Boston Paul & The Refuge – Click-Bait? Our Response to an Odious Blog Post

“Hell hath no fury like a Dakeng Hippie criticized…”

~ Titus Pants

Recently, it was brought to my attention by friends and supporters that someone had written a not very flattering piece on The Refuge, a Refuge event called Hobo Happiness, and specifically me – whom many of you know as Boston Paul.

I’ve broken My Ranty Rebuttal down for you so that those of you that are part of the Refuge Community or personal friends (actual friends – more on that later) can scroll to parts that you want to read and skip other parts you already know.

You’re welcome.

Here are the Titillating Tasty Tidbits – broken down for you:

1. Why I’m Writing This Piece
2. My First (and only) meeting DBT

3. The Refuge History
4. The Hobo Happiness Event
5. The Food & The Bonfire
6. The Bits about Boston Paul
7. My Thoughts

8. The DBT Article Reposted for your reading (dis)pleasure.
9. (NEW) I Re-Wrote DBT’s Article


1. Why I’m Writing This Piece

I managed to read the article after the link was sent to me by a few people. I was a bit surprised by the piece and especially by the author whom I had just recently met in person – though briefly – at The Refuge.

The piece seems to have upset quite a few people and a flood of cell texts and messages filled my PM box. Friends even came to see me personally. The outpouring of love and concern has touched my heart.

Being the hard-ass that I am however… I was just set to ignore it. This is not the first time I have been the center of gossip, controversy, and the angst of others. When you are a well-known person in the community, these things happen. One has to accept not only the pros of being well known, but the cons as well. Either that or become a hermit… and I’m not quite ready to do that yet!

Unless there is a situation/conflict that would put my family and friends in harm’s way, the Militant side of Militant Hippi – my alter ego moniker – would take care of things pronto. Otherwise, I just let stuff like this roll off my back. I have more important things that need my attention.

But Alas, here I am in my cold studio, my freezing fingers reluctantly banging out words on the keyboard, addressing a blog post and setting the record straight for those who need balance.

2. My First (and only) meeting DBT

I will call this gentleman by his initials only. The reason being that if his article was meant for click-bait for his blog, I will not help him get those hits. I am very supportive of free speech and of the community, but will not be manipulated or used to garner attention. Had his article been well written, thoughtful, well researched and had asked me a few follow up questions thus making his article factual, I would use his name, and he would get my full support and by default the hundreds if not thousands of people I am connected to around the world.


The only contact I have ever had with Mr. DBT the “blogger” was allowing his blog posts to be published on The Refuge Wall when other pages on social media refused to post his blog links as they were deemed “irrelevant” or “scathing” or not fact based i.e. opinionated drivel. He subsequently thanked me for publishing his pieces. He then came to one of our events – Hobo Happiness IV to be precise – found me as he was leaving and introduced himself. Interestingly, he chose not to publish this particular piece on The Refuge Wall.

He seemed like a friendly enough man. He made no mention of the things that ailed him at our event. He made no mention of wanting an interview with me concerning The Refuge, our events or me personally (as many in the past have done). Just two minutes of exchanging names, a hand shake, a minute of small talk, me welcoming him to our community, and one more handshake before I dashed off back to the soundboard to keep the Musicians sounding good.

That’s it. That was the extent of our contact.

Thus, it is baffling – and many of you agree me-thinks – why he would write this piece – and with such ‘authority’? He obviously took time out (apparently not enough time as there are many factual errors) to go to my blog and ‘research’ me… I guess that is flattering. However, it looks like he merely cherry-picked bits in the name of ‘research’ and used some of those pickings in his meandering, opinionated report.

First, just so DBT understands what we do… a brief Refuge History:

3. The Refuge History

We moved to our house, which became our home, almost 16 years ago – a few months after the big devastating 1999 earthquake. The house was a bit farther away from the city, was on a dead end street and had a good sized yard. Perfect.

The house had been empty for years and to be fair, it was a bit dilapidated. We rent – just so everyone knows – and we pay about the same amount of rent as those living in the city except we get a lot more for our money.

There was a lot of work to do on this house. Indeed, as DBT mentions, once upon a time this house was beautiful – snobbishly beautiful – as most of the neighborhood houses were owned by executives from the Renault Car Corporation in a time when Taiwan was still not quite one of the four economic dragons in Asia.

It’s not snobbishly beautiful anymore of course as DBT so eloquently points out in his diatribe. But it does have character. We keep it clean (though we should dust a bit more!) and it is always a work in progress.

The Refuge has an eclectic collection of art, doodads, trinkets, musical instruments and a pretty damn good sound system. It is a friendly inviting place that is always – as many of you know –morphing into something different, new and interesting. People come from all over the Island with their ideas, and artistic know-how.

DBT bases his perception on one short visit. He did not go upstairs where our home is – nor will he as we block that part off and keep it separate from the first floor Refuge. The second floor is our beautiful home. Carpeted, comfortable and cozy with a library, three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms and three balconies. We keep this private as many of you can understand. We are pretty public/social people, but we still need a private place to escape to now and then.

He also did not visit our third floor (which we use for storage.) I mention the third floor because he mistakenly called our home a “what must have been a beautiful, western-style, two story cement tiled home on a cul-de-sac…”

ANYWAY, the first time we saw this private dwelling at the end of a cul-de-sac, we were excited that we could entertain many of our friends – which we love to do – who lived in the city and needed to get away.

Soon other friends – artists, musicians, intellectuals and one hell of a carpenter (who still lives across the street!) moved into other empty houses in the neighborhood… the beginnings of The Refuge Community were born.

Friends from the city would visit, lay in the grass, look up at a sunny sky while birds were chirping and exclaim… what a refuge!
Hearing this so many times and from so many different people we all started referring to our home as The Refuge. There was no other place like it that we knew of in Taichung and at the time, no one was doing what we were doing… yes, it was a bit revolutionary.

Because of my love of music and art – and the whole birds of a feather concept – Our ‘refuge’ attracted artists, musicians, thinkers and supporters from all walks: Many Taiwanese frequented our place of course but there were also people coming from all around our beautiful island paradise – and the world.

Since then, almost every single expat I know – even if they haven’t directly added to The Refuge charm – has certainly been touched by The Refuge Community in some way. The Refuge influence has spread all around the Island.

When the mayor of Taichung shut all the bars and music venues down in Taichung a few years ago, The Refuge Community stayed open defiantly and at a risk. It has been said many times that we saved the music scene in Taichung as we were THE ONLY venue in Taichung where bands could play. That is one helluva bit to put on our resume I would say. The Refuge Community saved the Taichung music scene.

You’re welcome.

I have been fortunate to be able to live this kind of life. A life that most people can only dream of. Have there been risks? Yes. Have there been sacrifices? Indeed. I used to make a lot of money running three English schools that I opened by myself starting in 1995. I gave that up to pursue a life in art, music and community and we now live on whatever we make from events, sound engineering gigs, recording bands, playing shows and a few private classes.

This of course is none of DBT’s business, but he seems to want to know who I am… so there you are.

3. The Hobo Happiness Event

DBT writes:

“The reason for my visit was to attend a Facebook advertised “4th Hobo Happiness,” with musical guest Jack Conqueroo, a Robert Johnson-styled electric blues guitarist, harp player, and singer from Canada. He was rather good, though his set was too short. The  act before him, of two drunken male guitarists singing Dylanesque songs, went on too long. Mojo and Sons, who came on after Cook, was a country folk trio of banjo, guitar, kazoo, clarinet, and great harmonies.

I’m glad we agree that Jack Conqueroo’s set was too short. Indeed.
The two drunken foreigners who played early in the day were excited to be part. They are both aspiring musicians, did the show without pay, were nervous to be sure and were appreciative of the opportunity given to them by their hosts.

In the comments to DBT’s article he responds to one of the many comments bashing his piece :

“You (DBT is the ‘You’ here) write an article with the vantage point of seeing hundreds of gatherings with thousands of folk singers over forty years, the best folk singers who started revolutions, not garden parties, and you will have a different perspective.”

Indeed, so DBT is a Folk Gatherings Slut… I’m all about that! Would love to hear some of his stories about other festivals he’s been to (spanning over 40 years!).

All folk singers start from somewhere though, don’t they? Bob Dylan – before he was called Bob Dylan – had a band in high-school called Danny & the Juniors. During a talent show performance the principal cut the microphone because the performance was ‘too loud’ and I suspect a bit too radical for the conservative audience. Though Dylan went on to be part of a revolution, please note that while he was at University, he performed in simple coffee houses.

The point is, that our ‘simple garden party’ is a place for many aspiring musicians to start and get support from the community.

I’ve seen musicians go from our ‘simple’ garden parties, to our very big festivals and then onto even bigger festivals not only here in Taiwan, but in other countries – and make a bit of a name for themselves.

