PROSE: Universe Within

AN ENERGY STARTING FROM HIS TOES, worked its way through his body…
Through his intestines, through his arteries replacing his blood with honey.
This energy worked its way through his liver, his spleen, his stomach, and alas his heart.
It moved slowly from his bosom, to his throat and then finally to his head where the cells in his brain began to bounce off each other in a frenzy.
The neurons in his cerebrum transmitting at the speed of Light…
Allowing different perceptions of Reality throughout the brain.
The raphe system discerning what realities he would and would not perceive…
And then alas when he saw everything at once, he thought he would explode and he welcomed it.
He wanted to explode with a happiness he could not explain.
He knew now.
He had the Answer to give to the masses.

He finally realized that he was Alive…
And before he realized the populous Would not, Could not, understand this message, he started to cry out…
But it was too late.

They looked at him scornfully as they walked by.
They crossed the street when they saw him coming.
They laughed at him behind his back and to his face.
They pointed at him and sneered.
Mother’s grabbed their children and pulled them away.

He opened his mouth and let the message come out and the people became frightened and began to fight.
Like ants scurrying about in confusion when their path is interrupted.

A Chinese fire drill.
A hive of angry bees.

Thorns upon his Head.

A wound in his side.

Drinking hemlock for corrupting the Youth.
Dancing with Bella Donna and Atropos.
The thread of life still dangling.
He stretched and cast a suffering shadow upon the ground.
Appearing as though it were hung from a tree.
Spindles driven into his limbs.
He does not cry out now, he has felt the happiness and longs to feel it again.
He looks upward as the honey runs like a stream, a river, down his body.
Flowing from his side. Dripping from his brow.
Exuding from his hands and feet.
He looks upward, and the echo of the Voice still rings in his ears,

…and is still ringing in his soul.


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