The Dangers of (Bovine) Milk

The Dangers of Bovine Milk

The purpose of this article is to let Readers know about the Dangers of Bovine Milk and dispel any Myths.

MILK: Nothing For Everybody I first introduced this topic in The Taichung Voice June 2008 (Vol. 5 Issue 6).

Milk is UNhealthy and long-term use could be detrimental. I know this may be hard to swallow since we have been brainwashed since children to believe that milk is good for us. This report includes detailed information on a substance that is Taboo to talk about negatively in the Mainstream Media.
The DANGERS of Milk. Milk? You ask.
I grew up on milk! You exclaim.
It’s healthy! You cry out.
It MUST be good for me! The Commercials say it’s true!

How did Milk get to the status it enjoys now? Good marketing to be sure. Not just from the corporations, but even the Bible talks about the Land of Milk and Honey… Now who can argue with GOD? I won’t get into the Bible here, but there was definitely meaning Lost in Translation. I mean, really, ask yourself:

How Natural &  Healthy is an animal’s milk for a Human?

When a puppy is weaned off its Momma’s Milk, does it seek the milk of a goat or a cat? Why do people think drinking milk from an animal is Natural, yet when a pregnant woman (for fun – and I have seen this) asks: Would you like to try some of my milk? People crinkle their noses and shudder? They would rather drink milk from another species than from their own?!

Think about that.

Generally, mammals are exclusively breast-fed until they have tripled their birth weight, which in Human Infants occurs around the age of one year-ish (though there are no adverse effects in drinking Mother’s milk until after two years old.) In no mammalian species, except for the Human, is Milk consumption continued after the weaning period. NONE. Calves thrive on cow milk. Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Human milk is specific for the development of the Brain. Bovine milk is specific for rapid body growth for the calf. So yes, there are stats for breast-fed babies on average having higher I.Qs than an Infant that was raised on cow milk or formula. No pun intended, but it seems to be a no-brainer! More on Breasts Part 5 below. I’ve broken my terrific, titillating tirade into 7 parts:

  • 1. What We’re Led To Believe
  • 2. What’s in Milk and its Dangers
  • 3. The Milk Industry Politics & why the Korporation is full of Bull-dung
  • 4. Milk Alternatives
  • 5. Breast Milk
  • 6. Conclusion
  • 7. References

1.What We’re Led To Believe

The advantages of milk, they say, are numerous. Millions of dollars a year are spent in corporate advertising so that We the People are kept up to date on the ‘value’ of milk. The corporation spends these millions of dollars every year because they’re selling a Product. They won’t tell you the adverse effects of milk because it’s not in their best interest. It’s business. Let’s break down what we’re led to believe. We are told that the benefits of drinking milk include:

  • CALCIUM: The myth is that the calcium in milk builds strong teeth & bones. What they don’t tell you is that you need vitamin D and magnesium to synthesize the calcium. That is why you see “Vitamin enriched!” on the bottles.

If milk is the Perfect Food, as the industry claims, then why are they adding vitamins to it?

*NOTE: synthetic vitamin D is known to be toxic to the liver.

Do we really need milk calcium for strong bones & teeth? Have you ever thought where the cows get calcium for their big bones? The calcium they consume from plants has a large amount of magnesium which is necessary for the body to absorb to use the calcium.

The calcium in cow’s milk is basically useless because it’s lacking magnesium content. Isn’t it interesting that those nations with the highest amount of milk/dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis?


Although the calcium & protein in milk are important nutrients, telling us that dairy sources of calcium are required for strong bones is pathetic.

You’re probably wondering what happens to your bones & teeth if you stop drinking milk.


The majority of the world’s Population takes in less than half the calcium that Americans do and much of the world Population is also to some degree lactose intolerant.

There is a reason why most of the world is lactose intolerant.

This is Nature’s way of telling us enough is enough.