Is DBT a musician? An artist? Does he know what goes into putting an event on? Writing a song? His statement here is ignorant at best.

DBT then writes:

I didn’t catch the name of the pedestrian folk singer who came on after the bluegrass trio and talked too much about himself; I left mid-set.”


I suspect DBT left mid-set of my friend and world traveler. The man whose name was on the event invitation – Scott Cook & The Refuge present – the man who got nominated for a folk singing award in Canada and made the top ten list on university radio stations. A man on the road most of the year. Good on you, DBT.

Though Scott’s been a musician since he was a kid, Taiwan is where he found himself and as he rises in the music world, he always makes an effort to come back and see his Extended Family here in Taiwan as we have always been there for him. You can ask Jack Conqueroo about him. Even Jack – the man DBT came to see – was happy to be part of Hobo Happiness IV and has played with Scott at other venues in Taiwan as well.

DBT was privy to a special gathering, and the opportunity flew right over his head in the name of click-bait and what seems to be a pompous self-worth. Based on the comments I’m not the only one, after reading his article, who feels this way.

5. The Food & The Bonfire

DBT then writes:

“The “Food by Rita’s Kitchen” was simple and no pizza did I see from Rocky’s Pizza from 4pm when I arrived until 7:30 pm when I left. Rita’s kitchen was vegetarian chili and burrito. Despite the “healthy” meatless cuisine, there was plenty of cigarette smoke and vape, beer and alcoholic drinks of which I had three whiskey-ginger ale’s for 100 NT each.  I thought perhaps someone would bring out the hamburgers and sausages when the bon fire was lit, but there was nary a marshmallow roasted over it. I left early, hungry.”

Rita’s kitchen is also a new thing… she’s still getting the hang of it. The food vendors decided to keep it vege as many of the guests do not eat meat. Meaters can always eat meatless cuisine, but it doesn’t work the other way around. No one else seemed to notice or care.

We did not advertise our event as ‘healthy’ as DBT seems to insinuate in his article. Where did these presumptions come from?

Rocky’s Pizza is the name of my friend Max’s place. However, if DBT had taken the time to read the menu, he would have seen what was on it. We wanted to keep it simple and fast.

The bonfire is a ritual at the Refuge. The fire was actually there to keep people warm, and when the music was over (DBT missed two awesome bands) we had an old fashion campfire jam.

DBT left early because he was hungry? There was good food there.

But because we did not serve meat, pizza or fucking marshmallows, DBT folded his arms across his chest, tossed his nose in the air and humphed humphed his way to the exit. Really?

DBT seems to think that because we did not serve dead animal at our event (note, I didn’t make the menu nor the suggestion, the vendors did that all on their own) and that he rode his bicycle to the event (commendable) while our guests took scooters (and quite a few took taxis and carpooled – but DBT didn’t bother to ask about that, eh?), that our guests smoked cigarettes, vaped and that we served alcohol, that somehow we are a bunch of hypocritical hippies and that somehow DBT is better than we are? Seriously?

Basically DBT is saying No meat/perceived hippie values VS other vices/pleasures – but this begs the question: what the fuck does have to do with how much hair you have on your testicles or the price of goat cheese?

If you come to another event, bring your marshmallows and roast them to your heart’s content. Don’t be a picky fucker with your preconceived notions and you will eat well. Delicious food made by competent vendors.

I’m really trying to give DBT the benefit of the doubt and find an actual point in his article. But nary a point do I see.

6. The Bits about Boston Paul

Then DBT turns his pen on me:

Paul D… is an interesting person, friendly and vivacious. He calls his blog “The Militant Hippi.” He is more the latter than the former. The only militarism I could find in his blog history was a stint in the voluntary U.S. army in the early 90’s, though he fancies himself at risk to the KMT police that took his picture when he played music at a “Wild Strawberry Movement” rally. In his blog writings, he celebrates his twentieth “Taiwanniversary” and reviews how he ended up living in Taichung, Taiwan. He says he had a good job back in Boston but doesn’t mention what he did, only that he considered becoming a police officer in Chinatown. He rants in articles against Gxd and religion and in favor of vegetarianism.”
What is this article really about? The Refuge? Hobo Happiness? Or me? I guess this is where the meandering comes in. The writing is not specific, not focused. If it’s supposed to be a critique, it is not done well, and where I do appreciate the compliments: an interesting person, friendly and vivacious. The rest of looks like cherry-picked, discombobulated, horseradish.

If he really wanted to write something about me, I would have been happy to give an interview. Cherry picking bits from my blog and sounding like he’s an authority on aspects of my life is unprofessional (if aspiring to be a writer is his goal) at best, and absolute bollocks at worst.

The oxymoron Militant Hippi seems to have flown right over his head and had DBT asked, he would know that Militant Hippi has a few special meanings for me – on top of being my Blogging Moniker.

But based on his writing style and content, he could give a shit less on what Militant Hippi actually means.

“He says he had a good job back in Boston but doesn’t mention what he did…”
It’s actually none of his fucking business what I did. There are some things I do not share on my blog. My friends know much about my previous life. Do you know why? Because they fucking asked me…

You know what polite people and good journalists do? They ask. Not guess and then put opinions out there like it actually means something.

“…though he fancies himself at risk to the KMT police that took his picture when he played music at a “Wild Strawberry Movement” rally…”

Again, another line of tripe. I did not ‘fancy myself’ at shit. We were told before we went to perform at this political rally that we could be arrested. The anti-government things I said in Mandarin were quite risky and everyone involved had their pictures taken by undercover and uniformed police. Nothing fancy about that. I have been quite active politically here in Taiwan as this Beautiful Island Paradise is my home… and I speak up for justice and liberty for all my fellow earthlings. But again, DBT could have asked me a few follow up questions and I would have enlightened him.

“He rants in articles against Gxd and religion and in favor of vegetarianism.”

So this question is directly for DBT as I know he is reading this.

Do my rants against religion (not just god per-se) and the fact that I do not eat meat offend you? It’s the only reason I can think of for this line of BS.

“Paul D…. mentions getting his “degrees” at UMass but doesn’t mention what his “degrees” were in”. I most certainly do. You should have dug a little bit deeper. Frankly, while I am flattered that you felt the need to write about me, I am equally appalled you did not dig a little deeper. If you are that interested in me, you can read about my ‘degrees’ and what I did before I came to Taiwan here:

Please do a bit more research so in the future you don’t look so much like an ass. And I say that with all due respect.

“For his Bruce Lee fetish and martial arts  interest (he opened a school once in Boston) and Mandarin study, it is clear that Paul D… loves Chinese culture and Taiwan. 
Where, in any of my writings, did you see a Bruce Lee fetish? Seriously, where are you pulling this shit out from?
For the record, I have been a martial artist from about 6 years old.

UPDATE (Dec 24):  I popped over to DBT’s page to get a picture of him for another blog post I’m writing (actually I’m re-writing his!) and found this –

DBT Bruce LeeThat is DBT in Hong Kong posing next to Bruce Lee.  Who has the fetish?

     “Paul Davies doesn’t mention his family background growing up in Boston in the blog, which he says has gotten fifty thousand visits.”
Again, my family background is none of your fucking business. And the fifty thousand visits are counted by the WordPress Blog Site.., not me… and why mention this at all? WTF does it have to do with how much you weigh or the price of horse shit used for fertilizer?

I went into my stats and clipped this for you. Thank you WordPress.

Views on my blog

He is no working class stiff and not a union man.”  Huh?     Wait….      Huh??

The house that he has since 2008 in Da-keng, I have lived in this house since 2000. Where did you get 2008? and the 30,000 ping space he rented at the old Dongshan Paradise theme park (that had been destroyed in the 1999 earthquake) Dongshan Paradise was not destroyed in the earthquake and was a helluva lot bigger than 30,000 ping. RESEARCH DBT! RESEARCH! …must have been paid for by someone, perhaps by the volunteers and friends who come and go and float with him. What is your meaning here? What are you insinuating? Research! Ask Questions! This is why your article is getting ripped apart by people that actually know what is going on. By painting me in a crappy light, you yourself look like a Bumbling Buffoon.

” ‘It’s financially self-sufficient,’ Paul said in an interview in 2011.” An interview! Yes! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! YOU should try that DBT! Perhaps then your article would not be one big piece of meandering, pointless, scathing Suck.

LUVstock was a three-day musical party, held at Dongshan Paradise yearly, until he left his lease in 2013 and moved it back to his property.”

LUVstock has been happening in one form or another since about 2003. We had LUVstock at Dongshan Paradise while The Refuge was there (we were there for three years exactly). When they SOLD THE LAND, we moved The Refuge back to our place.  We did not leave our lease.
We have been looking for a place to open a new venue, but in the meantime, we will make do with what we got.

