LUVstock: Why You Need to go! The History. The Mission.



Part One: The LUVhistory

Part Two: The Mission

Why you need to go to LUVstock!

*No Commercial Sponsorship.
*Grassroots Beginnings which we continue
*Support your local Musicians & Artists
*Be in Nature
*Get and give a weekend of Music, Peace & Love


Part One: The LUVhistory

History of LUV

    LUVstock has been around for a while.  It started out as a musician’s birthday party (we’ll call him “P”) in an empty residential neighborhood way back in 2000. As the years roared on, the party got bigger and the impromptu, improvisational jams turned into actual shows with bands asking or being asked if they wanted to play at the party.
    Two bands turned to five, then five bands to nine.  The initial birthday party had thirty or so guests that turned into a gathering with fifty or sixty guests that eventually became a mini fest with over 100 guests attending… and it kept growing!

P’s Birthday Party turned into P-Stock (as a bit of a joke when the party was written about in a local magazine) and once it became a thing (in 2006) it became a two day mini-fest and was renamed LUVstock. 

Vendors replaced potluck. A LUVcrew and voLUVteers were needed to take care of logistics and bits. 

LUVstock subsequently had to move out of the neighborhood into a bigger venue (2009) and grew from 10 bands to about fifty bands (with a few DJs) on three stages over two days.

LUVstock was held in an old unused amusement park. It was special. Old rides from yesteryear with peeling paint, old machinery, overgrown shrubbery, screams of delight from children still echoing in the wind – all added to the charm of the venue.

At the LUVmeetings it was often brought up if there should be a cover charge.  P always said no.  He paid out of pocket. Donations were then suggested and P thought that might be a good idea as costs – for what was becoming a big festival – were increasing. Rent for the venue, three stages, sound & sound crew, vending tents, T-shirts, crew, staff, bar stock…. and everything else.

Guest Attendance for LUVstock doubled at this new venue and by the time 2012 rolled around LUVstock saw roughly a couple thousand people over two days.  It had grown into a huge production and was done with no budget and supported only through donations.

LUVstock became a social experiment.  Could The People all pull together and pay for a big festival?  It came close, but was always short.

In 2013 it was projected to grow even more. A couple days prior however, it was reported that a Huge Typhoon was going to hit the Island.  Taichung, where LUVstock was held, almost never got hit hard, so LUV wasn’t called off.

The winds and rain started the Friday night before and people began arriving.

Most of the vendors pulled out, stage/sound crew had to pull out, a few out-of-town bands pulled out. Was the LUV called off? Perhaps it should have been, but they decided to go for it! The Festival was moved inside The Refuge (which could hold about 300 people) and while the Music was ROCKING inside, the Typhoon was ROCKING outside!  LUVstockers braved The Winds and Rain from Mother Nature who happened to not be in a nurturing mood that weekend.

LUV2013 was a magical one… it also happened to be the last one at that old amusement park as the land was sold a couple of months later.

The organizers then looked for a new location. Everyone searched high and low, far and wide. The organizers even thought to bring LUV to another city. Venues were either too expensive, too far away, too many neighbors (thus sound complaints) or not compatible with the LUV vibe.

Summer 2014 saw no suitable venue.  So LUVstock – after five years of being held on a vast piece of land – was brought back to its original location in the now not-so-empty residential neighborhood.  It was called MiniLUV and had a few bands, a vendor, and some very awesome attendees.  Another MiniLUV was held in 2015.  The LUV was kept alive. The organizers refusing to let that flame blow out.

Then in March of 2016, P was asked to help organize another unrelated event – a going away party for a friend. The venue they found happened to be a farm in the jungle of a mountain. A venue that P had been to a few times before – many years ago – for a few trance parties.

The party happened. It was awesome. P and the landlords (a couple of farmers) drank tea together and bonded. They asked if P wanted to do another event there one day (they didn’t want any trance parties, but they loved the Live Music!). The LUVseed began to grow.

The LUVstock Music Festival now has a new venue, a new time of year (changing from a summer event to an autumn one) and reasonably priced tickets.

November, 2016 had hundreds of people come from all over the island to get a little bit of LUV.

