A Child, His Mother, God & Shit

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I was about eight years old when I thought I was a big man and blurted out the word Shit to show my younger brother and sister what a tough guy I was. I loved to use the word ‘shit’ and often spit the word out lavishly and with venom… out of earshot of adults of course. My brother would gasp “ooo… mommy better not hear you say that!” Smugly, I would say it a few more times.

I didn’t care who heard me. Not even God!

One summer afternoon, after lunch, I was playing with my brother and sister in the yard. We were probably arguing about something mundane – a toy perhaps – but to a child, it was of earth-shattering consequence.

Sure that I was out of earshot of my very Protestant Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian Mother who had been known to not spare the rod on occasion, I yelled out Shit! thinking that would end the earth-shattering dispute.

Immediately, I heard, PAAAAAAAAUUUUULLLL! emerge – breaking the sound barrier – from inside the house.

I cringed.

It was not the ‘PAAUULL! where are you? – come home from dinner’ yell.

Nor was it the ‘PAAUULL! Come home, it’s getting dark!’ yell.

This was clearly the ‘Oh shit, you’re in big fucking trouble’ yell.

Sheepishly, I walked into the house. My brother and sister followed cautiously behind me to see what would happen. They knew that ‘PAAUULL!’ yell all too well.

My mother called me into the living room.

“What did I just hear you say?” she asked looking me straight in the eyes. I looked away.

Ship,” I said.

It did not sound like ‘ship’ to me,” she retorted.

It wasn’t!” My brother and sister betrayed me.

Go stand in the corner,” she commanded. I walked past the piano to stand in the corner. As punishment, she told me I must repeat the word Shit for ten minutes.

This was something new! She was actually going to let me say the word Shit for ten minutes?


It started out fine and dandy and I began strong: SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! My younger brother and sister were trying to stifle their laughter as I repeated SHIT! over and over.

My mother had gone to the kitchen… but was still within earshot.

This was way better than my Evangelical Christian Mother not sparing the rod!

For the first few minutes, it was cool. I got to say the word Shit ! and I would look over my shoulder intermittently – and cautiously as one could only stare at the wall in the corner and was not permitted to look around – at my younger brother and sister complacently as they stood by watching and grinning.

After what seemed like an hour – but was in fact only five minutes – Shit stopped sounding like word.

My younger brother and sister – not able to contain themselves anymore – were laughing hysterically.

Another minute or so passed, and Shit not only stopped sounding like a word it had also lost all its meaning.

My tongue, the roof of my mouth and even my teeth began to feel numb. I did not know where the [sh] sound began and the [t] sound ended.

My mouth muscles had begun to cramp up and I stopped for a moment to try to form the word.

Did I tell you to stop?” My mother called out. “I’m adding on two more minutes!”

 I cried out. My smug smirk had long faded into an agonizing grimace.

Shit – shiiit – shi – tish – tish – shshh. shitishtishitit… I struggled.

As the 10 minute mark came and went, the word Shit fumbled out of my confused mouth as I prayed to God – whom must have been listening and looking down on the situation with glee – to have mercy and speed up time.
Finally, my mother came back to the living room, “turn around,” she ordered.

I turned slowly around.

Did you learn a lesson?” she asked.

I nodded and tried to say yes. I heard myself say Yesh instead.

I tried to say yes again. Yesh, I sputtered. I gave up and just nodded.

I vowed never to use the word Shit thereafter and indeed it was quite a while before saying the word felt natural and good again.

Once I realized I could say Shit without stuttering or feeling strange, I vowed to only use the word sparingly… and out of earshot of Mother.

A couple of years later, when Shit no longer gave me that big person feeling, I experimented with the word Fuck… but that is a whole other story.


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The Problem is not Guns! It’s…

Came across this gem:

The problem is not guns

I see it more this way:

It is….

*Minds without Logic & Reason

*Homes without Love & Involvement

*Schools without Creativity & Freedom…

The last one I agree with… we don’t have Justice in the courts because the government answers to a Higher Power (Corporate Banks).

The government (Republicans or Democrats it doesn’t matter) keeps the People ignorant to maintain complete power…

…and Religion poisons everything…

Discipline in the home? Presumably discipline as in don’t spare the rod (as the plate on this vehicle is owned by someone religious)?

Recently on the news, there was a story about a couple bringing up their children with ‘strict biblical values’ and they ended up killing one of their children because they did not spare the rod... they had been reading that book by a married religious couple called The Pearls called ‘To Train up a Child’…. really??

We have never hit our son. Not once… and he’s the most genuine, politest, caring boy I know.

Our hearts should be without any number of the gods out there.

We don’t need gods to do the right thing. We need Logic Reason & Empathy. Something we all have as humans – who haven’t been poisoned by dogma.

Keep all religion out of public schools unless it is a class about religion. You want your religion to be a part of your education? Go to a religious school and knock yourself out.  Public school? Uhm no. I don’t want my tax dollars going to the religious and the myths they believe.

There should be no flags, no pledge of allegiance, no prayer or any of the other BS.

We go to school to learn skills that will help us in life. That’s it.

We are too diverse a culture to be pushing religious beliefs and political ideals on others.

Nix the prayer in school (though meditation and self reflecting could take its place) and push creativity and freedom to learn, explore, ask questions and not worry about test scores.

We should be learning for the sake of learning.

Guns aren’t the problem, Humans – and their gods are!


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Your Prayers Ain’t Helping

Cleansing is Super.

Seriously… Your Prayers Ain’t Helping!

So please stop with the empty, weightless, waste of time posts already.

This year has seen over 365 shootings in the USA resulting in deaths, injuries and broken families. Every single tragedy brings –

So & So is in my prayers 


My thoughts and prayers are with______ .

… have these prayers been answered?

No. They haven’t.

Everyday, The Religious around the world pray to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard for a better world. Why then does the world seem to be getting worse?  Why aren’t these problems being fixed? Muslim and Christian Terrorist groups reeking havoc in the USA, Europe and the Middle East (in the name of their Invisible Magic Sky Wizard… apparently the SAME WIZARD) abound.  We read about atrocities almost everyday.

Why isn’t the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doing anything about it?

(Probably for the same reason he seems to not be able to heal Amputees!)

Here are the potential reasons why:
*There is no Invisible Magical Sky Wizard.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard doesn’t care.
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is impotent
*The Invisible Magical Sky Wizard is evil.

Why else do prayers not work?  If the Invisible Magical Sky Wizard already has a ‘Plan’ why the F#$%K is It/She/He going to change it for YOU??

You’re a lowly piece of stardust scum on a small planet (but still pretty awesome!) that is lost in the vastness of a billions of years old Universe.

AND, by the way, your prayers to an Invisible Magical Sky Wizard are statistically answered the same as if you prayed to a Tree, A Cloud, a Bird or a Fork.
That being said, pray all you want to stop gun violence and for the families that are victim to it… it’s not going to do anything but make you feel good (like you’re actually doing something when it reality you’re actually not).

The stereotypical Republican Politician Puss offer their Zero Substance condolences and ‘prayers’ as if that will actually curb gun violence… how about really doing something you F#$%^& Half Twits? Like getting to the root of why shit like this is happening?

(and stop blocking useful bills that may help… just because you didn’t think of it… or worse, because you are supported by corporate gun lobbyists)

There are two reasons why people get on their knees.

Both may feel good, but only one actually produces the desired result…

…and it ain’t praying.

Do we want results? Do we want to make the world a better place? Then let’s get off our collective asses (and knees) and DO.

The old adage, ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ has never rung more true.


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I was talking about the Existence of God & Creation with a Christian Recently…





…and the conversation went pretty much how one would expect. The difference is that we actually like each other and really wanted to discuss these things while showing mutual respect.

Let me first state that I’m not an Atheist. I just don’t subscribe to the dogmas of organized religion. My mind is open to all the possibilities. I look for evidence.

Agnostic might be a better word to describe what I believe.

So the chat with my Christian buddy went something like this:

Says he: if you don’t believe in the Christian god, what DO you believe in?

I said: I’m not sure. Could be Aliens.

And he said: That’s ridiculous!

I asked: Why? Perhaps an Alien Impregnated a Chimpanzee, some Alien Sperm, A nine month term, a million years goes by, out pops you and me. We share 98% of our DNA with Chimps.

He said: That’s crazy talk. Have you ever SEEN an Alien?

I said: Have you ever SEEN God?

He got quiet: I feel god, he said.

So your beliefs are based on a feeling? I replied. At least my thoughts about Aliens ‘creating’ us is based on a bit of science, a bit of the observable world/universe. No one can deny that there are billions of galaxies and trillions of stars. Sentient Life most likely forming on one of those life supporting planets long before our own Earth even formed into the sphere it is now.
They – the sentient beings from other life supporting planets – AKA Aliens – had their Physics worked out long before our planet even cooled off enough to support any life – save the single-celled organisms Archaea.

My friend scratched his head. Ok then, he said, well who made the Aliens? HHhhmm?

Look bro, says I,  I don’t know who made the Aliens, again, I’m open to suggestions based on evidence. But let me ask you… who made your God?