“Whatever one wants to think about Paul D…, the “4th Hobo Happiness,” “LUVstock,” and other events he has organized are not about him, per se, but about getting Taiwan’s English-speaking ex-pats together as a community and for fun.”
“Whatever one wants to think about Paul D…” Why open the paragraph with this statement? You don’t know me, DBT. Whatever you think about Paul D…. Huh?

The events I organize are about bringing people together, not just expats. They’re about giving people opportunities, to be part of something – and for me – to feel like I’m doing my small part to make the world a better place. What, DBT, have YOU done to try to make the world a better place besides writing inflammatory articles about shit you have no idea about?

7. My Thoughts

DBT wrote this piece with scant evidence, preconceived notions and cherry picked data from my blog. My blog, where I choose to keep some things confidential but will generally provide information when asked. I was never interviewed for his piece. Did not know he was going to write a piece and treated him the same as I would any other guest at The Refuge or my home: Courteous and respectful.

However, as many of you who actually know me as a person can attest, do not mistake my friendly demeanor, charisma, peace n love hippie lifestyle (and let’s not forget “vivaciousness”!) for weakness. There are some that have learned the hard way there. If push comes to shove, I’m a fucking truck.

What prompted DBT to write in this way? Was it a low self esteem? Perhaps he was bullied in school and now the Pen is his Sword? Do I remind DBT of the bullies that used to pick on him?  Is it because I am from Boston and he’s from New York and is propagating this childish rivalry? Is he jealous of what we do here in Taiwan? I’m now beginning  to understand why others do not want to publish his articles on their pages.  The way he writes things leaves a lot to be desired.

In the comments to your post, DBT writes: I am friends with Paul and I have no reason to believe our friendship and mutual admiration won’t grow.
DBT, Facebook says we are friends as you have recently added me (and then apparently Unfriended me when you started getting heat for your article). However, if you want to know what I think a friend is… I wrote about it here (Sorry DBT, you don’t quite qualify. We are acquaintances only):

For someone who wants to be friends with me, you have a strange way of showing it, DBT.

You are getting a lot of heat for your article. Think about that. Are all those people wrong with their assessment of your scathing report? Or are you? Rather than trying to defend yourself and what you wrote from the people that are not happy with your report – me included – perhaps you should look inward. Ask yourself what was your real intent writing that article?

I expect criticisms and suggestions and generally welcome them. Critiques and suggestions are acknowledged and help us to do better next time. What was surprising of course – and perhaps it is my fault as I naively expect everyone who comes to our events to be like-minded i.e. wants a good time, wants to support the community, and wants to do something different – is that upon meeting you, I wrongly surmised that you were seeking to be part of our community. 95% of the people I meet – and there are new people every week, do make it a point to be part of our community in some way. You sir, I suspect, are the other 5%. No worries, what we do is not everyone’s cup of tea… but at least the other 5% do not write inflammatory, meandering, opinionated tripe then blog it for all the world to see.

If you would like a proper interview DBT, so that you can write a factual, thoughtful piece on what we do here in Taichung, you know where to find me.

In the meantime, Peace be with you.

8. The DBT Article Reposted for your reading (dis)pleasure.

The Happy Hobo’s Refuge in Taichung


I went to The Refuge for the first time yesterday. It is right up Dong-Shan Road to the right of the little traffic circle on Buzi Road, but I got lost anyway; ended up doing a loop up and down the Da-keng mountain slope and back to the 7-11 on the corner of Buzi Road. After I got straight, the place was remote but easy to find. Around sixty guests paid 300 NT each to get in to the “4th Hobo Happiness.”

The Refuge is in what must have been a beautiful, western-style, two story cement tiled home on a cul-de-sac, with walled entrance and a large patio and private backyard. It is not beautiful anymore. If it were made of wood and not cement, it would be rotting apart. They may have gotten it cheaply after the 1999 earthquake affected the zone which it is in. The grounds are in shambles. Things are makeshift in the public area.

 Jack Conqueroo
Jack Conqueroo
performs at the 4th Hobo Happiness

The reason for my visit was to attend a Facebook advertised “4th Hobo Happiness,” with musical guest Jack Conqueroo, a Robert Johnson-styled electric blues guitarist, harp player, and singer from Canada. He was rather good, though his set was too short. The  act before him, of two drunken male guitarists singing Dylanesque songs, went on too long. Mojo and Sons, who came on after Cook, was a country folk trio of banjo, guitar, kazoo, clarinet, and great harmonies. I didn’t catch the name of the pedestrian folk singer who came on after the bluegrass trio and talked too much about himself; I left mid-set.

Before I left, I made sure to thank Paul D… in person for publishing my radical articles on the Refuge Facebook page. Most of the time, Paul was marching around doing things to make the mostly thirty-five-year-old guests happy. At first, I had mistaken Paul for a man named Mitch (Militant Hippi Note: The Man’s name was DAVE not MITCH and he’s an awesome guy), a dried up slender oldster with a patch on his left ear sitting with a younger Asian woman (Militant Hippi Note: That younger Asian Woman was HIS WIFE and she’s awesome, too). He told Paul I was looking for him early on and I left it at that. The only person I recognized there was the guitar accompanist (Militant Hippi Note: His name was also DAVE) of a local blues singer that holds open-mic at PJ’s. I met and spoke with other nice people who had come from all over Taiwan to this event.

 Mojo and sons
Mojo and Sons
perform at 4th Hobo Happiness

The “Food by Rita’s Kitchen” was simple and no pizza did I see from Rocky’s Pizza from 4pm when I arrived until 7:30 pm when I left. Rita’s kitchen was vegetarian chili and burrito. Despite the “healthy” meatless cuisine, there was plenty of cigarette smoke and vape, beer and alcoholic drinks of which I had three whiskey-ginger ale’s for 100 NT each.  I thought perhaps someone would bring out the hamburgers and sausages when the bon fire was lit, but there was nary a marshmallow roasted over it. I left early, hungry. On the way out, the street was clogged with motorcycles and cars of party-goers. Mine was the only bicycle I saw parked outside.

Paul Davies is an interesting person, friendly and vivacious. He calls his blog “The Militant Hippi.” He is more the latter than the former. The only militarism I could find in his blog history was a stint in the voluntary U.S. army in the early 90’s, though he fancies himself at risk to the KMT police that took his picture when he played music at a “Wild Strawberry Movement” rally. In his blog writings, he celebrates his twentieth “Taiwanniversary” and reviews how he ended up living in Taichung, Taiwan. He says he had a good job back in Boston but doesn’t mention what he did, only that he considered becoming a police officer in Chinatown. He rants in articles against Gxd and religion and in favor of vegetarianism.

 The Refuge 7 years ago
Guests enjoy the Tiki-bar atmosphere  at The Refuge

(Militant Hippi Note: this picture he uses above was taken 7 years ago)

Paul Davies mentions getting his “degrees” at UMass but doesn’t mention what his “degrees” were in. He is affiliated with Donghai University here in Taichung, originally as a student, and met a number of intellectual ex-pat friends there. For his Bruce Lee fetish and martial arts  interest (he opened a school once in Boston) and Mandarin study, it is clear that Paul Davies loves Chinese culture and Taiwan.
Paul Davies doesn’t mention his family background growing up in Boston in the blog, which he says has gotten fifty thousand visits. He is no working class stiff and not a union man. The house that he has since 2008 in Da-keng, and the 30,000 ping space he rented at the old Dongshan Paradise theme park (that had been destroyed in the 1999 earthquake) must have been paid for by someone, perhaps by the volunteers and friends who come and go and float with him. “It’s financially self-sufficient,” Paul said in an interview in 2011.

 The Frog II
Paul Davies (right) makes music in The Refuge sound studio

MILITANT HIPPI NOTE: The picture above is from The Frog II not from The Refuge Studios. RESEARCH!.

LUVstock was a three-day musical party, held at Dongshan Paradise yearly, until he left his lease in 2013 and moved it back to his property. Though his musical aspirations never left him, he managed to settle down enough to marry and even raise a child. There is certainly a lot of sharing what he has with others and a new age spirit glow; donations accepted.
Whatever one wants to think about Paul Davies, the “4th Hobo Happiness,” “LUVstock,” and other events he has organized are not about him, per se, but about getting Taiwan’s English-speaking ex-pats together as a community and for fun. Music and art predominate in his home and a volunteer spirit permeates the grounds.

Militant Hippi Note:  If you would like to read a more accurate report of The Refuge you can go here:

(The second link talks about when we were at Dong Shan Paradise, but most of the facts are right)

9. (NEW) The Militant Hippi AKA Boston Paul Re-Wrote DBT’s Article

I couldn’t resist! It didn’t take long. I just renamed his article, then focused the premise. I then cut out anything irrelevant or scathing.