To all the LUVstockers past and present who have waited patiently for us to put on our magical Festival again….  THANK YOU!

….LUVstock is back!

(If you want to be involved with LUVstock please drop us an Email: LUVstock @ live . com (no spaces)  and share your ideas!  If you are a Band, DJ, Vendor, Sponsor, want to voLUVteer or have any questions… drop us a line!)


Part Two: The Mission

LUVstock means so many things to so many people over the last decade.  In this day and age, the world needs a little bit more love… if people are shown love they will spread love. It’s contagious.  For years LUVstock was a donations only event.  In 2016, the organizers decided to sell tickets to pay for everything needed.  The LUVorganizers kept the tickets as cheap as possible for a trial One Day Event.  The Event went off without a hitch, got all the bills paid and invoked good feelings all around.

The LUVstock mission will to be to continue that Groovy LUV Vibe. Eventually getting more international bands to come play (we had Van Coke Kartel from South Afrika in 2011!

Van Coke Kartel at LUVstock 2011DSC00010 (16)DSC00004


The Organizers and Patrons of LUVstock hope to perpetuate Peace, Love, Tolerance, and Understanding through Art, Music and Camaraderie.

Join us!





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Hippy New Year – Thoughts PinBalling Inside My Skull

Hippy New Year – Thoughts Pin-Balling Inside My Skull


As 2016 comes to a grinding halt and we set our eyes on 2017, there are many thoughts pin-balling inside my skull.

Thought I’d try to make sense of those thoughts here.
I’m getting older.  I still feel like I’m in my 30s, act like I’m in my 20s but am starting to think like I’m in my 80s.  It’s that latter thought that reminds me I’m getting older.

What will I regret or be proud of when I’m in my 80s sitting in a rocking chair (or a tatami mat or bean bag chair) and pondering (lamenting) on all the things that filled my life?

Things I didn’t do but wanted to; things I’ve done and didn’t want to do; and of course the things I’ve pursued and accomplished.

How will I feel about the life I’ve lived from day to day?  From the Exciting to the Mundane, the Happiness to the Insane, the love filled days – to days of bitter sadness that seemed impossible to shake (fortunately those have been few and far between)?

That Day to Day life that has not only shaped who I am today but will – I presume –  have made me the person I will be in my 80s (and 90s! And if all goes well when I’m a Centurion… er… Centenarian!) sitting on a tatami mat (or beanbag chair!) sipping green tea, or a fine red wine or the juice of some fruit I’ve just blended.

When I’m in my 80s or 90s, I’m sure that I will appreciate how the Past me took care of the Future me.

And if you think about it, both the Past me and the Future me are living in the Now.

But we don’t walk our Journey Paths alone. So…


On this last day of the year, I think about the friends and family who have passed into the great Unknown.

I think about all the musicians who died this past year. Musicians whose music helped raise me in areas of my life where my mother and father couldn’t.

I watch my son, getting older, trying new things, loving animals (as he takes care of two roosters, two hens, two turtles, a fish, a cat, a dog, and cockroach from Madagascar), pursuing art, practicing judo and taking on life armed with curiosity and gusto.

I think fondly of my wife who has been there through it all. My ups and downs. Our ups and downs. The topsy-turvy curve balls life has thrown at us. I can’t believe we have been together almost two decades.


I regularly meet with special friends a few times a week to make music, drink wine, laugh, talk about love and life, stare at a fire.  I don’t know where I would be – or who I would be – without them.

All these special people I’ve mentioned above are my Family.

I miss my friends and family back in the ‘old’ country – a place I left in my 20s to see the world.

I think about them often and always wonder – in an alternate universe – What If?

What if I never left my country of birth? What would I be doing now? What would they be doing now?

Pebbles. Lakes. Ripples.

With about half my life under my belt and – The Universe willing – another half to go, I seek to continue to try to make myself a better person, to help make the world a better place – anyway I can – by being nice to people, giving what I can, sharing my art and ideas, helping others with their art and helping them make their ideas a reality.

Pebbles. Lakes. Ripples.