  • PROTEIN: Ok, so you might think; I drink milk for the protein benefits! Let’s look at that for a moment too. Milk has been called “liquid meat” because of its high protein content. BUT the way bovine milk has evolved (proteins working in concert together), actually leaches the calcium from the body. Countries that consume high protein diets (meat, milk and dairy) have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

*Also please note that 80% of the protein in milk is casein. Read about that below. It’s a Myth that you need to eat meat or drink milk for Protein. Protein is in everything. *Also note that some of the biggest Land Mammals on Earth- the elephant for example –  are Vegetarian. Where do they get their protein? We are told that we need to consume milk to prevent bone diseases, yet if we consider what happens in Nature we can look to our Paleolithic ancestors; these skeletal remains reflect great strength, muscularity (the size of the muscular insertions show this), and total absence of advanced osteoporosis. We should consider this since our modern Human genes are programming our bodies in almost exactly the same way as our ancestors of 50,000 years ago.


When do mammals excrete Milk? If I walked up to a woman with a cup asking for some of her milk, would she be able to part with a bit? ANSWER: Only if she was pregnant, and er…  willing. Are we then to believe that millions of cows stay pregnant all year long and year upon year? Of course not. How are they able to produce all this Milk then? Un-natural ways to be sure!

2.What’s in Milk and its Dangers

The UN-informed may think that Milk is the secretion of a Cow intended for human consumption (isn’t it interesting that we automatically think “cow” milk when we hear the word milk) and that there is Protein & Calcium in milk which is good for a Human’s muscles & bones. They may urge you to drink quantities of it. Indeed, there is calcium & protein in milk, as discussed earlier, but we have learned that it doesn’t matter because our bodies have better/safer ways to get these Nutrients. If you’re drinking milk because of what’s in it… …then let me tell you what else is in Milk:

  • BACTERIA from FECES: Cow’s milk is allowed to have a bit of poo in it. This is a major source for the bacteria in your milk. Milk is typically pasteurized more than once before it gets to your table… each time for only 15 seconds at 162 degrees Fahrenheit. To sanitize water, it should boil (212 degrees F) for several minutes. Hhmmm. At room temperature the number of bacteria in milk doubles about every 20 minutes.


That’s why milk quickly turns rotten.

  • PUS: A cubic centimeter (cc) of commercial cow’s milk is allowed to have up to 750,000 somatic cells (i.e. pus) and 20,000 live bacteria… before it is kept off the market. That amounts to 20 million live bacteria and up to 750 MILLION pus cells per liter.

Would you suck the pus out of someone’s wound?

Would you rather suck it off a cow?

  • CASEIN: Casein is a powerful binder… a polymer used to make plastics… in other words, a glue that’s better used to make little projects with kindergarten kids or stick labels on beer bottles. Casein is in thousands of processed foods as a binder. Look for it as ‘something’ caseinate. Casein is a powerful allergen… a histamine. 80% of the protein in milk is casein.


  • Growth Factor ONE (IGF-1): By a freak of nature, IGF-1 is identical in cows and humans. Consider this hormone to be a “fuel cell” for any cancer. Even the medical world says IGF-1 is a key factor in the rapid growth and proliferation of breast, prostate and colon cancers. Many scientists suspect that most likely it will be found to promote ALL cancers. IGF-1 is a normal part of ALL milk… because a newborn is supposed to grow quickly.
  • Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH): This is the latest high-tech onslaught on the poor cow. The government agency that’s supposed to protect The People from harm concerning food & drugs AND has not failed to make itself the Laughing Stock of the World, is called the FDA. If the FDA had not been guilty of approving drugs in the past that have actually killed people or made them sicker (oops we better RECALL that drug!), they’d certainly be comical.

Unfortunately, they’re not to be taken lightly. BGH is FDA approved and used by dairy farmers to increase their milk production. BGH also decreases the body fat of cows. Unfortunately, the body fat of cows is already contaminated with a wide range of carcinogens, pesticides, dioxin, and antibiotic residues. When the cows have less body fat, these toxic substances are then transported into the cows’ milk. Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) is a genetically engineered drug that is supposed to stimulate milk production but, according to Monsanto, the hormone’s manufacturer, does not affect the milk or meat (coming from Monsanto Corporation… look at their track record… I smell BS). There have been no long-term studies on the hormone’s effect on humans drinking the milk. Other countries have banned BGH because of safety concerns. One of the problems with adding molecules to a milk-cow’s body is that the molecules usually come out in the milk. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t want to experiment with the ingestion of a growth hormone. A related problem is that it causes a marked increase (50 to 70 per cent) in mastitis. This, then, requires antibiotic therapy, and the residues of the antibiotics appear in the milk.