Check it out here:


Titus Pance What is the point of the introductory (dis)qualification?….rhetorical question, please do not answer.
DBT I’m not sure what you mean. Thanks for your comment though



Timothy Tucker “two drunken guitarists singing Dylanesque songs”

Fuck yeah. We’re hanging out, getting drunk and folksy. You bet your ass we’re gonna be drinking and enjoying the community. I don’t think they were even drunk when they played yet, but I can’t be sure.

“the pedestrian folk singer who came on after the bluegrass trio […] talked too much about himself; I left mid-set.”

Pedestrian. I’m trying to figure out how you intended this adjective to come off. Did you use it because he seemed common and banal? He’s nothing special? He’s just one of the people you might see while driving or walking? Maybe it was because you saw him walking at some point during the night in an area where there were motor vehicles also active. Here’s something to put in your notes to avoid further embarrassment; using the adjectives “pedestrian” and “folk” in the same sentence is redundant. The set that you walked out on half-way through was the set that the whole event was put on for. The pedestrian folk singer that you walked out on was the act that the other acts were giddy about opening for. He’s the guy that people across Canada, Taiwan, and whatever other countries he’s traveled to sit by their Facebook feed and refresh his website to see when he might be coming back through their little town.

My non-rhetorical question for you is: why did you come to the event?

You clearly don’t appreciate what folk music is for. Maybe you were past your deadline for your blog. That’s fine. I understand pressure. Maybe I could suggest that next time you take your notepad to the local club or the local lounge bar. You might find more of what you’re looking for and perhaps more what your blog readers are more interested in.

If you understand within a year that events and music can be the glue that melds a community, I hope that you can make it to the Hobo event next year and I’ll be shaking your hand with a sincere smile.
Mikey James That’s the best review of those 2 drunken guitarists! I wonder who they are hahaha

Greg Niederhaus Very good points here. Extremely well said.

Mikey James Yeah! Tim is always on point!
Shaun Armstrong Nailed it


DBT You write an article with the vantage point of seeing hundreds of gatherings with thousands of folk singers over forty years, the best folk singers who started revolutions, not garden parties, and you will have a different perspective. Until then, happy Mondays.
Greg Niederhaus That certainly had nothing to do with me. I write about industry. Get your facts straight.


Timothy Tucker You didn’t answer my question.
DBT I went to do the same thing you did. Why did you go?
Rachel McPhail Todd Blackhurst: does this post belong in this group? It looks like it’s a promo for a clickbait blog site and not necessarily “information”.

On another note, thanks to all the admins of this group. Dealing with 5000+ members can’t be easy.

Todd Blackhurst Rachel McPhail – we have discussed this type of blog and although many people might feel the same as you, our guidelines do allow blogs that convey information about Taichung to be shared in this group. In that sense, it is welcome here. Now, whether or not this is accepted by the members, agreed with or whatever – that is for you the individual to decide. Click, comment or disregard. As long as the comments also fall within our guidelines, we will leave it alone.
DBT Thank you for protecting discourse
Rachel McPhail Thanks for the prompt response.
Rachel McPhail Discourse? Clickbait.
DBT I wrote an article for you to read. It comes from my blog. You are welcome to read it.


Greg Niederhaus I am amused. This guy David has the gift of the gab with no insight. His gab has grammatical errors He got blow-worthy drunk and rode his bicycle. That is illegal . He knows nothing about Paul, who he criticizes. Paul has degrees in Literature and Philosophy. This critical man David Barry Temple seems to Know more.He did not know that. He knows zero about a school through which Paul trained policemen in self defense. Nothing about Kungfu with a Master at the age of 6. David belittles military service when the man para-dropped into South America. I know Paul. Thoroughly. I know our community. Whoever you are, David. You are a big talker. You now have an opponent. You go try and build this, and come back with self criticism. Your rant is bull shit. Who are you? I see David as a negative foreigner in Taiwan who misrepresents those of us who really laid down the groundwork. David should leave. He misrepresents the ones of us who love Taiwan. And by the way, Where is his original 1500 word rant?
DBT You told me what I didn’t know and asked. I thank you. You have a big filthy mouth for insulting me. You will not have that chance again.
Cousin Avi You hear that, Greg? YOU have “a big filthy mouth.”   I was gonna add something but it appears I am too gentle and refined for such “discourse.”

Richard Wright Better than a purdy mouth. Luckily “you will not have that chance again.”

Greg Niederhaus I looked up “purdy”. (American short story teller. I suppose that was directed towards this original critic. For this David guy to come out and rip into what Paul and many others do to bring community together with minimal resources is asinine. Yes, we survive, yet, contribute to community… is the endeavor bad because the dude did not get Pizza? I enjoyed the samosas, pasta salad and fries. Cook’s show is not about himself. It is about the bridge-crossing between cultures he lives by, through music and travel. .Side note- The homes here are indestructible and prove so through nearly minimal earthquake damage. Wherever my filthy mouth appears here escapes me. This demented dude is a disgrace to the foreigner community in Taiwan.

Greg Niederhaus DBT de-friended me. Excellent. He cannot answer up. Down the rabbit hole he goes.


Kevin Diamond I was half-expecting some “then I blinked a few times…” and “I noticed that I swallowed more in the Dakeng area than usual” type sentences while I was reading this aimless, meandering rubbish.

Whoever told you at some point in your life that you ought to write a blog lied to you.

DBT You put your foot in your mouth defending a man I didn’t insult. How dare you?

DBT I am friends with Paul and I have no reason to believe our friendship and mutual admiration won’t grow.

Kevin Diamond I suspect there are a plethora of things you have no reason to believe.

Paul Davies For the record, I am not friends with people I have just met. Acquaintance is the better word.

Read more on ‘Friends’ here:




Greg Niederhaus “Purdy” as I looked up its meaning, means “American short story teller”. Dunno if that is directed at me or the author who tried to whinge about a community builder, struggling vendors, musicians

Anew Calling Hi David. Great article. You really captured the harmony and friendship involved in the Refuge gatherings. I bet you are looking forward to ‘Hobo Happiness V – Return of the pedestrian’. Your skill at writing has blown my mind – never have sentences felt so soul-less. What a wonderful pastiche. And the photography – absolutely everything out of focus – really develops a simpleton persona worthy of the greatest of parody writers. I love the character you created – a bumbling buffoon that would drink three whiskeys and forget to watch the act he came to review, whilst reviewing everything else. Genius. I am a writer too and I have tried to capture this idiocy before, but never as well as you. Keep up the good work.

Anew Calling


Queen Bicycle Race (Live 1978)


DBT I read your insulting comment and I had to smile. I refuse to believe your back-biting is reflective of “harmony and friendship” at Hobo Happiness 4.

John Davies i think everyone is entitled to an opinion…i don’t think one person should like something, or enjoy something, or feel a way about something because everyone else does….It is obvious this guy David, is ignorant of what paul, the refuge, and the community, that he and his lovely wife sandra, and of course all those people who take time out of their day to contribute, is all about…Im guessing David certainly isn’t on the gathering list. I also don’t think that a place needs to look like the ritz in order to have a fun time there…if that were the case, i would have had a terrible childhood, as i spent most my time in garbage cans looking for toys people threw away, cos dad couldn’t afford to buy them…However, everyone hates a critic, more so, because critics are usually those people who are good a finding faults in the things that others do, yet are almost completely incapable of producing anything of value….That being said, constructive criticism is different thing….constructive criticism, ought teach people where to improve….Unlike this David guy, whose criticism to me seems, very destructive, annoying, somewhat foot stompingly childlike in its delivery, and apparently adds nothing good to the community that all you REFUGEE’s work so hard in providing…Thank you to paul, sandra and everyone else who aids in my simple little pleasures… BEAR HUGs

DBT Despite the negative energy displayed by some of you, I never said I didn’t like the Refuge, the 4 Hobo Happiness, or Paul Davies; as I said in my blog, I left early because was hungry.

DBT In the Militant Hippi, no types of degrees were written. The singer you refer is my opinion. There was a small choice of meatless food. I didn’t see any bicycles. As for my writing style, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Why are you trying to vilify me?!