As I think about the past year and look forward to this next one and as the pinball stops ricocheting in my brain, this clichéd mantra comes to mind – and for some reason it is really hitting home right now as I sit and write:

We’re all in this together.

In other words, we only have us, so let’s treat each other well.

May 2017 bring you Happiness, Peace, Love & Adventure!




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Taiwanniversary Twenty One!

January 7, 2016.

Wow. Another year has just flown by.  So much life packed into 365 days…. and with this year being a leap year, with its 366 days, I’ll be setting out to accomplish much more – especially with that extra day!

This post started out as a New Year Blog Entry, but I was quite busy performing and before I knew it, today knocked and I realized it was the anniversary of the day I came to this Island – so I’ve blended my New Year Post with my Taiwanniversary Post.

I’ve jotted down my thoughts, hopes and yes, even a few fears for this year 2016.

I have also thought a lot about 2015 and the past in general. I thought about my family specifically my brothers and mother whom I have not seen in over 10 years (I haven’t left the Island for 10 years!), the birthdays, holidays and other special occasions I’ve missed.

I have thought about Friends who died this year..

But it has been a wonderful Journey with all the bumps and beauty that go with a Journey.

I pondered my 20 year Taiwanniversary and what’s been happening since last year on this day (you can pop over and read a nice light piece on how I ended up on this awesome island as I do not want to repeat myself):

I am grateful for so many things.

So here I am and it is right around lunch time and the sun is out here in Taichung, Taiwan. The birds are chirping, my cat is playing with a small imaginary animal.  My banana trees are swaying in the soft breeze, my dog is sunning himself in the yard. I just washed all my socks and they are hanging on the line.

Life is indeed good.

As I was bopping around getting little tidbits done before I performed with my band at a New Year Celebration in the city, I pondered upon this past year. All of the new people I’ve met, the many musicians I’ve been working with, how I’ve pushed myself to be more creative, how I have challenged and continue to challenge myself and expand my horizons.  It’s been pretty awesome. I am satisfied with my life, have made wonderful relationships with awesome people from around the world…

Speaking of around the world…

I’ve grown dismayed at what I see happening around our planet. The melting of the polar ice caps; the polarization of the masses making an Us against Them environment; corporate welfare; money in politics; hypocrisy in government; climate change (and the idiots that deny it); the dumbing down of the Citizenry; a bias media owned only by a handful of corporations…  is Freedom going the way of Orwell’s 1984?

What can we do about it?

On a more personal level. I am watching closely both Taiwan and the USA as both countries are entering election years. This should be interesting.

The differences between Taiwan and the USA when it comes to voting are quite different.  Taiwan’s leaders win by popular vote while in the US they do not. In both countries there is money in politics… but it is much worse and exploited in the US.

Both countries are a bit volatile.

The US looks like it could have another Civil War in the coming years. It is so divided. Not the Land of The Free anymore.

Taiwan has an occupying party called the KMT. They fled to the Island in the late 40s after losing a civil war in China with the Communists. Though, the first elected president was Lee Denghui in 1996, he eventually left the KMT. The KMT then lost the election to the DPP 民主進步黨 (Democratic Progressive Party)
in 2000.

After what looked like a dubious coup that ousted their elected president Chen Shui Bien on charges the KMT has also been guilty of (bribery charges), the KMT was again voted in.

The current President Ma  馬英九 who was born in HongKong is a wishy-washy suck up to China. China ridiculously claims sovereignty over Taiwan and Ma has tried to negotiate deals with China that would hurt Taiwan.  The Taiwanese People are fed up and the KMT is most likely going to collapse which will put the DPP – who acknowledge Independence for Taiwan –  in power.

Get the popcorn out..this could get quite interesting on both sides of the world.
So here I am, enjoying a good life in Taiwan –  Twenty One Years of Awesome, while watching from afar the Fish Bowl that is the USA and wondering where this year will take us all.

My Mantra for this year…

*Help Build Strong Informed Communities as We The People can govern ourselves.
*Make Music… even if it’s just singing in the shower.
*Do something Artsy.
*Write down your Thoughts as stories, Poems, Reports and Essays.

*Eat Healthy.

Peace & Love Y’all


Boston Paul in 1995


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What is a Friend?

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