  • Posilac: Cows have been tweaked and shot-up with Posilac to produce up to 55 or more pounds of milk per day… almost all year long.
  • Estrogen: Cows are milked even while they are pregnant. As a result of the pregnancy, cows secrete high levels of estrogen into their milk. This is very interesting because 10 year old girls in America are developing breasts and ‘maturing’ earlier and earlier… and so are the boys.
  • Anti-biotics: Because of the living conditions of milking cows, they are often sick or carrying diseases (which you also ingest) they’re shot up full of medicine that is ingested every time you pour yourself a glass or use it in your corn flakes.
  • Cow Blood/Pus: This is pretty gross. The inspectors are asked to keep it under certain limits. The USDA allows milk to contain from up to one and a half million white blood cells per millilitre. The white stuff that oozes out of scabs is also found in your milk.
  • LIQUAMYOCIN 200. The FDA recently approved this powerful liquid antibiotic for lactating dairy cows.

The U.S. government does not deny the above information. They support what’s revealed here by ‘allowing’ a certain amount of it in your milk. They have ‘standards’ to ensure you are not getting ‘too much’ of these substances in your milk. I equate this with the following example: If I were to make a chocolate cake and put just a minute bit of dog feces in it and then bake it… would you eat it? There would be no smell, you wouldn’t taste it, but you knew it was there. You are getting lots more than that in your milk.

The Adverse Effects of Milk:

1. CROHN’S DISEASE: Mycobacterium paratuberculosis causes a bovine disease called “Johne’s.” Cows diagnosed with Johne’s Disease have diarrhea, and heavy fecal shedding of bacteria. This bacteria becomes cultured in milk, and is not destroyed by pasteurization. Occasionally, the milk-borne bacteria will begin to grow in the human host, and the results are irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s Disease.

2. MAD COW DISEASE: There may also be prions (PREons) in milk and meat. This crystalline substance acts like a virus with an “incubation” period of 5 to 30 years. So that steak you ate last night could manifest itself in your body and make you into an incapacitated dribbling invalid in a few years and there is nothing you can do about it.

Medium rare please…

3. POLLUTION: There are over 9 million dairy cows in the U.S. A cow excretes around 275 pound of urine and feces per day for a daily total of 2.53 BILLION pounds of pollution. Per year… that amounts to around 923 billion pounds of UNTREATED pollution entering our streams, rivers, lakes… and drinking water systems (add that to the extremely toxic fluoride they put into the water and you have quite the cocktail.).

4. OTHER DISEASES and DISORDERS: Cow’s milk is the number one allergic food in this country. It’s been well documented as a cause in diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron-deficiency anemia, skin rashes, atherosclerosis, and acne. It’s the primary cause of recurrent ear infections in children. It’s also been linked to insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, and leukemia. According to Consumer Advocate, Mike Adams; milk consumption is linked with constipation, sinusitis, digestive disorders and hearing disorders.

3. The Milk Industry * Politix * Corporations full of Cow-dung

Do you remember the “Basic Food Groups Pyramid?” I remember these charts in the classroom.  Dairy was usually placed near the top. What I didn’t know, and what most of us don’t think about, is that the dairy industry provided the chart for free! Here are a few tidbits concerning what goes on behind the ‘milk’ scene:

  • 1. Corporate-owned factories where cows are warehoused and treated like milk machines have replaced most small family farms. Fifty years ago an average cow produced 2,000 pounds of milk per year. Today the top producers give 50,000 pounds. Over 20 times more than they would produce naturally.

How was this accomplished?

Drugs, antibiotics, hormones, forced feeding plans and specialized breeding with genetic manipulation and intensive production technologies. To keep milk production as high as possible, farmers artificially inseminate cows every year. Growth hormones and unnatural milking schedules cause dairy cows’ udders to become painful and so heavy that they sometimes drag on the ground, resulting in bleeding and frequent infections, thus the overuse of antibiotics.

You are drinking all this.

Cows— like all mammals— make milk to feed their calves— not humans.