Cousin AviDBT: You put Paul’s “degrees” in quotation marks, creating the implication that he has not studied or does not hold the degrees he claims.
You described the headline act as “Pedestrian” even while admitting you didn’t stay to see the show.
You shat on the performance of amateurs as a couple of drunks – rather a stark rejection of any notion of community or support for same.
You bitched about the food, for fuck sake.
You complained about the PARKING (Note to Paul – valets, motherfucker…valets!).
The foregoing notwithstanding, the article itself is a disjointed jumble of run-on, stream-of-consciousness sentences barely connected to the subject matter of the paragraph in which they’re imprisoned or each other.
Then, when people remark on your weak command of the language and condescending attitude, you retract everything you wrote and insist that you enjoyed the event and that you and Paul enjoy some great degree of mutual admiration…and, of course, everyone who remarks on the self-important, facile opinions you posted in public deserves to be insulted.
Negative energy, indeed. When you stop condescendingly shitting on an event you barely attended, didn’t understand, and stop holding yourself out as the preeminent judge of what constitutes good folk music, you may find the “energy” you get back a little more positive.
As it stands, perhaps you should stick to blogging. Posting reviews in a public forum like this – which is to invite response – doesn’t seem to be your strong suit when people don’t like what you write.

Rachel McPhail Kudos.

Titus Pance Hell hath no fury like a Daken hippie criticised. I nominate this thread for most ironic of 2015.


Paul Davies Hell hath no fury like a Daken hippie criticised…


Stay tuned.

Steve George I remember this guy – he’s the same one that wrote in his blog about how horrible it was that nobody bothered the Indonesian people that were chilling in the park.

DBT You’re the same
DBT You still can’t read.

THE MILITANT HIPPI:  I want to note that not everyone is going to like what we do at The Refuge, and we can certainly take criticisms/critiques. What most people are upset about – we at The Refuge Community included –  was that the ‘facts’ in this article were not facts, the information was not accurate, the writing style was amateur and the focus of the article was… well there didn’t seem to be any focus. It was also heavily opinionated and obviously not well researched.  I may re-write his article myself. you know, just for fun.


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What is a Friend?

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The Meat Eater’s Bull Shit Argument: Plants Have Feelings, Too!


I responded to a blog post about the treatment and killing of animals when an apparent meat eater posted – to me specifically – that Plants are Alive! Insinuating that Plants have Feelings too!

I hear this statement often, and usually don’t respond as I assume they are either taking the piss, or I feel they’re just too fucking dumb to explain that while plants and animals are both ‘alive’ their ‘Alive-ness’ is fundamentally different.

But this guy seemed pretty cool, and so I began to respond until I realized my response was longer than anticipated and decided to make it a blog post… because why not?

Here it is:

Paul, and what about those who eat plants? aren’t those alive too?
Some manner of consistency must be attained.
What we need is balance, not black and white statements. We eat everything like pigs and destroy the lives of many animals without need. We even torture them like this poor bear. That is the problem. Meat-eating itself is not the problem.

While I applaud your realization that the torture of animals is wrong (so I assume you hunt and/or raise your own animals to eat, or know exactly where your meat is coming from? Or are you playing Devil’s Advocate?)… your response “plants are alive too!” is typical for meat eaters who need to feel justified because of their addiction to meat.

Now, I’m going to assume you’re a rational person. If so, please continue reading.

People that consume meat (Meaters) argue that “plants have feelings, too” to justify their meat eating. The Meater is implying that these feelings the plant may have are comparable to the feelings of animals… because you know, plants are ‘alive’ too… so they have feelings… which seems to be your argument.

But have you really thought about this?

(I’m glad you did not pose the even more ridiculous argument – that there is far more killing of plants by vegetarians than the killing of animals by meat eaters. I’ll get to that in a moment, you know just in case you or anyone else reading this brings it up.)

The Evolution of Plants and Animals

Plants have been around for more than a billion years, while animals have been gracing our planet about 600 million years and over time plants and animals have evolved in different ways.

Plants – specifically plants that animals consume – have also evolved where they are dependent on an animal species to survive (corn – not GMO that’s a whole other can of worms- is a good example of this).

About 350 million years ago plants that have seeds were evolving and their very survival relied on animals to spread their seeds. Birds ate certain plants and pooped out the seeds (this still happens). Nectar-eating bees transferred pollen from one plant to another (that still happens too though the Shitty Habits of our species are killing the bees off)…. So while animals fuck to perpetuate their ‘seed’  plants – especially plants that produce stuff that can be eaten like grains, legumes and fruit – evolved to perpetuate their seed in this way.

If I came after you with a baseball bat, a knife or a gun and you had a chance to run… would you? Would you be scared? Would you run for your life?

Well that is Evolution at work. Fear saves us, Pain also has a function in our evolution… and we fear pain and death.

This is how we evolved and survived as a species and were THUS able to propagate our ‘seed’ – this is the way it works for animals,,, cause ya can’t propagate if you’re dead.

It is not how it works for plants, however. Please note that plants are many times older than animals. Do plants feel pain? Certainly not the way animals do. Do plants have a central nervous system sending pain stimulation/signals to any sensory receptors on their body like animals do? No, they don’t, and if they did, plants would have evolved a helluva lot differently than they have, and we would be eating other stuff (thus making how we live far different too).

This is the beauty of evolution and why shit works and why we are the way we are today… and why plants are the way they are.

Pain is an unpleasant feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli, like getting cracked in the face with a baseball bat and breaking your nose or skull or knocking out your teeth. Pain motivates animals – ALL FUCKING ANIMALS –  including the tortured chickens, pigs and cows you most likely eat, to run away from damaging situations (except the animals you eat CAN’T run away, can they?).

After animals (which includes our species) experience pain from an injury, and they don’t die from what gave them the  pain/injury, they protect the damaged body part while it heals… cast on a broken arm? Bandages on a head wound?

And then animals avoid similar experiences in the future… and if they don’t, their species most likely dies out. That’s Darwin.

Plants did not evolve this way.

Do plants have feelings? Perhaps, there are a few interesting studies about plants & feelings out there.

Do they feel pain like humans?  Do they feel pain like animals that are killed for food do.. with no central nervous system?

No. Making the argument plants have feelings too! moot.

Do plants run away? No. Why? Because they did not evolve that way. Why? Because they didn’t have to.

Logic at work here. Reread above if you don’t get it.

Moving on.

Early Humans Eating Meat To Survive

The very act of eating meat by our species 100,000 years ago or so was for survival... not because they thought eating an animal was yum yum.

What was easier 100,000 years ago? 60,000 years ago? 5000 years ago? Hunting an animal that:

A. doesn’t want to be killed and runs away, forcing you to expend valuable energy to try to catch it and eat it (and waste your energy on the chance you might not catch it)?

B. doesn’t want to be killed and might fucking kill and eat you?

C. or picking some stationary plant (that also uses you for their survival – though some plants CAN kill you and our species learned that pretty goddam fast) that you waste almost NO energy on and won’t rip your F@#$%^&* head off then eat you and your family?

So generally, eating meat was a seasonal thing when there was nothing left to pick (we hadn’t picked up farming yet). We evolved out of Africa between 200,000 and 100,000 years ago… and humans didn’t start leaving the continent til about 60,000 years ago… which means we all evolved pretty much the same way concerning what we consumed for food.

Next, my Meat Loving Acquaintance, let’s quickly discuss how meat is raised.

Raising Animals for Food and the Effects on the Environment


Do you know how much fucking plant food it takes to raise a fucking cow? Do you know what the cost of meat production is?

Twenty Pounds of plant protein for one fucking pound of beef.

So every time you enjoy a big fat steak, we could be feeding a bunch of other humans on our planet with no food (I won’t get into how certain corporations are fucking up our planet with their various money making productions at the risk of not just people that live in the area of their production, but the entire planet).

The animals that are consumed are generally vegetarian (cows)  or omnivores (pigs/chickens). Factory farmed animals live in shitty torturous environments… then are murdered in the most heinous ways you can imagine.

Then, their often diseased carcasses with much less nutrients than the meat your great grandparents ate (as they probably ate free range everything and a LOT LESS OF IT) is frozen and shipped all over the world and put on the plates of the Ignorant, the Apathetic or those Addicts in denial who say, Plants are alive! or Plants have Feelings, too!

We do not have to eat meat to get our protein. Protein is in everything. Humans eat meat in this day and age because they are addicted to it. Just like people are addicted to alcohol or video games….

You don’t have to drink.
You don’t have to sit in front of a computer screen for 16 hours playing a video game.

But there are those who do, because that’s what addicts do.

Why Meat Taste Good

But meat TASTE SO GOOD!  I hear this bullshit all the time. Ignorant ass bullshit.

I’ve had enough with the snarky little jab: “if humans weren’t meant to eat meat why did god make it delicious?”

Yeah? Start eating fucking rats, pig balls, cow intestines and fucking rabbit ass and tell me how delicious that is you fucking half a fucktard.

Let’s take a fun digression and make a list of other stuff people think taste good:

*People in China think Chicken Ass tastes good.

*Some people eat stinky ass smelling bleu fucking cheese because they think it tastes good.

*People in Korea and Vietnam eat dog meat.

*Rednecks and cowboys eat fucking Rocky Mountain Oysters AKA Pig Testicles.

