Osama Bin Laden: The World Rejoices! … or does it?

Osama Bin Laden is Dead! The World rejoices! Or does it?

I have been repeating my thoughts around various parts of the internet, so some of this may sound familiar to you, but here it goes:

Here are a few Things of Note I would like to mention that seem to keep getting lost in the whirlwind academy award-esque Drama that has been folding & unfolding and creased so bad that the best dry cleaner in in Washington’s China-Town couldn’t straighten it out.

First, it should be well known that Osama Bin Laden (OBL) was never charged with the 911 travesty by the FBI. Here is the link to the site:




The FBI has recently updated this and put a red deceased sign across his mug.

Note that Osama was on the FBI most wanted list but NOT for 911. The FBI states that there is/was not enough evidence.

Bin Laden has admitted to everything he was part of in the past and I’m sure for a Terrorist, 911 would have been the Crowned King of Terror… what Terrorist would not want to boast that (s)he orchestrated an event like 911 then subsequently take the credit for this heinous deed?      OBL did not.

NOTE:  praising a Heinous Act and carrying out a Heinous Act are two different animals.

One should not get assassinated because one praised 911.  And why did OBL praise the perps of 911 (would be ironic if the US Government had something to do with 911, eh? OBL praising a US deed? Don’t laugh, the US let Pearl harbor happen, did they not?)

Also know that I’m not condoning anything OBL has done. I abhor his acts of Terrorism as emphatically as I do the American Government’s Acts of Terrorism in the Middle East. Violence is to be abhorred no matter who the arbitrary Good Guys and Bad Guys are.

Why does the Public feel the way they do about OBL? Let’s ask a question to answer a question: What Medium have the American Masses  – and the rest of the world – been using to get their information?

The Popular Media? Media controlled by Huge Corporations? Those very same corporations that control governments – including The Government that is occupying much of the world in one form or another?

They are praising the Death of a Villain because of what the Media has purported him to be? No Trial? No Justice? Hell… no Body, no autopsy, no independent observers, no record of his capture, it all sounds like something is Rotten in Denmark to me.

Remember too, OBL was an ally with the US government until early 1990s as they had a common enemy with the Soviet Union. The Bush Family is still friends with the Bin laden Family in Saudi Arabia. Last I heard, they still send each other Holiday Cards.

Conspiracy Theories: I am a skeptic and I do ask questions. The problem is that now if someone questions the government (especially after 911) they are dubbed ‘conspiracy nuts’ which then means that no-one gets a Voice.

It is an ingenious trick of the Media: Trust your government wholeheartedly, don’t ask questions – and if you do, you’re a nut. This is a very stealth way to suppress Freedom of Speech… and many Americans – and a couple of Canadians I know – have fallen into this Trap.

Sadly, most Americans – once Ferocious Warriors –  for Freedom & Peace, have been reduced Blithering Sheep who don’t ask questions, jump on the Nationalistic Bandwagon and attack anyone who thinks differently.

Everyone is caught up in the Media Blitz, The Band Wagon Hatred in the name of misconstrued Patriotism (AKA Nationalism).

Very few know one iota about OBL save what they hear on CNN, FOX and other Powerful Corporate Controlled Media.

People are talking much the same way they would a TV show (who shot JR?) It seems the Realness is taken out, but the Drama is not.

Movies, Dramas… a good book, a real or fictitious story – all evoke Emotion… sprinkle a bit of Fear & Ignorance ( ignorance oft resulting in fear ) and you have your Frenzy; your Nationalistic fervor… your Lynch Mob.

So questions I have – but may never know the answers to – are simply:

Is Osama Bin Laden merely a Glorified Scape-goat?

Is he a Myth devised by the CIA (he worked with them in the 8Os)?

OBSERVATIONS: What impact will this have on OBL’s Family (again -friends with the Bush family… what effect will this have on the Bush/Bin-Laden family Relationship)?

Is he the relative of the Bin-Ladens (and other Saudi Nationals) that were whisked out of the country hours after 911 when all planes were grounded? ( that’s power!)

What will the Movie they make be like? And how will this re-enforce the Myth, the Legend, the BS, The Untruths, The Misconceptions and the Nationalistic Fervor one country has and uses against another?

We have hit a cross roads. What does it take to achieve World Peace? The Killing of more Villains to pacify the Ignorant Masses?

Power to The People.

What is Power? Knowledge.

What is Knowledge? Information.

Where are we getting our information from then?

Will update soon.

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