: Paul I was amazed at what I watched and how they admitted twisting the law.
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: Indeed Christine, the law is easily manipulated. The paper money is also easily manipulated. If we can think about what $ is actually backed by, we can think about ways to protect ourselves.  Knowledge is Power.

What is your dollar backed by?

Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: I’m assuming nothing.
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: It must be backed by something. It was gold until 1971 or so. Now it is not.

If it is backed by gold, the dollar will stay pretty much the same in value.

If it is backed by something abstract, then it can be easily manipulated.

Think about it.

Laura Peterson: I don’t trust people & especially banks. I keep cash hidden in a secret location & manipulate the system my own way.
Stephanie Conboy
Stephanie Conboy: Our money is backed by China and nothing else.  Paul what is the money backed by in Taiwan? How is the economy crunch there?  How has the American sinking economy affected Taiwan?
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: Paul…I’m thinking the stock market??
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: Stephanie is in the ball park.
Stephanie Conboy
Stephanie Conboy: I’m always at the ball park!

Boston Paul

Greetings Ladies, my apologies for the delay.

Stephanie is in the ball park because your Money is not backed by anything but Labor. China’s major resource (for now) is cheap Labor.  Fiat money which is what the Corporate Bank issues (google: fiat currency) can be manipulated by Financial Corporations like The Federal Reserve Bank (FED). The FED is a private bank partnered with the government.

The FED is a Private Institution that controls the American Dollar. The Federal Reserve Bank is about as Federal as Federal Express.

One can easily observe logically how the FED is not governmental (though partnered with the GOV):

First, they have a CEO. Government entities do not have a CEO.

Second, the GOV borrows money from the FED. How does an entity borrow from itself then?

It doesn’t.

I need 20,ooo dollars to buy a car. I’ll lend it to myself and then pay myself back with interest!

Also, research why the GOV borrows money from the FED in the first place.

Now let’s talk about the money the FED makes.

What is Money backed by? It is backed by NOTHING but your Labor. And since many people use credit cards, money = debt.

Let’s Clarify:

LABOR: If the average person (Pat) digs a hole for an hour, Pat will be spending about the same amount of energy (calories burned or Labor) as the rest of us.  We can probably agree that as Humans, on average, we expend the same amount of energy/calories burned/LABOR on specific tasks and have so since our Species climbed down from the trees.

TIME: An hour doesn’t change at all. I’m sure a PhD in Physics can tell you about the minute changes in Time over the last few billion years, but for us, an hour is an hour and has always been so, even when it seems to speed by when you’re having fun.

Now this brings us to our Basic Needs.

We have 2 Basic Needs:

Food & Shelter.

Right up until the Industrial Revolution and arguably the end of World War II (with the exception of Slaves & modern day slaves), our Species through-out the year spent on average just a few hours a day obtaining these needs.

Compare that to now where the average person spends over 10 hours a day focused solely on their jobs.

The fact that money can be made out of thin air means that they can make as much or as little of this paper moneyas they want.

This is the Trap.

The FED makes a lot of Paper Money, then everyone has it, the economy is ‘good’ and the Massses often spend more than they should and get themselves into Debt.

The FED stops making Paper Money, then everyone struggles, finds it difficult to pay back their outstanding debts AND the value of your Labor goes down.

So when Pat digs a hole for 10 bucks an hour, Pat’s labor & time are the same, but that 10 bucks is manipulated.

I remember when a nickel could buy a tank of gas! ~ Grandad

This makes Pat a Slave to the System… and a whole bunch of other people you know… 😉

The trick is that you spend freely because you’re financially secure and deserve the Good Life. You borrow freely because you have that secure feeling that you will be able to pay it off in the future.

People are now finding out that there is something wrong in the Land of Milk & Funny Money.

You put your money into a bank where they use your savings for other investments. They throw you a bone with 3% interest (a bone doesn’t have much meat on it, does it?) while they are making huge amounts off your dollar. And coming up with devious plans to make even more.

So if you have 1000 in the bank, the bank will make about 9000 (this is a conservative estimate) off your money. It’s called Fractional Banking… check it out.

We won’t even get into what Corporate Banks invest in that aid in the destruction & demise of our Planet.

This was a quick Brainstorming Blurb and will be updated soon.

SHORT STORY:David & Boston Paul Chat about $ & the Amerikan Bank Bailout.

David and Boston Paul were sitting in their chairs, each in front of their own Computer on opposite sides of the Planet.

Paul was drinking a cup of very strong Herbal Tea with his Breakfast and David was sipping a whiskey on the rocks.

As their beverages worked their Speedy Magic and neurons began dancing in each of their brains;  their whimsical conversation turned from updates on Family, recent elections and news of high school friends to the subject of Money…

Here is how the chat went down…

David: – wipes up a bit of  condensation on his desk from the whiskey glass: Sunday there already?

Boston Paul: Yawning: Sunday AM, indeed.

David: Did you drink last night? How’s the head?

Boston Paul: I didn’t drink too much last night. I fell asleep early trying to get my son to sleep. I missed my buddy’s house-warming party … oops. What are you up to? Must be 9PM there, eh?