*Scottish People eat a dish that is made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning called Haggis. YUM.

*In Asia there is a fruit that smells like socks that have been worn for a week on sweaty feet, it’s called Durian… though it taste better than it smells.

*Here in Taiwan they eat something called Chou Dou Fu or stinky bean curd. They fucking love it… and it smells like someone stepped in shit (the first time I smelled it – I thought I DID step in shit. I checked my shoes and everything)… but I will say that if someone put a gun to my head, I’d eat the stinky tofu before I ate that fucking bleu cheese.

People around the world eat fucked up shit that they think tastes good because they grew up with it and associate this food with good memories.

So enough with the selfish “It taste good” bullshit.

Try not cooking your meat and keep it unseasoned and see how fucking ‘delicious’ your dead animal is.

So to those who think eating an apple is the same as eating an animal… it’s time to get your head out of your ass.

You’re on the right path, good sir. At least you care enough to comment, recognize there is a huge fucking problem in the meat industry and seem willing to do something about it.

It’s a step in the right direction.


You can follow the Militant Hippi/Boston Paul on Facebook:


BP and his Drum

Living Healthy, Cleansing, Diet and Other Tidbits


Cleanse Now And Again, Make Minor Diet Changes and Live Healthy

Greetings & Welcome! This article was originally written in 2008 for the Health Section of the Taichung Voice (now defunct).

Blogged here: Originally Published on: Jan 15, 2010 @ 10:39

This article is meant as an introduction/synopsis. My hope is that there is enough information provided so that you may make important life changes. We only go around once in this life, so let’s live it (healthy) for all it’s worth.
I have broken my educational rant down to a few sections:


Who is cleansing for? Is it for the Vegan or the Hippy? Is a good Cleanse meant for the Beatnik or the Long-Haired, bead wearing, Flower Child promoting Peace & Love? These are certainly the stereotypes. But do you ever wonder why all these types of people seem happy and calm (except when talking about Politics that is)? It may have something to do with their diets. Many disregard the many forms of Vegetarianism as odd or eccentric.

Cleansing & Health often get thrown by the wayside because the thought of a cleanse or changing one’s Lifestyle seems too difficult. Many often laugh at or scorn the Vegetarian. But maybe there is something to it, eh?

I have studied Wellness &  Health for about thirty years. My Library has a plethora of books about the Human Body. I don’t just read about Health, I practice & experiment on my body. By doing this, I have seen the Light. Much of what I have discovered concurs with much of what I have read. The Proof is in the Pudding, they say… though you better stay away from the Pudding.

I have included a list of very helpful books and sources at the end that I urge you to take a look at. I hope this article serves as an eye opener and that you will do some investigating on your own.


Nutrition & Health are seldom taught at home or in our schools. Being a skinny kid, I got into weight lifting when I joined the army at eighteen. This in turn got me into Nutrition – though it took years before I realized that many bodybuilders don’t eat right either. One thing that helped me take the Healthy Path was that I learned how the digestive system worked. I was fairly knowledgeable about vitamins & minerals, but researching and collecting a variety of  information has transformed my Life.
I have scoured one book after another and have found an abundance of information on-line. I’ve spoken with nutritionists & medical doctors many of whom have been of great assistance.

Why health? I figure we only have one Body. We can’t trade it in for a new one. It makes sense that we should take care of the one we got.  Knowledge is Power. You can have the power over your own body with just a little knowledge.

2. MEAT:

Growing up I always heard, ‘don’t eat too much red meat’. Why? I asked. I was told that it was not good for my heart. Yet it is in one of the ‘food groups’ recommended by the government. If professionals are claiming that red meat is not good for us, then why are the masses consuming such large quantities of it? Marketing & Education (indoctrination) may have something to do with it. People still go to McSwindle Burgers, Burger Krap and The Dirty Bird all the time. Why would people go to these fast food places when they know it is not good for them?

It amazes me.

Being a hardcore meat-eater for many years ( a typical day would be steak & eggs for breakfast, beef tips for lunch and a nice sirloin for supper) I felt meat was an important part of my diet as a body builder. I felt ‘justified’ eating enormous amounts of dead animal because I hit the gym hard everyday and ‘needed’ the protein. But a few years ago, I realized I could not ignore the dangers of meat any longer… I also realized that if one is eating meat for protein, they are not getting as much protein as they think they are because much of the meat is not properly digested.

Other sources of Protein:

Legumes: Garbanzo beans, kidney beans, soybeans, split peas, lentils, lima beans, navy beans,

Grains: Brown Rice, Barley, oatmeal, quinoa, rye, wheat germ, buckwheat, millet, wheat, wild rice

Vegetable Protein: Cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, green peas, green pepper, Artichokes, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage,  kale, lettuce, mushroom,  watercress, yams, zucchini, mustard green, onions, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, turnip greens,

Protein in Fruit: honeydew melon, orange, papaya, peach, pear, pineapple, strawberry, apple, banana, cantaloupe, grape, grapefruit,  tangerine, watermelon

Protein in Nuts & Seeds: Almonds, cashews, filberts, hemp seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts (black)

Mind you, initially I did not give up meat because I felt bad for the little creatures, though now my philosophies have changed since then. I gave up meat strictly to stay Healthy. I knew I had to give it up. And believe me, I didn’t want to. It tasted so good! But I realized that really it’s all just programming. We can train ourselves to think almost anything tastes good. That’s why many Taiwanese like chou dou fu (stinky tofu) & chicken ass/feet… we must de-program ourselves.

I know now that eating meat really boils down to animals suffering and dying for the taste buds only.

I also thought that if I gave up meat, then what would I eat? I found out easily enough. And have expanded my food options like never before. I don’t miss meat anymore, though the smell of a good BBQ always makes me smile.

Purely psychological.

One reason I gave up meat is that a lot of it is genetically modified. For example, much of the chicken used for the fried chicken patties you get at the roadside stall , are now bred with no heads and just enough of a brain stem to keep their bodily functions going to keep them alive. Generally it takes a chick a full six months to reach adulthood. A chick now can become a ‘chicken’ with lots of meat on it in about a month… enormous profits are being made by the Corporations at the cost of your Health. And I am not just talking about meat. I’m talking about additives in processed food, so it looks good, tastes better and is more addictive.

Unless I am raising an Animal by myself in my backyard for food, I don’t trust any meat that is mass-produced. I also trust no government agency that says the Dead Animal you are munching on is safe to eat. The FDA is a joke. I do not trust the corporations either; they exist to turn a Profit.

Some time ago, here in Taiwan where I reside, there were a few tons of diseased pork that was supposed to have been disposed of, but instead ‘disappeared’. I wonder where it went. These are just the People that got caught! I hope you have not been eating pork lately.

Here are some of the problems with eating meat:

• A lot of meat is genetically modified.
• The living conditions of these animals are often unsanitary which goes directly into you when you eat it.
• The breeding practices for animals meant for consumption are questionable ( i.e.; animals eating their own species mixed in with their feed, shot full of Hormones and shot full of Antibiotics to keep them from getting too sick in their tightly packed living areas etc).
• Too much ingested meat is NOT good for you (See INTESTINES).
• Cooked meat can be cancer causing.

Animals now carry diseases that infect humans and symptoms might not show up for years. Mad Cow Disease is the perfect example. Symptoms for this debilitating disease might not show up for over 10 years. I watched a documentary of a young women late 20s dying of this. So when they say that was an isolated case, or, that happened in another country or ‘our’ meat is fine… it is all BULLSHIT –  no one has any way of knowing you ate contaminated meat.

Our fowl have the flu and our swine have foot & mouth disease. They tell you it is safe… but how can you ever be sure? Again there are documentaries and information out there concerning fellow humans dying of these diseases. And I don’t believe these poor souls thought that they were eating any contaminated meat at the time. After all, that meat was FDA or USDA approved right? Then it should be fine. Right? They do not give a shit about you. They care about money. If you want to be healthy, it is up to you to take charge of what goes into your body.

Remember, you are ingesting all that crap and it is doing a number on your body. Cows eat GMO feed that has pesticides in it, you eat the cow. I won’t get into the Bovine Milk thing here, that’s another article, but it is appalling.

(You can read the Dangers of Milk here:

Here’s a disturbing thought; many of you reading this already have cancer and do not even know it. Think about it. A man, say 47 years old, gets cancer. It is not something he got yesterday; it is something he had growing in him for years. And though genetics and environment have their roles with him getting cancer, it is arguably his diet that gets him into trouble  (We will get to FREE RADICALS and ANTI-OXIDANTS in a moment).

With all this in mind, quite a few years ago, I decided to give up meat and only eat raw vegetables and fruit for a week and then fast for a couple days to see what would happen. That was when my life started to change.