He smiled, God has just always been there.

I’m not sure if he could see the well rounded Question Mark enveloping my head not unlike a hookish looking halo.

God has just always been there? I repeated. So your God basically came out of nothing? Kind of the same argument you Christians use against people that believe in Evolution? i.e. How could humans just start from NOTHING.

No, it’s not like that, he said.

Yes it is. Your god ‘created’ humans out of DIRT. A God that no one has ever seen and is only reported about in your bible. Using that logic, Zeus also exists, Spider man exists… why? Because there are books about them, too.

It’s different, he said… his voice faltered. He had nothing and he knew it.


As humans, we all share an innate thirst for knowledge. This innate thirst has advanced the development of our species.

We are a curious species. And when we don’t know the answer to something, we often make shit up. That’s why there were Wind Gods, Thunder Gods, Rain Gods… Gods for EVERYTHING – once upon a time.

In the last couple thousand years or so, some humans have streamlined all these gods into one all powerful one (depending on where/when/who).

Science – on the other hand – in the last few thousand years – has explained things or attempted to explain how things are for us.

We know where the wind comes from. We know why it rains, why there are earthquakes. What thunder is. With that, most of these gods are now myths.

There are only a few reasons people still need to believe in gods.

Generally it’s because they want to…

1. know where we’ve come from and what happens when we die.

2. believe we’ll see our dead loved ones again when WE die.

3. explain other unexplained phenomena (that science hasn’t answered yet).

No one knows the answers to these yet… so God'(s’) place in the lives of many humans is still relevant… though that number seems to  be dwindling in many parts of the world.

Still seeds of indoctrination have been planted in many of us as children (Christmas, Easter and other observed religious holidays) so it is easy for many humans to just think…


Because God.


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Democracy is a Farce.

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

~ Thomas Jefferson

Reagan Flag for Democracy is a Farce


Like Communism in China, Democracy in the United States (and much else of the World) is a Farce, a Fallacy, an Illusion.

One element of Democracy is the majority rule aspect which is often manipulated by those in Power to give those being ruled the feeling that everyone else is on the Band Wagon and you should be too.  It is impossible to ever know about what opinions or beliefs are of the ruling majority because the Corporate Media manipulates what appears to be status-quo or simply makes up information.

As we know, Information is Knowledge in the form of  Truth or Propaganda (and often a very murky, grey area), and Knowledge is Power that is a double-edged sword.

Think about that one for a minute.

On a small-scale perhaps Democracy can be achieved since it is easier for a consensus to be reached.

On a large-scale however, there are a few essentials that need to be present for a fighting chance of Democracy.

First: a responsible government needs to be in place. The United States – with an exception or two – hasn’t had a responsible government since before Woodrow Wilson (when incidentally Wilson signed America’s Economic Life Blood away in 1913 to the Federal Reserve which now prints fiat paper money at will and is arguably the cause of Amerika’s financial woes).

Second: there must be Constitutional Protections that are enforced by a responsible Government.

Uhm, Riiiiight.

Let us not forget when Christian Baby Bush called the Constitution a ‘goddamn piece of paper’ when discussing the Patriot Act (which made Amerika the UNfree) & amending the Constitution. Real respect and real responsible, eh?

Damn, we’re back at Square One.

As in Nazi Germany, the Tyranny of the Majority (when the Media is controlled, that is what it is) rip Liberties from the Individual; Gay Marriages, Drug Laws, Gun Laws, Abortion Rights (the list goes on) are good examples.  Democratic Power becomes impossible for Dissenting Individuals and are subsequently oppressed.

Third: an essential aspect of a Democracy are Competitive Elections. Observers from around the world often travel to other Democratic Countries to insure that Elections are fair both substantively & procedurally. If anyone remembers the FIF (Fiasco in Florida) with the election ballots making Baby Bush the Big Cheese, you know that this is most likely impossible – or at least extremely difficult – to achieve.

The FIF News made it out to the Masses and is still a topic of debate… but remember FIF was just what We the People heard about.

For every Morsel of BS that we hear about

There are Massive Chunks that go unheard.

Fourth: the Freedom of Speech or moreover the Freedom of Political Expression are vital in a Democracy.  However, when the Protesters are forced to adhere to The Rules designed to make it very difficult to get a variety of permits, then are confined to a specific area while their pictures are being taken by the Authorities, and then are subject to the  Corporate Media which films only certain incidences portraying Protesters to be small in number & a bit kooky – or ignores them completely, how is this Freedom of Speech & Political Expression?

“PROTESTERS! You can say what you want – but first give us money, do it in this small roped off area away from the Political Event and don’t cause any trouble!”

Fifth: the Freedom of the Press is essential so that The People are well-informed and able to make an ‘educated’ Choice.

As mentioned above, The People don’t get an Educated Choice or even and Educated Guess since the Corporate Media has the Monopoly on the cable wires & air waves and provides The Hollywood Grooming (how many politicians were actors before they were elected? Two come to Mind immediately), The Antics &  The Propaganda – AKA Information.

Read 1984 by George Orwell then watch the movie Wag the Dog to get a gist of what we are discussing here.

When the Republican Friendly FoxNews reports on an election, this is not bias?

If you watch a commercial, then the news you watch is most certainly biased.

It is a Media Circus, and while the Masses are watching the Trapeze Artists, the Bears on Uni-cycles, The Clowns, & the shifty eyed Mustachioed Orator; the hired pick pocket is working his Majik.


The president is a Puppet. It matters not the color, creed or political party of the man chosen to ‘lead’ the country. His strings are pulled by something much bigger & darker, and the Puppet Master is part of something much older & stronger.

It is imperative that The People think they have a choice in their country’s Political Journey, and they need a scapegoat when things go topsy-turvy.

The President  meets those needs.

The Corporate sponsored Government may throw a bone now and again (i.e. healthcare: YIPPEE … they should’ve been doing this a long time ago), to keep the masses docile while said Corporations engage in the plundering of our Planet.

Americans are debating the Health Care Issue while their government is taking the health care away (i.e. killing people) in the Middle East in the name of Freedom.

Truth? Truth is Information (often within a paradigm, but we can chat about ‘Absolute’ Truth at another juncture).

Information is Knowledge and we all know that Knowledge is Power. Communication is the sharing of Information and there can only be Communication among Equals.

The government does not treat its People as equals, but rather as mere Consumers that also drive The WorkForce  (they need slaves to keep the ‘economy’ going i.e.  keep the hierarchy comfortable).

And since Corporations control Government AND the Media; it can be safely assumed that anything -much of the Information spewed across the airwaves & into your average person’s living room for example – by the Corporate Media (foxnews/cnn) is Propaganda disguised as news (Edward Bernays wrote a book called ‘Propaganda’ in the late 1920s and it is still used as a bible for wannabe Mediacrats and Technocrats. Bernays was a millionaire during The Depression. And for those of you who don’t know, he was Sigmund F’s  nephew).

George Orwell has a lot to say about Government and Truth, and as I’ve mentioned before, his book 1984 eerily comes to mind. I know most of you have probably read it but I suggest if you haven’t read ‘1984’ in a while, read it again as I have recently; and put it into context.

It is disturbing.

Seek Truth but don’t get caught up in this Media Circus meant to divert the short attention spans of the Populace away from things that are of vital importance; and that is what do we do about Korporate Amerika raping & pillaging of ‘our’ Land & the Land of Exotic Peoples far away?

What is Democracy?

Is it a choice between 2 entities perhaps 3 as in the United States- the Land of the Free?

As you have been shown – hardly.

When asking a Child if they would like to eat some spinach, one may hear a resounding NO. Interestingly though, when you give the same Child a choice between spinach & green beans, they will often pick one… especially if they are hungry.

A variety of Corporations control who will contend for the position of CEO in the U.S. Government and subsequently what the President will do (Dick Cheney* is a prime example).

They are giving The Voter (The Child) a choice between two Entities.

This is akin to giving the Voter a choice between Dog Shit & Cat Shit.

The Voter scrambles to march in the parades, get up on the Soap Boxes, argue with members of their family, work-mates & friends about which Shit is the Better Shit.

“Hey! I heard that One of the Shits is the Lesser of the Two Evils!”

Look Pal, it’s still Evil and it’s still Shit…

Damn, perhaps if it was a bit of Cow Shit we might find a Psychedelic Mushroom on it.

Then we can wait about a half hour and stop Giving a Shit.

Power to the People.

We are not mere Mammals that need to answer to an Alpha-Male spewing his Nationalistic Rhetoric, marking his Territory with Patriotic Piss (i.e. a National Flag) and keeping the Masses in a perpetual state of Fear (that comes in all Guises).


I don’t know what One would call the political state of affairs in much of the ‘Democratic’ World.

But it sure the hell isn’t Democracy.

Perhaps it’s Dumbocracy.

Treat Others well and be Well.

political/country FLAGS:

Though born in the USA, that is merely the spot on Earth where the Spirits dumped me.

It could have been in India.

It could have been in Iraq.

It could have been the UK.

It could have  been Atlantis.