David: I’m just winding down, myself.  Helped my brother Pete tile his bathroom floor. Then I helped another buddy put in a new bay window and a back door, too.

Boston Paul: Right on… you are just the Little Helper!

David: I’ve been going for 12 hours! Slowing down now and finally relaxing.

Boston Paul: You should move to Taiwan, I could use your help & expertise as well!

David: They do it for me, too. It’s all Payback. We call it a Day for a Day.

Boston Paul: Aaahhh, there it is. I like Payback in the form of NON-monetary trade 😉

David: I hear you. It’s always a good thing.

Boston Paul: Especially when you realize the paper currency used in trade has no real value.

David: My friend just turned me on to a new song by The Tea Party called Paint it Black.  It’s a Rolling Stones cover.  This economy is sucking so bad right now.

Boston Paul: It will continue to suck, Ol’ Chum. The Amerikan government has no control of its Monetary System.

David: True! I guess you know we got a new Prez.

Boston Paul: New Man same BS though! He is not much different from McSame (McCain).

David: Its our only hope now –  always so much BS. McSame – LOL I never heard that one. Funny. Ultimately, they’re all the same.

Boston Paul: The only difference between both of them is the one is 1/2 Black and the other is 1/2 Retarded & White. One is Young & the other is Ancient.

David: LOL

Boston Paul: Neither of them support taking Troops out of Iraq. Both of them support the Bailout Plan for the banks – The Banks that f*cked it all up in the first place, by the way 😉

David: Oh, I know!

Boston Paul: So now YOU, my brother &  friend, have to bail out the banks and save them from their f*ckup – which is interesting because what most people do not realize is that the Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a government entity. It is a Private Bank in partnership with the Government (It is still early, I’m typing slow, be patient with me).  The Federal Reserve Bank (FED) is about as governmental as Federal Express.  You know the History of Paper Money, right bro?

David: Probably not as well as you. But I’m sure you’re going to tell me. Ha ha.

Boston Paul: I am going to tell you as fast as my delicate little fag* fingers can type.  In 1913, The FED took Power/Control of the Money Supply in Amerika. The US Gov now has to borrow money from the FED (if it was a real Government Agency, how could it borrow money from itself and then pay itself back with interest?). The History of it goes basically like this: You had some gold, but it was too dangerous or cumbersome to carry it around, so you would bring it to a ‘safe house’ (we now call them Banks).  They would give you a receipt letting you know how much you deposited.  To make a long story short, People started using these receipts instead of money because of convenience. Why travel 100 miles on Horseback to take out a few grams of gold out to pay a Debt, when the receipt has the same value?

David: Fag fingers doing well.

Boston Paul: lol

David: It all makes perfect sense.

Boston Paul: The banks realized that no one was trading in their receipts for Gold and Paper Money and subsequently modern banking was born.  That’s when they started lending out Paper (OUR money), but it was always backed by gold.  We have been off the gold system a long time now (since 1971) and this is where it gets interesting.  Inflation and devaluation of money are intentional. This is how they control the Masses.

David: I can see that happening very easily.

Boston Paul: So the government is going to borrow money from the FED so they can start  bail out the banks.

David: …and with my money.

Boston Paul: The FED is going to go to their Printer and PRINT this money (which is backed by nothing) and lend it to the Government at interest.

David: It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

Boston Paul: It is. The Value comes in form of Debt. Debt is value to them because if you are in Debt, then you are their Slave.

David:  Interesting thought. It seems it’s hard not to be a slave.

Boston Paul:  This is madness! They are trying to pay off this debt WITH MORE DEBT.

David: That can only lead to a dead-end.

Boston Paul: Indeed! Or a total crash of the market which is what is happening now.

David: A very deep black hole that nothing can get out of. I’m feeling that now.

Boston Paul: This loan that Obama is supporting only prolongs the Inevitable.

David: And what do you say that is? Complete collapse?

Boston Paul: It could very well be. My advice to you Brother Love, is to quietly take your money out of the bank and invest it in commodities, or gold. Except you really can’t eat gold or use it for much of anything practical.

David: Not much left right now… these are tough times.

Boston Paul: There is not a lot Americans can do about it unless they Unite… Bush & Cohorts have taken away all your rights with the Patriot Act.

David: That is good advice. Bush’s Cohorts are probably reading this right now.

Boston Paul: It’s all good.

David: Yes it is good. Nice chat. Your hands must be killing you. Good talking. I really miss our conversations.

Boston Paul: I miss it too, bro. Tell everyone hello.

David: You too.  Have a great Sunday!

Boston Paul: Have a great Saturday night! I wish I was there.  Peace & Love…

David: Out for now…

* Fag: The term has additional meanings in British English, where “faggot” traditionally means a bundle of sticks and faggots are a kind of meatball. In British English, “fag” is common slang for a cigarette or for hard work. In some UK public schools, fagging was the name given to the practice where a younger boy (a “fag”) acted as an unpaid servant for an older boy.

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