After what was supposed to be a week of organic fruit & vegetables, I tried it another week and then another. As a body builder, this was difficult for me, especially when I went from 85KG  (and less than 15% body fat at any given time) or so to less than 70 KG in about 3 weeks. I had lost all my fat (I was only about 10% body fat right before my cleanse), a little muscle I’m sure (I got that back later) and pounds of toxic waste. What came out of me was indescribable. Those of you who have done a Cleanse before know what I am talking about… those of you that don’t, try experimenting yourself.  You’ll be amazed. It is not le poo poo that comes out… but a Toxic Monster that takes on all shapes, colors and odor; the likes that you have never experienced coming out of you in your life.

It freaked me out.

Had I not been researching the Art of Cleansing & Building the Immune System, I would have checked myself into a hospital or found an exorcist. The evacuation did not look ‘natural’ and emitted a chemical smell that one might smell when traveling up the east coast through New Jersey.

The Monster that emerged was years of Dead Animal accumulation, a hardened mucous (like a plaque) see INTESTINES.

After my first Cleanse, I felt more energetic. My skin looked better. I had no more indigestion. In fact, it has been years and I have never been sick. Not a cold. Flu. Fever. Nothing. My weight eventually leveled off. I fluctuate between 73 KG and 78 KG depending on the season and what kind of exercise program I am following. But most importantly my immune system is strong. My aggressive nature is also less prevalent. I have also reduced my risk of heart problems, cancer and anything else that bombards human beings.

And all it took was a little discipline and a little research.

Though I refrain from eating meat, I do not believe – like some Vegetarians – that Early Humans did not eat meat. I disagree. Early humans did ingest meat sometimes, especially when fruit and vegetables were not in abundance. In most parts of the world meat was never the main focus of the diet however. In fact, eating habits for most Human’s right up until recent times were generally low in carbs with lots of fruit & vegetables. Some meat was eaten when it was available (ever try hunting? It’s not as easy). Compare that to diets today that consist of high carbs and lots of meat. It is not natural. I don’t believe our bodies are equipped to handle that everyday of our lives. Heart attacks victims are getting younger and younger. Obesity is rampant. Heart attacks & obesity were almost unheard of in the early 1900s. I have a few conspiracy ideas about why heart disease and obesity are such a problem… I won’t get into them in detail here… but take a glance at the DOCTORS section.


Here is a list of why I might go to the doctor:
• To sew me back up if I get bit by a shark.
• To set my bones if I high dive into a pool and I find out too late that there is no water in it.
• Remove tattoos with a laser. (It hurts too!)
• Delivering a baby (though a midwife might be better).
• To perform surgery for removing cancer (though there are other options depending on how far along the cancer is (see GOOGLE below).
• Doctors are also good at pumping us full of antibiotics when we are sick (antibiotics do not work very well against a virus)

Doctors are good at cosmetic things too like:
• Liposuction (eeeewwww)
• Making your breasts bigger (or smaller)
• Doctors are pretty good at changing the features on your face i.e. making your teeth straight or giving you a pretty nose.

Doctors are not good at finding a cure. They generally are there to make you feel comfortable and promote Pharmaceuticals.  ‘Cures’ can also be very expensive and might not work.

Technological advances in the Medical Field are certainly an achievement for Human Kind. Knee reparation is a a good example. Knee surgery is now common place and has eased the suffering of millions through-out the world. But surgery should always be used as a last resort.

Unfortunately surgery is often abused, but hey, it’s Profitable.

Did you know that your average medical doctor is not required to take any nutrition courses in order to get their medical degree?
How can one trust doctors whom are not required to take any Nutrition courses? And why do they want you to be healthy anyway? They make money from you when you are sick. They want to prescribe you drugs and make appointments for this often pays for that long vacation and new BMW. Not all doctors of course, but take away the high salaries and see how many doctors we get.

Allow me to digress a moment…

If you are a Truth Seeker, then you know that the government does not want smart, healthy people in its dominion. They would be too difficult to manage and god forbid if the government was overthrown. They want dumb, docile people that are easy to control.

Sun Zi in the ‘Art of War’ writes that there are two ways to control the masses:

1. Keep them ignorant; fed and entertained, so they will not meddle in government affairs.

2. Keep them living in a constant state of Fear (sounds like the States, huh?)
Call me crazy, but that is why medical treatment is so expensive and is not very good, it is also why education systems around the world basically suck. More on that another time.


They are all bullshit. They are DIE with a T. I love when I go back State-side and I hear things like, “oh I am trying the Oprah diet. It worked for her.”

Yeah right, she practically starved herself … took some pictures, and all the sheople were like,  ‘oh Oprah, our hero… you go girl!” And then she gained it all back plus some. These fad diets are all BS because they pump you full of hope, then break you down with no way to build you back up again. And if you fail, it is YOUR fault not theirs. You have been duped. These diets all have sexy people do commercials for them and make you think that you need to be like them, but you know what? It’s all a farce. The diets usually do not require the vitamins needed for your average person. The Grapefruit diet? Come on. Eating nothing but grapefruit to lose weight? That could do some serious damage to your body and immune system. Stay away from these diets promising you that you will be the sexiest thing alive… they are missing the whole point.

What is the point? The point is being Healthy. If you live Healthy and take care of your body (the only one you got) you will lose weight by default. I’m not going to be polite here. I am not going to give fat a cute name like pleasantly plump. If you are fat and have health problems (it is connected), it is because of your eating habits/Life-style. Fat bogs down your system, makes your heart work overtime, clogs up the arteries, makes your immune system sluggish and generally makes you feel overall crappy. And the ironic thing is that you don’t know how crappy you felt until after a Cleanse/Life-style change. Most often fat is a by-product of being unhealthy. Our bodies were not meant to be lugging around all that extra poundage. There is nothing good to be said about it. If you are fat, statistically,  you will die earlier. I have had some people say that they don’t care if they die early… What a selfish copout.

Many North Americans and Europeans (members of my family included) are over-weight, obese and unhealthy. How many times have we heard, “I have a weight problem.” I love that one. The problem is not the weight, my dear. The problem is YOU. Stop stuffing yourself with the highly addictive garbage food! What the hell do you do that for? With a little discipline and understanding, you can be Healthy. You don’t want to focus on losing weight. You do want to focus on being Healthy. You will lose weight by default. Stop getting on the scale to see how much you weigh… who cares? Throw the scale away. It is a terrible barometer, because our weight fluctuates from hour to hour!

A lot of what we lose the first few days is water weight. You really must understand your body so you know what kind of weight you’re losing. Muscle weighs more than fat remember. If you are cleansing, a few KG will be ‘evacuated’ when it is scraped off your intestine walls.

Also remember, our parents are our teachers. Remember being sad when you were a kid… what did mom or dad or a grandparent do often? They gave you candy or ice cream to make you feel better…. or to make you stop crying. Fast forward to when you are an adult, what makes you feel good? Eating sweets? Why? Because they taste good… why? I’ll tell you why, because we were all TAUGHT that they do.

So now Ms. Chubs feels down because she does not look like the pictures in the magazine… she eats a few chocolate bars and feels good .. briefly. Then it all goes to her thighs & ass AND it is not nutritious; thus the body is lacking nutrients it NEEDS to survive. Almost like putting something in the gas tank besides a combustible fluid. She feels bad… to make herself feel good again she eats MSG laden potato chips that are all the same shape.

Mr. Chubs eats a big chili dog or a Philly steak & cheese. He gets fatter, his heart is under more strain, and he feels terrible… so what does he do? He binges again.

This shite accumulates in your body.  And it also disrupts your body getting the nutrients it needs. How you may ask? Read INTESTINES.

Do you want to be Healthy? Do you want to live to be a ripe old age? Then watch what you put into your body. It is that simple. Get a little exercise. It doesn’t have to be too much. Just get the heart rate up. Do a couple Cleanses and get that disgusting toxic waste – yes TOXIC – out of your body. I have done a few… and let me say it again…  you will not believe what will come out of you.

If you joined the gym and some big muscle guy is telling you how to be fit and healthy… be wary. A lot of these guys are regurgitating Fitness mag BS. But he looks so good, he must be doing something right. Not necessarily. Generally, a lot of these guys at the gym… believe me I know, I was one of them… are big meat eaters. They stuff themselves and then work out all day. Many do know about how the digestive system works, they know about the body but only in relation to bodybuilding or power lifting. Though I do have bodybuilding friends that are very knowledgeable, they are few and far between.

Aaahh, so what do we do? We can’t trust the magazines, we can’t trust Mr. Universe, can’t trust the FDA they are always screwing up and recalling shit. So who do we trust?

Mother Nature. She hasn’t failed us yet.

It is almost a no-brainer.