Point is, we are Earthlings first.

Think this way and your differences with other Cultures become Minuscule.

Which brings us to the use of Political Flags i.e. a Country Flag.

Appreciate the Land you were Born in and Live.

Appreciate the People that gave/give Your Land its Culture.

But remember…

A Flag is used much the same way other Mammals use Urine to mark their Territory.

In other words…

A Flag is merely a Mammalian Representation of Alpha-Male Piss.

Being an Earthling first diminishes the use of a Flag.

A Country Flag does not represent a People of a Land.

It represents the Entity (i.e. GOVERNment) that controls that Land.

*The Dick – AKA Richard Bruce Cheney brief history:

  • Dick began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger.
  • Eventually worked his way into the White House during the Nixon & Ford administrations, where he served the latter as White House Chief of Staff.
  • He briefly served as Acting President of the United States on two occasions during which Bush underwent medical procedures.
  • In 1978, Cheney was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Wyoming; he was reelected five times, eventually becoming House Minority Whip.
  • Cheney was selected to be the Secretary of Defense during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, holding the position for the majority of Bush’s term. During this time, Cheney oversaw the 1991 Operation Desert Storm, among other actions.
  • Out of office during the Clinton presidency, Cheney was chairman & CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000.
  • Dick as we all know, served as the 46th Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 in the administration of George W. Bush and had/has much to do with The Wars in the Middle East where Halliburton (the corporation he was CEO of for at least 5 years)  is a major corporation making billions of dollars.

Food for Thought


I popped by a friend of mine’s FB Wall and saw her status.

The word BANK popped out of the screen and smacked me on the retinas.

The thread was a discussion between American Moms concerning money.

It was interesting to read what they felt.

Here is how the short chat went down (My Commentary at the end):

Christine Peterson: Watched PBS Frontline (bank cards) late last night about banks. They follow the laws but twist it into their own form. They are making all of their money off of the poor; people living paycheck to paycheck. I remember Senator Kennedy trying to pass legislation on this but the Republicans rejecting it. Everyone should watch this that has ever had a bank fee.

Christine Peterson: Now I know why they have to keep the poor..poor so the rich can stay rich. Shameful
Deborah Bennett
Deborah Bennett: VERY SHAMEFUL…
Stephanie Conboy
Stephanie Conboy: It’s required.  If every one was rich who would the rich help to keep them humble? Quite frankly, I enjoy being poor! It gives me room to improve, rich folk have no where but down to go!  I would imagine that they live there lives in fear as well; fear of losing everything they have. I have nothing to lose, so no fear! I dont have to sit around protecting every thing I have, so I’m free!
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: But your also subject to bank “courtesy fees” higher interest rates and fines that penalize you for being poor…I for one don’t like to be suppressed.
Karyn Swanson
Karyn Swanson: My bank has no fees as long as we have direct deposit, my kids savings accounts have none because their kids, my mother’s checking account has no fee because she’s over 65. I get an atm fee when I use one of the large banks like TD North. I have never had a problem with fees when it comes to local smaller banks like Bank of Cape Cod or Cape Cod Five where Eric has had an acct since he was 5 y/o.   I almost opened another account at one of the big banks a few years ago and they wanted to charge a stupid fee to go to a live teller. I do understand charging higher interest rates for people with bad credit, you get bad credit by not paying your bills not just because your poor.
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: Well generally poor people have poor credit because they cant afford to pay their bills!   They should be paying the same fee so that they can have a fighting chance to make it in this messed up economy. Or the banks should’nt be issuing them cards with 30% interest just to take advantage.
Karyn Swanson
Karyn Swanson: Bull^&*(. You don’t have to be “rich” to have good credit. In my 20s, I had a car loan and ran up my credit card for things I thought “I should have”. I learned my lesson. I slowly paid off the balance and ended up with excellent credit. My credit cards offer 20 something% interest but I don’t charge more than I can pay off at the end of the month. People who get 30% interest rates get them because of irresponsibility not because their poor.
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: This is just one facet of The Bank…

Think about what your dollar is backed by and then let’s take this Discussion from there.


Allison Routhier
Allison Routhier: I have had bank fees and Teddy was quite alive and Senator at that time…
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: Paul I was amazed at what I watched and how they admitted twisting the law.
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: Indeed Christine, the law is easily manipulated. The paper money is also easily manipulated. If we can think about what $ is actually backed by, we can think about ways to protect ourselves.  Knowledge is Power.

What is your dollar backed by?

Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: I’m assuming nothing.
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: It must be backed by something. It was gold until 1971 or so. Now it is not.

If it is backed by gold, the dollar will stay pretty much the same in value.

If it is backed by something abstract, then it can be easily manipulated.

Think about it.

Laura Peterson: I don’t trust people & especially banks. I keep cash hidden in a secret location & manipulate the system my own way.
Stephanie Conboy
Stephanie Conboy: Our money is backed by China and nothing else.  Paul what is the money backed by in Taiwan? How is the economy crunch there?  How has the American sinking economy affected Taiwan?
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson: Paul…I’m thinking the stock market??
Boston Paul
Boston Paul: Stephanie is in the ball park.
Stephanie Conboy
Stephanie Conboy: I’m always at the ball park!

Boston Paul

Greetings Ladies, my apologies for the delay.

Stephanie is in the ball park because your Money is not backed by anything but Labor. China’s major resource (for now) is cheap Labor.  Fiat money which is what the Corporate Bank issues (google: fiat currency) can be manipulated by Financial Corporations like The Federal Reserve Bank (FED). The FED is a private bank partnered with the government.

The FED is a Private Institution that controls the American Dollar. The Federal Reserve Bank is about as Federal as Federal Express.

One can easily observe logically how the FED is not governmental (though partnered with the GOV):

First, they have a CEO. Government entities do not have a CEO.

Second, the GOV borrows money from the FED. How does an entity borrow from itself then?

It doesn’t.

I need 20,ooo dollars to buy a car. I’ll lend it to myself and then pay myself back with interest!

Also, research why the GOV borrows money from the FED in the first place.

Now let’s talk about the money the FED makes.

What is Money backed by? It is backed by NOTHING but your Labor. And since many people use credit cards, money = debt.

Let’s Clarify:

LABOR: If the average person (Pat) digs a hole for an hour, Pat will be spending about the same amount of energy (calories burned or Labor) as the rest of us.  We can probably agree that as Humans, on average, we expend the same amount of energy/calories burned/LABOR on specific tasks and have so since our Species climbed down from the trees.

TIME: An hour doesn’t change at all. I’m sure a PhD in Physics can tell you about the minute changes in Time over the last few billion years, but for us, an hour is an hour and has always been so, even when it seems to speed by when you’re having fun.

Now this brings us to our Basic Needs.

We have 2 Basic Needs:

Food & Shelter.

Right up until the Industrial Revolution and arguably the end of World War II (with the exception of Slaves & modern day slaves), our Species through-out the year spent on average just a few hours a day obtaining these needs.

Compare that to now where the average person spends over 10 hours a day focused solely on their jobs.

The fact that money can be made out of thin air means that they can make as much or as little of this paper moneyas they want.

This is the Trap.

The FED makes a lot of Paper Money, then everyone has it, the economy is ‘good’ and the Massses often spend more than they should and get themselves into Debt.

The FED stops making Paper Money, then everyone struggles, finds it difficult to pay back their outstanding debts AND the value of your Labor goes down.

So when Pat digs a hole for 10 bucks an hour, Pat’s labor & time are the same, but that 10 bucks is manipulated.

I remember when a nickel could buy a tank of gas! ~ Grandad

This makes Pat a Slave to the System… and a whole bunch of other people you know… 😉

The trick is that you spend freely because you’re financially secure and deserve the Good Life. You borrow freely because you have that secure feeling that you will be able to pay it off in the future.

People are now finding out that there is something wrong in the Land of Milk & Funny Money.

You put your money into a bank where they use your savings for other investments. They throw you a bone with 3% interest (a bone doesn’t have much meat on it, does it?) while they are making huge amounts off your dollar. And coming up with devious plans to make even more.

So if you have 1000 in the bank, the bank will make about 9000 (this is a conservative estimate) off your money. It’s called Fractional Banking… check it out.

We won’t even get into what Corporate Banks invest in that aid in the destruction & demise of our Planet.

This was a quick Brainstorming Blurb and will be updated soon.

Political Dialogue: What is a TERRORIST?

What is a TERRORIST?

The word Terrorist is thrown around the English Lexicon without any regard to its actual meaning.

This Question was poised to get a feeling of what People are thinking.

Who listens to the Rhetoric spewed  out by the Corporate Media? 

The Terrorist is the New Enemy.

And it is Genius. Really.

Countries through-out History have always had a well-defined enemy until The Terrorist was invented.

Now the Terrorist could be your quiet neighbor, the shifty eyed gas attendant, the hippie looking Music Student.

The Communist Scare of the 50s has been perfected and the average American Joe & Jane believe the Hype. 

Go to MilitaryNewsNetwork.com and check em’ out.

I do.

A pity we are surrounded by Sheep.