  • 2. The American Dairy Board has done a very effective job of marketing this product. Most people believe they need to consume large, daily quantities of milk to achieve good health and as we are learning: NOTHING could be further from the Truth.
  • 3. MONSANTO (Monsanto Chemical Co.), maker of fine poisons such as DDT, agent orange, Roundup, rbGH (Posilac), and more… spent half a billion dollars inventing a shot to inject into cows.
  • 4. After genetically engineering BGH, Monsanto learned that cows were getting mastitis, painful ulcers on their udders which resulted in an increase in pus, blood and bacteria in milk. Monsanto arranged to have their top scientist, Margaret Miller, who was hired by the FDA. She reviewed her own research. Aware that dairy farmers would have to treat cows with more antibiotics, Miller simply raised the allowable levels of antimicrobials farmers could put in milk. Corporations do this ALL THE TIME.
  • 5. The Dairy Industry is big business, with milk sales over $11 billion annually in the USA alone. Expect hard-line marketing from them. Would one expect them to aggressively sell their products if they were known to be harmful to people, especially to women & children?

The Dairy Management Inc.’s purpose is to build demand for dairy products on behalf of America’s 80,000-plus dairy producers.

  • 6. A vice president for public policy at Monsanto was opposed to labeling because the labeling would create an ‘artificial distinction’. In other words, people using Monsanto products (and you use many of them whether you realize it or not), do not know what is going into their body.

Why not give conscience labeling? Are there any reasons why a company would not want to label what is in their product?

I can only think of one answer why.

  • 7. If you are an American vegan, you’re paying for dairy products! The industry produces more milk than consumed. Tax payers pay for storage costs because the law requires the USDA to buy any surplus of butter, cheese, or non-fat dry milk at a support price set by Congress! For example, in 1991, the USDA spent $757 million on surplus butter, and one billion dollars a year on average for price supports during the 1980s (Consumer Reports, May 1992: 330-32).
  • 8. The dairy industry is diligently trying to convince humans that a nutritionally formulated beverage designed for baby cows should be routinely consumed by human beings.
  • 9. Authorities test for only 4 of the 82 drugs in dairy cows. Yet the Milk Industry Foundation’s spokesman, Jerome Kozak claims, “I still think that milk is the safest product we have.”

Question Authority.

  • 10. The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) tells us that the FDA and the individual States are failing to protect the public from drug residues in milk.
  • 11. Michael Hansen of Consumers Reports testified and brought attention to Congressional committees that 52 drugs are known to be used as antibiotics to treat mastitis. According to Consumer’s Union, FDA had approved only 30 of those antibiotics. Milk is routinely tested for the presence of six different antibiotics. Farmers are aware of the antibiotics being tested. Could they be tempted to use any of the other 46 not currently being tested?
  • 12. When something doesn’t work for the dairy industry, the FDA often helps private industry by changing the standard. This does not make the product any safer but it does allow the FDA to officially state that the drug residue is “well within safe levels.” This is usually done at the expense of the consumer.
  • 13. In her book Food Politics, Marion Nestle writes how lobbyists have influenced the government’s nutritional guidelines. “It’s the profit motive;” she explains in her book. “Food lobbyists ask government officials to make rules or laws that will benefit their clients’ companies, whether or not they benefit anyone else.” If a particular type of food gets the governments’ stamp of approval, then sales will probably increase. The dairy industry spends millions promoting consumption, such as the “Got Milk” ad campaign. Most recently there have been charges that the dairy industry is trying to boost sales by claiming that eating more dairy helps with weight control.


  • 14. The milk of each of the over 4,700 mammals on earth is formulated specifically for that species. There are special lactoferrins and immunoglobulins (cow specific immunizing stuff) that in humans serve as allergens.

Doctors tell pregnant women that they should not take any medicines and be careful what’s put into their body, toxins in lactating mothers are transferred to the baby. All lactating mammals can excrete toxins through their milk. Why is it then that milk with all these toxins are deemed safe for humans?

This is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

Why don’t people think about this? When you drink bovine milk, YOU ARE DRINKING antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and hormones. No matter how healthy you think milk is for you, it DOES have these poisons it. Why would they still sell it then? Because The CORPORATIONS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.  They care about profits. Will the FDA protect you? Hell no. Many higher-ups in the FDA were also in private business and visa versa… it’s about money & power. It’s a club for the chosen few… and we’ll never get membership to that club… unless of course you’re an apathetic moron and are willing to hurt others so you prosper. There is no lack of scientific information on the subject of milk. The information many Truth Seekers have read is appalling. Concerning scientific studies, no independent scientist publishing a report on milk promotes cow’s milk as an excellent food that is free of side-effects. We’ve been led to believe by the industry that milk is the perfect food. But as I have shown,  indeed (cow) milk is NOT the perfect food.