First, prepare you body for a little basic training. You have to cleanse. Get the crap that has been in your body for YEARS  to come out. It will be reluctant… but after a while… you will be clean on the inside… everything else will just fall into place. But don’t do it cold turkey… though you are welcome to try. It would be like trying to get off heroin… you may be addicted to carbs, meat and probably garbage food that has addictive things added to it so that you will eat it and keep eating it.

Prepare your body. For the next week. Eat fruits and vegetables, if you eat meat, allow yourself to eat meat every other day. You can alternate meat on Monday carbs on Tues. Do not mix your proteins and carbs (Read INTESTINES). Eat as much fruit, vegetables and legumes as you want. Eat until you are not hungry. You may be hungry every ½ hour and that is OK. Eat often, just make sure it is fruits, vegetables and legumes. You will become quite creative in ways to make your dishes. The second week, cut the meat and carbs out. Continue to eat raw vegetables and fruit, with one cooked dish a day. The third week, only raw fruits & vegetables. By this time you are already noticing differences in your body, you might have even had an interesting evacuation experience.

On the last day of the third week. Try not to eat anything. Fast for the day. Keep yourself busy, but don’t do anything too strenuous. If you can, give two days a try. Perhaps you fast for the daylight then have a very light meal of fruit in the evening. It’s ok. Over the next 5 weeks or so, your body will be going through many changes. You are building up your immune system. In two months you will be a new person.

I know people that have been trying to get healthy or lose weight since I was a youngun’, they are still trying to lose weight twenty-five years later. Two months doesn’t seem like much. There are many types of cleanses you can do, do a bit of research, talk to me if you see me, or look for the books I have listed below.


You got to keep the intestines clean for the following reasons:

• Keep digestion normal.
• To make sure you are getting all the nutrients from your food.
• To keep your immune system strong.
• To keep the parasites (you probably have them, yes) at bay.
• To keep free radicals from accumulating and doing their dirty work.

The intestines should be like a processor, taking the food you eat, breaking it down taking out what it needs through osmosis in the small intestine and then the large intestine and finally to the colon where it is evacuated as waste. The problem is that most people do not digest their food well. They eat too much (going to all you can eat places and gorging is a bit stupid) and they eat the wrong food combinations (carbs and proteins). With the enormous amount of information out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through it all, but in a moment you will see a few Guidelines I have boiled down for you (See COMMANDMENTS).

Our bodies were not designed (I use the word design loosely)  to eat proteins and carbohydrates together. This is what I was talking about when I mentioned food combinations. For example, when you eat beef noodles or chicken and rice or a ham sandwich or a BK Burger with cheese, these are the worst food combinations you can put into your body! Your body digests the noodles i.e. the carbs first. Your body naturally goes after the sugars first (yes carbs are a sugar).

Meat takes a lot longer to digest… some of it doesn’t get digested. The dead animal that you ingested sits in your small intestine in a very humid 98.6F (and is still rotting by the way discharging lots of free radicals which are the building blocks for diseases such as cancer) an ideal breeding ground for parasites and free radicals. Now the body has to protect itself, so it excretes this mucous to keep the walls of your intestines from rotting too. If you eat meat and carbs together once in a while, then this mucous would be flushed out with the bile naturally, but since people are eating carbs and protein together almost everyday for every meal, this mucous gets hard and turns into a plaque… and it accumulates and stays in you forever unless you cleanse it out. This causes parasites (that feed on this plaque) and can eventually make you sick.


What is a free radical? Basically it is a molecule missing an electron making it is an unstable and reactive. It then seeks other cells to cannibalize their electron  – making it a free radical as well. This is cancer, heart disease and the rust on your car. Sounds dismal doesn’t it? There is hope. The enemy of the free radical is the antioxidant. It engulfs the molecule and lets itself become a ‘weak’ free radical that won’t do any damage to your tissues. Lipoic Acid, Q10, vitamin C and E, they stop free radicals and in some cases restore them as active anti-oxidants.

And the rest….

9. The Eleven Healthy Commandments:

With the glut of information out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through it all, but here are a few rules I have boiled down for you. Your best bet for healthy living (and by default keeping your weight down) is to do the following:

1. Eat when you are hungry. Most people are conditioned to eat three meals a day. This is ludicrous. People started eating like this when they were made to work in the factories. Eating at appointed times is not natural. Our species is the only animal  on earth that does this.

2. Eat until you are not hungry. I know this sounds weird, but eating until you are ‘stuffed’ is bad for you. It makes your system work harder than normal and you are robbed of vitamins your body usually processes easily if not burdened with being over taxed. If that means putting your fork back down and literally walking out of the room and then walking back in to see if you still have those hunger pangs then do it. Pack up what you didn’t eat and eat it later.

3. Do not eat proteins and carbs together. If you must eat meat, then try to at least skip a day. Eat meat on alternate days like Mondays and carbs on Tuesdays etc. Eat nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables everyday.

4. Do not eat carbs after 6ish PM if you go to bed at midnight. We do not get much exercise when we sleep. The carbs are just kind of feeding the fat cells.

5. Drinks LOTS of water. Water is a great cleansing agent.

6. Try to fast one day a month. Don’t forget to drink water mixed with lemon and chili peppers that day.

7. At least once a week, eat fruits and vegetables only. You will be doing your body a great service with these slight changes.

8. Use ‘green drinks’ if you are able to get a hold of them. They replenish everything.

9. Generally, if man made it, be wary and use sparingly. This includes bread, noodles, all junk food, and most carbohydrate.

10. Get a little exercise in to get your heart rate up. You don’t have to pump iron or run 10 miles a day. A 10 minute walk around the block or climbing stairs for about 10 minutes every other day will suffice. I recommend doing more, but try to do at least that.

11. Deep breathing and stretching a couple times a week for 10 minutes. Take 20 deep breaths every day.



1. Prevention is the best cure.
2. It takes less money to live healthy than going to see the doctor when you are sick.
3. You will lose weight by default the healthy way and will not gain it back if you continue with the lifestyle. You do not have a ‘weight problem’ you have a YOU problem, easily fixed with eating habit changes.
4. Your sex life will be better.
5. Your thinking will be clearer.
6. You will become agitated less (while cleansing though sometimes agitation is heightened, but that is because your body is de-toxing).
7. You will drastically slow the aging process.
8. Your immune system will be stronger.
9. Your heart will be healthier.

GOOGLE (or Duck Duck Go):

1. Fluoride – poison
2. Protein and Carbohydrate/Food Combinations
3. Cleansing The Body
4. Antioxidants/grape seed and cancer
5. Holistic alternatives to modern cancer treatments
6. Bovine diseases
7. Cattle and its effects on the environment
8. The Dangers of Free Radicals on the immune system
9. Deep breathing exercises and why we should do them
10. Why should we stretch?
11. The Dangers of Milk
12. Dangers of antibiotics useless against viruses.
13. Cleansing and parasites

Books to check out:

1. The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Tim Reid
2. 7 Day Detox Miracle by Peter Bennett and Stephen Barrie
3. The Immune System Cure by Lorna Vanderhaeghe and Patrick J.D. Bouic
4. The Antioxidant Miracle by Lester Packer and Carol Colman

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Thanks for the info bro!
Really thoughtful and well written Paul. (I am feeling very half-assed now) This is an area that I need to continually work on. Day 13 today of no sugar (although it is only the really major sweet stuff)
and I need to continue to peel away more layers of bad eating habits.

Thanks for the info. 🙂

Boston Paul:
Thank you Sammy and Nancy! Would love for anyone out there to do a follow up, their own experiment or research and share the info with us.

Sammy, I know you have done a couple Monster Fasts…

Nancy I know you are in the middle of a sugar fast… care to share?


Hi Paul. It sucks. 🙂
I enjoyed the article and the milk article, thank you Paul!
I agree we eat only when hungry.
Few years ago, I was eating when I was happy, sad, or nervous or wanted to celebrate something and even just only smelt the food or saw the food commercials.
I ate all the time. I gained lots of weight and felt unhappy, and then I quit those eating habits.
Now, I eat only when I am hungry. I feel happy, healthy and appreciate the food.
My rules for healthy life are very simple–eating right and working out.
Avoid eating dairy products( alfredo pasta taste good but makes me diarrhea), confectioneries, deep fried foods, and meats.
Exercise at least 4 times a week, every time for 45 mins.
Very Simple, right?
Ya, I have done a short, medium and a monster fast… it’s just too bad I don’t have the discipline to cutting out all the junk after and keeping on a regular exercise program. I was looking into doing a kidney flush… but there are lots of roots that i don’t know how to find. I will do more research on it. Do you know of any foods that are good for kidneys?
I know cherries, grapes, and strawberries are good for flushing out toxic wastes from the kidney.
Stick to fresh vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water.
You may check out this site
Dude, fantastic article/info.
Share your comments, insights etc with us!

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