Sheep with Sharp Teeth. 

See how others define Terrorist: 

Tobie Openshaw
A person who uses terror, violence and the threat of violence to achieve political or religious aims.
Julian Bush
fat women in tight clothes, terrifying
Sue Howard
what’s wrong with fat women in tight clothes? Some of us find them comfortable. I’ve even been known to rock the spandex.
Tobie Openshaw
Hmm no, ‘ist” is just someone who does something. Violinist, lobbyist, librocubiculirist…
Sara Kennedy Bester
someone who can’t see truth… so according to any book i’ve read from people who have the abilities see truth, a very very large population of the earth.
Tobie Openshaw
And in WWII the allies used fear, intimidation, and violence to achieve their goals of peace. I think by definition a terrorist is not part of a state security system. Anwyay … ’tis a can of worms, albeit an interesting one, that you have opened.
Sue Howard
does this make me a double terrorist?
Mars Alexandre
Yaaaaaa…. I want popcorn with butter and salt , getting cappuccino now , anybody?
There are different kinds of terror though…
Fear=Somebody sticks an umbrella up your arse…
Terror= Someone opens the umbrella!!!!
Christian Kohli
It’s certainly not the Afghan warlords that deal in opium with the right banks and interests apparently


Tobie Openshaw
and Sarah, if you want to bring “truth” into it, that’s an entirely diifferent can of worms you’re opening. There is no such thing as truth. When anyone says “I have found the TRUTH” what they mean is “I have found a truth that sounds pretty ok to me” The Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim each having exactly the same amount (i.e. zero) of proof that their belief system represents the “truth”. The only unassailable truth is that 2+2=4 and there are some theoretical mathematicians who will even parse that for you.
Jeffree Pike
people who create or incite terror/death/destruction…wacked out souls who blow themselves up on a city bus or vegetable market(& the religious nuts who encourage them)..also of course military officers who sit in their techno-seats in Nevada while controling pilotless ‘terminator’ drones which create terror from the skies in remote villages in Pakistan…(& the politicans/generals who allow it)..
Mars Alexandre
“A person who uses terror, violence and the threat of violence to achieve POLITICAL or religious aims.”
“a terrorist is someone who believes that the use of fear, intimidation, and violence is an acceptable means to achieve a certain goal.”
“fat women in tight clothes”
First two … ok I agree because is such a sanguinary son of a bitch …
but Gorge Bush is not fat and I have never seen that bitch in tight clothes.
Landis Shook
A person that raises Terriers?
Sue Howard
Mars-LOL…I knew I liked you. George Bush. Fucking funny.
Thomas Steenson
If I say “PURPLE HAIRY BANANAS!!”, and you break down and scream in absolute terror… I AM not a terrorist.

What makes a LAW lawful????

Laura Halifax McKenzie
Tobie Openshaw
a law is made lawful by consent of the people to whom the law applies
Francisco Jose Ramos
The Pope!!!! and the Vaticano ….we must bomb them….and maybe after that the sky too…..hahahaha
Sue Howard
How did the nobles become nobles in the first place, eh? They took it. They took it at the tip of a sword.
James Murray
Main Entry: ter·ror·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1795
: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.
— ter·ror·ist \-ər-ist\ adjective or noun
— ter·ror·is·tic \ˌter-ər-ˈis-tik\ adjective
Boston Paul
Damn James, then I was a Terrorist when I was in the Amerikan Military.
Francisco Jose Ramos
WE guess Boston!! you must find god….he will forgive you hahaha…..
Sue Howard
Wow, Paul…we’re batting a thousand here aren’t we? lol
Boston Paul
Francisco, I was fighting for God. I was a Repulican Protestant then after all.

Back then the Communist was the Enemy.

Perhaps I should beg for Allah’s forgiveness.

What do you mean Sue? (And when we meet again someday Sue, we should both wear our spandex…)


Boston Paul
REPOSTED from below:
U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2331

The US Government says that Terrorism is:
(1) the term “international terrorism” means activities that—
(A) involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State;
(B) appear to be intended—
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
(C) occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum;
(2) the term “national of the United States” has the meaning given such term in section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act;
(3) the term “person” means any individual or entity capable of holding a legal or beneficial interest in property;
(4) the term “act of war” means any act occurring in the course of—
(A) declared war;
(B) armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, between two or more nations; or
(C) armed conflict between military forces of any origin; and
(5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
(B) appear to be intended—
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.


Sean Luo
William Walsh
depends who writes the history
Thomas Steenson
Tobie; only corporate policy (statues and acts) can be claimed lawful by the consent of the people to whom the law applies. Hence “police” enforce with monopolized violence.
But that does not make them lawful laws.
The LAW is absolute, and is liberty itself. It applies to everyone.
Any policy which violates the inherent and unalienable rights of the individual is no law at all, but tyranny and crime against the populace (stealing, breaking, killing).
Thomas Steenson
Francisco; Paul has not found God yet.

The he will finally know for certain I AM walking with him.

Sue Howard
Paul and I found god quite some time ago, and didn’t exactly agree with what his fan club had to say. We grew up together.
OStuart Wilson
Obama is a Terrorist!
Stuart Wilson
Check out: The Obama Deception, a film by Alex Jones! Scary stuff…
Sue Howard
Ugh, here we go with the Obama crap.
Dwayne Young
I believe Mr William Walsh said it best earlier above…
“depends who rights history.” Thats it plain and simple.
Who ever wins the war or is in control writes history.
His story….
Graham Sills
Obama totally wore spandex. I Think it was when he went to all those Islam schools in indonesia.
Michael T. Lane
terrorist is a word created to invoke fear and minimize thought about complex situations. As noted above, freedom fighter or non-lateral combatant are other words that have been used to describe the same person performing the same action.

more and more these days, it seems, the word terrorist is replacing the word criminal, too. It’s evolving in its scope. Soon, you won’t need to think about anything. We’ll know just who the terrorists are, be they political insurgents, drug peddlers, bank robbers or jaywalkers.

Roger Smith
It’s just a recycled buzz word used to polarize opinions to suit nefarious political ends. “By it’s literal definition….it follows that The United States is the leading terrorist state” – Chomsky

Go Venus Project!

Chris Ecker
It’s what happens when you fall of your scooter and land on your hand!
Brian Michael Fall
Terror is a long journey in a small truck in very very cold weather with a man who just ate a great deal of blue cheese and sardines. Ergo, he is a terrorist.
Hill Rodney
Sean, Chomsky does it again. Good stuff.
Maako Ishikawa
A terrorist is some one who doesn’t think like us and deserves to die because of thinking wrong..
Roland Le Lopez
ter?ror?ist (ter’er-ist) n. 1. One who engages in acts or an act of terrorism.
2. One who leads an armed group that kills civilians as a means of political intimidation — unless he terrorizes Haitians while on the CIA-payroll, as did 1990s death squad leader Emmanuel Constant, in which case the U.S. refuses to extradite him to Haiti, even after Sept. 11, 2001.

3. One who targets civilian airliners and ships — unless he blows up a Cuban civilian airliner, killing 73 people, and fires at a Polish freighter, like Orlando Bosch, in which case he is coddled and paroled by the Bush Justice Department in 1990, and his extradition is blocked.
4. One who leads a group that engages in kidnapping and murder — unless the victims are Hondurans attacked by CIA-backed death squad Battalion 316, in which case Battalion architect Gustavo Alvarez becomes a Pentagon consultant, while the then-ambassador to Honduras who downplayed the terror, John Negroponte, is appointed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations days after Sept. 11.

5. One who uses rape and murder for political purposes — unless the victims are four U.S. church women sexually assaulted and killed in 1980 by members of El Salvador?s U.S.-backed military, in which case excuses and distortions pour forth from then-U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick (?these nuns were not just nuns; they were also political activists?) and Secretary of State Al Haig (the nuns ?may have tried to run a roadblock?).

6. One who designates civilians as ?soft targets? to be attacked in the cause of political transformation — unless the targets are Nicaraguans killed by Contra guerrillas armed and directed by the U.S who, according to Human Rights Watch, ?systematically engage in violent abuses?so prevalent that these may be said to be their principal means of waging war.?

7. One who facilitates a massacre of civilians — unless the victims are 900 Palestinians shot and hacked to death in the Sabra and Shatila camps by Lebanese Christian militia as Israeli soldiers stood guard, in which case Israel?s then-Defense Minster (now Prime Minister) Ariel Sharon remains a U.S. ?War on Terrorism? ally after being censured as indirectly responsible for the massacre by an Israeli commission of inquiry.

Ryan J. Barber
A freedom fighter by another name.
Sammy Hoffa
I didn’t read all 46 comments… but I would have to say the George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers were Terrorists to England at one point. I figure these days anyone going against “the rulers” is a terrorist.
As far as some people are concerned free thinkers that organize in any way are terrorists.
If not now then soon.
James Tinker
Ronald McDonald – definitely a terrorist.
Marcus Van
I am.
Above were comments left Oct 2009. I have ressurected this Question to see what the rest of you think. Looking forward to your responses.

Is God Dead?

