The Music of Birds, Humans & Spring.

Birds Outside my window

As Spring slowly wafts into Taiwan and the various Bird Choirs begin to join each other in concert… that dawn chorus, that symphony of titillating random melodies,  I bask in the hodgepodge of tones and pitches that bathe me in random keys (perhaps not so random) and in wavering octaves that fluctuate between different time signatures like a roller coaster in the clouds. 

Here Synchronized…. There Random.

A Symphonic Cascade, a Creative Cacophony of notes that perhaps only a Jazz or Trained Classical Musician could fathom…. and of which I am trying to fathom now.

It is beautiful.

As a musician listening to the Birds singing, I ponder why our species seems to have this innate desire to make music.

In nature, many male species of birds sing to let potential mates know that they have a piece of real estate all their own.

One strikes up another tune to attract a female who should surely be impressed with his song where then – ideally – they will start a Family.

Our male bird friend then sings to tell all other male birds of his kind to keep out.

Birds also sing to warn others of Dangers below.

Do Birds ever sing, just to hear the music?

Do they know that their cheeps, chirps and musical chatter are pleasant and pleasing to the ears?

Kind of makes me re-think what it is that motivates… (inspires!) our Species to want to  create music.

Is it not difficult to suppress that Energy we feel bubbling inside of us in the form of Creativity…  what is it that bubbles inside of us?  Where does this energy come from? And why do many of us feel this Energy constantly on the brink of bursting out and flooding our every waking moment?

Is it not our emotions –  the feelings – (that may or may not be narcissistic) that somehow need to be released through creative chaos, arranged harmonies and expressive lyrics?   Why this want – this need – to convey these emotions and feelings? Where does this desire come from?

Why do we have this desire we have to spread joy, awareness and stories about what we’ve learned on our Journey Path to others through this creative chaos, arranged harmonies, expressive lyrics?

Is it not to represent the era in which we reside… to tell a story of our world which becomes a History to future generations… a Legacy?

What is it?

The Chinese practice Ancestor Worship. That is not to say they have made their Ancestors into’gods’ in the Religious sense. This worship is considered a remembrance of where they came from. They carry on their ancestor’s Legacy in hopes that someday their Legacy will also be carried on.

That is the Human in us and it shows itself in many Guises:

The Chinese light incense in front of their great, great, great grandparents’ little shrine in their living room;  a political leader gets his face printed on a coin; the writer writes a book; the artists paints, sculpts, sketches, and pushes the limits; the Musician writes on paper or records electronically the music (& words that may accompany the music)…

…and we all take pictures with our cameras.

Indeed, we need to live forever… we need to become immortal. We need to spread our seed. We need to have Legacy through our creations whether it is a song we compose, a poem we write, a picture we take… a child we have.

Perhaps we are not that much different from the Birds singing outside my window…

Peace and Love to you all!

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