4. Milk Alternatives

While the focus on calcium intake appears to have resulted from the prevalence of osteoporosis among Caucasian women (and the influence of the dairy industry), this isn’t to say that a certain amount of dietary calcium isn’t needed by those in other demographic groups. However, calcium is readily available in sources other than dairy products. What do green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, kale, turnip greens, beans (e.g., pinto beans, black-eyed peas, and navy beans), bean products (such as tofu) and collards have in common? They’re rich in a form of calcium whose absorption is better than that of milk with advantages (excellent sources of phytochemicals and antioxidants, containing little fat, no cholesterol, and no animal protein) that dairy products lack.

5. Breast Milk

Babies who are fed bovine based formula have: *5x the risk of dying of SIDS *6 to10x the risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis *45 to 4x the risk of developing various common childhood cancers (depending on the type of cancer) *6x the risk of diarrhea *3x the risk of respiratory illnesses *5x the risk of infections in infants in the intensive care unit *6x the duration of upper respiratory infections in preemies *3 to 4x the risk of ear infection *10x the risk of being hospitalized for any bacterial infection *Lower IQ score by 7 to 10 points Formula fed babies also have higher risks of the following: * sepsis and meningitis due to enterobacter sakazakii (a frequent contaminant in powdered formula) * diabetes; formula feeding accounts for up to 26% of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in children * high blood pressure * apnea *double the episodes of oxygen desaturation *less growth * longer hospital stays * weight problems including obesity * poorer vision *need for orthodontics * tonsillectomies * contracting influenza * pneumonia * respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) * gastrointestinal infections *allergies *Chron’s disease *ulcerative colitis in adulthood *severe vaccine reactions *kidney problems *appendicitis *juvenile rheumatoid arthritis *eczema

The list goes on.

Mothers who do not breastfeed have a higher risk of: *postpartum hemorrhage *having another child before she is ready (exclusive breastfeeding is 97-99% *effective in preventing pregnancy) *slower loss of pregnancy weight *breast cancer *ovarian cancer *uterine cancer *osteoporosis *high cholesterol *high blood pressure *coronary artery disease *of postpartum depression and psychosis… and more. (*please search these stats for yourself!)

6. Conclusion

Human milk is ‘designed’ specifically for humans. It has the right amount of nutrients in it for Brain Development. Human milk is for the development of Human Brain. Humans must think to survive. Bovine milk is for the calf to become big as possible as fast as possible. Cows are dumb animals. So yes, a baby drinking mother’s on average will have a higher IQ than a baby who has had formula. It’s a no-brainer (this time the pun was intended). Vegetarians will need about 50% less calcium than meat-eaters because they lose much less calcium in their urine. People always ask vegetarians, ‘if you don’t eat meat where do you get your protein from? (Especially if one is not your stereotypical, skinny vegetarian) Remember,  EVERYTHING has protein in it. How do you think those big lumbering cows (before humans injected hormones, fed them meat, did not let them exercise. ETC) get their protein? We do a lot of things we are not supposed to do as a Species. Often we do this out of naiveté, ignorance or brainwashing (subtle and otherwise). Many of us are resistant to change or feel that our one voice does not make a difference. Those who seek Truth are often shunned, ridiculed or ignored. We have developed considerably as a species over the last few hundred thousand years, yet we still hold on to what Timothy Leary called 2nd circuitry (mammalian) thinking. We have the ability to use our Minds rationally & logically. We have the ability to Reason, and all we need is Good Information to be able to make rational, logical decisions about how we lead our lives.

Always Question what you believe and always question Authority.

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Absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for you time putting this up to educate us. I need to send this to my mother, I hope you don’t mind. Poor cows. Poor people. PS. Why do you spell America and corporation with a k? Just curious.
I read a book called Fit For Life and it made similar arguments, although not as in depth, as you. I printed this off for the family. I’ve been looking for an article like this to offer them in an attempt to stop the madness.



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