Here is one from the archives. It is a short but interesting discussion concerning the Death of God and who may have killed him/her.

I read a book called the History of God by Karen Armstrong a few years back. I thought it was good. She wrote about the concept of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim God and where this God came from and how this God has changed over a few thousand years.  

Her recent writings however, I’m not so sure about.

Our Species has more or less killed the concept of God with the Sword of Science.

But try telling that to the millions of Fundamental Christians living in Amerika.

Your Thoughts? 

She takes a series of statements about god that she says need rethinking, but her thinking is a complete mess.
Artsees Diner
Interesting concept. If God is dead, then a whole lot of nay-sayers will have to admit that He at one time was very much alive, right? Also, who in the world killed Him then, and can we bring them to trial? After all murder is murder, and if He is dead, then that would explain why there is such a huge void in humanity, after all it is believed that He resides in those who believe…
Artsees Diner
Quite frankly, nonbelievers need to just give it a rest, and apologetics need to give up trying to convince humanity one way or another, especially nonbelievers. God lives in those who believe, and those who don’t well, they don’t, maybe he doesn’t. I am not sure why those who don’t believe care so much about the concept of a supreme being. Why are non believers so obsessed? Obviously the concept of a supreme being has always and more than likely will be around for as long as we are living and breathing, right? Also, as far as I can see, read, no matter whether you are a fundamentalist, or an atheist activist, neither has any real substance to stand on, so therefore it Armstrong and Dawkins and the likes of them are no different then me right now, we all want to have our day in court. Man makes meaing, whether it is language, mathematics, science, it is all man made, minus believing or attached meaning does anything really exist?
Cousin Avi
Math is man made?
Dwayne Young
Well put there.God is what you make him/her/it to be.God is different to everyone of us and so is the relationship you have with God,if you even have one….
“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” Marcus Auerlius
Niwa Maibut
If this author believes someone will belive her thoughts and ideas ? then, there must be a god , can we drop this ? None can prove whether god exists or not, doesn’t mean that having the conpect of God is not alive !
Artsees Diner
the name and symbols given to explain mathematical equations is as man made as the language that you speak, the code that is used in computing, that is unless you want to claim it divinely inspired.  Niwa, amen…I am perplexed as to why there is a blasphemy movement by the atheists…how can you denounce that which does not exist, nor is believed for one, secondly, if the believer believes then believe, and through your good works those around you will want to know what secrets you hold towards a joy-filled life.
Cousin Avi
The language we use to represent math is man made, of course. We also use it to represent ocean currents and the orbits of planets. Are THOSE man made? There is a distinction between the LANGUAGE and the reality it is used to represent.
As for your wishy washy notion that god lives in the hearts of believers, what utter tripe.
What would you think of a friend who announced that he was so happy because he was destined to marry Angelina Jolie? The usefulness of this belief, or the idea that it makes him happy, is irrelevant against the falsity of the claim, yet this is the kind of argument defenders of religion always make.
There is no evidence for any god claims. To assert that such claims are true because people believe them is blithering foolishness. I suppose you’re prepared to grant that unicorns and leprechauns exist for those who believe in them.
Sara Kennedy Bester
I dig Karen Armstrong.
Bad Andy
religion bores me
Paul Farrar
He keeps me jammin-(Good Cousin)….. God isnt a being, but a force that you feel amoungst you… If you can go with that, then you are doing good.. 🙂 Is he dead? That is up to everyone to believe in thier own minds…. I believe in an inner self that believes what is GOD… When I pray, I talk to my inner mind, and hope that it might go further…( Was there really a JESUS???) I think there was,,, but was there a guy who could make blind people see? Hell NO!! Jesus was a man, who people loved to follow. His belief made people feel good…He made alot of people feel like they meant something, and that all that mattered….Was he really hung on a cross  (maybe—in my eyes NO)?  Was he taken from his grave on Easter? ( No. he was never there to start.)  From the Start, was there a Jesus~~~ Prob., and if there was , he died a happy man.  Thinkin about someone in his inner self that was none other than__(GOD)(your 1st topic).. Love yah cousin (BP)… 😉
Is God dead???? I think not… As long as your mind is still functioning,,,,,God is very alive… 😉
Cousin Avi
@ Paul
Redefining the term into some personal force within (or, as Spinoza said, the great natural order of everything), simply ignores the issue.
Belief in an interventionist, omnipotent, omniscient “god” (the foundation of the big three monos) is the question. The actions and demands of the faithful not insignificant consequences thereof. And still, your personal perception notwithstanding, there’s no more evidence for the truth of your claims than for theirs.
You are certainly free to believe as you wish. Sadly, the faithful seem determined to assert (despite the total lack of evidence) that they’re right, and to inflict their ideas on the rest of us via public policy (which is intolerable).
You would appear to make little distinction between prayer and meditation, and I have nothing against the inner-self or the transcendent. But when one starts to invoke the father, son and holy spirit, condemn others to hell, hold forth on morality based on the scribblings of Bronze Age sheep herders, deny civil rights to large segments of the population, attempt to restrict access to legal medical procedures (not to mention a laundry list of egregious criminal behaviour), based on a Jesus myth for which there is no evidence outside of the book they present as both premise and conclusion, we are then dealing with an animal very different than “praying to one’s inner mind”.
Michael T. Lane
If God was dead, then that wouldn’t be God. The word may be truth or fiction, but there is a standard to which anything one might call God would have to apply. God with a capital G is omnipotent, so it doesn’t die. But what if it killed itself? Can an omnipotent creature end itself? If it can’t then it isn’t omnipotent. But if it does, then it is finite and limited.

Language is limited in its ability to speak of anything singular. The multiplicity of meanings within an entire language are what give words their specific meanings.
So using language to speak or ponder an entity claimed to be One and with no other is fruitless. It is outside language’s scope. Just as well use a hammer to twist in a screw.

The Tao Te Ching says on page one….the Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao. I tend to agree. Whether its Ultimate Truth or the biggest lie ever conceived, either way, talking about it does nothing. Well, it does start fights pretty good.

Leon Rene LaPointe
Last time I checked I was doing quite fine thankyou.
Cousin Avi
I don’t think the problem is language, it’s competing conceptions.
The term omnipotent doesn’t necessarily include the idea of eternal – in fact, there’s a particular theological debate (beyond WHAT properties something called “god” might/must possess) about whether or not god exists beyond the space/time of THIS universe. For example, if the “multiverse” implied by string theory turned out to be fact, would god be the god of all universes, or just this one…and if so, how can one call it “eternal” in the absence of a concept of “time”?
Beyond that, if you’re going to say something like “God was always there and will always be there,” the why not simply say “The universe was always there,” or, “Life was always there,” and be done with it. Occam’s Razor demands that that you not multiply terms unnecessarily.
Zen koans like, “Can an omnipotent god make a rock so heavy even he cannot lift it” do not advance the argument.
The only sane response to those who claim there is a god is, “Fine. Show me the evidence.”
Leon Rene LaPointe
Cousin Avi
Nice link. Misleading title, though. The only people who insist that the universe came from nothing are creationists.
The odd thing is that they don’t seem to understand the irony of their argument. While insisting that science says “Everything came from nothing” (which is not at all what science says), THEY contend that the universe was poofed into existence by an act of omnipotent will.
Of course, inherent contradiction never stopped them before…
Boston Paul
Thank you all for the posts. Very good points C. Avi.

I would like to read some kind of solid evidence (links, book titles – not the Bible – ETC) from Christians refuting what Cousin Avi has posted.


Brian Michael Fall
The concept of a “supreme being” as mentioned earlier, has been around for a very long time indeed. This does not make it true nor does it prove that one exists. People have also believed for a very long time that chicken feet and four-leaved clovers bring one good luck. Currently, in some parts of the world, it does one well to eat the body parts of an albino. Does that make it true? This concept developed out of an inability to explain a vast many things, including, for example, the way the ocean is drawn back a very significant amount before the arrival of a tidal wave. Well, I guess it must have been the power of god chanelled through Moses, ’cause I can’t think of anything else. Man continues to fail to “pluck the apple”, if you will, and simply evolve into a more intelligent species which refuses to ignore fact and act accordingly to it. The future is unknown and the unknown is terrifying to many and fear is powerful, and evolution is the future. We must be very brave to move forward. Don’t let others scare you with their bullshit. There is no heaven. There is no hell. You will not be rewarded or punished for any kind of life you’ve led. Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Don’t be afraid to admit that something you believe might be wrong. Don’t be afraid of the truth because it will never be what you want it to be no matter how hard you pray or want.
Boston Paul
Well said Brian.
Cousin Avi
I think you’re out of luck, BP. Christians point to scripture. The rest of it leaves them in the blocks.

SUPPORT AMERICAN TROOPS! What does this statement mean?

SUPPORT AMERICAN TROOPS serving in Iraq & Afghanistan!

What does this statement mean exactly?

I am anti-war. Period. I was in the Army for 4 years. I signed the dotted line. I was 18 and legally an adult as far as the government was concerned. According to the government, I was able to make my own decisions (except of course I could not decide if I wanted a beer or not. The drinking age was 21. The government thought I was old enough to die for my country, but not old enough to have a beer, go figure. We’ll discuss that at another time.).

Soldiers join the military for many reasons. GI BILL, adventure, to get away, learn a trade, and yes there are even those Nationalistic ‘ate-up’ ones that join to kill a Commy for Mommy. Point is, regardless of the bells and whistles the Military provides; we all join a War Machine.

That’s it.

By joining the military, like it or not, you are supporting war. So don’t be surprised when they call you up (Reverves, National Guard included) to ‘serve’ (i.e. kill others and perhaps be killed) your country. You sign the dotted line, you are THEIRS.

That brings me to ‘Support The Troops’ and its implications. We all make mistakes. We’re Human. It is what we do: we fuck up all the time. But most of the time, no one hates us for our mistakes.

For example; we may be disappointed when our children do something we think is wrong, malicious or stupid; but we still love our children, we still nurture our children, we show the children where their mistakes are. We still give the children food, clothes, our love. We don’t put the child out into the street, spit on the child, beat the child.

In short we Support the Children, just not the (stupid, malicious wrong) actions they do.

Support the Troops. Indeed. But let’s not get that confused with Anti-war which the Media and those that watch Foxnews or listen to Glenn Beck (there are people take that guy seriously?) seem to muddy.  To see how this statement was received – Read the comments below then leave your own.

Peace in the Middle East.

What does it mean to support the Troops?

Discussion from Facebook

Quite Interesting Take a Peek.

Leon Rene LaPointe

We have to send them money?
Julian Bush
it means get them home!
Leon Rene LaPointe
Kinda like starving kids in Africa… Support a soldier, make sure he learns to read and write, goes to school, every few weeks you get a photo and a thankyou letter… I think?
Leon Rene LaPointe
Oh? So by supporting a soldier, the American army will send one to live with you at your own house?
Larry Glasco
it means stand behind them no matter your belief as they are only doing thier assignement or job as you do every day you have a choice to do your job or not they do not their consequences for not following orders are much more severe then you not … while you sleep or play on here they hardly ever sleep while you go shopping they wear the same clothes for days so yes please support them and let them no they are loved and cared for
Leon Rene LaPointe
I support the troops under that definition, I even support the war in afghanistan, but I do not support the war in Iraq…
Mars Alexandre
Like… psychological support ? Well , under those circumstances of “no choice” and go follow orders like a dumb dog , I guess it is fare at least thinking people feel pity on them and show some compassion…
Can you imagine the feeling of guilt after know that the whole thing was just a mascarade to steal a whole nation’s oil?
Well…I do believe in Obama’s intentions of peace , but that doesn’t erase that they massacred and destroyed a whole nation and murdered thousands of human beings under the new Hitler’s regime (Bush admin) Just for oil… or money or what ever the hell the son of a bitch was thinking …
Yes I do pity them (it is some sort of support isn’t it?)
No offense here , the U.S. are beautiful people and I can say that because I have very good friends there , just … thanks God dark ages are over , and finally U.S. can have a breathe … and so the rest of the planet…
Leon Rene LaPointe
Why else wage war? Oil is a pretty good reason to wage war! I think the thing that pisses people off is that they weren’t up front about it, if they had slick commercial made about how cool oil is before they invaded everyone would totally be for it… The mistake was not the act but the message. Hire better propaganda ministers is my opinion.
It means to send them care packages and let them know that you appreciate their service regardless of what you believe. As the sister to Paul’s COUSIN (yes that makes him my cousin too but the lack of support he has for my brother makes me feel less like family) who is deployed in Iraq as we speak, I find this sort of cruel and idiotic banter offensive. I don’t believe we should be at war but its not the soldier’s fault. I’m sure if any of you were in his place right now you’d be upset by the lack of compasion and understanding found here. I’m not stupid and I know all about your war for oil crap but I don’t care about that any more, what I care about is that my baby brother comes home safe. Talking about how there should be a war doesn’t make it go away!!!!! Voting the right people in does. So shut up and do something or go stop making asses out of yourselves by babbling sarcastic comments about men and woman who are doing a Jon most of you can’t do if you tried
Leon Rene LaPointe
Yeah, we understand all that but its more fun to be sarcastic on the internet.
Nicki Dunton
Well I’m glad that my 19 year old brother, soon to be father, risking his life round the clock provides you with hours of entertainment. *note the sarcasm* ignorance is bliss.  I’ve stated my mind and now I’m going to bed. Karma is a bitch 🙂 have a good night or day, what ever time it is where ever you are.
Leon Rene LaPointe
Oh c’mon now… Cheeky internet chat is not going to lose the war.
No its not, but I’m not concerned about losing or winning. Just my brother. I don’t find this “cheeky” either. I’m probably too tired to joke about my brothers life, goodnight
Leon Rene LaPointe
I erased my last reply and it was not related to any of your spelling or grammar. So you replied to something that I wrote before that made little sense… I said before previously that I am not against the troops, I stated before that I am anti-Iraq war, pro-afghanistan war… Anti-peace, pro-calm… And support your brother, but have no support for the crap that got him involved in an unjust war in Iraq. Cheers!
You must have erased it while I was typing my reply. Sorry. And frankly I was more upset with “mars” and their comments than yours. I have also previously stated that I don’t agree with the reasons we went to war either, but all that goes out the window when some one you adore is fighting that war no one likes. Your focus becomes them and their life, yes you still vote for changes etc but arguments like these become transparent and meaningless. Not nearly important as your loved one’s life. Yes, I’m passionate about this, its my brother that I love dearly, and I’m passionate about the people I love, don’t even get me started about my kids lol
Dwayne Young
The war in Afghanistan is just as unjust as the war in Iraq is in my opinon.
I can’t see how you can be pro one war and anti the other.
What has Afghanistan done to deserve what they got?
Is it because the Taleban supposidly harbour a fugitive that was supposidly “the mastermind” of 9/11…(the same Taleban who wiped out herion production while in power but which now flourishes under “occupation”)
Why not find the “fugitive” and leave the people alone!
The Taleban is the people of Afghanistans problem not the U.S or anyone elses problem.There is no need to meddle in their internal politics.
That is a problem for the people of Afghanistan to solve.The C.I.A has proven links to terrorist organisations…Does this then give permission for countries to go and liberate the people of America from tyranny???
It’s fuckin madness.Both wars are being fought on fraudulent fronts.
Damian Randall
I’m with Dwayne on this one.
Mars Alexandre
About your brother my friend , yes , I agree with you and understand and support your comment , I know that feeling as well, I also went to war but I refused to follow orders as I was fighting for a cause , not for money and I sure faced the consecuences. we all have a choice my friend , it is the beauty of being human … Free will…
M.A.D. Mutual assured destruction … When are humans going to understand that we are 1 species… I know war better than what I would like…pain,suffering,stress , it affects not only the victims and the soldiers , also thousands of families and relatives as it is your case, trust me I know…
I apologize if my comment was some how … offensive… But same as me , hour brother has a choice , we all do , follow , fight and even die is worth if it is for the right reason , to protect those we love , for freedom , for a noble idea . I do not support genocide under any circumstance. Get your brother out of there.
I admire your passion and support and understand your feelings.
Jennifer Marie Williams
Supporting troops also means being there for the families left behind. As achild of a military parent, I understand the psychological damage to the families and soldier this causes. Just as I know the consequences of themnot following orders like a “dumb dog”. If Boston is using this platform to provoke thought or change. What good does the sarcasm and bitching do for the rest who are passers by? I’d rather appear thoughtful, passionate and open to others perspectives than slinging insults whether intentional or not. Of course if the nternet is your alter ego… Makes me wonder what’d you do when the worlds ills are again at your front door. Will you stand and speak for yourself? Or will you look for that Persn in camoflauge to do the dirty work? Or that officer in blue you taunt at rallies? Curious.
Craig Zaidel
***i apologize for the length of this***

paul, it cant possibly mean something ‘exact’ for anyone. the statement itself has been been politicized since september 12th, despite the fact we have been intervening militarily in both afghanistan and iraq since the 1980s. ‘support the troops’ has become a red herring argument for both sides of the spectrum, thus deflecting attention away from why there is such a need for a military presence in the middle east in the first place. you people are debating in a house of mirrors. its sometimes embarrassing to read, but they represent baby steps.

the easiest answer is the right one – the US will never withdraw troops from the middle east because it never has. theyve been there for 30 years already. this is a global, imperialist, strategy set in motion a generation ago. geo-politically, the US govt knew it must maintain their ground, along with corporate and national ties, to stay afloat in latter half of this century. russia has resources that china will need once the mediterranean shipping lanes and, most importantly, pipelines (see afghanistan), will be auctioned to the highest bidder (and by bidder, i mean the one with the biggest gun – a.k.a. the US). the chess pieces just arent already on the board, we are halfway through the match. … See More

most people dont even realize theres a game going on.

the amazing thing about revisionist history is that most people dont read what comes before it, deluded by the belief that as the species evolves so will the integrity of our intentions, or, at least, the integrity of the literate. ironically, history has shown us the opposite, which is why its imperative to absorb as much as we can from all viewpoints and all times.

we sit and read/watch another report of a suicide bomber blowing up a crowded market, or listen to absurd shit-politik and we take our anger to the only place we believe to have a voice… the internet. and we yell things like, ‘tyranny,’ and, ‘no blood for oil,’ and other meaningless statements like, ‘support the troops serving in iraq and afghanistan!’

however, i have friends in those countries right now and i would like to see them again. this is why i suggest that this statement cannot ‘exactly’ mean the same for anyone.

Brian Michael Fall
“Support the Troops” What does it mean? It depends entirely on who says it.
To one, it may mean “shut up, look the other way and let us do what we what, right or wrong.”
To another, it may mean “stop wasting them in foreign lands and bring them home to serve where they’re needed, respected, wanted and loved.”
Whatever reason you say it’s for, the fruit has rotted and fallen off the tree before it even ripened.
Where’s the cheap gas? Where are the shining new democracies of the middle east?… See More
WWII was fought over 6 years covering an entire contintent ( I’m only referring to the European theatre here) involving many countries against an army that even at that time makes the best of today’s middle eastern armies pale in comparison.
I think the relevent question is why the hell isn’t the job done yet?
If you were performing your job in this half-assed manner, you’d have been sacked ages ago.
In short, political and military leaders of today are disgracefully useless, incompetent and inept.
The only I agree with Craig is that it means something different to everyone. The rest goes back to what I said about how all of these political and philisophical discussions become mute when we are waiting for a loved one to come home safely. I appreciate all the positive and understanding comments made. Sitting here debating on facebook ISN’T going to change the world or humanity, living your live positively will. and in one of my lasts posts it should say that he is soon to be A father, I Re-read it and realized it sounded like he was going to be MY father lol
Yeah. Oil and in the name of god. Two perfectly good reasons to wage war *rolls eyes*. Hey, just think, if the world hadn’t used either of those for that very reason, we may only have Hitler to blame for anything, right?
Kristen LeNormand Arute
So much commentary from such uninformed people! Like being an authority on parenting when you don’t have any children of your own! Having an opinion is one thing, but the sarcastic pseudo-intelligent comments are pretty ridiculous. Nicki, my brother-in-law didn’t meet his son until he was 5 months old because he was stationed in Kuwait 19 years ago. It was very difficult on my sister and the whole family. I hope your brother doesn’t have to wait 5 months to meet his baby. I wish him a safe return home.
Thank you so much Kristen! His son is due in December, he is going to to get his mid-your leave for that time but no guarantees, he may have to wait just as long unfortunately.
Kristen LeNormand Arute
Good luck! I hope it works out. And he could be home for Christmas too! 🙂
Rick Wolfe
Support the troops by supporting peace!
Hey, my cousin was 6 months pregnant at the time of 9/11 and was due at work in the north tower that morning. She had morning sickness and missed her commuter rail into Manhattan. Thank the gods for small favors, or I would have lost more than the one relative I did that day (cousin whom I didn’t know related by marriage on one of the planes that went down). My boyfriend is former navy and very proud of it. We all have our reasons to support or not support the military in whatever form. Here, I’ll open a whole new can of worms-Bush was a fucking idiot who should have been shot and put out of our misery.
Yeah but its not the military’s fault, the politicians control the military so its rather ignorant NOT to support our soldiers who are in harm’s way. My brother didn’t cause any conflict with Iraq or Afganistan, but its him over there, (saving lives mind you as a crew chief of a med unit) not bush or any other politicians. Direct your anger at the right people and leave the people who die for YOU out of it.
Lisa Davis Owens
Lisa Davis Owens
What does supporting the troops mean? To one Army Mum that has started a program called Operation Desert Swap (a group of people who actively support our troops with letters cards, care packs & books) it means that there are peoples sons/daughters, fathers/mothers, sisters/brothers, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, aunts/uncles, cousins, and friends who are far far from home in conditions that a family member or friend hates to see them in. A dangerous place, a place far different then they are used to, who deserve to be remembered, cared for and appreciated.

To clear the muddy waters you all have created let me tell you that there is a difference between supporting the war(s) and supporting the human beings invovled in it/them. There is a difference between fighting for your country and fighting for your gov’t. You ppl act as tho America is a home of politicians. America is filled w/ millions of ppl, ordinary ppl who want to be protected against terrorism (which includes being terrorized by our gov’t)

Over my dead cold body will my son and the others who serve be treated like my husband was treated when he came home from Vietnam. They are only the game pieces not the game players. Keep your criticism for the players.

For a group of ppl proclaiming love & peace, you sure are filled with hate, intolerance & disrespect….hypocrits.

Now, I am done, for those w/o the brains to figure out what that means, it means I will say no more on this subject.

  • “Now, I am done, for those w/o the brains to figure out what that means, it means I will say no more on this subject.”

BP Note: I love this line. Now I am done and you know what that means? I’m finished. I will say no more… really! That’s it. No more on this subject! The end!

Rock Starkey
Isn’t it pretty similar, actually, to “support your local convenience store sales clerk”? I mean the functionality is fairly similar right? They both give you things you don’t need at a fraction of what they cost in terms of resource availability. And they both smell of ointment… sometimes. At least my local one does… haven’t smelled any soldiers lately. I think it’s late.
Mars Alexandre
Who ever it is that has a brother overseas …
I see just a blank silhouette with no name on it , so feels like writing to a ghost here …
So what you are basically saying here is that your brother is a volunteer victim of the system , and you are deeply worried about him? (Don’t mean to be rude here bro , I really know what you are going through)
1) Who named US “police of the world”?
2) Why US has troops in the middle east?”Terrorism”? or just has military advantage so can invade any nation that has something US wants…… See More
3) I am not against US , I am against war … ANY WAR! and I do believe at this point of evolution humans SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT WE ALL SHARE THIS PLANET AND HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.
4) So they are rebuilding what they messed up , and saving the same people they murdered?
5) No matter the excuse army has to be in foreign land , just the fact they are there it is an invasion.
So , if some bigger nation invade your land and kill your family , would you love that nation?
6)THE GREAT MENACE OF TERRORISM… let me try to find something that actually makes sense on that one… Oh yes … money…
7) So , if 9/11 was a legitimate terrorism attack (With all do respect for the victims and their relatives) means it is a license for murder anywhere any time , even send your brothers and sisters to a living hell and cause pain and death to so many people?
8) Why US military has to make sure no one else has nuclear power? (I AM AGAINST WEAPONS OF ANY KIND)
9)Who can certify that US military has no nuclear weapons?So the rest of the planet can sleep in peace.
10 Gorge Bush … same as Hitler … Will he ever take responsibility for his actions and go to trial?
Brother , your brother is risking his life in a war that is not his war , you are in a horrible pain because of that just to make millions to the Bush family.
Tell me: Are you still support this criminal?
I sure hope your brother returns home safe , you can be sure he will be in my prays.
Leon Rene LaPointe
Go live in Afghanistan… The thing is pre-gulf war II anyone could have lived in Iraq with very little problems in a vaguely secular society… Afghanistan has been fucked for ages. I support the NATO intervention in messed up country that treats its citizens like shit beyond any of the little tears the oh-so oppressed western world has with all these oh-so terrible conspiracies we have all the time in the world to follow, while people are getting their heads chopped off in afghanistan for being gay or a supposed adulterer… Fuck peace, I support moments of calm. Peace is achieved when humans get a new brain or finally die out and replaced by the next bunch ass-munchers.
Mars Alexandre
The world is divided …
Proves that humans are no longer one species…
So sad…
Anyway … internal politics of another country…
How is that US concern? Is it humanity?
Or just a chance to find an excuse for an invasion , stealing resources and make millions?
Well , let me rephrase that…
How is that Gorge Bush concern?
Leon Rene LaPointe
By all of your hippy dippy wishy washy logic we should have allowed the Nazi’s to totally eradicate Europe. People who can afford that form of logic are usually the privledged. The rest of the world has to eat what is put on the plate while we get our panties in a bunch over a slice of meat…
Leon Rene LaPointe
The world aint divided, there ain’t two species of mankind, there is just humans and human problems… In order to remove the problems you must remove the dynamics of the human mind, you must remove variables , you must remove drama, to remove these aspects of the human mind you create machines, peaceful machines at the expense of all this chaos makes us non-human… I would rather live here on this flawed earth than an eternity in heaven or an engineered heaven on earth ran by men who ideologized peace, for heaven if it does exist would very quickly be just like earth if humans are in anyway involved…
Leon Rene LaPointe
Mars Alexandre
Mr. LaPointe:
1) “By all of your hippy dippy wishy washy logic we should have allowed the Nazi’s to totally eradicate Europe.”
ISN’T GORGE BUSH EXACTLY THE SAME AS ADOLF HITLER? (answer depends on which side of the line are you , as everything else is relative , isn’t it?)
2) “People who can afford that form of logic are usually the privileged.”
Maybe , yes , I have two master degrees and very proud to say I made it myself , I was a street child and remember looking for food in the garbage outside the local restaurants , I cleaned toilets to pay for my studies and still now feel I am the same , only have acquired knowledge (in the end , that is all I will take with me , things will remain here)… See More
It is how you rule your thinking , your mind and your heart what makes you get out the hole… and become who you truly are.
But this argument is not about you and me and how different we think as we have no power to change anything , only let go a little bit that bitter feeling all this oil-money war parade has left within all human kind.
Craig Zaidel
chaplin – modern times/great dictator
kurzweil – the age of spiritual machines
Leon Rene LaPointe
George Bush was/is hardly Hitler, as much as that would be nice for us to have a super villian in our generation. Obama is actually the anti-Christ 😛 so touche Hitler!

Your ability to even go and get an education is because of this evil conspiracy against humanity society we live in. I don’t think children in Afghanistan get that option in the slightest unless their parents happen to have tonnes of money. I am not saying that it doesn’t happen, but it would be fair to say that an average impoverished westerner has a better oppurtunity to elevate themselves than one would in Afghanistan prior 911.

The world is not a battle between good and evil or black and white… It is merely a clusterfuck of grey.

Mars Alexandre
Ha! There we go! Yap , have them both and love them both.Well… I can perfectly imagine Bush and Powell “The great dictator” Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Leon Rene LaPointe
Mars Alexandre
Mr. LaPointe :
When and where I grew up had very similar conditions to those places you mention (Yes an average of 100 murders a day , and police doing nothing but stealing and assaulting , oppression as you have no idea) Still I will not deny I was lucky to scape…

“The world is not a battle between good and evil or black and white… It is merely a clusterfuck of grey.”
I like this one , and totally agree.

Sure, just ask and I’ll share.
Leon Rene LaPointe
Mars I enjoy finding out your view on these things, trust me I not hell-fire and damnation or even actually concerned about world politics, I do admit that I don’t toe the popular line on a lot of issues though, I am neither democrat or republican. I personally believe that the only real peace a man can hope to achieve is hopefully within his own family or a small group of friends. Strive for the small victories, I guess…

Everyone wins in internet debate!

Mars Alexandre
It is the beauty of free will , my Grand Father used to say : “Respect for others rights and choices is peace”
I like this debates very much , it’s very interesting to know others thinking to this matters , everybody is different and I have to tell you I have learnt a lot today.
Thank you very much for the link , I bet anyone who reads it will find it strangely familiar…
Londoner Taichung
We can’t even support one another…
Mars Alexandre
Good one La…

RELIGION/POLITICS – Pat Robertson is the Anti-Christ. Discussion.

Pat Robertson’s bigoted, racist remarks concerning the recent Earthquake in Haiti sparked an outcry from not just the liberal left, but even those who chill with him on the Right (we won’t get into my disdain for the terms ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ where based on those terms Hitler and Gandhi would be playing on the same team.  Ludicrous.).
Men like Pat Robertson are dangerous. Kind looking old men they are, but remember, they are the leaders of the ‘silent moral majority’…  AKA Capitalists/Republican/Conservative/Christian (though I am not sure they are the kind of Humans that Jesus would have hung  with.)
I see a whip and the proverbial knocking over of tables.
Angered at how a Community Leader blames natural disasters on the Sin of a People and says that it is His God that is punishing them,  I posted the statement you have already read and the following are responses from my Facebook NetworkConnections (NETCONS).
Boston Paul
Ripped from on line. Link Below. “It was just last week that we posted a collection of old Pat Robertson videos, but since he’s making news once again by saying the tragic earthquake in Haiti stems from the fact that the nation once “swore a pact to the Devil,” now seems like a good time to go back at take a look at some of Robertson’s most outrageous statements from recent years”:

*Robertson and Falwell lay the blame for 9/11.

*Robertson says Muslims should be treated like “some fascist group.”

*Robertson says gays are on their way to hell.

*Robertson says hate crimes legislation would protect someone “who likes to have sex with ducks.”

*Robertson says all other religions worship “demonic powers.”

*Robertson’s advice to the GOP on handling the Rep. Mark Foley scandal: just say that it is “what gay people do so don’t worry about it.”

*Robertson says marriage equality is “so gross” it will lead to the end of our nation.

*Robertson reports that God told him to expect massive terrorist attacks on the United States in 2007, and lists the specific cities at risk.

*Robertson declares that the separation of church and state is “insane.”

*Robertson states that Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke because he was “dividing God’s land.”

*Robertson warned that President Bush was “asking for the wrath of God” for not adequately supporting Israel.

*Robertson explains that various natural disasters and weather events are God’s way of sending a message.

“Explain to me again why incoming Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell invited Robertson to attend his inauguration. Or why Rep. Michele Bachmann, whom Robertson lauds as a “marvelous public servant,” is appearing on his program.”

Fri at 12:55am
I’m more heartbroken and disappointed in Robertson than anything at this point, and I’m tremendously unwilling to regard him as anything but a badly, badly misguided soul who has let his own thirst for control and own perspective cloud the love and grace available in the relationship he claims to have in Christ. His entire ilk come from such a different world than the rest of us, and I’m hesitant to declare openly that anyone is burning in hell (or conversely, that anyone is resting peacefully in heaven). That deal rests between said person and God and it is not ours to declare the result of someone’s salvation.

However, I will say that his words do not reflect the same God that I know, and he certainly does not speak for all Christians – or even a significant minority of Christians at this point. He, Falwell, Oral Roberts and Bob Jones are all men of their own kind, and hopefully it is one attitude toward humanity that will soon be extinct.

Boston Paul
I thought this was interesting:  In an ABC News poll conducted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, 23 percent of Americans said they believed hurricanes were “a deliberate act of God.”

Amerika has 308,480,000 people. Who’s good at Math?

I’m not, but that is still a scary number.

Corporate Christianity, Dianna.

I know some Good People that also happen to be Christian. We have nice scholarly debates and they are nice to be around.

Unfortunately, Amerika has way too many of the type you mention above… capitalist, fundamentalist, military supporting republicans (whether they vote democrat or not).

And they have millions of Sheep in their Flock.

Sheep. The Bible hit the nail on the head with that one.

Sheep are one of the dumbest species of mammals on the planet.

Indeed, BP (and I hope I am one of those Good People you think of). The influence of Robertson, et al, is a little frightening, but, in the younger church (read: my generation), there’s definitely a sense of movement away from such brazen “us vs. them” evangelicalism. Granted, the persistent presence of their schools of thought in media, politics and education speaks volumes to how much influence those men (notice that it’s mostly men, too…) have had on American Christianity – the “religious right” and “moral majority” are still incredibly loud.

But, on the ground here in America, I’m sensing much more of a change toward more gracious, ecumenical Christianity and much less fire and brimstone. Essentially, 30 years ago, Robertson would have been the voice of the Christians in our nation, but most of the negative reaction to him now in 2010 speaks to the fact that he has been moved to the fringe. My parents’ generation of fiery, militant-rhetoric infused evangelicalism is fading.

I don’t know what to do with 23% there except to say that 1. It’s a very unscientific poll, and 2. Is the group polled solely comprised of American Christians? Is it purely those who claim Christian as their religion and go to church every Sunday, etc, i.e., exhibit all the ‘signs’ of being an American Christian? If it is not (which I suspect is the case), then you have crazy people from all walks of life, agreeing that Katrina may have been divine retribution – it doesn’t speak to that sort of movement within the Christian church. That 23% would include Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoist, Shintos, etc…anyone claiming to be religious, and therefore, you end up culling what looks like a large number, but is really just a bunch of people on the fringe of all religious walks. Just sayin’, the 23% doesn’t really surprise me.

Also, the “sheep/shepard” metaphor is one used all over the Bible, and, while I get your use of the metaphor here, I have to confess I was a little insulted by it as well. Just saying.

It’s good to talk to you again, by the way. Chase and I had a few conversations about you and your stances on things while in India. 🙂

Terry Sommers
puppets of puppets, that’s all. blah goo goo ga ga
John Edward DeShiro
I had to take a statistical analysis class when I was in college and my take on “polls” is that you can make numbers say anything you want and it was one of the primary cautions I learned from my prof.

“Christian” has been used to lump together a very large and diverse set of beliefs in the U.S. I cringe every time I see the word Christian used as a label.

Is a person that believes the Pope is the mediator between God and Man actually a Christian?
Is a person that believes they can buy their way, either by good works or lots of monetary donations, into eternity really a Christian?

Is a person that believes that a set of plates presented to a drunk in the woods by an Angel that identified himself as the Angel Moroni and interpreted as the New Gospel really a Christian?

I stopped calling myself a “Christian” a long time ago, right around the time my church snubbed me for my stand against their hypocrisy, which is a story for some other time, haha

Cousin Avi
1. There is no hell,
2. There is no anti-christ.
3. Your response – revulsion and repugnance – is mostly perfect.
4. Don’t grant the premise.
Great thread Paul!

Religion= organized superstition for profit

i agree with everything Pat Robertson said…
Stephanie Conboy
theres no anti christ ,unless you create it!
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